Crocodiles: Survivors of the Last Extinction

The crocodile is one of the deadliest predators in the world. Unfortunately, they find themselves prey to something far more dangerous. - Check out Skillshare and get your first 2 months free:

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. lilsplace

    lilsplace15 hours ago

    I lived in Egypt for a while a few years back, did I try swimming in the Nile even in the heat of midsummer? No, the Nile is the home of crocodiles, oh and cholera. ✌😊

  2. Aditya Darmadi

    Aditya DarmadiDay ago

    The crocs must be destroyed!

  3. Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday

    Pauly-Wauly DoodlealdadayDay ago

    Enjoyed the report! Would have liked to see more information about life expectancy , sexual maturity and parental behaviors

  4. donald .j trump

    donald .j trump2 days ago

    0:06 mans got a penectomy

  5. Ryen JImenez

    Ryen JImenez4 days ago

    Thumbnail, that's an unedited photograph, yep that's a zebra head and a crocodile is about to chomp that thing whole :)

  6. ToucanO

    ToucanO4 days ago

    DO TOUCAN PLS (like this comment if u agree)

  7. Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan5 days ago

    she cute

  8. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna5 days ago

    What was the crocs eating at 3:23?

  9. Guco111 _

    Guco111 _6 days ago

    Best animal

  10. Shade

    Shade6 days ago

    What a beautiful speaker that's carrying herself perfectly! Rarely you see such a grace on the internets! And the crocs with all the dangers and stuff should definitely go extinct outside zoos and menageries, exterminated with extreme prejudice as any threats to human populace. Those mentioned that provide an "exchange" without choice for unprotected local villagers of mortal threat to their lives to some food and water should go into either prison for the remainder of their lives or into mental asylum and lobotomized (if they plead crazy). If you want to see a living archosaur, you go to the local menagerie, not having someone close to you drowned and ripped apart by one. Also, they are closer to the birds than to *lizards,* not to otuer crocodilians. That's a straight up mistake.

  11. Sándor Gombai

    Sándor Gombai7 days ago

    If you spare crocs, you can get healthy water which you couldn't otherwise. Sneaky reptilians.

  12. Sadiqur Rahman

    Sadiqur Rahman8 days ago

    This channel is awesome!

  13. Andy

    Andy8 days ago

    Crocodiles are cold-blooded which means they don't felt pain. One of the deadliest animals in the kingdom

  14. Jonathan Ngo

    Jonathan Ngo9 days ago

    Just shy of 11 mins aka long enough to have it monetized

  15. Karno Sumotro

    Karno Sumotro10 days ago


  16. Lee Martínez

    Lee Martínez10 days ago

    Danielle, your crocodile is a really inspiring one. Beautiful!

  17. Syed Rafiq Kazim

    Syed Rafiq Kazim10 days ago

    Wait psi is a unit for force? Not pressure???

  18. Mislav Grosinic

    Mislav Grosinic11 days ago

    6:20 not so though on land are ya

  19. シcloudyberries

    シcloudyberries11 days ago

    Looking at the thumbnail be like: 👁👄👁 did that crocodile swallow the whole zebra or its just tye head 😃

  20. Norman Jueco

    Norman Jueco11 days ago

    Yeah I live in Philippines I see crocodiles a lot sh....t wow

  21. Brendan Yuki

    Brendan Yuki11 days ago

    1:12 I thought was one alligator and I almost peed my pants

  22. anguiru s

    anguiru s12 days ago

    Crocodiles eat meat Lion:i dont care you eat now

  23. Ronald Marr

    Ronald Marr12 days ago


  24. Koala Boy

    Koala Boy12 days ago

    GG MY G

  25. Rudy Newton

    Rudy Newton12 days ago

    Crocs havent evolved much because they are almost without flaw

  26. XxSimple_CookiezxX

    XxSimple_CookiezxX12 days ago

    Wait crocodiles aren’t the same to alligators!? And crocodiles are almost!? EXTINCT!?

  27. Genemo

    Genemo12 days ago

    Yishak are you fin

  28. Genemo

    Genemo12 days ago


  29. Emergency Yadav

    Emergency Yadav13 days ago

    We had a crocodile in our state which never hurt anybody in fact he was a vegetarian, he was dear to the villagers and when he died the villager organized a funeral and cremated him with all respect.

  30. SM

    SM12 days ago

    I doubtful of that story till I searched up vegetarian crocodiles, came across an example, gotta say, that's rather fascinating

  31. Valayar Checkpost

    Valayar Checkpost13 days ago

    The Philippine crocodile is endangered. Awesome!

  32. PUNKem733

    PUNKem73313 days ago

    Lions don't bite 1000 PSI, more like 750 or so. The strongest dog bite a mastiff breed is close to 700. Humans 180-200 for a strong bite.


    PURA PAITHIYAM13 days ago

    Only here for danielle

  34. Eder Alvarez

    Eder Alvarez13 days ago

    "Crocodiles will stay with their young for the first 1 to 2 years of their life" Im starting to think my dad was a crocodile🤔

  35. Ashley C

    Ashley C12 days ago


  36. Dana Garland

    Dana Garland13 days ago

    There a living Nightmare....

  37. Altamish Tahir

    Altamish Tahir13 days ago

    Correction: hippopotamus have the strongest bite force in the animal kingdom. Great video 👌

  38. Mae Mitchell

    Mae Mitchell13 days ago

    Who else found the narration unnecessary? . . . Had to turn the volume down & speed past her! 😂

  39. Ridvan türk oğlu Burhan

    Ridvan türk oğlu Burhan13 days ago


  40. The Phantom

    The Phantom13 days ago

    So only Dogs could hear this video then.

  41. Jovie

    Jovie13 days ago

    Holy shit that thumbnail. Can you imagine the indigestion after that? 🤢

  42. Harrell Smith

    Harrell Smith13 days ago

    too much talking

  43. Caleation

    Caleation13 days ago

    You remind me a lot about Selma Blair

  44. Juan De La Cruz

    Juan De La Cruz14 days ago

    I wanna throw bombs in there

  45. مهند الشمري

    مهند الشمري14 days ago

    Because you deceived me with that thumbnail, you are getting dislike and report

  46. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris13 days ago

    What part of the thumbnail was deceiving

  47. Mac Ten

    Mac Ten14 days ago

    She looks like a crocodile :)

  48. Rejith Ramankutty

    Rejith Ramankutty14 days ago

    Not a single word about ganges river crocodiles😬

  49. Beater

    Beater14 days ago

    Now im scared of going into the sea because of saltwater crocodiles

  50. Lasse Olsen

    Lasse Olsen14 days ago

    2:04 nightmare fuel

  51. WALTER

    WALTER14 days ago

    I wonder how these clowns mention millions of years when the real evidence speak volumes of a young earth. Of about 6,000 years only!!!!

  52. Darash Ram Sakat

    Darash Ram Sakat14 days ago

    I am fan you

  53. Darash Ram Sakat

    Darash Ram Sakat14 days ago

    I love you mam

  54. Danse Lane

    Danse Lane14 days ago

    3:22 the lion's mane is balding

  55. Sebastian Falcon

    Sebastian Falcon14 days ago

    i hate humans

  56. Lamar McThay

    Lamar McThay14 days ago


  57. Brandon B

    Brandon B15 days ago

    Yes, you’ve been clickbaited into watching a documentary.

  58. Phuong Thao Nguyen Thi

    Phuong Thao Nguyen Thi15 days ago


  59. Jonathan Lankford

    Jonathan Lankford15 days ago

    Wow. That's a lot of adaptation. Chance can do a lot. Creation? Creator? No way! It's all Chance.

  60. kiran deokar

    kiran deokar15 days ago

    Very bad vido explain

  61. jrg10332

    jrg1033215 days ago

    About 55 million years ago. Sounds legit. Lmao

  62. Donald Christie

    Donald Christie15 days ago

    I am horrified that so many people die from animal attacks. But looking at the news I don't see it as factual.

  63. Tien Hoang

    Tien Hoang15 days ago

    These videos have the most outrageous comments and they are funny.

  64. MrSmallBalls

    MrSmallBalls15 days ago

    Id put a croc in a leglock

  65. Pepper Blackburn

    Pepper Blackburn15 days ago

    "Crocodiles have some of the most menacing eyes" Horses: Hold my beer

  66. SCHERO

    SCHERO15 days ago

    that white background makes me blind

  67. Khan Zaj

    Khan Zaj15 days ago


  68. 2 Krappy

    2 Krappy15 days ago

    just thinking about who would have engineered these guys


    TV ONLINE15 days ago

    Oh wow

  70. Фазлиддин Холбоев

    Фазлиддин Холбоев15 days ago

    тне роrno

  71. SoyMily

    SoyMily15 days ago

    La que narra tiene una cara de hombre, ¿que especie es?

  72. Captbosco

    Captbosco15 days ago

    Aren't lions look at the crocodiles mouth and sense that there is liable to be danger?????

  73. Fauzie Arloji

    Fauzie Arloji15 days ago

    Tidak sesuai dengan thumbnail nya

  74. JK Morrison

    JK Morrison15 days ago

    cute chick

  75. Mary Anna Reynolds

    Mary Anna Reynolds15 days ago


  76. Mary Anna Reynolds

    Mary Anna Reynolds15 days ago

    Now read closely and how MANY PACMANs do you see . Perfection is this lesson . Hahaha

  77. Zachary Crawford

    Zachary Crawford15 days ago

    I would kill every fuckin croc

  78. Error404 • 8 years ago

    Error404 • 8 years ago15 days ago


  79. Freddy Krause

    Freddy Krause15 days ago

    I can shit in my pants when people talk about bite force and then use a unit for pressure (Psi)

  80. blaze smooth

    blaze smooth16 days ago

    3:59 Real life mosa

  81. Akash Narayandas

    Akash Narayandas16 days ago

    Anchor is gorgeous

  82. Christian Rivera

    Christian Rivera16 days ago

    Crocodiles dont pay taxes. Tell me im lying.

  83. 其ノ蜩シ。

    其ノ蜩シ。16 days ago


  84. Doctor Anarchy

    Doctor Anarchy16 days ago

    That, Clickbite Thumbnail.

  85. Frank E.

    Frank E.16 days ago

    Crocodiles- King of Animals ?

  86. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan16 days ago

    walking bear traps :D

  87. kazuo kanazawa

    kazuo kanazawa16 days ago


  88. Liquid Moon

    Liquid Moon16 days ago

    The ending of all of these videos ends with a death toll, and how bad we are, I get the damn message lady, it gets tiring after awhile

  89. Error404 • 8 years ago

    Error404 • 8 years ago15 days ago

    It's the editor, she's just a speaker

  90. Alonza Burns

    Alonza Burns16 days ago

    Floating Death!

  91. Zchxx Gaming

    Zchxx Gaming16 days ago


  92. Ben B

    Ben B16 days ago

    Only other species that are as evolved are sharks.



    i love ur u you tube . thank u. 😙

  94. Иван Иванов

    Иван Иванов17 days ago

    Болтаешь больше и смотреть не хочеться

  95. ediaw7247

    ediaw724717 days ago

    "Over-act" much

  96. Gael Vega

    Gael Vega17 days ago

    Net update crocs Would be able to fly,they are op

  97. No Fame Here

    No Fame Here17 days ago

    I just come to find out why they did the zebra like that 🧐

  98. TommyBolognattv

    TommyBolognattv17 days ago

    in Sarrawok these things literally roll up in villages snatch people and disappear??? no humans can't live with crocodiles

  99. DJ150

    DJ15016 days ago

    Forgive her ignorance

  100. Arjune Rajput

    Arjune Rajput17 days ago

    U put on a few hun

  101. black stars

    black stars18 days ago

    A lot of people will sacrifice human life just to save crocodiles it's no secret

  102. nedeljko18

    nedeljko1818 days ago

    No question they has important biological role, but I hate them.

  103. Jerry Stewart

    Jerry Stewart18 days ago

    Easy to tell them apart. One will see you later and the other after awhile!!!

  104. Animalia Documentary

    Animalia Documentary18 days ago


  105. Vincent Johansen

    Vincent Johansen19 days ago

    i don’t know meters ://

  106. Bethasaur Chapman

    Bethasaur Chapman19 days ago

    Question ow closely related are alligators and crocodiles? Like cousins or?

  107. quequito

    quequito19 days ago

    hola como estan, bien? el awa es buena