Cannibalism: These Animals Eat Their Own Kind

Our Halloween haunts are usually based in the supernatural. But the scariest monsters are the ones that are found throughout the natural world. Cannibals.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



    P_M LIFESTYLEDay ago

    Don't say my

  2. Baron Nick Von Sick !

    Baron Nick Von Sick !Day ago

    Oh that canadian accent

  3. Pk-Taylor

    Pk-Taylor2 days ago

    Don't eat my own, eat the neighbors got it

  4. Hollow Child

    Hollow Child3 days ago

    Her parents must have been Jess keeding when they named her

  5. Birol B

    Birol B3 days ago

    'Hi, I am Just Kidding'

  6. TsukiNaito1

    TsukiNaito13 days ago

    Spider gets chomped at during sex and survives. Is still dtf.

  7. Lee Luke

    Lee Luke3 days ago

    How is a sexy kitten scary- i But then again, I wouldn’t say that it isn’t scar6’ not that it is, I just and questioning how without being a perv.

  8. Za gu

    Za gu3 days ago

    i thought i heard her say "Hi, i'm just kidding" LOL

  9. Kirimitsu

    Kirimitsu4 days ago

    5:36 looks like a commercial Your hungry? -eat your siblings You want to be strong? -eat your siblings Annoyed at your sibling for drinking the last choco milk!? -eat your sibling You wana DIE -Guese what, eat your siblings

  10. Margarita De La Torre

    Margarita De La Torre4 days ago

    Why did I watch this when I was eating

  11. hu sa

    hu sa4 days ago

    I was looking for cannabis, not cannibals

  12. Anna Baik

    Anna Baik6 days ago

    Nature in media: Trees, sunny weather, wholesome animal life Nature in real life: All manner of 18+ content

  13. Emerald Eyed Star

    Emerald Eyed Star6 days ago

    0:22. Okay f*ck no

  14. Prince TaRiG

    Prince TaRiG6 days ago

    It gave me creeps

  15. Mr brick

    Mr brick7 days ago

    Oh no

  16. Clash with Prasant

    Clash with Prasant7 days ago

    Why she walking in the graveyard 😕

  17. Hitesh Sharma

    Hitesh Sharma7 days ago

    Bro it's cannibalism, u are not talking about tobacco...people don't usually eat their like ones in jogging parks..

  18. ArnoldXD

    ArnoldXD8 days ago

    I mean (insert Mr. Incredible meme) FOOD IS FOOD

  19. Anas Al Mallouhi

    Anas Al Mallouhi9 days ago

    Dwight Schrute reference at 4:05

  20. SwornReaper

    SwornReaper9 days ago

    This is disturbing. Let's just kill everything.

  21. Bảo Long

    Bảo Long10 days ago


  22. fred6059

    fred605910 days ago

    My hamster ate her babies.

  23. ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa

    ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa10 days ago


  24. 金泰宇

    金泰宇11 days ago

    we eat our own kind too in ancient time

  25. Mr. Chill

    Mr. Chill11 days ago

    Vsause music

  26. yo itzflex

    yo itzflex11 days ago


  27. Shiny Prisma !

    Shiny Prisma !11 days ago

    We all have technically canibalized at one point because dust is made of 80% dead human skin cells (in houses) and we breathe that stuff in.

  28. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅15 days ago

    You are what you eat.

  29. Willian Tavares

    Willian Tavares15 days ago

    0:55 "hi i'm just kidding"

  30. Walt McGill

    Walt McGill15 days ago

    4:03 where did u get that from

  31. anonymous op

    anonymous op15 days ago

    0:55 " Hi, Im Just Kidding "

  32. Sourav Mishra

    Sourav Mishra15 days ago

    Her name sounds a lot like 'just kidding'. Just Kidding.

  33. blink blink

    blink blink16 days ago

    Whenever she introduces herself ... She sound like " Hi I am just KIDDING " .

  34. Michael Hudson

    Michael Hudson16 days ago

    Wtf where’s danielle? Fudge this I’m outta here 👋🏻

  35. Juan Fonseca

    Juan Fonseca17 days ago

    These animal examples make Dahmer look like a normal guy

  36. Thomas Deas

    Thomas Deas17 days ago

    My bad, I thought that this was about, anilmas republiasnis

  37. Andrew Decker

    Andrew Decker18 days ago

    lol all i can think about is Kisame explaining to Itachi what ovoviviparous means .

  38. Juan's Dawon

    Juan's Dawon19 days ago

    So, years ago when I was a kid. My grandparents had a 69 Dodge Charger parked in the garage that wouldn't run. One day I went in the garage to play "Dukes of Hazard" and found a litter of kittens inside the car. I called my grandfather, He picked up one of the kittens a white one and said to me leave them alone and when their moma comes back she'll feed them. A few days later I went back to see how the kittens where doing, all where gone except the white one that my grandfather had picked up. All I found was the head. TRUE STORY!

  39. Fredrick The Alien

    Fredrick The Alien19 days ago

    I won’t accept that pigeons are cannibals

  40. Tardigrade

    Tardigrade20 days ago

    Haha.. cemetery is the best place to explain cannibalism 😂

  41. Barabbas

    Barabbas21 day ago

    this girl is so much better than the other one with nosering to present the vid.

  42. Léo Bellucci

    Léo Bellucci23 days ago

    What movies?

  43. Nadjat Hettak

    Nadjat Hettak23 days ago

    Sharks crocodiles and other animals

  44. The Vin

    The Vin24 days ago

    Hannibal Lecter is one of, if not my favorite character in fiction. And on that note, it does seem a little by her speech mannerism, that she's cool with it herself lol.

  45. Jeremey Rodriguez

    Jeremey Rodriguez25 days ago

    @3:35 my girlfriend does that once in a while

  46. REAPD

    REAPD25 days ago

    "This is the biggest advantage to eating members of your own family"

  47. Gerald Yeager

    Gerald Yeager25 days ago

    Cannibalism is legal. The only illegal part is killing the person.

  48. Arktos der böse Schneemann

    Arktos der böse Schneemann27 days ago

    3:40 "This male looks cute, but often time they will swallow"... Ok

  49. Akshay Fukat

    Akshay Fukat27 days ago

    Her name is just kidding

  50. Sleepy Sauville

    Sleepy Sauville28 days ago

    Remember folks, "Dinner time is happy time."

  51. long trần

    long trần28 days ago

    So if i were to eat a vegan, would i be a vegan too?

  52. Sleepy Sauville

    Sleepy Sauville28 days ago

    You are what you eat.

  53. Rodutchi

    Rodutchi29 days ago

    3:37 I wonder where this happens elsewhere.

  54. callicomfort

    callicomfortMonth ago

    Casually walking through a cemetery

  55. sisyphus9787

    sisyphus9787Month ago

    Cue Cannibal Corpse's album, "The Bleediing" for the soundtrack.

  56. Retro

    RetroMonth ago

    "Eating a cousin increases your chances of getting a disease." Alabama: *laughs*

  57. lafox283

    lafox283Month ago

    Imagine going to a grave yard and hearing some lady talk about the advantages of cannibalism

  58. Help Me

    Help MeMonth ago


  59. Kendrell Alexander-Bostic

    Kendrell Alexander-BosticMonth ago


  60. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •Month ago

    You know, cannibalism is necessary when you don't have food around.

  61. Joel Carrillo

    Joel CarrilloMonth ago


  62. Adam 3d

    Adam 3dMonth ago

    Let's not forget about plants feeding on dead plants or leaves. Everything is recycled, dead organic matter is precious and sustains growth. Now let's not waste land on graveyards and use the bodies to make fertilizers lol

  63. jarob jr

    jarob jrMonth ago

    your just kidding? jazz kidie?

  64. Marcus Taber

    Marcus TaberMonth ago

    I hear a canadian accent. Oooout, Abooout.

  65. Julian Nurse

    Julian NurseMonth ago

    Fish as they're eating their own eggs: Ooh a piece of candy!.. ooh a piece of candy!..

  66. Patrick Gill

    Patrick GillMonth ago

    Please talk about crazy parenting strategies

  67. しろいOmega

    しろいOmegaMonth ago

    Who am I? Whats my name? Just kidding.

  68. doggo boi

    doggo boiMonth ago

    My hampster got a new cage a new little room thing and the other one cut his neck and ate him alive:(

  69. Ghost 8058

    Ghost 8058Month ago

    World: china's animal foods are disgraceful The animals:

  70. DIO Brando

    DIO BrandoMonth ago

    I always find videos where they film in a grave yard weird like, my dead nigga charles who died from lung cancer don't wanna hear about canabalism.

  71. Santiago Lopez

    Santiago LopezMonth ago


  72. Dr. Hannibal Lecter

    Dr. Hannibal LecterMonth ago

    2:11 I couldnt agree more with that statement

  73. Brodacious Bro

    Brodacious BroMonth ago

    I thought Hamsters also eat their babies if you touch their babies

  74. Lineial Quantum

    Lineial QuantumMonth ago

    I always heard that lions kill the other cubs but not that they eat them... idk chief

  75. Chibi Ivy

    Chibi IvyMonth ago

    Why cockroaches not eating themselves to balance the number of thier species :(

  76. Hdbry Hfhdj

    Hdbry HfhdjMonth ago

    My mom eats my dad after they do night time wrestling.

  77. raezad

    raezadMonth ago


  78. first name last name

    first name last nameMonth ago

    no food? eatus the fetus

  79. Ali Huynh

    Ali HuynhMonth ago

    This is how prions disease spread.

  80. JulDoesStuff

    JulDoesStuffMonth ago

    *Father fish comes back home:* Laura, uh, I got scared by the coral, it looked like a shark and I kind of swallowed. *Laura:* Please dont tell me you were carrying the children

  81. Luqman Rusdan Wiwaha

    Luqman Rusdan WiwahaMonth ago

    This gave me unsolved vibes

  82. swaygfx

    swaygfx2 months ago

    stop walking please

  83. Phillip Nunya

    Phillip Nunya2 months ago

    "So, what should we talk aboot next?"

  84. Cee Cee Plentiful

    Cee Cee Plentiful2 months ago

    Heyyyy, it’s “Jus’ Kidding” /Jess Keating!! She’s sauntering through a cemetery excitedly discussing cannibalism! I feel that this is the kind of behavior required to open a secret portal to Hell or let loose an ancient demonic demon spawn. I’ve studied many horror films to come to this conclusion ! White people are notorious for releasing demons by mistake on purpose. 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😃 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️

  85. Bay Area One & Only

    Bay Area One & Only2 months ago

    shes just walking in a cemetery wtf...


    ROHIT S PATIL2 months ago

    Did she say ,Hi I'm Jest Keddin!

  87. Forgiveness save

    Forgiveness save2 months ago

    Disciplining your kids to a whole new level

  88. Apex Emperor

    Apex Emperor2 months ago

    Cannibal Nightmare seem to be a sick name for a death metal band

  89. Yoda

    Yoda2 months ago

    Is it kinda weird that she went to sexy cats and not sexy nurses or is it just me?

  90. Riccardo Cacchioli

    Riccardo Cacchioli2 months ago

    cannibalism, look it up before making a video about it

  91. A Person

    A Person2 months ago

    Cannibalism is just eating someone from your own species so if a toad eats another road that's cannibalism I don't see anything wrong with the video

  92. Phunker1

    Phunker12 months ago

    Jess Keating, really?


    BLOODKINGZ2 months ago

    1:35 Eating your cousin... LOL

  94. ray29ish

    ray29ish2 months ago

    Cats eat their kittens if they are sick or have a defect.

  95. Kxng Shxdow

    Kxng Shxdow2 months ago

    So pretty much the babies eat to level up into an elder

  96. I have an extra chromosome

    I have an extra chromosome2 months ago

    I keep telling them fish are assholes. They called me crazy but who's laughing now?

  97. Shahin Portohfeh

    Shahin Portohfeh2 months ago

    0.56 Hi I’m just kidding 😂😂😂

  98. Toxic Af

    Toxic Af2 months ago

    World hunger? Solved

  99. nelson a

    nelson a2 months ago

    What about some species of octopus?

  100. Jzaa jzaa Sho

    Jzaa jzaa Sho2 months ago

    Loving sibling love

  101. عبدالله الفزاري

    عبدالله الفزاري2 months ago

    They're trying too hard to look scary, filming in a graveyard and old unrelated movie scenes. This is just weird you can just talk without all of this childish stuff

  102. lezbnlvr32

    lezbnlvr322 months ago

    "so eating your cousin increases your chances of contracting diseases"..... So make sure you take your cousin to the free clinic and rule out any STD's/STI's, before eating them out!! Sick but funny