Pallas’s Cat: The Original Grumpy Cat

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


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    Thanks to Skillshare for making this episode possible! Check out Skillshare and get your first 2 months free:

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    Are you all fluff Danielle?

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    I just here to see you beautiful lady 😍💗💕 I love you so much

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    Yanis Sa5 months ago

    Animalogic Hey have you did a video on Shoebill

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    Brown Candy6 months ago

    Can your next video be about Armadillos

  7. Zaher

    ZaherHour ago

    This cat looks like a homeless George Constansa

  8. B BS

    B BS6 hours ago

    Great video thank you, Very well presented and both entertaining and informative. Those kittens are so cute! And beautiful living drawings.

  9. Filmy World

    Filmy World9 hours ago

    They looks like they dont care about anything in the world

  10. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas22 hours ago

    Finally something watching

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    Let me pet one 😌

  12. Kelly Li

    Kelly LiDay ago

    they look like monkey

  13. Pavan Kumar Bareedu

    Pavan Kumar BareeduDay ago

    Please do one segment about the caracal too ! Please.

  14. gerardo Sanchez

    gerardo SanchezDay ago

    Haven't check the vids but have seen 2 cute small cat vids and am wondering if this means cats are cooler than dogs

  15. Jamie Miranda

    Jamie Miranda2 days ago

    Please stop showing animal attacks ! I want to learn about these cats without watching animals kill each other !!! GD it!

  16. Diber Shai

    Diber Shai4 days ago

    "Traditional medicine" is an excuse which is used to wipe out entire species

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    Capslok233425 days ago

    monke cat

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    lol! Thats a serious-looking cat!

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    Marcel6 days ago

    I love Animalogic so much. So glad you exist!

  21. WinterHell

    WinterHell6 days ago

    RIP, Grumpy Cat.

  22. CPCH

    CPCH6 days ago

    They are 100% asian, just look at his eyes.

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    The cat looks like iroh

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    Good Bye8 days ago

    Thumbnail kinda looks like Ceaser from the newest “Planet of the Apes” superimposed on a cat. Cool.

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    Waiting for an episode on rusty sotted cat.

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    Scott Andrew8 days ago

    As usual I love them. Every kind of cat fascinates me.

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    Benjamin Davis9 days ago

    Pallas’s Cat are super cool and weird cat.

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    monkey cat

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    Great job

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    Andrew Massanet13 days ago

    No way you could get close to these cats. Ripped to shreds, you would be.

  36. Joe Baumgart

    Joe Baumgart13 days ago

    Why not just go to a damn hospital like normal people.

  37. SabersGrrl Channel

    SabersGrrl Channel14 days ago

    OMG i clicked on this video and i thought it was Rubeus Hagrid! Hagrid is that you???

  38. Jayson Acosta

    Jayson Acosta15 days ago

    I bet I'm not the only one confuse of the thumbnail if it's monkey or a cat 😅

  39. Oliver Dougan

    Oliver Dougan17 days ago

    they like if cat's were stoners and like wanted to write a script about being an artist in the Himalayas

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  41. Samantha Conn

    Samantha Conn18 days ago

    4:48 that slow head turn and facial expression 🤣 doesn't look scared. Looks like it feels disrespected to find out some weirdo was watching 😂

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    JOE MOMMA19 days ago

    People who have spirit animals should be flogged for being presumptuous.....

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    Very cute

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    That cat looks like a master cat, old wise one.

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    Idk why, but they look super wise

  47. Rita C

    Rita C20 days ago

    they look like a mix between a monkey and a cat omg

  48. Stan Webb

    Stan Webb20 days ago

    If you allowed people to domesticate the cats the population would increase for sure but the wild cats well not sure what would happen to the.... Hope they would stay the same!!!

  49. Jesse N

    Jesse N21 day ago

    wow she's really smart

  50. GuyF4wkes

    GuyF4wkes21 day ago

    A common question about these cats is "can I own one?" Ffs we're not all from your silly country..

  51. Calvera H&B MPS & #1 Cowboy Fans

    Calvera H&B MPS & #1 Cowboy Fans21 day ago

    This is Cross breeding at is best! Evolution in Nature can be Beautiful.

  52. Wildlife

    Wildlife22 days ago

    Could you draw yourself, Danielle?

  53. Mon trainer ash D

    Mon trainer ash D22 days ago

    Why am I doing this I’m going to die with this much cuteness

  54. Gold Hoops & Diamonds

    Gold Hoops & Diamonds24 days ago

    "More shade than Beyonce"???? Girl stop. Bey does not throw shade. Carry on.

  55. Kenzie Kimble

    Kenzie Kimble28 days ago

    When I was a kid, I had a zoo membership and would go like at least twice a week. Could not have a single visit without seeing the Pallas' cats because they are waaaaaay too cute

  56. Sinaya Sharabi

    Sinaya Sharabi28 days ago

    Their ears are very cute.

  57. Wolfphototech

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    They look like my sprit animal .

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  60. What should I Say

    What should I SayMonth ago

    this cat looks like chinese old man

  61. The Salt Miner

    The Salt MinerMonth ago

    Please don't lie through omission by saying bullshit like "Traditional medicine" Say what you mean, traditional *_CHINESE_* Witch doctor quackery. Because China seems to love nothing more than killing off endangered species everybody else likes so their businessmen can snort their powderized bones as a placebo boner pill.

  62. Alen Parker

    Alen ParkerMonth ago

    ‘Can you own one? No.’ You ain’t gonna stop me from bribing one all the way to america.

  63. Matthew Topping

    Matthew ToppingMonth ago

    Man, cats with round pupils look weird!

  64. Az-Zahra Levi

    Az-Zahra LeviMonth ago

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    Mahindra VenkataMonth ago

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  66. mir the creator

    mir the creatorMonth ago

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    Graf RichthofenMonth ago

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    Juluis ReyesMonth ago

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  70. DoggerX

    DoggerXMonth ago

    Tomar Cat

  71. skullpull 101

    skullpull 101Month ago

    There is apparently one of these in my zoo. I have yet to see him because he always hides in his enclosure

  72. Ian Gregg

    Ian GreggMonth ago

    Definitely one of those cats to hide under the bed and swat at your ankles as you walk by

  73. minecraft kai

    minecraft kaiMonth ago

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  74. tiredlawdog

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    I just noticed you are in Canada, so as to my suggestion of using US measurements, I did notice on one of you videos, you displayed both. Something to consider.

  75. Eddie Torres

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  76. Haziel x

    Haziel xMonth ago

    They have round pupils cause they are day active. prove me wrong! Night active cats have slits cause they can adjust the intake of light way better then round eyes.

  77. Jen O'Hogan

    Jen O'HoganMonth ago

    Not only are you awesome, but you're also a fellow Canadian :-D Woot

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    Wilbert LekMonth ago

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    Linda MarieMonth ago

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  80. Video Craft

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  82. 13th Century Vice

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  86. Charlie Apples

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  98. kilroy987

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  99. Spinosaurus

    SpinosaurusMonth ago

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  100. prestigious carrot

    prestigious carrotMonth ago

    Looked up if you could buy these. Found a bunch of answers preaching about "They're wild. They shouldn't be owned." And I'm just like: Every domestic animal was wild at one point. You gotta start somewhere.

  101. pyrotechnick

    pyrotechnickMonth ago

    1:24 I went outside once It was terrible

  102. Wi-Fi TV

    Wi-Fi TVMonth ago

    It would be cool to see one of these in real life. I'm an animal whisperer, so maybe I'd be able to befriend a palas cat lol

  103. Butternubs Hambone

    Butternubs HamboneMonth ago

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  104. Andrea Bormotova

    Andrea BormotovaMonth ago

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  105. mizofan

    mizofan2 months ago

    I saw one at a wildlife park; it was grumpy (towards our 2 dogs who wanted to say hello by the enclosure)- i took a liking to it all the same.