Sand Cat: The King of the Desert

Sand Cats may not look the part, but they are built to handle the extremes of one of the harshest environments on Earth.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Pante ZeroNine

    Pante ZeroNine21 minute ago

    Add an s to desert and you describe my cat

  2. Ostariel Raekor

    Ostariel Raekor8 hours ago

    Stop at 5:36

  3. Tiii Efff

    Tiii Efff9 hours ago

    Better they stay unknown.

  4. Denzel Lizasuain

    Denzel Lizasuain15 hours ago

    Me: desert cats look like kittens i wonder how their babies look like *shows sand kittens* Me: *dies from overdose of cuteness*

  5. Island urchin

    Island urchin16 hours ago

    Prey for moisture

  6. Lil wall

    Lil wall18 hours ago

    I found one in south east Morocco last month, you can see the video on my channel.

  7. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas23 hours ago

    The world is awesome

  8. Nisa Hidayatus Syifa

    Nisa Hidayatus SyifaDay ago

    I'll take everything

  9. Drew Shourd

    Drew ShourdDay ago

    A nice blend real shots of a real desert edited with videos from a fake, set-up ecosystem for the video. Kinda like the movie 'Capricorn One' of the fake lunar landing.

  10. lal opa

    lal opaDay ago

    Can I keep it ???

  11. Ahmad Talib Ab Rahman

    Ahmad Talib Ab RahmanDay ago

    what a smol cute boi

  12. Brandon Morris

    Brandon MorrisDay ago

    I wanted to hear it bark... had to talk over it 🙄

  13. Russia Did It

    Russia Did ItDay ago

    2:46 Lol

  14. SKYONE 2B

    SKYONE 2BDay ago

    2:03 b!Tch u said they dont leave footsteps

  15. Detective Chief Inspector

    Detective Chief Inspector23 hours ago

    Yes they dont leave footsteps That was footprints

  16. Joseph R.

    Joseph R.2 days ago

    I can't be the only one to notice that some of this is just shot in an animal enclosure

  17. itz winterwolf

    itz winterwolf2 days ago

    Can I have it it's very cute>:3

  18. Saif Rehman

    Saif Rehman2 days ago

    It's the real life puss in boots. ❤️

  19. wanka wanka

    wanka wanka2 days ago

    So it's a ground type?

  20. Ruin Maker

    Ruin Maker2 days ago

    My brain: It's a predator. It's wild. It will not hesitate to kill you. me: but. . . Floooffyyyyy

  21. Space Cryptid

    Space Cryptid2 days ago

    Please do one on the Rusty Spotted Cat

  22. Space Cryptid

    Space Cryptid2 days ago

    Omg hes so smol i just wanna scritch his head

  23. Detective Chief Inspector

    Detective Chief Inspector23 hours ago


  24. Rob Dixson

    Rob Dixson2 days ago

    Saudi Arabia varies from 40c to -25c? that's real similar to upstate NY

  25. Mary Joy Reyes

    Mary Joy Reyes2 days ago

    If they feature my cat, the title would be: My Cat: The King of the Dessert

  26. Revan VonHeaven

    Revan VonHeaven2 days ago

    I want one as a pet survivor love him already.

  27. Nicholas Bacardi

    Nicholas Bacardi2 days ago

    They would do devastating things if in North America

  28. phantom walker

    phantom walker2 days ago

    domestic cats surviving in the desert,there small,like kittens as not enough food.stunted growth. like the mammoths found on iceland.

  29. Mag

    Mag2 days ago

    Cat are all the same despite the size

  30. Rokket Tracer

    Rokket Tracer2 days ago

    pspspspspspsps cute boy

  31. Isychia

    Isychia2 days ago

    I want one -w-

  32. Bongani Dladla

    Bongani Dladla2 days ago

    you definitely have a lot to learn...''it can hear a cricket crawling from a kilometre away'' BS!!

  33. Mar Mar

    Mar Mar3 days ago

    he looks like hes trying to convince you hes not cute

  34. andreas paschali

    andreas paschali3 days ago

    can i get a dozen please

  35. Youssef Dakhli

    Youssef Dakhli3 days ago

    in our country we call it fnak

  36. Caz Gerald

    Caz Gerald3 days ago

    Arabian desert: one of the harshest ecosystems on the planet Hydrothermal vents: hold my sulfides

  37. pikachu chuuu

    pikachu chuuu3 days ago

    I have a sand cat as pet

  38. Nauman Javed

    Nauman Javed3 days ago

    I feel like this is just someone's cat who happens to live on a sandy beach...

  39. gavin lively

    gavin lively3 days ago

    I’ll take your entire stock

  40. sans

    sans3 days ago

    I really hate cats , but this , this is adorable

  41. Bunky Does

    Bunky Does4 days ago

    Anyone else see a slight physical resemblance to the desert fox?

  42. Der weltbeschreibende Boss

    Der weltbeschreibende Boss4 days ago

    In Germany we say "ein Feini"

  43. Faristic GaMeR

    Faristic GaMeR4 days ago

    aight im moving into a desrert.

  44. ELP

    ELP4 days ago

    The cute and tough little cat lives in a realm without humans

  45. ÑÎÇØ

    ÑÎÇØ7 hours ago

    Dead channel

  46. Regon

    Regon4 days ago

    why would you talk when you show the bark logic 0

  47. Nada Ashraf

    Nada Ashraf4 days ago

    Taught me not to judge based on looks.

  48. Twinky Man

    Twinky Man4 days ago

    so uhhh why people dislike?

  49. Syvle Berina

    Syvle Berina4 days ago

    Pause at this time 3:26 You're welcome 🙂

  50. Kiran Kumar

    Kiran Kumar4 days ago

    Deadliest predators: Me: really?

  51. alys potatooo

    alys potatooo4 days ago

    Ghad how adorable...

  52. Gogeta Blue

    Gogeta Blue4 days ago


  53. Hope Tree

    Hope Tree4 days ago

    Funny fact: I am watching the documentary with my cat now

  54. Headishome

    Headishome3 days ago

    Me too! He is watching it intently....😺

  55. BiggiN483

    BiggiN4834 days ago

    My cat is staring at me with her death stare. I'm not allowed to watch other cute cats 🙄

  56. CATSintheFLAT

    CATSintheFLAT4 days ago

    Yurshowkkkyuuuuuttttttt!!! 5:35

  57. MonsterTeam TR

    MonsterTeam TR4 days ago

    They ar elook like my kitty peanut but a little bit more roasted in furnace x)

  58. Sarita Hsa

    Sarita Hsa4 days ago

    Actually he just look like the desert itself

  59. Еwqweb

    Еwqweb5 days ago


  60. The Egg

    The Egg5 days ago

    Its just me? Or its look like Naruto in a sage mode .. look!@

  61. iCube

    iCube5 days ago

    Me:I have the best hearing Sand cat:Am I a joke to you

  62. Youtnoobers

    Youtnoobers5 days ago

    “Deadliest predators in the desert” me : haha.. petting cat goes brrrrrrr.... pspspspsp....

  63. Nemo Ciau

    Nemo Ciau5 days ago


  64. Gold Ace

    Gold Ace5 days ago


  65. Animals Forest

    Animals Forest5 days ago

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  66. Boki92

    Boki925 days ago

    omg some one need to catch one, and breed tam them!

  67. Will Ganness

    Will Ganness5 days ago

    Somebody took their pet cat to the desert and made a movie.

  68. Expendable Person

    Expendable Person5 days ago

    Me: *sees cat that can probably kill me* Pspspsps let me love you

  69. Shanur Rahman

    Shanur Rahman5 days ago

    Meanwhile my cat has a taste

  70. Tora Blaze

    Tora Blaze5 days ago

    smol cats are best cats

  71. maxpunch

    maxpunch5 days ago

    unknown Fluff...were can I sign?

  72. Еvan Мizell

    Еvan Мizell5 days ago

    prey scuffling in the sand "up to half a kilometer away" is not low frequency. learn the difference between distant sounds and what hertz actually are before submitting an informative video onto the internet for all to see. you might just get criticized by sound engineers :)

  73. Jpenney mrcoin

    Jpenney mrcoin5 days ago

    Me: whozafuzzywiddlesandcat? whozafuzzywiddlesandcat? Producer: Someone get another cameraman.

  74. X R

    X R4 days ago

    Lmao 🤣

  75. Jpenney mrcoin

    Jpenney mrcoin5 days ago

    This is where housecats came from, no?

  76. loxures

    loxures6 days ago

    Holy crap the cameraman is the legend for spying on this adorable kitties.

  77. Wan C

    Wan C6 days ago

    I feel like these cats are 1.4%dangerous and 93.6%cute

  78. Cassini X

    Cassini X6 days ago

    0:15 **FMAB PTSD KICKS IN**

  79. Aisyah & Dhilah

    Aisyah & Dhilah6 days ago

    Oh its the cat from minecraft

  80. Select Exotic

    Select Exotic6 days ago

    A dog wouldn't last 3 days in this mouser's environment '/!!!

  81. Call me Karay

    Call me Karay6 days ago

    Just saying, if one day I found this cat, I'm petting it

  82. xlxrootxlx

    xlxrootxlx6 days ago

    ridiculously cute

  83. Luqman Qureshi

    Luqman Qureshi6 days ago

    so cute

  84. play info

    play info6 days ago

    i love cats

  85. Sunnewer Toolow

    Sunnewer Toolow7 days ago

    World: throws problems Sandcat: has fur Modern problems requires age-old soluti-...wait what...

  86. The Badger

    The Badger7 days ago

    Its just a tryhard kitty.

  87. The Badger

    The Badger7 days ago

    I'd pay A MILLION BUCKS to have this as a house cat.

  88. johan curyff

    johan curyff7 days ago

    its a zoo

  89. Abdullah Ar Rafi

    Abdullah Ar Rafi7 days ago

    Any cat: *Exists* Hoomans: _Lemme pet you! PSPSPSPS!_

  90. Fat Ma

    Fat Ma7 days ago

    Yeah we’ve got the cutest pets in the Algerian Sahara also. We’ve got this cats and desert foxes 🦊 but we don’t domesticate them. They eat scorpions and snakes 🐍 so lets hope humans will leave them alone!

  91. CupHolder

    CupHolder7 days ago

    We need a report on garbage cats

  92. iamIKE

    iamIKE7 days ago

    Sandcat Vs Fishcat Vs Housecat Vs Feralcat Vs Monkeycat Vs Saltcat Vs Swampcat Vs Jumping cat Vs Smallcat Vs Grumpy cat

  93. meh meh black sheep of the family

    meh meh black sheep of the family7 days ago

    i bought a sand cat magnet in my last Israel tour, want to see them for real!

  94. doomlist darkness

    doomlist darkness7 days ago

    if a cat and a mouse that dint know how to use a camera how will i ever reach 1 million views in any of my videos lol

  95. Ridwan Bahri

    Ridwan Bahri7 days ago

    My jaw literally dropped when i saw the kittens ❤️❤️❤️

  96. Karicat Watts

    Karicat Watts7 days ago

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just knowing this fierce fuzzy predator is protected. I now have a new animal fave. Eeeeeeeeeeee

  97. DoodooMcSparkz

    DoodooMcSparkz7 days ago

    So do they cough up sand balls?

  98. Tashfi Choudhury

    Tashfi Choudhury7 days ago

    Am I the only one who has this feeling that humanity going to domesticate this type of cat?

  99. Shaillesh Tannu

    Shaillesh Tannu8 days ago

    Cats are cats ... They rule the world 🐈

  100. 3D Tutorials In HD

    3D Tutorials In HD8 days ago

    no footprint on dirt.. Sand: am i joke to you ? Sand cat: it looks like a bigfoot …. footprint duh!


    KHỈ TRƯỜNG SƠN8 days ago

    this is the real cat that does it job is to catch the rat 🐀and eat. not the cat that people freed in home sleep on the bed with blanket and eat cooked meat

  102. Esther Kwon

    Esther Kwon8 days ago

    I have a really hard time watching nature documentaries NOT narrated by David Attenborough


    TELEVISIBLE8 days ago

    my master is killing

  104. Kelly Christiansen

    Kelly Christiansen8 days ago

    To those that want to make a pet out of it - you think an indoor cat with cabin fever is destructive? These guys are NOT cut out to be indoor animals or animals restricted to a small range like your backyard - what you'd have on your hands is a massively angry and stressed animal, and a miserable time hiding from it as it decided YOU were prey.

  105. Kayla Kress

    Kayla Kress8 days ago

    I think it looks really cute and adorable