Millipedes Used To Be Big Enough To Ride

Some millipedes are bioluminescent, others are drugs for lemurs, and some used to be big enough to ride.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic10 months ago

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  2. dementor2003

    dementor200321 day ago

    You are cute 😍

  3. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn NavarreMonth ago

    Really surprised you screwed up the carbon/oxygen thing...

  4. Johan Rodrigues

    Johan Rodrigues4 months ago

    What the hell is a millipede doing with 4 penises ? And I have only one , not fair at all .

  5. pink shadow :p

    pink shadow :p5 months ago

    Hellgrammite do a video pls

  6. Israel Oliveira

    Israel Oliveira7 months ago

    Animalogic Girls liked that😇😜03:29 ( If the vidro is not paused may you don't understand, better put legends on )

  7. Damien Black

    Damien Black2 days ago

    I have an ivory millepede named Ketamine

  8. Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘

    Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘3 days ago

    All of a sudden I have a strong urge to ride a millepede. Such valiant steeds.

  9. I'm a bun

    I'm a bun5 days ago

    So... for black lemurs, milipedes... are their... weed...🌿🌿

  10. Anoni Mosu

    Anoni Mosu5 days ago

    4:17 excuse me?

  11. Irdina Fatin

    Irdina Fatin6 days ago

    I wonder who counted all those legs & are their eyes ok after that?? If it was me, my eyes could only handle 20 legs max before it starts to get confusing

  12. President Muhammad Asyraaf Abd Aziz

    President Muhammad Asyraaf Abd Aziz6 days ago

    When I was a child, I think the train was inspired by millipedes.

  13. ElectroBrocoli

    ElectroBrocoli7 days ago

    disgusting and interesting


    P_M LIFESTYLE7 days ago

    i was once bitten by a centipede once while I was sleeping and i threw it spider man style

  15. Myslek Magdalena

    Myslek Magdalena8 days ago

    Nobody notised she litterly said 🅿enis multiple times

  16. Cuddleyspy Roblox

    Cuddleyspy Roblox9 days ago

    These are always in my school

  17. Godwin Immanuel Zane Gabral

    Godwin Immanuel Zane Gabral10 days ago

    No one: Not a single soul: ARK Players: ARTHROPLUERAS!!! (Spits green blood)

  18. Joe?

    Joe?10 days ago

    wE are evolving... Just backwards

  19. Еwqweb

    Еwqweb11 days ago

    Millipedes are so mesmerizing, I could look at them ALL day.

  20. GamesHole

    GamesHole11 days ago

    Can we please clean up the planet grow more plants to increase the oxygen levels and get giant creatures back cuz like that'd be dope

  21. will york

    will york11 days ago

    what was that pink horned one??? ive never seen that kinf before and it was gorgeous!

  22. Rubits

    Rubits12 days ago

    Giant millipedes are adorable and you cant change my mind

  23. dont know who

    dont know who13 days ago

    Hell no. You don't need to look at legs to differentiate milis and centis. You can already see the demonic appearance of centis

  24. Erik Vymětal

    Erik Vymětal13 days ago

    5:27 i saw this one in among us memes

  25. Chinmaya Dhiman

    Chinmaya Dhiman13 days ago

    HOW did you measure so many legs

  26. Geese Couch Taming

    Geese Couch Taming13 days ago


  27. I’m here Too

    I’m here Too14 days ago

    I own a bunch of American giant millipedes

  28. Yesen't

    Yesen't14 days ago


  29. Richard Dean

    Richard Dean15 days ago

    Don't you mean oxygen was higher millions of years ago ??? not carbon .

  30. Sara Tavington

    Sara Tavington16 days ago

    Lawful neutral for a horse? You've clearly never owned a horse.

  31. Hard Boiled

    Hard Boiled16 days ago

    Millipede: Canon in D Centipede: DEATH METAL

  32. This Guy

    This Guy18 days ago

    NOPE just...nope.

  33. Miguel Olandesca

    Miguel Olandesca18 days ago

    Arthropleura: THE BEST SKATEBOARD

  34. Give Alok

    Give Alok19 days ago

    So milipede contain drugs?

  35. Morgan Boucher

    Morgan Boucher20 days ago

    Do we have this beast in canada I don't think I have ever seen one

  36. Shadowbeast Titan

    Shadowbeast Titan21 day ago

    Lemurs get high too😂🤣

  37. Leasagna

    Leasagna21 day ago

    i love them

  38. Haunted Darkne22

    Haunted Darkne2223 days ago

    Somehow a giant one feels less scary to me than a tiny one

  39. Actual Scientist

    Actual Scientist23 days ago

    This is evidence that the Earth is shrinking.

  40. Ross Mandigo

    Ross Mandigo25 days ago

    3:52 not millipedes... they are wood lice...nowhere are these listed as any sort of millipede. so terrible commercials as well as misinformation... cool

  41. Ross Mandigo

    Ross Mandigo25 days ago

    lol even when i pay for youtube red i still gota watch your terrible comercials.... nobody gives a shit

  42. Rekka

    Rekka25 days ago

    Imagine getting high on millipedes

  43. TheSpaceAce

    TheSpaceAce27 days ago

    I thought it was the excess oxygen in the air which gave us giant invertebrates, not carbon?

  44. Juan D'Marco

    Juan D'Marco28 days ago

    I kinda wish Arthropleuras still existed

  45. NadaTrag H

    NadaTrag H29 days ago

    Leggy boys

  46. Julian Serafica

    Julian SeraficaMonth ago

    Why am i not seeing ark comments-

  47. Space is cool

    Space is coolMonth ago


  48. Lemmie

    LemmieMonth ago

    When the ad occupies more than 10% of the video smh

  49. Bahukhandi pahalwan

    Bahukhandi pahalwanMonth ago

    I wish all insects were as cute and harmless as these

  50. Bahukhandi pahalwan

    Bahukhandi pahalwanMonth ago

    Now that I think about it, riding a millipede like a skateboard would be pretty cool

  51. Rimple Pal

    Rimple PalMonth ago

    I thought the drawing was compete at first but it turns out the artist is a mastermind

  52. Rimple Pal

    Rimple PalMonth ago

    Danielle:They save a lot of money on shoe Me:Yeah true only 35 pairs of them


    ROSÉ FOOD GANGMonth ago

    Poisioness Vs venomous.

  54. Miguel Cortez

    Miguel CortezMonth ago

    How would more carbon in the air effect the size of insects, wasn't oxigen at a high level so confused

  55. þversögnmorðingi

    þversögnmorðingi25 days ago

    It was a mistake in their behalf, they meant oxygen

  56. Gene Gene

    Gene GeneMonth ago

    I'm convinced that bugs came from hell. No questions about it. Yes even the cute ones.

  57. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅Month ago

    I wish they still existed so I could ride one into to battle.

  58. Gold Dragonette

    Gold DragonetteMonth ago

    Carboniferous had much higher oxygen, not carbon. The name comes from the vast coal deposits from this period

  59. CS GO Coach

    CS GO CoachMonth ago

    oh danielle ... damn...

  60. skate dd

    skate ddMonth ago

    millipedes are cool

  61. My Dude

    My DudeMonth ago

    Interesting video this made me think differently of millipedes

  62. No U

    No UMonth ago

    And they have four p- what the hell is in my book?

  63. SonicBat05

    SonicBat05Month ago

    Roly polys are not the same as pill millipedes but imma keep it real no one cares they can be what they want

  64. Toxic_ angel294

    Toxic_ angel294Month ago

    " *Scary* "


    MEMEABLEMonth ago

    girl : sorry, i only date 6 feet guys me with 600+ feet and 4 penises :

  66. enough is Enough

    enough is EnoughMonth ago


  67. AHSAN malik

    AHSAN malikMonth ago

    My brain now signaling me to check my bed i may has a centipide

  68. brigidtheirish

    brigidtheirishMonth ago

    I mostly find them in my basement. Oddly, I have yet to see a house centipede in my house. Maybe because I live on a farm.

  69. Soggy Diaper

    Soggy DiaperMonth ago

    looks like elongated pill bug

  70. Soggy Diaper

    Soggy DiaperMonth ago

    looks like elongated phil bug

  71. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius KairosMonth ago

    At least they're not centipedes.

  72. Robert Williams

    Robert WilliamsMonth ago

    I love this channel. D&D references in a nature documentary, ftw!

  73. Wat

    WatMonth ago

    I have some dead ones in my house right now, they look similar to the giant african ones but with redder legs

  74. Ching Per

    Ching PerMonth ago

    f u celiacs

  75. Axel Nilsson

    Axel NilssonMonth ago

    Sadly, these animals are critically endangered and there are only about 1700 still alive.

  76. A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard

    A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hardMonth ago

    "the oldest penis found..." O.o what?

  77. jordi de waard

    jordi de waardMonth ago

    I quite like millipedes, but centipedes are one of the 2 animal species on this planet that I don't even want to go near

  78. kingdomkrook

    kingdomkrookMonth ago

    I could've gone through life w/o knowing about millipee pees.

  79. RenzGarde YT

    RenzGarde YTMonth ago

    4:17 the oldest what?

  80. duc

    ducMonth ago

    They still are

  81. Jonathan F

    Jonathan FMonth ago

    When the centipede footage showed up, I started to get paranoid. 😬🐛🐛🐛

  82. pizza for pizza

    pizza for pizzaMonth ago

    everybody gangsta until the dev announced the kilopedes

  83. SeppuKun

    SeppuKunMonth ago

    So they would have been called "Metrepedes" then

  84. 曇りKumori

    曇りKumoriMonth ago

    The poison glands and four penises make up for it

  85. Gap

    GapMonth ago

    she sure talks alot about penises in this one.

  86. Philipp [W]

    Philipp [W]Month ago

    4:30 the huge size results from the high (~35%) Oxigen content, NOT the Carbon, right?

  87. Rei

    ReiMonth ago

    >The oldest penis was found in a millipede fossil That's.....interesting.

  88. Michelle Reed

    Michelle ReedMonth ago

    " their legs moonlight as penis's" Oh K

  89. Aiden Lowe

    Aiden LoweMonth ago

    3:25 that's alot of girls

  90. FreezingTheMind

    FreezingTheMindMonth ago

    4:17 Wow, thats one old male genitalia.

  91. Jeepers Reapers

    Jeepers ReapersMonth ago

    I'm in the minority for loving centipedes, eh?

  92. Gus A.

    Gus A.Month ago

    Nope nope nope

  93. Samuel Ray

    Samuel RayMonth ago

    More like milafreaks

  94. Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV

    Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IVMonth ago

    if "milli" means 1000 does "on" from "million" mean ^2?


    PENIS DELETUSMonth ago

    *Prehistoric bus goes STEP STEP STEP*

  96. Ryan Walsh

    Ryan WalshMonth ago

    4:17 am I hearing that right? "The oldest penis ever recorded was found in a millipede fossil"

  97. Ryan Walsh

    Ryan WalshMonth ago

    I would totally ride a millipede

  98. john francis

    john francisMonth ago

    4 penises

  99. Erin Hollow

    Erin HollowMonth ago

    USlikes recommendations knows *EXACTLY* what I want!

  100. Shaoting Jing

    Shaoting JingMonth ago

    What’s the name of the centipede at 5:22

  101. Dino Battle Kingdom

    Dino Battle KingdomMonth ago

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  102. alex rojas

    alex rojasMonth ago

    4:17 ty for the fact.

  103. grabbin a problem solver

    grabbin a problem solverMonth ago

    I remember joke when i was kid. imagine how long millipedes wear shoes when goes to school.

  104. Anirban Dey

    Anirban DeyMonth ago

    6:54 Well, that's crunchy!

  105. Idiot Mizu

    Idiot MizuMonth ago

    my fear of bugs did not agree with me watching this

  106. Kevin Getzoff

    Kevin GetzoffMonth ago

    Love you guys, I used to watch the Kratt brothers and Nature shows all the time when I was young. I've moved up the ranks to TV-MA nature at this point... epic.