Honey Badgers: They Don't Care

The Honey Badger; nature’s cockiest, scrappiest and most badass animal that really, just doesn’t care.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Patreon Supporters:
Luke Marshall
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Killer Queen

    Killer Queen6 hours ago

    be afraid lol

  2. JayIs AboutIt!

    JayIs AboutIt!13 hours ago

    If I had to chose between a tiger and honey badger in a fight against a bear to not run away and stick by me and fight I’m gonna choose the honey badger

  3. Psycho Pathetic

    Psycho Pathetic23 hours ago

    Why not avoid the snakes like the rest of us.... HONEY BADGERS DON'T CARE thats why...

  4. Scott S

    Scott SDay ago

    I never would've imagined that a waterbufflo would narrate a story about a honey badger.

  5. Graphik Dezigns

    Graphik DezignsDay ago

    Wait....did she ARROWS?!

  6. Russel Renz Nerosa

    Russel Renz NerosaDay ago

    Man, if these things were the size of a grizzly bear.. tough luck for humans and all other creatures back in the day.

  7. World's Okayest Medic

    World's Okayest Medic2 days ago

    Very nice!

  8. Shawnaldo75

    Shawnaldo753 days ago

    When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object... aka Honey Badger mating season.

  9. I like music

    I like music3 days ago

    Imagine being a snake, getting attacked by this strange white black furbag, biting it to kill it, only to see it shrug it off to come at you even angrier. Yikes.

  10. I like music

    I like music3 days ago

    I have been told by someone who works at an animal sanctuary that he heard stories (or even saw it, I don't remember that well) of a honey badger fighting off three lionesses long enough to scare them off.

  11. S-Cube

    S-Cube3 days ago

    Are honey badgers op is a great video too

  12. Firestarter

    Firestarter4 days ago

    Nice plagiarism of Megan Cartwright from slate...

  13. Mohamed Taki

    Mohamed Taki4 days ago

    This badass is when evolution gets too serious. I wish it was as serious as this with the sloth, the exact antithesis of this guy ... just imagine the two in the same room hahaha, terrible idea !

  14. UF KAK

    UF KAK4 days ago

    I want to pet one..but I fear of their smelly farts.

  15. R P

    R P5 days ago

    Even Chuck Norris is afraid of this beast.🤣

  16. sebastiaan suijkerbuijk

    sebastiaan suijkerbuijk5 days ago

    The biggest animal on top of the food list are we humans. We kill for fun. We kill to eat. We kill for making more space . We are the parasite of the world.

  17. Anton Cronje

    Anton Cronje5 days ago

    You can also look up "Stoffel the Honey Badger" an escape artist of note.

  18. justin pigg

    justin pigg6 days ago

    Why not avoid the snakes all together? Hb:because ....f#(k that snake

  19. justin pigg

    justin pigg6 days ago

    If not giving giving a f#(k was a thing

  20. Nitin zh

    Nitin zh6 days ago

    Everyone _we need a plan to attack. Honey badger_ " I have a plan, attack!

  21. cpl service GORANSON

    cpl service GORANSON6 days ago

    How about a meerkat is one of the most watchful animals with situational awareness.

  22. Dani Stillig

    Dani Stillig6 days ago

    I need to see a deathmatch between honey badger and mongoose

  23. adastial

    adastial7 days ago

    Honestly the Wolverines are more overpowered

  24. my toughts

    my toughts7 days ago

    I know that the information given is true but since the information is given by a person likely valuing feelings over reality, 'I don't care'. I value my reality over yours even with the knowledge that you actually was right this time. Reality isn't proven by statisticians.

  25. suavè

    suavè7 days ago

    honey badgers are the crack heads of the animal kingdom

  26. Stefan van Wyk

    Stefan van Wyk7 days ago

    **Honey badger challenges Lion** Lion:”Understandable have a nice day”

  27. Shubham

    Shubham8 days ago

    You wear same dress as honey badger.

  28. ツDvl

    ツDvl8 days ago

    I remember using this in farcry primal make everything run

  29. J D

    J D8 days ago

    Such a cute name for something so ferocious

  30. AK 0625

    AK 06258 days ago

    Of course they are on the bushmeat menu. Those people need to evolve and realize that once the animals are gone they are gone...and then what?

  31. Gabriel M

    Gabriel M8 days ago

    Wolverine: I have semi retractable claws Honey Badger: That's so cute, I have no time to hide them.

  32. Shyne

    Shyne8 days ago


  33. HuckFinn994

    HuckFinn9948 days ago

    Honey badgers are like joe pesci in goodfellas.

  34. DIVYA Sharma

    DIVYA Sharma8 days ago

    Jen Ramgarh was here

  35. BM I

    BM I9 days ago

    Hungry Badger- Where's my GPS? Bird-Koooohh Badger-Here We Go.

  36. Ottmar Miller

    Ottmar Miller9 days ago

    Lion: Tries to eat badger Badger: Bites back Lion: Woah Easy! We don't do that here.

  37. Ethan Demarest

    Ethan Demarest9 days ago

    “Honey badger don’t care, honey badger don’t give a shit”

  38. Antonio Usai

    Antonio Usai9 days ago

    Dinosaurs went extinct because they got news honeybadgers were evolving.

  39. ToucanO

    ToucanO9 days ago

    DO TOUCAN PLS (like this comment if u agree)

  40. Ayan Jourlim

    Ayan Jourlim9 days ago

    Man I have seen this thing let me tell you snake poison doesn't work on them I am afriad.p

  41. 1k subscribers with some videos

    1k subscribers with some videos9 days ago

    Impenetrable crackhead of the animal kingdom

  42. Marco Pace

    Marco Pace9 days ago

    Si è mangiata un tasso?

  43. Royal Messiah

    Royal Messiah9 days ago

    Anyone who's ever played Far Cry 4 is shaking right now

  44. Raven Fraust

    Raven Fraust10 days ago

    Everyone: *comments about how honey badgers dont care* Honey Badger: *doesnt give an f*

  45. SR Entertainment

    SR Entertainment10 days ago

    we are lucky honey badgers are the size they are.. 😂

  46. Mark Lake

    Mark Lake10 days ago

    You have something stuck in your nose.

  47. Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘

    Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘10 days ago

    When u get maxed out on an RPG, and go back the the first area to take vengeance on the noobs that wronged you

  48. Chay Warburton

    Chay Warburton10 days ago

    If I were to be reincarnated, I'd be the first lion sized honey badger with the eyesight of an eagle and hearing of an Owl.

  49. Lokman02Naza

    Lokman02Naza10 days ago

    Snake venom is like beer to honey badger.

  50. Aychaz YT

    Aychaz YT10 days ago

    Well, they're like the same as wolverines, so that's understandable

  51. mortail mee

    mortail mee10 days ago

    Whats with that nose rings. 🙄

  52. Ki

    Ki11 days ago

    Let’s be glad that they are not the size of lions

  53. David Barbour

    David Barbour11 days ago

    Badgers are like the Hulk, their secret is they're always angry.

  54. Clayton Bigsby

    Clayton Bigsby11 days ago

    Better... The HB don’t give AF!!

  55. Doug Ripley

    Doug Ripley11 days ago

    Long story short.....honey badgers are badass

  56. :

    :11 days ago


  57. Mannsy83

    Mannsy8311 days ago

    Gotta drown the fucker

  58. Richard Mulenga

    Richard Mulenga11 days ago

    Come to Zambia for honey badger meat 🍖

  59. Akshay Ravi Kumar

    Akshay Ravi Kumar12 days ago

    1:38 I like that some artist took their time and drew a honey badger doing a fip

  60. Edip Memisoglu

    Edip Memisoglu12 days ago

    Some rare footage of the childhood of daniel ricciardo

  61. Danie Erasmus

    Danie Erasmus12 days ago

    the pic of the snake was not a poisnes snake that was a boa . Lyslang in afrikaans

  62. Danie Erasmus

    Danie Erasmus12 days ago

    this was very educational orientated but the story about the bird pointing the honey out to the honey badger is true in some cases the case you showed looked like a badger in captivity he was not hungry and anyone from africa or south africa like me would tell you honey badgers or ratels the afrikaans name for them are not to be messed with, in the 80 south africa had a wild life documentary show "terwile van oorlewing" that captured film of a ratel and a male lion fighting the lion lost they are thought and very aggressive when cornered. thats probably why the south africa army from the 80 named a troop transport after them "the ratel'

  63. Ed MacLean

    Ed MacLean12 days ago


  64. Puri

    Puri12 days ago

    Danielle is a very hot woman.....

  65. Puri

    Puri11 days ago

    @Octavi Costa Frers You agreed or not?

  66. Octavi Costa Frers

    Octavi Costa Frers11 days ago

    Ummm ok

  67. The Foreigner

    The Foreigner12 days ago

    These bastards always appeared in the worst moment of a battle in Far Cry 😀😀😀

  68. black star

    black star12 days ago

    Honey Badger don't care.. Honey Badger don't give a SHIT!

  69. magic wand

    magic wand13 days ago

    Danielle ... ...I wanna be the honey badger of your honey

  70. Octavi Costa Frers

    Octavi Costa Frers11 days ago

    Ummmmmmmmmm ok m8

  71. Eric H

    Eric H13 days ago

    I'll take it on in the cage.

  72. MrJsv650

    MrJsv65013 days ago

    Bad gerk

  73. Luis Debnath

    Luis Debnath13 days ago

    Wasn't Wolverine named after a relative of the honey badger? This alone says a lot about this lil fucker lol

  74. King David The Lucid Fire

    King David The Lucid Fire13 days ago

    steal a Honey Badger's food and it's genocide!

  75. cheddarpuff

    cheddarpuff13 days ago

    Honeybadger: "MAGA!" Rest of the animals: "ok".

  76. fifthof

    fifthof13 days ago

    Pound for pound, the most badass mammal on the planet. Imagine if these bastards were the twice the size !

  77. Ricky Ross

    Ricky Ross13 days ago

    If you’re so smart then why did you wear a shirt with a bow that accentuates your boobie-do?

  78. Vivek Sood

    Vivek Sood13 days ago

    Hahaha so unique this animal is.

  79. Tomas Walker

    Tomas Walker13 days ago

    Say it with me... Honey Badger Don't Give A F%#×!!!

  80. David Cantor

    David Cantor13 days ago

    You know america was doomed from the start when they didn’t use the same measurement system as every other country in the world😭

  81. jamesrob26

    jamesrob2614 days ago

    So he takes the snake bite kills the snake passes out wakes up then eats the snake 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  82. We Are They

    We Are They14 days ago

    So basically shoot it in the head if you come across one lol

  83. Virtrial

    Virtrial14 days ago


  84. Rios Bwa

    Rios Bwa14 days ago

    I reckon I could take on a badger somebody fund me to make it happen

  85. ZeUs

    ZeUs14 days ago


  86. Frank Dömel

    Frank Dömel14 days ago

    I want see something about the animals, and not the bad dancing girl.

  87. Thomas Payr

    Thomas Payr14 days ago

    My I say that the wolverine is more badass. The wrestle with bears I mean how cool is that. There's been a case that a wolverine killed a bear and they are not even half their size.

  88. Liam Gade

    Liam Gade15 days ago

    A honey badger reminds me of the episode of sponge bob when flats is beating him up but sponge bob just absorbs the blows until flats get tired. An animals will try eating it, realize it’s it dying and just get bored

  89. Larry Lewis

    Larry Lewis15 days ago

    Stop all the stupid talking and get to the video

  90. Angelccyn King

    Angelccyn King15 days ago

    Narrated by a sloth bear,

  91. potato orchard

    potato orchard15 days ago

    You forgot abt their integrated silencer

  92. adolf mudau

    adolf mudau16 days ago

    They don't care who the king or the president is

  93. Orangerry

    Orangerry16 days ago

    YOOO WAS THAT BOG FLOPPA kgdkydlydlhkysmskgsmgswmgasgktsjzitskgssyfwhofwbobdwbwobdwbovqxogqxogwxhwpdhurnxeocnphclahxhafbeobcLxhwxbobalhllywhcbowbfahcwbowlchclbwxwoxbhfauxenoabdowiirhfidbeslhac

  94. Brandon

    Brandon16 days ago

    They related to skunks?

  95. okram facebook

    okram facebook16 days ago

    6:27 Huh, when did this start to FOCUS on me?

  96. Elbarq Elsa3ek

    Elbarq Elsa3ek16 days ago

    Snake bites a badger Honey badger "ahhhhh you have no power here"

  97. soul bizz

    soul bizz17 days ago

    Didn’t you have another shirt tho😂

  98. larson seq

    larson seq16 days ago

    What's wrong with it?

  99. C J Bowen

    C J Bowen17 days ago

    honey badger.. cute furry critter that attacks african honeybees and wins that means u just leave these kids alone

  100. Nunya Bizness

    Nunya Bizness17 days ago

    Not bulletproof though

  101. Arnacuno

    Arnacuno17 days ago

    1:20 why even put this part in the video if literally none of it is true lmao

  102. Bryan Dyer

    Bryan Dyer6 days ago

    Debunking a myth

  103. Max Campe

    Max Campe17 days ago

    Anybody here because of Dani Ricciardo? 🤣

  104. This Guy

    This Guy17 days ago

    Next video - danielle fights willam.

  105. Feeling Spacy

    Feeling Spacy17 days ago

    It doesnt matter what animal you are But if you have the balls of a house cat you can beat anything