Jaguar Hunts Tapir

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Home to one of the most diverse ecosystems of it’s size on the planet, the Osa Peninsula is a bastion for wildlife like no other.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. garrulousglandarius

    garrulousglandarius2 days ago

    6:28 Is that not a Clanger?

  2. JOE Bozza

    JOE Bozza9 days ago

    Hi Daniel..what time of the year is your mating season ? Mine is all year 🤪

  3. Anddroid Gland

    Anddroid Gland11 days ago

    Where is the hunt?

  4. Javanese Soren

    Javanese Soren16 days ago

    IT'S 6:59 !!!

  5. Roger Alaniz

    Roger Alaniz17 days ago

    Nicaragua is more diverse but no one promotes that for political reasons 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. eromanga sensei

    eromanga sensei29 days ago

    u speak like chloe from we bear bears

  7. samuel pozsgai

    samuel pozsgaiMonth ago

    sorry, but at what point did any jaguar hunt any tapir in this video?

  8. Xsgalipliip Hill

    Xsgalipliip HillMonth ago

    Yo, that Yaguarete TOTALLY heard Danielle when she talked, like you scared the tapir off and it's like, "WTF?? You scared off my dinner!"

  9. Jec Delgado

    Jec DelgadoMonth ago

    Shit u again. U sound stupid, keep showing yourself. And hi we dont care who u are.

  10. Hello? it's me did you forget me?

    Hello? it's me did you forget me?22 days ago

    Sweetheart who dropped you ?

  11. Something Mildly Homophobic

    Something Mildly HomophobicMonth ago

    U guys ever seen Cannibal Holocaust? That coati scene -_-

  12. Splash Almighty

    Splash AlmightyMonth ago

    I wanna travel with her and cry. There animals are amazing

  13. Nathália Isabella

    Nathália IsabellaMonth ago

    are coatis relatives of quatis?

  14. Jay Tea

    Jay TeaMonth ago

    5 seconds of a jag

  15. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenMonth ago

    I love the margay 😍

  16. Suresh pujare

    Suresh pujareMonth ago

    I love jaguars

  17. itss aysia

    itss aysiaMonth ago

    epic video learned some new animals

  18. Jon Holmes

    Jon HolmesMonth ago

    Wtf 20 seconds on the title

  19. ttyln

    ttylnMonth ago

    4:19 those gosh dang monkey B***s again I thought I was rid of them clearly no.

  20. Bobby's Bundle

    Bobby's BundleMonth ago

    The margay was cute😸

  21. Edwin Yovany Aguilar Aguilar

    Edwin Yovany Aguilar AguilarMonth ago

    Claro centro américa hay selvas y animales sin discubrir saludos desde Honduras

  22. texabara

    texabaraMonth ago


  23. སྤང་གོང་མཚོ 0887

    སྤང་གོང་མཚོ 0887Month ago


  24. Albert Ochoa

    Albert Ochoa2 months ago

    Change the title to something more realistic

  25. Mike Henry

    Mike Henry2 months ago

    It's like watching a bad vacation video. The title is wrong too.

  26. Otmane Wahdani

    Otmane Wahdani2 months ago

    This is a high-quality documentary from the animal kingdom.

  27. Un Redacted

    Un Redacted2 months ago

    Danielle you're sweet but eventually your race of people will be there to destroy that paradise..its what yall do.m


    KANG HENDRIS2 months ago

    Pingin sekali aku kesana

  29. aharon mercy

    aharon mercy2 months ago

    How are you standing in the middle of the forest just like that?

  30. Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous Anonymous2 months ago


  31. josela

    josela2 months ago

    As long as you don't narrate it...! No need for the plug.

  32. Jameel Far

    Jameel Far2 months ago

    hahaha cant stop laughing at the way that rat was fighting agianst the margay cat teminds me of tom & jerry wish it could've survived tho but that cat needs food for survival too and they are beautifull

  33. ex0duzz

    ex0duzz2 months ago

    Wow the rat was absolutely vicious.

  34. a2zmobile dk

    a2zmobile dk2 months ago

    Nice sis

  35. Giovanni Fontanetto

    Giovanni Fontanetto2 months ago

    this is a BBC level video

  36. Chris Yeh

    Chris Yeh2 months ago

    That jaguar looked at the camera as if to say, "why'd you tell the tapir I was coming?"

  37. itss aysia

    itss aysiaMonth ago


  38. Jeremiah Walker

    Jeremiah Walker2 months ago


  39. juan moraes

    juan moraes2 months ago

    90% of these images are in Brazil not Costa Rica.

  40. IAmEntertained

    IAmEntertained2 months ago

    She looks and sounds unentertaining & lethargic. Is she working for a family business that gave her this job?

  41. roy barmo

    roy barmo3 months ago

    neither the jaguar nor the puma attacked the animals, this is stacking videos on top of each other, waists of time

  42. Tural Aliyev

    Tural Aliyev3 months ago

    That creature looks like half elephant half rhino. Actually we can call it RhinoPhant

  43. Kyouske Murofushi

    Kyouske Murofushi3 months ago

    I wish us humans go extinct

  44. Max James

    Max James3 months ago

    More like, "Jaguar scaring a Tapir and other stories.."

  45. husain mfh

    husain mfh3 months ago

    4:01 hey dude!! Are you looking at my failure?

  46. Giuliano Mango

    Giuliano Mango3 months ago

    You should collab with Forest Gallante, it would make the double rainbow guy have a seizure.

  47. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago


  48. Deadman Art

    Deadman Art3 months ago

    You mind talking about the Mountain Chicken and where that name comes from?

  49. Sharp Edge

    Sharp Edge3 months ago


  50. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney3 months ago

    Clearly defined

  51. baseline .p

    baseline .p4 months ago

    Mispronounced Jaguar and Puma

  52. whitewolfcomings

    whitewolfcomings4 months ago

    Dam people intentionally spooked the tapir o get away....what the guide said

  53. SnakeTailZane

    SnakeTailZane4 months ago

    Come om=n dany

  54. BenGaming

    BenGaming4 months ago

    cool very cool

  55. Layla B. Hernandez

    Layla B. Hernandez4 months ago

    Am I the only one watching this faded asf , dieing @6:01 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Tuấn z800

    Tuấn z8004 months ago

    5:55 True Tom and Jerry

  57. Shubham Singh

    Shubham Singh4 months ago

    Literally after missing his prey 3:57.. jag to cameraman:- fcuk u

  58. Alvaro Vix

    Alvaro Vix4 months ago

    I loved this one

  59. George Garcia

    George Garcia4 months ago

    Almost like being there. Thank you!

  60. Incognicio Karalinga

    Incognicio Karalinga5 months ago

    I love this music

  61. fayyaz ahmed Ramay

    fayyaz ahmed Ramay5 months ago

    Beautifull creatures

  62. Tanveer Rashne

    Tanveer Rashne5 months ago

    This should be titled 'jaguar tries to hunt tapir'

  63. Ask Bats

    Ask Bats5 months ago

    How about they wont make it next 2 years XD

  64. Kevin

    Kevin5 months ago

    Danielle... Da.. there’s a Jaguar behind you

  65. Zuwwar Jadoon

    Zuwwar Jadoon5 months ago

    Nice video, seriously misleading Title

  66. lauren white

    lauren white5 months ago

    I love jaguars so much they are like preditor but an animal

  67. Lucas Ament

    Lucas Ament5 months ago

    3:50 lmao that editing had the jaguar so confused. he was no where near the tapir

  68. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati5 months ago


  69. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati5 months ago


  70. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati5 months ago


  71. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati5 months ago


  72. Shaun Davis

    Shaun Davis5 months ago

    Great videos :)

  73. Duane Horton

    Duane Horton5 months ago

    Its size, not it's.

  74. Fernando Noel Vizcaino Perales

    Fernando Noel Vizcaino Perales5 months ago

    I came here to watch a jaguar eat a delicious tapir what a clickbate

  75. Aditya Rawat

    Aditya Rawat5 months ago

    That website sucks tbh.. it's not even responsive but the illustrations are great though!

  76. Rehan Dhul'Qamrayn

    Rehan Dhul'Qamrayn5 months ago

    Really beautiful video of forest and the lady is looks well set with wild animals..

  77. Noobie Plays

    Noobie Plays5 months ago

    Me wanting to boop the cats nose: Gharial Crocodile: Am I A Joke To You?

  78. cquilty1

    cquilty12 months ago

    noobie plays Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...🥱🥱🥱 😴😴😴

  79. Yahoo!

    Yahoo!5 months ago

    So, where is the jaguar hunting tapir ????

  80. gdwolf7

    gdwolf75 months ago

    Wow so lucky to be able to travel to such places and see unique wildlife!

  81. mashood2009

    mashood20095 months ago

    the title is misleading.

  82. Mustapha habibi

    Mustapha habibi5 months ago

    20 million years! :O can you provide us with pictures, skeletons,.. anything of a tapir from 20 million years ago??! besides talk

  83. Louisville

    Louisville5 months ago

    I would love your job 👍🏾❤️❤️

  84. chorton53

    chorton535 months ago

    Gosh !!! I've never seen a rat fight like that before.

  85. Terrell Kpah

    Terrell Kpah5 months ago

    How many animals are endangered.

  86. Kenny the G

    Kenny the G5 months ago

    I came for the Jaguars...not no damn monkeys!

  87. HelloMyFriends

    HelloMyFriends6 months ago


  88. Mariusz Dybus

    Mariusz Dybus6 months ago

    Every species you show is endangered. Bullshit!

  89. Ajay Tyagi

    Ajay Tyagi6 months ago

    Maguari Stork' was depicted more like Reddish Egret' around the intro at 0:50...

  90. Fuck-ur-life

    Fuck-ur-life6 months ago

    10 mins of my life that I will never get back 😒

  91. Felipe Antonio

    Felipe Antonio6 months ago

    Pff is my response when Danielle says Costa Rica has the most diverse ecosystem in the world

  92. Mike mike

    Mike mike6 months ago

    you guys spooked the tapir, the jag was just edited from another clip....

  93. Fishy Fisher

    Fishy Fisher6 months ago

    20 million years of is a belief system. Not science.

  94. Zeeshan Rana

    Zeeshan Rana6 months ago

    Wtf is up with the logic of 20 million years it wont be the age of our galaxy even. Where do you guys draw such inferences

  95. Salman Kazi

    Salman Kazi6 months ago

    Is this where they filmed Jurassic park

  96. herb wade

    herb wade6 months ago

    Y’all know y’all helped that Tapir escape that Jaguar! Made some noise or something

  97. Enrique Campos

    Enrique Campos6 months ago

    You are welcome back to Costa Rica anytime you want. Corcovado is beautiful, you should have also gone looking for dolphins and whales, they are regular travelers passing by the beach over there. Great video!

  98. Jude's Channel

    Jude's Channel6 months ago

    I really appreciated the flashing of the name of the animal that you pointing to,,,, This kind of documentary is worth catchy😊😊😊, keep it up, I'm subscriber now♥️♥️♥️

  99. M J

    M J6 months ago

    More than jaguar hunting tapir, its more like a summery of the jungle...

  100. Influence08

    Influence086 months ago

    Do people realize that extinction is a NATURAL part of any ecosystem...? Species have been going extinct since the beginning of this Planet. Trying to preserve them all is stupid and actually going AGAINST the nature.

  101. Influence08

    Influence082 months ago

    @antony A Yes it is... Millions of species have died before we even set foot in Europe or Asia. And those species were replaced by other species that were better suited for the new environment. Those who do not adjust quickly enough in nature - die. That's evolution.

  102. antony A

    antony A2 months ago

    Not it isn't what the hell are you talking about

  103. Abdul Syakir

    Abdul Syakir6 months ago

    Come visit Malaysia

  104. Rozeal

    Rozeal6 months ago

    The most aggressive Rat I ever seen.

  105. The King of Texas

    The King of Texas6 months ago

    I like her energy

  106. david groves

    david groves6 months ago

    what a let down you see the jaguar for 12 seconds only thats it dont bother

  107. Myty Mini

    Myty Mini6 months ago

    Guys I'm desperately in love 💕with this girl, Danielle, I know its impossible to contact with her but I'm not giving up, i believe where is a will there is a way

  108. ZiniTevio Ki

    ZiniTevio Ki6 months ago

    Wow I learned alot