Moray Eels are Straight out of Alien

Moray Eels are straight out of science fiction, but not the happy kind.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Antonio Usai

    Antonio Usai13 hours ago

    In Sardinia we eat them. They're also so goddamned difficult to cook, because they have many spikes to remove. Quite tasty, though.

  2. Major the Lad

    Major the Lad2 days ago

    Snowflake moray aka the Melenial Moray... I dunno how I feel about that

  3. Obi One

    Obi One3 days ago

    Checkout women best friend with eel you’ll never look at these guys the same way again

  4. Doctor Ness Prophet

    Doctor Ness Prophet3 days ago

    When a fish looks so mean, and they live in the sea, that’s-a Moray

  5. Heeschdawg

    Heeschdawg3 days ago


  6. Armon Williams

    Armon Williams5 days ago

    Someone one asked me if this was an eel, and my response was, "That's a moray!"

  7. Armon Williams

    Armon Williams5 days ago

    The Beastie Boys said it best..."its time to get eel!"

  8. I_M

    I_M5 days ago


  9. Ali and AA channel Channel

    Ali and AA channel Channel6 days ago

    Did you know … Read more

  10. jonatan hansen

    jonatan hansen7 days ago

    whats the point of showing the girl talking???

  11. Rafael Augusto

    Rafael Augusto8 days ago

    I ate this once, was delicious

  12. FlameShaggy

    FlameShaggy8 days ago

    I think there cute kinda

  13. Skunk Man

    Skunk Man9 days ago

    What about slime eels Which are also called hagfishes

  14. Jaeden Williams

    Jaeden Williams9 days ago

    The snowflake (millennial) moray 😂😂😂

  15. Frank West

    Frank West9 days ago

    Can the eel come out and play?

  16. Rishik lal

    Rishik lal9 days ago

    danielle defoe you are beautiful

  17. Ottmar Miller

    Ottmar Miller10 days ago

    Grouper: Yo Moray! Wanna go grab a snack? My treat Moray Eel: Aight bet, lessgo.

  18. KINGZ

    KINGZ10 days ago

    Moray , moray moray,,,, “do you want to hear another joke moray?”

  19. xX-Conqueror-Xx

    xX-Conqueror-Xx11 days ago

    Meh anything is a fleshlight if you're brave enough...

  20. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris11 days ago


  21. Jennifer thimee

    Jennifer thimee12 days ago

    ME: *Sees the thumbnail* Me: i think I find my spirit animal... time to party :D My fam: What demon have we summoned in our house hold •-• Edit: oop- I'm late qwq

  22. Sam And Blake

    Sam And Blake13 days ago

    Moray got told another joke by the looks of it.

  23. noo.bay's trash

    noo.bay's trash14 days ago

    S-tier fish right here.

  24. Gudul Babu

    Gudul Babu14 days ago

    "under water no one can hear you scream", why..... ? Unlike space sound can travel in water.

  25. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris11 days ago

    Just an alien reference

  26. Dominick Juarez

    Dominick Juarez15 days ago

    Her: *Says morays are the only animal with 2nd set of teeth.* Mosasaur: Am a I joke to you?

  27. Andrew Zadworny

    Andrew Zadworny7 days ago

    Not a second set of teeth a second jaw

  28. Keyser Söze

    Keyser Söze16 days ago

    “They are born male and later in life turn female” Ben Shapiro does not approve

  29. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris11 days ago

    @Keyser Söze I’m the one making jokes idk what you’re on about

  30. Keyser Söze

    Keyser Söze11 days ago

    @Piggyharris you sound like you’re much fun at parties lol

  31. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris11 days ago

    @Keyser Söze wonder what the eels counter debate is

  32. Keyser Söze

    Keyser Söze11 days ago

    @Piggyharris he doesn’t approve with male to female transformations

  33. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris11 days ago

    Ben Shapiro debates a moray eel when

  34. Pierre Angelo Joseph N. Lat

    Pierre Angelo Joseph N. Lat16 days ago

    Shin godzilla

  35. Jay B

    Jay B16 days ago

    I legitimately had a childhood trauma with morays and since then, they’re the only animal I truly fear. 💀

  36. SpookyCrown

    SpookyCrown17 days ago

    They're not creepy, they're really really cute ^v^ There's so many variations too, fashionable little murder snoods.. i love them~

  37. Vergil, the Architect

    Vergil, the Architect17 days ago

    Fun fact: Some morays love cuddles

  38. MrSuperleobros

    MrSuperleobros17 days ago

    Super mario 64 nightmares!

  39. Kiara B

    Kiara B17 days ago

    "Snowflake Moray also known as the Millennial Moray" lmaoo woww

  40. Xoi

    Xoi18 days ago

    *Crash Bandicoot 3 water level flashbacks*

  41. Incog Spectator

    Incog Spectator18 days ago

    When you want to know who the father is ask Moray. .....wait🤔 *logs off*

  42. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris18 days ago

    Actually underwater literally everyone can hear you scream

  43. rosa canonicato

    rosa canonicato19 days ago

    So its a *water noodle*

  44. MrSmallBalls

    MrSmallBalls20 days ago

    My dad tried to kick me out, so I put him in a leglock.

  45. The 1 And Owenly

    The 1 And Owenly20 days ago

    Nope rope 2.0pe

  46. WildDragonSong the Forevergreen

    WildDragonSong the Forevergreen20 days ago

    Actually, they're the reverse. The Eels actually influenced Alien. Edit: still glad this is pointed out. Edit 2: *Everybody gangsta till the sea snakes develop multiple jaws.*

  47. KEP

    KEP20 days ago

    Translucent Eel My inner Butcher: Well well well, if it ain't the invisible c*nt.

  48. lafox283

    lafox28321 day ago

    They look like mean old men

  49. Rho Bidderskag

    Rho Bidderskag22 days ago

    So the Larvae are fish ghosts? that's terrifying.

  50. Spyer productions

    Spyer productions22 days ago

    I can tell that this girl wrote the script.

  51. Fritzer Kato

    Fritzer Kato23 days ago

    When they say moray eel is just the animal with 2 jaws. Mosasaurus: Hold up wait a minute.

  52. Jonathan Peris

    Jonathan Peris23 days ago

    Macaws plz

  53. The Marksman

    The Marksman23 days ago

    *"UNDERWATER* *NO ONE CAN* *HEAR YOU* *SCREAM"* Like damn thats dark and deep

  54. Kiwi Kiwi

    Kiwi Kiwi24 days ago

    I loves demb

  55. The Film Effect

    The Film Effect24 days ago

    Satan's ribbon

  56. Isell

    Isell26 days ago

    I cringed like you when first introducing moray eels as "creeps. It wasn't the fish but you that made me shudder and die a little bit with your comments, happy day!!

  57. Big Mark

    Big Mark27 days ago

    Just wait until they grow to be 300 meters and start secreting memory loss juice.

  58. Loko8

    Loko827 days ago

    That's actually stupid crazy how specifically they evolved

  59. lol

    lol27 days ago

    "Though some species like the snowflake moray known in the media as the millenial moray" LMAO

  60. Lilmisscostumedrama

    LilmisscostumedramaMonth ago

    That shiver though!

  61. Con Man

    Con ManMonth ago


  62. Yevhenia Komaretska

    Yevhenia KomaretskaMonth ago

    when The jaws open wide and there's more jaws inside THAT'S A MORAY

  63. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris11 days ago

    When it lives in a reef and has two sets of teeth THATS A MORAY

  64. Daniel Jimenez Monge

    Daniel Jimenez MongeMonth ago

    The ocean is a place where no one can hear you scream its not measured in feet or meters instead its measured in accruements of fear

  65. Adam Haldir

    Adam HaldirMonth ago

    Ursula's pets are Moray Eels.

  66. Colostomy Baguette

    Colostomy BaguetteMonth ago

    "and yes they did evolve" what? Who said they didn't? I don't get it, are you attacking creationists when nobody said anything?

  67. Austin Gaw

    Austin GawMonth ago

    I'm disappointed that they didn't talk about how friendly moray eels can be, especially in open water.

  68. SKY HIGH 7

    SKY HIGH 7Month ago

    Ever heard of scp-3000?

  69. mach 10

    mach 10Month ago

    Tell me another joke, moray

  70. Têm internet em Mordor

    Têm internet em MordorMonth ago

    Every time that green moray apears i think she (or he) say: -"Sup man".

  71. MistyArts

    MistyArtsMonth ago

    when you go inside it mouth you never you never come out

  72. Mistah Maniac

    Mistah ManiacMonth ago

    "Want to hear another joke moray?"

  73. Tera Baap

    Tera BaapMonth ago

    They are so cute yet so scary

  74. Robbie Kavanagh

    Robbie KavanaghMonth ago


  75. Lord Eli

    Lord EliMonth ago

    no they didn't evolve evolution doesnt exist

  76. dimitrilevampire

    dimitrilevampireMonth ago

    The more I watch animal video the more I'm confused about life, like look at them.. they eat and eat till one day being eaten , the whole life is in anxiety for not getting enough food or being the food.. all of these and for what? To what end ? Need all the precise coincidence in the universe for one planet to become a habitat for life, and that's what we all do... Just constantly absorb one another for a period of time. I really don't get it

  77. Sunrae official

    Sunrae officialMonth ago

    I tried to scream but my head was UnDeRwAtEr

  78. iKratosx10

    iKratosx10Month ago

    Xenomorphs DO eat so that would make sense

  79. mosilflutil10

    mosilflutil10Month ago

    I see you tube are doubling up the adds now , Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  80. Brooke

    BrookeMonth ago

    I actually found it pretty cool that the grouper and eel's work together to catch prey, The more you know.

  81. Meat Fat

    Meat FatMonth ago

    This entire video I thought "that’s so cool"

  82. MrBigMac

    MrBigMacMonth ago

    This really be a Plunder in The Sunken ship moment

  83. crokiet

    crokietMonth ago

    *Mario 64 flashbacks*

  84. Sara Nigai

    Sara NigaiMonth ago

    This woman is my dream queen I would hear het all day

  85. Billy Collins

    Billy CollinsMonth ago

    I've seen one of these try and kill a shark..that thing is not a fish it's the devil. Be gone Satan.

  86. Cee Cee Plentiful

    Cee Cee PlentifulMonth ago

    Well damn, their phalanges means extra death

  87. Null Void

    Null VoidMonth ago

    i stan moray eels

  88. Bluer than Xephos

    Bluer than XephosMonth ago

    4:45 greetings hooman, I have sharp teeth and a second jaw within me that extends outwards like a physco but I am in fact just a water puppy.

  89. Sam Nit

    Sam NitMonth ago

    We humans think we are the best and at the top, wait till we discover the ocean and it's life forms. The creatures that lurk in the dark. It's Amazing, the Earth.

  90. Thereal Cyclon

    Thereal CyclonMonth ago

    1:50 lol, the “snowflake” moray is known as the “millennial” moray lol. I wonder if it’s for the obvious reason I’m thinking of or not.

  91. Артур Якубенко

    Артур ЯкубенкоMonth ago

    Eels are amazing and curious creatures, just a little misunderstood)))

  92. Taco048

    Taco048Month ago

    "And yes... they did evolve." Bruh that's basically taunting religious people. Pretty rude ngl.

  93. Macs Eagle

    Macs EagleMonth ago

    Yeah, I caught that. It's a cheap shot just to be edgy.

  94. Andy Oliver

    Andy OliverMonth ago

    “The most famous of these, is the fanged-tooth moray eel-“ Eel: *grrrrrrrrr*

  95. Zarmin Drow

    Zarmin DrowMonth ago

    Hooper got bit by one when he was taking samples.

  96. Wody

    WodyMonth ago

    We are aliens to

  97. g_. dawg

    g_. dawgMonth ago


  98. Damian Carter JR

    Damian Carter JRMonth ago

    Moray eels are the xenomorphs of the sea

  99. Mario Cavallero

    Mario CavalleroMonth ago

    Danielle wins by Dufault

  100. Berry McGregor

    Berry McGregorMonth ago

    You didn't show the most famous eel from the Netherlands, the Moray Amsterdam

  101. Sarah Kottelenberg

    Sarah KottelenbergMonth ago

    did anyone else's feet tingle?

  102. Peace 🇭🇰

    Peace 🇭🇰Month ago

    So this is where xenomorph comes from

  103. Rebecca Hmar

    Rebecca HmarMonth ago

    They scare the shit out of me

  104. Alex Ponce

    Alex PonceMonth ago

    SCP-3000. All hail Anantashesha!

  105. Bhatt Hole

    Bhatt HoleMonth ago

    Wrong. The Goblin straight out of Alien. Also, her outfit is especially putrid in this video. Far more than the last several. Well done!

  106. i love u very much

    i love u very muchMonth ago

    my hand got bit by a moray eel. i told him i'm a gamer. he lets it go.

  107. Neli Borba

    Neli BorbaMonth ago

    They are a delicacy, super delicious.

  108. Doctor Doubt

    Doctor DoubtMonth ago

    When the Moon hits the waves. And you feel it on your leg. That's a Moray~!

  109. cactiy Plays

    cactiy PlaysMonth ago

    Expectation: Eel in thumb nail Reality: Eel in the start

  110. Sunnie J

    Sunnie JMonth ago

    :37 i take it as she doesn’t like eels 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Idk why that was so funny to me

  111. Splatter The Artist!

    Splatter The Artist!Month ago

    Put your hand in that crack and you don’t get it back ✨That’s a Morayyyy✨