You Can't Outrun a Cheetah

If you ever get to see a cheetah run, don’t blink, you’ll miss it.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Regina Oliver

    Regina Oliver2 years ago

    I checked them out before, and Curiosity Stream is really cool! They have a crazy good documentary on fungi that I loved

  2. Devesh Sharma

    Devesh SharmaMonth ago

    888ii8 ui8í

  3. Sugefut Sugefut

    Sugefut SugefutMonth ago

    @CuriosityStream What was said was that Animalogic uses no original videos of the animals they feature. They just take the videos other people or organizations have done and narrate over them with a bunch of jump cuts and mirrors on the vids, then people who have never seen the videos think Animalogic has done them. It is a lazy way of making content and by being associated with them, CuriosityStream, you are guilty of promoting this channel and not doing due diligence when sponsoring other youtube channels like Animalogic. I mean seriously, the content has to be for 5 year olds, talk about some low hanging fruit. Now if you would like to counter my claims with some facts about how you performed due diligence with Animalogic's channel, CuriosityStream, I would be very interested to hear it.

  4. Wick T

    Wick TMonth ago

    Smárt Hùńgyø why you got to hate on fungi though?

  5. Narciso Rojo

    Narciso Rojo3 months ago

    @Kye Sims I think she use metric measurements because her's audience is the entire world.

  6. Sugefut Sugefut

    Sugefut Sugefut5 months ago

    @White Obama This is a lazy channel that derives all of its content from other channels... fkn do some searches on their videos... all of them are repackaged, unoriginal content with a few pencil sketches added to the originals to get around fair use. So what if a bunch of plebs who never saw the original content like this channel?

  7. Derrick Scott

    Derrick Scott9 hours ago

    Every time I watch a video about the coolest animals, it includes that humans are driving them towards extinction through poaching and loss of habitat. As stewards of our planet, we kinda suck.

  8. the Christian teen

    the Christian teenDay ago

    Cheetah's look so elegant and beautiful

  9. RedJet 607

    RedJet 607Day ago

    Imagine living as a cheetah no job no taxes you just need to survive

  10. jeff nature

    jeff natureDay ago

    i love cheetah

  11. _Grant Eimi A. Pineda_ _Weiss Schnee_

    _Grant Eimi A. Pineda_ _Weiss Schnee_2 days ago

    3:55 cheetah is like, "You okay bro?"

  12. WonderFul

    WonderFul2 days ago

    I can.

  13. geronimo8159

    geronimo81593 days ago

    They're also sooo cute 😍. Especially the cubs with their masks...

  14. Einarinen

    Einarinen4 days ago


  15. Floor Gang

    Floor Gang5 days ago


  16. Lord Daquandus

    Lord Daquandus6 days ago

    the 1.6k dislikes were the lions that found this video

  17. Slim Girls

    Slim Girls7 days ago

    Humans will not stop tormenting animals until every single animal is extinct....


    SOLO X ARMY7 days ago

    I am the fastest thing wen my dad holds a belt in a hand lol


    SOLO X ARMY7 days ago

    in his hand

  20. peregrine falcon

    peregrine falcon7 days ago

    My bro the cheetah got obliterated by a small bird

  21. Richard Li

    Richard Li8 days ago

    Who else is not surprised the morons from Harvard got things wrong

  22. Giovani Mensah

    Giovani Mensah8 days ago

    I can and I will outrun a cheetah. 😤😤

  23. ol jack burton

    ol jack burton9 days ago

    5:34 I remember that this very amazing cheetah run was used in the opening credits of a nature program on PBS in the 80s every weekday afternoon...

  24. dragontamer1012

    dragontamer101210 days ago

    poachers (or rather, the people that give them business/make it profitable) prove time and time again to be terrible people.

  25. papa elf

    papa elf12 days ago

    "Cheetahs end up in the Gulf States due to live animal trade :(" **ME SWEATING IN TEXAS**

  26. qjtvaddict

    qjtvaddict21 hour ago


  27. Gabriel Baruqui

    Gabriel Baruqui14 days ago

    Cheetha is amazing. It is fastest animal on earth. I like it so much.

  28. Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre

    Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre16 days ago

    Holy crap that cheetah has a faster 0-60 than a Ferrari 488GTB

  29. Second First

    Second First17 days ago

    However, Mouse is the length for length fastest land animal.

  30. Aguilera atl

    Aguilera atl17 days ago

    Faster thing on the planet is the CHANCLA. When mom is piss off

  31. 1025killer15

    1025killer1517 days ago

    3:54 did the cheetah just break the wildabeasts neck? 💀

  32. Joanne Liu

    Joanne Liu17 days ago

    I love cheetahs 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  33. Nash

    Nash17 days ago

    We still have cheetahs back in our country homes, wytes destroy nature, life even humans - directly or indirectly

  34. Babu Bs

    Babu Bs18 days ago

    6:34 ...Mine ...definitely

  35. Thomas H

    Thomas H18 days ago

    You sound like you don't actually know this but read it off wikipedia.

  36. Vionette Reyes

    Vionette Reyes5 days ago

    I mean, you do need research, right?

  37. 5mnz7fg

    5mnz7fg20 days ago

    I admire the narrator's daring for experimental fashion. :-P

  38. Imaerus Hollowgoth

    Imaerus Hollowgoth21 day ago

    Yung Wildebeest is gonna be my rap name.

  39. Erik Thomas

    Erik Thomas22 days ago

    One of the most stunning things you could ever see is a cheetah running full speed!!! Breathtaking 😳👍🏽

  40. Progressive Libertarian Viewer

    Progressive Libertarian Viewer22 days ago


  41. Hero Hamza

    Hero Hamza23 days ago

    *cheetah would dare chuck norris if he outrun it*

  42. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn Navarre29 days ago

    Cheetahs have basically mastered low level flight without wings.

  43. Vung Dim

    Vung DimMonth ago

    Come here boi

  44. Stephen O'Brien

    Stephen O'BrienMonth ago

    I remember playing golf at the Lake Chabot G.C. in Oakland. I'd hit a 370 yd. drive on the 14th hole that missed the center of the fairway by 8 or 9 mm. An escaped cheetah from the Oakland Zoo dashed out onto the fairway and snatched up my ball!! Fortunately, I had my golf spikes on and I was able to chase him down and retrieve my Titleist. I had to take a stroke penalty, so the best I could do on the hole was a birdie...

  45. Raven Kit

    Raven KitMonth ago

    and there are still many people that have an audacity to say "AniMaLs arEn'T rEaLLy eNdaNgErEd"

  46. Tiger Reefz

    Tiger ReefzMonth ago

    Peregrine falcon:watch meh dive

  47. Marco Sopchaki

    Marco SopchakiMonth ago

    6:09 OMG!



    Did that cheetah just snap that things neck? 5:51 jesus

  49. Zed Williams

    Zed WilliamsMonth ago

    Don't need to outrun the cheetah, just need to outrun the next guy.

  50. Minecraft Master

    Minecraft MasterMonth ago

    Pronghorn: *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!?*

  51. You obviously Don’t know me

    You obviously Don’t know meMonth ago

    Trying to translate all the measurements. Put imperial system in the audio also.



    I love this animal.

  53. Johan

    JohanMonth ago

    Cheetahs are so cool. I really hope they outlive us.

  54. cheetahsflame

    cheetahsflameMonth ago

    ok now i wanna have only one goal and i want that to help cheetahs to not get extinct because it's my favorite animal...



    En español por favor , o subtitulos

  56. Magarat warrior

    Magarat warriorMonth ago

    Is cheetah fastest land animal of all time? Was there any prehistoric animal faster than cheetah?

  57. toxicccream

    toxicccreamMonth ago

    9:30 holy crap thats adorb

  58. David Shu

    David ShuMonth ago

    Pretty sure the cheetah can outrun this lady.

  59. Boi Bean

    Boi BeanMonth ago

    Can you guys please do wolves?

  60. D Medilicious

    D MediliciousMonth ago

    Gravity assists the falcon

  61. Zaid mohammad

    Zaid mohammadMonth ago

    You dont say

  62. em alee

    em aleeMonth ago

    so a buffalo is telling us about cheetahs ! Nice

  63. Toby Lam

    Toby LamMonth ago

    Fun fact:cheetahs in captivity have anxiety, and are shy around humans

  64. Parsa Sajedi

    Parsa SajediMonth ago

    it's PORSCH-E, not Porsh Danie

  65. Ace Azzameen

    Ace AzzameenMonth ago


  66. Heitor Souza de Moura

    Heitor Souza de MouraMonth ago

    They have paws like Dogs

  67. El Kapitan

    El KapitanMonth ago

    Cheetah's are like Porsche's in the animal world. Fast, Beautiful, Lightweight, and Razor sharp Handling❤️👌

  68. Bishop Anoliefo

    Bishop AnoliefoMonth ago

    i hate humans we should be eaten by aliens

  69. Chryss Flores

    Chryss FloresMonth ago

    “Barbara, what did you do?”

  70. さかいしじぇれまいあ

    さかいしじぇれまいあMonth ago

    Saying a cheetah is a sprinter rather than a long range runner is rather relative. While cheetahs tend to sprint in short bursts, that’s out of saving energy. Not because they can’t run for long distances.

  71. N. Y.

    N. Y.Month ago

    According to a documentary on Netflix "Nocturnal animals"... to their shock and amaze, they were able to confirm that cheetahs are both dayturnal and nocturnal. animals.

  72. Lyn Pulido

    Lyn PulidoMonth ago

    You can outrun a Cheetah but you can out fly it

  73. Aaivil Chip

    Aaivil ChipMonth ago

    3:55 "wtf, i'm sliding, it's gonna crash" said rabbit "Oops, sorry, my bad" said cheetah

  74. jb Bha

    jb BhaMonth ago

    Forget cheetah she can't outrun single rat😂😂😂

  75. Jiggy Spice

    Jiggy SpiceMonth ago

    This page is actually pretty tight. I aint the type that would usually be into this style of content but these videos are great! Keep it up

  76. Ribhav Bhattagiri

    Ribhav BhattagiriMonth ago

    Why do cheetah cubs have black fur then becomes this brownish yellow fur

  77. ruth talley

    ruth talleyMonth ago

    @Ribhav Bhattagirl: It's believed that the cubs evolved markings to resemble honey badgers, which is why they have that Mohawk on their back, too. That makes them scary to predators, enhancing their survival.

  78. BOB the THOT destroyer

    BOB the THOT destroyerMonth ago

    *Still not faster than Instagram bots*

  79. Sekhar Subramanyam

    Sekhar SubramanyamMonth ago

    Cheetah with a Bugatti engine

  80. help me reach 10k subsribers with one video

    help me reach 10k subsribers with one videoMonth ago

    3 second 0-100 while my favorite car from 1992 0-100 in 5 seconds

  81. Rasool ke uusool aur Fatima ke khet

    Rasool ke uusool aur Fatima ke khetMonth ago

    Nothing is perfect on earth Some has power but not speed And some has speed but not power 😎😎😎

  82. Vortex Theseawing

    Vortex TheseawingMonth ago

    Umm cheetahs can also hunt at night when the moon is bright enough

  83. Ahmed Hassan Noureldeen

    Ahmed Hassan NoureldeenMonth ago

    You are so cute

  84. IrokoSalei

    IrokoSaleiMonth ago

    Gazelles regularly outrun cheetah in anything longer than short runs. Cheetah can literally die of overheating.

  85. jesss moubas

    jesss moubasMonth ago

    No one gunna mention the amazing drawings?

  86. Pedro Coelho

    Pedro CoelhoMonth ago

    You can't outrun a Cheetah Peregrine Falcon: "Hold my pigeon"

  87. Pedro Coelho

    Pedro CoelhoMonth ago

    Speed is speed No matter where.

  88. Bill Byrne

    Bill ByrneMonth ago

    Cheetah runs Peregrine Falcon flies, learn the difference

  89. Qala Darcq

    Qala DarcqMonth ago

    World fastest cameraman goes to......

  90. jiji

    jijiMonth ago

    humans nearly all the time: "you eat other animals can you like, go extinct? that's very rude"

  91. Angel Simone

    Angel SimoneMonth ago

    Cheetah's are beautiful animals and they can run top speed 75 miles an hour I would love to be a cheetah and run and kill my prey at the same time. Cheetah rocks

  92. Damilola Owolabi

    Damilola OwolabiMonth ago

    Drake as a biology teacher: the cheetah 🐆 goes 0 to a hundred meters real quick

  93. ๏ ꪑerᥴuяꪗ ᜰ

    ๏ ꪑerᥴuяꪗ ᜰ2 months ago

    thαt chєєtαh fαcє σn thє thumвnαíl lσσkѕ líkє pєnnчwíѕє

  94. Ana Myers

    Ana Myers2 months ago

    I cant even outrun my house cat.

  95. Tabbi

    Tabbi2 months ago

    No shit, Sherlock!

  96. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    They cheat!

  97. ArthurAlcantara

    ArthurAlcantara2 months ago

    Cheetah, the F1 cat.

  98. Google Account

    Google Account2 months ago

    She is so cute...

  99. AndrewsRandoms

    AndrewsRandoms2 months ago

    In this channel,every animal is the king of something.

  100. Alberto Rocha

    Alberto Rocha2 months ago

    3:58 the moment he knew he fucked up ...😩

  101. keltar2007

    keltar20072 months ago

    Rusty Spotted cats.

  102. the awesomest

    the awesomest2 months ago

    "Cheetahs usually go after small prey." Cheetah: chasing a giraffe lol

  103. Alles Schwarz_liebe

    Alles Schwarz_liebe3 days ago


  104. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn Navarre29 days ago

    Ummm they might chase them but they can't catch and kill.

  105. Jerome Villanueva

    Jerome VillanuevaMonth ago

    "Usually" ...

  106. Spinosaurus

    Spinosaurus2 months ago

    Animalogic i suggest you just keep their location private so no one can poach them or else if you reveal their location then the poachers will see this and find them


    NASIR KANAWY2 months ago

    Cutting the video when explaining is what bored the video, we are here to watch cheetahs not a woman.

  108. Alejandro Sudiro

    Alejandro Sudiro2 months ago

    Anyone interested to held a running competition between Usain Bolt and a cheetah?

  109. KendoKonKarne

    KendoKonKarne2 months ago

    5:54 did that cheetah just DDT a wildebeest?

  110. Wolfpackflt670

    Wolfpackflt6702 months ago

    You may not be able to outrun a cheetah......BUT you can run them down.

  111. Jasmine Reign Tangcangco

    Jasmine Reign Tangcangco2 months ago

    I feel like i am the murderer of cheetahs that i didn't even murder ..

  112. Elephant132 Care

    Elephant132 Care2 months ago

    I love Cheetos they’re my favorite animal and I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t get extinct

  113. Neelesh Sahu

    Neelesh Sahu2 months ago

    Do you know cheetah word came from Sanskrit chitra means spotted, In India govt and trying to bring back cheetah in jungles of India... The largest hand in making of all the animals endangered in India are Britishers..

  114. Becky Nosferatu

    Becky Nosferatu2 months ago

    3 years ago this video came out. Hi, I've been recommended this video once again, in 2020. Might I say, It is still my favorite of Animalogic because it has my favorite animal in it. It's a shame I can't like this video more than once.