Marmots: Fuzzy Little Chonks

Marmots are the real-life Snorlax. | Watch Hope For Wildlife on Love Nature:
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer & Co-Writer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Marmot Man

    Marmot Man15 hours ago


  2. SDFF

    SDFFDay ago


  3. S Fleur

    S FleurDay ago

    I can't believe how Hope and her team saved all those babies! Bravo!! You guys deserve our admiration! 👍😘

  4. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton2 days ago

    I bet it would be fun to experience the consciousness of an animal!!!

  5. MJ Southerland

    MJ Southerland5 days ago

    Danielle Denerd

  6. MJ Southerland

    MJ Southerland5 days ago


  7. Daniel Dimos

    Daniel Dimos6 days ago

    Aquatic rodents for domestic purposes is illegal dude

  8. Nico Detalo

    Nico Detalo8 days ago

    *F U L L C H O N K*

  9. Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship

    Meloetta࿐but my dck is longer than ur relationship9 days ago

    IDK if the thumbnail is either cute or intimidating

  10. Moose Bme

    Moose Bme9 days ago

    !(: I come for the art and education, THANKS;)!

  11. Samarpita Sengupta

    Samarpita Sengupta10 days ago

    Chonky...niceu 👌🏻

  12. mo Mo

    mo Mo11 days ago

    Can we have them domesticated? I would like to have em as a house pet

  13. Alistair Stewart

    Alistair Stewart11 days ago

    I see Markiplier finally decided to transition

  14. Game God

    Game God11 days ago

    we dont have groundhogs

  15. ELMST X6

    ELMST X611 days ago

    The song when they’re fighting is fire 😂

  16. Jade Smith

    Jade Smith12 days ago

    OMG 😍

  17. Adam Warlock

    Adam Warlock12 days ago

    Canada has the cutest animals.

  18. Bikram Das

    Bikram Das13 days ago

    Please make a video on shrike bird

  19. Mark Prendergast

    Mark Prendergast13 days ago

    Rats, with female vocals, so empowering.

  20. ZeUs

    ZeUs13 days ago

    fuzzy little cocks?

  21. Katelynn TenBoer

    Katelynn TenBoer13 days ago

    I want to see one about Pikas!! I saw a marmot up in the wind river mountains in wyoming. 10 mile hike in to get there. So cute and lazy haha

  22. Katelynn TenBoer

    Katelynn TenBoer13 days ago

    what's the song??

  23. Caffeine Fiend

    Caffeine Fiend14 days ago

    Atlantic Canada represent, eh! Always love seeing my home province.

  24. Mickey May

    Mickey May14 days ago

    orphaned a bunch of babies over some paver stones....

  25. Curtis L

    Curtis L14 days ago

    A friend lived in Florida then moved up here to Pa and she freaked out the first time seeing a groundhog.

  26. Bryan Shang

    Bryan Shang14 days ago

    C H O N K E

  27. StealthAssasin 1Day

    StealthAssasin 1Day15 days ago

    Goundhogs are fine and peaceful until you have a Garden, then it's war.

  28. JayLove tattoo And Design

    JayLove tattoo And Design15 days ago

    Bless them for saving these beautiful creatures ❤️❤️

  29. kalico kat

    kalico kat18 days ago

    Full metal chonk!!

  30. Leonardo Torrejos

    Leonardo Torrejos21 day ago


  31. Friendly Metroid

    Friendly Metroid21 day ago

    Draw tools popping out of your head at 3:30 for one magical frame.

  32. seven ought eight

    seven ought eight22 days ago

    long range rifle targets

  33. Wyoming Outdoors 21

    Wyoming Outdoors 2124 days ago

    Easy target practice

  34. bruh

    bruh26 days ago

    such cuties

  35. Jimmy C

    Jimmy CMonth ago

    Whistle pigs!

  36. Jesus García

    Jesus GarcíaMonth ago

    It are really snorlax!! Jajaja I love you

  37. Devon Jones

    Devon JonesMonth ago

    The fight song caught me off guard I thought my phone was playing music

  38. 女孩美丽

    女孩美丽Month ago

    chonky creatures with bubonic plague

  39. Kensington Dre

    Kensington DreMonth ago

    Not gonna lie, the AMD marketing is scaring me. It feels like they got a lot of nothing again and it's scaring me...

  40. Allan Gray

    Allan GrayMonth ago

    Nice marmot.

  41. Kun Feng

    Kun FengMonth ago

    Ah yes, the chonky ball of plague

  42. 女孩美丽

    女孩美丽Month ago


  43. Nicketa Wooten

    Nicketa WootenMonth ago

    The music lololol

  44. AC Voss

    AC VossMonth ago

    Prairie Dogs are of the same tribe.

  45. Pineapple

    PineappleMonth ago

    Marmot vs Wombat. Go.

  46. Christopher Pederson

    Christopher PedersonMonth ago

    Give me a second, I can''t process how sweet this guy is

  47. Liza Elliott

    Liza ElliottMonth ago

    Ah, I see. Feeding groundhogs in your sanctuary so they can come ravage my garden :,D

  48. Nutcracker Sam

    Nutcracker Sam2 months ago

    5:41 i-

  49. Jessica Rivet

    Jessica Rivet2 months ago

    I have so much respect for Hope and her team. I used to watch her show all the time on the Oasis HD channel. She's totally awesome and I would love to go see her rescue centre someday ☺️

  50. SAM Marazi

    SAM Marazi2 months ago

    Are otters and marmot same ?

  51. Mysty5 rikio

    Mysty5 rikio2 months ago

    Why almost no one seems to talk about the way they adorably run😍❤

  52. u235u235u235

    u235u235u2352 months ago

    let the babies die. ground hogs in residential areas damage.

  53. Bentley Colwill

    Bentley Colwill2 months ago

    2:09 Yellow Bellied Marmots live in plains too.

  54. Frisbee

    Frisbee2 months ago

    "Nice Marmot."

  55. Christian Cruz

    Christian Cruz2 months ago

    Naked Mole Rat

  56. Yoga Andoyo Aji

    Yoga Andoyo Aji2 months ago

    Another pokemon discovered

  57. Ed 8

    Ed 82 months ago

    I was expecting them to sound like "WAAAAAH!"

  58. I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!

    I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!2 months ago

    Until a seagull swallows a whole marmot.

  59. Death Song Gaming

    Death Song Gaming2 months ago

    HTF Cro Marmots Backstory

  60. Jay Mym

    Jay Mym3 months ago

    Bubonic plague .

  61. AnneFrank Elonmusk

    AnneFrank Elonmusk3 months ago

    I’m from the future this animal will cause the “Black Death” to come back and kill millions

  62. Shade Boy

    Shade Boy3 months ago

    No way

  63. Purified Water II

    Purified Water II3 months ago


  64. Zachary Lane

    Zachary Lane3 months ago

    So cool showing hope for wildlife, their shelter is on the same in the same province (Nova Scotia) and iv seen her twice in person. A very good cause with caring staff

  65. Sage Schroeder

    Sage Schroeder3 months ago

    All the little ones at the end are the best.

  66. Dave Doyle

    Dave Doyle3 months ago

    I had to give a thumbs down because of that song

  67. Madara Naga

    Madara Naga3 months ago

    Bubonic plague carrier 😂😂

  68. Jack Sutherland

    Jack Sutherland3 months ago

    I had a fox on my land that would pick them off like a trained assassin.

  69. texasdee slinglead

    texasdee slinglead3 months ago

    Just thinking about odd animals , Starlet , Mink , Sable family Coatimundi (racoon type animal rarely seen ) Wolverine Badger

  70. Aristide Regnier

    Aristide Regnier3 months ago

    the awkward stepping you do while talking is very distracting - maybe consider cropping in to your mid half?

  71. torpedo russe

    torpedo russe3 months ago

    Pls make a video of the blobfish

  72. Paul Marmol

    Paul Marmol3 months ago

    Random east Asian people: "Allow us to reintroduce the Bubonic Plague, again."

  73. Super Pussy Cat

    Super Pussy Cat3 months ago

    5beats per minute?

  74. Dy Krim

    Dy Krim3 months ago

    Who came here after the bubonic plague news?

  75. bbjagaa

    bbjagaa3 months ago

    200 in a wild, Were they hunted down? They’re delicious, tens of thousands are hunted for its fur and meat in my place. It can get sick with bubonic plague through the sick flea it carries

  76. elguapo delmonte

    elguapo delmonte3 months ago

    Vancouver has been subjected to a total takeover by the Mongolian Marmot, the native threatened Vancouver Island marmot has already been driven to the brink of extinction. The Mongolian Marmot (MM) comes with a checkbook, and has successfully taken all the best marmot nests, leaving the Vancouver Island marmot no option but to go into a permanent hibernation, the Canadian landscape now littered with millions of Mongolian Marmots, all consuming along the "West Coast", activating "THE PACIFIC RIM-JOB"

  77. PH ETC

    PH ETC3 months ago

    just here bcoz of bubonic plague

  78. Swapna Lekha VB

    Swapna Lekha VB3 months ago

    How could the Chinese kill these cute little animals for their meat? To cause another's horrible. I love marmots.

  79. Hisham 78

    Hisham 783 months ago

    هذا كائن لطيف مشاكس شلون الصين تاكله

  80. Bigby Wolf

    Bigby Wolf3 months ago

    Is this the same animal screaming on hill cabin video ?

  81. Eater of Crayons

    Eater of Crayons3 months ago

    lol redditors whenever they see an animal suffering from obesity *CHONKY BOI*

  82. DragonofEpics

    DragonofEpics3 months ago

    Which species is native to central Illinois? Awhile ago I saw some along the illinois river. Would those be the plains marmots? They didn’t seem to social but not like groundhog levels of asocial. Do plains marmots sometimes hang out along rivers? Edit: nevermind it’s only groundhogs. I thought there was a second species for some reason.

  83. Heat3YT2

    Heat3YT23 months ago

    I’ve never seen a marmot before, but I’ve seen prairie dogs that are very similar.

  84. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor3 months ago

    "In the summer marmots eat as much as possible." Picture of marmot holding a rock in it's mouth.

  85. Кежф Гохф

    Кежф Гохф3 months ago


  86. noname atall

    noname atall3 months ago

    killing animals from native species should be a crime (everywhere)

  87. Meeva Moto

    Meeva Moto3 months ago

    My mom allowed a groundhog to live under our shed for years, I’ve seen a few babies throughout the years. What was most odd to me was she shared the space under the shed with a rabbit.

  88. rftulie

    rftulie4 months ago

    They are not fun to have around if you are trying to garden. They can climb a 2-foot fence easily and burrow one foot under a fence. They’ll eat your crops right down to the soil level, wipe out everything in one night.

  89. oopsy444

    oopsy4444 months ago

    5:33 that marmot looks buff af!

  90. TheWasimu

    TheWasimu4 months ago

    They’re cute but my dog thinks they taste great and are an easy catch. Cohabitation is a bit difficult

  91. *MisS* *TriNiDaD*

    *MisS* *TriNiDaD*4 months ago

    All aboot marmots

  92. Kendall Hill

    Kendall Hill4 months ago

    I have raised many groundhogs, as I work for an aminal rehabilitator here in the Northeast of the U.S. They are very nice animals who come back their wholes lives to this area and can be fed by hand. But when they have babies down in that hole they get very feisty and have been known to bite ankles.

  93. Hamad Ullah Baqi

    Hamad Ullah Baqi4 months ago

    We have marmots in Pakistan yaaaaaaay!

  94. robax3r

    robax3r4 months ago

    they are literally everywhere in eastern canada

  95. Pip Chip

    Pip Chip4 months ago

    I cry on almost every episode. Thank you 😂❤️

  96. CrazyBear65

    CrazyBear654 months ago

    Ground Chucks. Ever seen one eat crab apples?

  97. Baba Booey

    Baba Booey4 months ago

    Is fullmetal chonks a new anime?

  98. AB

    AB4 months ago


  99. sleepyshy

    sleepyshy4 months ago

    3:44 I can't stop watching this part, the way the one on the right runs is so adorable and hilarious

  100. Murtaza Hassan

    Murtaza Hassan4 months ago

    Their people die on street from hunger and for being homeless but why help them. Help animals survive and not humans... Nonmuslim world facts

  101. ILoveHandles

    ILoveHandles4 months ago

    Ah yes, groundhogs- or as I like to call them "Bear Squirrels".

  102. Tyson Games

    Tyson Games4 months ago

    Don't they also carry bubonic plauge?