Mutualism: Nature’s Best Team Ups

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Special thanks to
Judy Lehmberg

Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Oscar Santiago

    Oscar SantiagoDay ago

    The spider and frog team up is the cutest

  2. Jim slim

    Jim slim2 days ago


  3. BigPapaDave

    BigPapaDave2 days ago

    There’s actually a lot of pictures of crocs/gators with birds in their mouth

  4. tokageki

    tokageki3 days ago

    I love how her shirt is just a bunch of Ditto

  5. Cal Sheridan

    Cal Sheridan3 days ago

    Why isn't Kyle a friend?!

  6. Last_Ninja

    Last_Ninja4 days ago

    So basically when a guy finds a girlfriend

  7. Jeffrey Chen

    Jeffrey Chen4 days ago

    To think Raid has even reached animal channels

  8. Leon Hamburg

    Leon Hamburg4 days ago

    Ants and trees. There were a special group of ants. That was the first mix i rembered.

  9. TweakerInc

    TweakerInc4 days ago

    Lol that poor turtle. Stupid bully fish

  10. DarkJGaming

    DarkJGaming4 days ago

    dont wory i wil do deh protec mai slimy friend

  11. Swoogerman32

    Swoogerman324 days ago

    This grumoray meta is so hard to deal with I can’t even challenge the DPS half the time cause they just hard cc me

  12. parth karvekar

    parth karvekar5 days ago

    Clown fish to turtle : what the Frick you looking at punk

  13. Kuru Kuru

    Kuru Kuru5 days ago

    This is awesome.

  14. • Chiraday •

    • Chiraday •5 days ago

    I’m so confused. You take things I learn in a boring science class, and make it so much more interesting. I’ve been watching your videos almost all day and I’m so intrigued in all of it.

  15. Andrew Android

    Andrew Android6 days ago

    I just started following Animalogic for two main reasons. One, I think it's very cute watching you speak. Two, I love learning about animals and nature! Anything oceanic and coral reef themed will surely get my views and likes! Also, more facetime of you on camera will keep me coming back for more. Mutualism! 😁😁😁

  16. Matthew Painter

    Matthew Painter6 days ago

    I don’t know y but I hate her hand signals so much they remind me of an 8th grade eng assignment

  17. Mohamed Reda Naimi

    Mohamed Reda Naimi6 days ago

    Sharks friends are pilot fish this fish clean the sharks teeth and the shark scares the fish that wants to eat the pilot fish


    CHRS MRVL7 days ago

    6:07 yoooo🤣🤣🤣why did he smack him so hard. That's one of those you-been-messin-with-me-all-day type smacks

  19. el Osman

    el Osman8 days ago

    Fishy commi

  20. Total LAD fest

    Total LAD fest8 days ago

    This is like having a college roommate that has nothing alike with you and is super annoying but you have to live with them because you paid your entire tuition to be there

  21. supersmashdylan

    supersmashdylan9 days ago

    Video starts @ 2:45

  22. ً

    ً9 days ago

    Mr Froggy & Taran Season II

  23. danceswirl

    danceswirl10 days ago

    Where'd you get your tee shirt? I love it

  24. FBI `

    FBI `11 days ago


  25. King Kong

    King Kong11 days ago

    Danielle! Your lovely!

  26. Tien Hoang

    Tien Hoang11 days ago

    Be like Kyle...Kyle is social distancing. He's busy focusing on Raid: Shadow legends.

  27. Shiny Prisma !

    Shiny Prisma !11 days ago

    Raid: false advertising idiots

  28. Julia Raine Maglalang

    Julia Raine Maglalang11 days ago

    6:05 they call him a clown fish but that sure ain’t look like a clown to me

  29. Matthew Shin

    Matthew Shin12 days ago

    Bruh rip carl

  30. Dama Duke

    Dama Duke12 days ago

    Are you guys aware you put an ad in between each category

  31. Depressed Skittle

    Depressed Skittle12 days ago

    Raid sucks just because of that ad I’m not going to subscribe… Ever.

  32. Jale The Village Troublemaker

    Jale The Village Troublemaker13 days ago

    Now the fun thing is, how'd they first find out on how to collab? That's the interesting part for me.

  33. Jet

    Jet13 days ago


  34. Eli Agüero

    Eli Agüero15 days ago

    Love this episode an Much Love too Danielle Defoe 🙌💗

  35. Ultimate Loser

    Ultimate Loser16 days ago

    Ah yes. The wife, husband and the wife's boyfriend.

  36. Shitpost Cop

    Shitpost Cop16 days ago

    Why does she move her hands and body so much. I feel like I’m watching the focus group episode of Nathan for You.

  37. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris16 days ago

    Danielle radiates enthusiasm and interest, really brightens your day I find

  38. edt1201

    edt120117 days ago

    That pokemon shirt you're wearing is sick!

  39. When

    When18 days ago

    Super Cool Shirt Danielle

  40. Paul Arcenio

    Paul Arcenio18 days ago


  41. African Warlord

    African Warlord18 days ago

    Man and dog best team ever

  42. l_SMOKE_l

    l_SMOKE_l18 days ago

    Tarantula: *stares at frog* (;’’;) Frog: * croaks* Tarantula: Well shiddd that’s all you had to say

  43. Desel

    Desel19 days ago

    video starts at 2:43

  44. damian rovira

    damian rovira20 days ago

    wheres tierzoos credit

  45. cad ocampo

    cad ocampo20 days ago

    6:07 dude daf is nemo hitting the turtle?

  46. cad ocampo

    cad ocampo20 days ago

    Anybody else here from UNHhhh

  47. Victor Almeida

    Victor Almeida21 day ago

    Yo I thought Clownfish's part was cracking jokes for the Anemones while the latter providing home...

  48. Maria Grå

    Maria Grå22 days ago


  49. Josh Ong

    Josh Ong23 days ago

    If iwas a frog I would be terrified if spiders keep me as a pet

  50. ToruKun1

    ToruKun123 days ago

    Frog and Tarantula Are Friends

  51. Masen Brown

    Masen Brown24 days ago

    Eeey this is that chick that makes me feel uneasy. Always seems like she's sucking in her gut

  52. Biggie Cheese28

    Biggie Cheese2824 days ago

    Caption this 0:54

  53. David Portal

    David Portal25 days ago

    Video starts at 2:56

  54. Maddison Troyer

    Maddison Troyer25 days ago

    "But Kyle is not a friend." why you gotta be so mean to Kyle dude he just wants a friend

  55. Daniella C

    Daniella C26 days ago


  56. Nino Gamboa

    Nino Gamboa26 days ago

    Who else came straight to the comments!

  57. Bryan with a y

    Bryan with a y26 days ago

    Oof on that "Herotodus"

  58. Rimple Pal

    Rimple Pal27 days ago

    Where's the drawing😡😡😡😡

  59. José Luis Prada

    José Luis Prada27 days ago

    Omg that shirt is thee cutest!!!

  60. potaterjim

    potaterjim28 days ago

    Hang on a second... Is that a 50's instructional video on how to _have friends?_ I'm starting to think that the 50's was the beginning of an alien invasion

  61. Lalalola

    Lalalola28 days ago

    A super cute example of this is wart hogs and mongooses!

  62. Lala Land

    Lala Land28 days ago

    I like your pokemon shirt❤️

  63. Its 0nyx

    Its 0nyx29 days ago

    Did that clown fish just fight that turtle? I don't remember that in Nemo.

  64. Gee Muzo

    Gee MuzoMonth ago

    What a cool Shirt!

  65. Snom of the month

    Snom of the monthMonth ago


  66. Keaton Castillo

    Keaton CastilloMonth ago

    Symbiosis is definitely one of the weirdest things in nature.

  67. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony GarciaMonth ago

    Am I the only one that thinks she sounds like a female Erwin from the grim adventures of billy and mandy

  68. Bear S

    Bear SMonth ago

    ... yah, but who's on top & who is the bottom?

  69. Vashisht Ramoutar

    Vashisht RamoutarMonth ago

    Hello Mooorrraaayyyy

  70. Shuyin Kim

    Shuyin KimMonth ago


  71. El Diegollador

    El DiegolladorMonth ago

    -Spider: "I need a babysitter who can eat insects--" -Froggy: "Stop right there. I'm in."

  72. CatLover662

    CatLover662Month ago

    2:40 to skip sponsor from Raid shit legends

  73. RubenFantasia

    RubenFantasiaMonth ago

    That ditto shirt is cool

  74. Zta Diaz

    Zta DiazMonth ago

    So wait a minute this video is about service relationship/team ups so shadow legend sponsors animal logic in hopes that some viewers become interested in their product. Because shadows legends has the funds but not the traffic of viewers. 😮

  75. E LL

    E LLMonth ago

    They don’t talk about spiders and frogs until 7:00 and it’s only for 20 seconds. I didn’t need a 6 minute explanation on mutualism. I learned about that when I was in middle school.

  76. Hunter Scott

    Hunter ScottMonth ago

    This is absolutely fascinating. I had no idea about those animal dynamics

  77. Maxwell Lance

    Maxwell LanceMonth ago

    spiders have pet frogs

  78. President Karen • 20 years ago

    President Karen • 20 years agoMonth ago

    Why is yt recommending this to me when we are literally learning this in science, welp its learning time

  79. Lillie George

    Lillie GeorgeMonth ago

    love ur tee shirt Danielle

  80. adammccue1

    adammccue1Month ago

    Skip to minute 3

  81. Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

    Casey Ray Harris. EsquireMonth ago

    Ungrouped animal specie's

  82. PlayDead

    PlayDeadMonth ago

    Ben10 sound effects?

  83. brigidtheirish

    brigidtheirishMonth ago

    I wonder, though, while the wounds heal faster without the oxpeckers, do they heal cleaner?

  84. Az-Zahra Levi

    Az-Zahra LeviMonth ago

    ngl these are cute awws go brrr

  85. -[ Orcinus_YT ]-

    -[ Orcinus_YT ]-Month ago


  86. Michael Mcdowell

    Michael McdowellMonth ago

    Love ur channel but I hate the cancer that raid is on the youtube community and I love yputube; I watch like 10+ hours a day

  87. SubversiveMemes

    SubversiveMemesMonth ago

    I never thought I’d see a raid shadow legends ad here out of all places. I guess nothing is safe from raid shadow legends anymore

  88. Troy the Traveler

    Troy the TravelerMonth ago

    RAAAAAAAAAAIIIID you’ve struck again

  89. Jimmy Neutron

    Jimmy NeutronMonth ago

    This is sponsored by Raid shadow legends

  90. Khalif does nothing

    Khalif does nothingMonth ago

    Whi need friends when you can have tofu soup

  91. EnLaMatrix1

    EnLaMatrix1Month ago

    Prey: You can't hurt me Grouper Fish: I know but he can **Moray eel ambush**

  92. help me

    help meMonth ago

    The goby and the pistol shrimp is my favorite team up

  93. nagging vermin

    nagging verminMonth ago

    Is this the lady from deep look?

  94. Jay Slacker

    Jay SlackerMonth ago

    Wanna hear a joke, Moray?

  95. hassan mir

    hassan mirMonth ago

    Damn!!!Even the animals are making freinds and i have no freinds😔

  96. JungleWalker

    JungleWalkerMonth ago

    What happens to the frogs when the tarantula's eggs hatch?

  97. slumlord racing

    slumlord racingMonth ago

    Simon revealed why so many fall victim to raid shadow whatever. They are willing to pay very well. We should all be so lucky.

  98. Lacey Harrison

    Lacey HarrisonMonth ago

    1:28 smoothest transition to sponsor

  99. Lacey Harrison

    Lacey HarrisonMonth ago

    00:00 me during recess at school

  100. Him Demir

    Him DemirMonth ago

    Worst channel ever on youtube

  101. Hdhdbduxhxhdndvevehh Jdjdjduxfh

    Hdhdbduxhxhdndvevehh JdjdjduxfhMonth ago

    There’s definitely worse