Why Are There No Domestic Moose?

Domestication allowed our species to conquer the globe. This is how it works.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Sam Harris

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    Can we buy some of your drawing?

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    Evolution is a hoax !

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    Peter theoneandonly3 days ago

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    Travis Nelson7 days ago

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  7. Garg710

    Garg7107 days ago

    This is untrue. I have witnessed someone ride a moose with a saddle on.

  8. Evan T

    Evan T9 days ago

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  9. Evan T

    Evan T9 days ago

    So it’s true cats are in charge

  10. greg0879

    greg087910 days ago

    13:34 - “flaunting the rules” Oh dear, I think you mean flouting the rules.

  11. LaylaCupcake Fox

    LaylaCupcake Fox11 days ago

    You know how in movies when there is war people ride polar bears or unicorns, lions, tigers imagine a moose Jesus christ

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    Hi! I'm Danielle Dufault

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    Michael Vogels12 days ago

    I'm gonna tell you all rn that your intro stuff is way too long. I stopped watching. Just get to the content.

  15. Alejandro Henao

    Alejandro Henao12 days ago

    Animals need to be social to me domesticated, but cats aren't social at all yet they have been domesticated for such a long time. How does that last point on foxes make any sense?

  16. Nocure92

    Nocure9213 days ago

    Moose cavalry!? Hahahahahaha

  17. Cyan Pines

    Cyan Pines14 days ago

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  21. T M

    T M18 days ago

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  23. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan19 days ago

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  24. schiros123

    schiros12319 days ago

    Dear Animalogic, please look into the jungle fowl in the U.S. Because there as been so much cross breeding and interaction with domestic jungle fowl in Asia, there is one of the most genetically pure populations of jungle fowl existing in the U.S. in GEORGIA. I believe around Savannnah but do not quote me on that. Fascinating, weird, and awesome...just like Animalogic ;)

  25. 4ofse7en

    4ofse7en19 days ago

    This video was hard to watch, in fact I couldn't even finish it. The editing is weird, especially the beginning. Sorry to be mean.

  26. Chris Morris

    Chris Morris21 day ago

    hey uh so where can I adobt hundreds of flightless moths to put in an empty fish tank asking for a friend

  27. Raj

    Raj21 day ago

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  28. Burt1038

    Burt103822 days ago

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  29. Daeva of the Free Council

    Daeva of the Free Council24 days ago

    what do you mean "Why are there no domestic moose?" How you explain Canadians then?

  30. Steve Le

    Steve Le26 days ago

    im here for the hand gestures 👐

  31. David Bodor

    David Bodor27 days ago

    6:15 - Bullshit. The author of that study literally spent his entire life debunking it afterwards, because it's not true and just gets regurgitated ad nauseum. That behavior ONLY came out in captivity. In the wild, wolves have no such hierarchical structure.

  32. Emanuel Pérez

    Emanuel Pérez27 days ago

    12:42 for the answer, you're welcome

  33. J Lopez

    J Lopez27 days ago

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  36. Tegar Andito

    Tegar AnditoMonth ago

    9:33 Gereja Ayam, near Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

  37. Bart Oude Voshaar

    Bart Oude VoshaarMonth ago

    There are domestic moose, they just don't get as old as wild ones.

  38. John Foxsmith

    John FoxsmithMonth ago

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    Marcus TaberMonth ago

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  41. Chris Sennwood

    Chris SennwoodMonth ago

    Some deer populations are domesticated, in Japan there are even wild born ones which are human friendly due to religious reasons like in Nara, where they will bow to you (they get food for this from humans) but will go back into the forest when they are not hungry anymore

  42. Ruddh Vindh

    Ruddh VindhMonth ago

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  44. young monny

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  46. dragoncatoverlord

    dragoncatoverlordMonth ago

    “Rule number six is that the species has to be social, but foxes aren’t” Foxes are a species in the canidae family (is dog family) filling the ecological role of a cat. I don’t think fox domestication is as out there as it may appear.

  47. yunova

    yunovaMonth ago

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  48. chuckSaldana

    chuckSaldanaMonth ago

    That last part of the video got me, "as shown by the dark portions of the continents, still depend upon the power of animals" ... I dislike so much those vintage videos full of missconceptions.

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    Brooklyne HurleyMonth ago

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  55. Julien Beaudry

    Julien BeaudryMonth ago

    Hey, i liked the video but i suggest to reduce sound of the music its kinda to high

  56. Lennon Wilson

    Lennon WilsonMonth ago

    I know of a few cases in the 19th and early 20th century of moose being used as draft animals for logging in Nova Scotia. There are even a few surviving photos.

  57. Wilfred Darr

    Wilfred DarrMonth ago

    Ok. So in the end I actually knew everything in this video already except that adult silk moths can't fly! It never even crossed my mind that this would be part of domestication syndrome!

  58. Daniel Ifechukwu

    Daniel IfechukwuMonth ago

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  60. Julius Buck

    Julius BuckMonth ago

    We have domesticated Bisson. I live an hour away from a Bisson farm in North Ontario (The farm itself is in Quebec)

  61. Brendan Mullen

    Brendan MullenMonth ago

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  62. dmlp103

    dmlp103Month ago

    ehhhh she kinda used the alpha theory here which, as they've even said in another animalogic video, that was debunked. Wolves don't have an "alpha" they have mom and dad, making young, inexperienced wolves wanting food easy to sway as they want food and need guidance. Humans kept puppy like traits in their dogs, making them curious and easy to train because they Want to learn, they didn't make them "subservient", they made them childlike. So it's a bit more complicated. I'm disappointed they'd use alpha theory, but alas, it made a shorter video i suppose...

  63. reinhart von zschock

    reinhart von zschockMonth ago

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  64. MP King

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  86. Sean -Chesthole- Osman

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  94. AnonGuy

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    Reason 1 for no domesticated Moose: "At any time, a moose can remember that it's 1000lbs of muscle and hatred and decide to NOT get eaten."

  95. Camelot Foster

    Camelot Foster2 months ago

    Wsp with humans always trying to subjugate and domesticate wild animals

  96. Alyse Andrews

    Alyse Andrews2 months ago

    In Nova Scotia, Canada we have several local examples of people domesticating moose. Mostly to use for logging instead of draft horses. It certainly wasn't common, and moose aren't nearly as common on the mainland as they used to be. But it did happen around here in limited examples

  97. John Carroll

    John Carroll2 months ago

    AHhh yes the bane of every walker 6:29. She really wanted to go for a walk but as Shi Tzu's get tired really quickly. We used to do 3.5 miles with my Shi Tzu and border collie. We as in the border collie and I. My Mom or I would end up carrying BooBoo for at least a mile. She was not how you say, a racing dog, more a connoisseur of cucumbers.

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