Wombats Look Like Real Life Ewoks

Wombats are the heroes of the bush fires, the stealer of hearts, and the knights of the most adorable joust in the world. | If you want to get behind the scenes on our latest trip down under, then check out our Patreon page for some exclusive new episodes. Watch the here: www.patreon.com/posts/39433950
This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Research, and Camera Operator: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Craig Merryfull

    Craig Merryfull21 minute ago

    haha squatters rights is inter species.

  2. Blue Terrace

    Blue Terrace2 days ago

    Fun fact, a charging wombat can break your shinbone then charm your heart.

  3. Bill Kong

    Bill Kong3 days ago

    This whole video was made to say "Mortal Wombat"

  4. Stalking Myself

    Stalking Myself3 days ago

    scientifically the cutest animal ever

  5. Torm Decinal

    Torm Decinal3 days ago

    He s a Cousin of Diprotodon and he s Poop shape like cubes

  6. Linda From California

    Linda From California4 days ago

    Danielle resembles actress Aya Cash who plays Stormfront on Netflix’s The Boys

  7. Sludge Wave

    Sludge Wave4 days ago

    "this is mortal wombat"....this pun is as lethal as a fatality.

  8. pun 89

    pun 894 days ago

    They look like pokemons doing a tackle attack!

  9. Thane Falkner

    Thane Falkner5 days ago

    The music is perfect for this vid.

  10. LilithB V

    LilithB V5 days ago

    I just found your channel and I'm so happy thank you!!

  11. Mihailo Guzijan

    Mihailo Guzijan6 days ago

    Mortal wombat I hate that pun so much

  12. RDE Lutherie

    RDE Lutherie6 days ago

    I have always wanted a pet wombat named Mr. Murphy Mate. He would have a tuxedo and top hat. I will set him on your dog! Get em' Murphy! Get em' boy! Get em' Murph!!! Kill, kill, kill Murpheeeeeeeeee!!

  13. Alexander Alexandrov

    Alexander Alexandrov7 days ago

    The moment Mortal Wombat started i couldn't handle myself. What is this cutness?!?!

  14. Euphraxia ツ

    Euphraxia ツ7 days ago

    Why are they so cute though.

  15. Weed Silla

    Weed Silla7 days ago

    mortal wombat xD nice editing 10/10

  16. Phillipe Kury

    Phillipe Kury7 days ago

    Im actually mad that I dont have a pet wombat

  17. Christina Park

    Christina Park7 days ago

    Size is king 👌🙏

  18. Christina Park

    Christina Park7 days ago

    But I guess not always because even dinosaurs go extinct when it’s their time. It’s not always size of one but maybe size of a group or army😳😬.

  19. Christina Park

    Christina Park7 days ago

    “Mortal wombat” 😂😂 Lord, I love animals and wombats 😍🥰💘💘💘

  20. KrafterKT

    KrafterKT8 days ago

    No, Ewoks look like wombats.




  22. Albin Nilsson Terpuni - Elev Wämöskolan 9A

    Albin Nilsson Terpuni - Elev Wämöskolan 9A10 days ago

    Kill em

  23. John McAuliffe

    John McAuliffe10 days ago

    wait, so you are telling me that the round fluffy grass eating wombats can beat the usain bolt in a race?

  24. Yuu Shirota

    Yuu Shirota11 days ago

    3:28 the challenging male approaches! Wombat: waddles cutely*


    NACHO DAGO11 days ago

    these cute little wombats steal your heart wombat tries to murder murder brother

  26. lacowie

    lacowie11 days ago

    11:50 there is something disturbing about lil dudes feet

  27. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite12 days ago

    Their are huge hug able hamsters

  28. capp bizzness

    capp bizzness12 days ago

    im sorry I really appreciated the "MORTAL WOMBAT" comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Ahmad Sb

    Ahmad Sb12 days ago

    They are like watermelon with legs lol

  30. Bonswally

    Bonswally12 days ago

    The ones she's petting are very tame. Wild wombats are not friendly at all lol.

  31. King David The Lucid Fire

    King David The Lucid Fire12 days ago

    I love how they approached the duel...shit was adorable...like 2 samurais with honor...

  32. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson12 days ago

    Where do you think George Lucas got the idea

  33. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan13 days ago

    i like this channel so much

  34. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan13 days ago

    combat wombat mombat :D

  35. Jade Smith

    Jade Smith13 days ago

    Thank you! I love being a Tassie boy 🙂

  36. A. Daniel Bruss

    A. Daniel Bruss14 days ago

    I like how they try to knock each other on the ground, when they're an inch off the ground to start with.

  37. David Hill

    David Hill14 days ago

    The military should use them in wars ......a combat wombat

  38. MK25

    MK2514 days ago

    LMAO, you guys are so mean with the shade thrown on the two hairy nose wombat species.

  39. Saturn Media

    Saturn Media14 days ago

    Square poops from square buttholes. Duh. 🙄

  40. BunnyInTheSnow

    BunnyInTheSnow14 days ago

    i was at Maria Island years ago and I have to say, the wombat breed over there are the cutest. Till date, Maria Island is my favourite spot in the Australia :-) The wild wombats I came across were very gentle and just grazing beside my feet.

  41. Rathana Chhem

    Rathana Chhem15 days ago

    I know they are fighting but my eyes only see them playing with each other.

  42. ProgressiveHeart

    ProgressiveHeart15 days ago

    We live in the suburbs. People here have plenty of deer and rabbits in their backyards (and gardens!). We like to joke that we also have donkeys and wombats in ours. (No clue where that started.) For an historical novel about Tasmania, read Christine Baker Kline’s “The Exiles”.

  43. Yvad Roberts

    Yvad Roberts15 days ago

    look how cute they were! I wanna have a wambats! haha

  44. Meriç Ali Yiğit

    Meriç Ali Yiğit15 days ago

    They look like starter pokemons.

  45. Mihai Oprean

    Mihai Oprean15 days ago

    fuzzy lawnmower :))))))))))

  46. bigbill4368

    bigbill436815 days ago

    wow they are cute

  47. Xavier Soto

    Xavier Soto15 days ago

    I just wanna pick one of up a middle of it fighting an walk away with it

  48. Moon Boy

    Moon Boy15 days ago

    Terminator rabbit.

  49. Jonesy 3million

    Jonesy 3million15 days ago

    No they don't!

  50. udyan kumar

    udyan kumar15 days ago

    If Wombet start Fight may we call it a . . . .MORTAL WOMBET...

  51. Jackie Frank

    Jackie Frank16 days ago

    That was a right on tussle.

  52. kalico kat

    kalico kat16 days ago

    This is mortal wombat , so cute

  53. alldayagain

    alldayagain16 days ago

    I'm suprised the Joey doesn't come out cube-shaped

  54. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity16 days ago

    Minecraft Poop Boisss

  55. Zaka Pentax

    Zaka Pentax16 days ago

    Or ewoks look like wombats ...

  56. zignitz

    zignitz16 days ago

    Damn I wish I had a passion for something as much as this lady has for animal frens.

  57. Luis Esteban R

    Luis Esteban R16 days ago

    hahahahamortal wombat XD

  58. Temple Guitars

    Temple Guitars16 days ago

    No they don't. Next.



    Can you Be my mentor please 😇 seriously

  60. rebisco tsoko

    rebisco tsoko16 days ago

    Mortal wombat XD

  61. gaming prince

    gaming prince16 days ago

    thanks for the wonbat pun (mortal wampat)

  62. Jose Santino Domingo Santiago

    Jose Santino Domingo Santiago17 days ago


  63. Jose Santino Domingo Santiago

    Jose Santino Domingo Santiago17 days ago

    Imagine you walking across the meadows and then you stumbled upon a cute bunch of wombats feasting in the grass and they all stopped for a moment with the fur creatures raising their heads to look at you...cutely.

  64. Oscar Susan

    Oscar Susan17 days ago

    They taste like chicken.

  65. Bronwyn SoCal Gal

    Bronwyn SoCal Gal17 days ago

    Decades ago when there were these places called arcades still around we as teens played the first arcade of Mortal Kombat. It was right about that time; me being a animal lover and aspiring Zoologist I discovered a Australian marsupial called the Wombat. So right before my match I would scream "Mortal Wombat". Everyone around me would laugh and ask what the Hell is a wombat. I would explain what they were to the crowd time and time again as a way of teaching others. Soon others were chanting it too as we played. Now... decades later I'm watching this video on YT.


    WIN FILMS17 days ago

    That plate though

  67. Alexander Dean

    Alexander Dean17 days ago

    It's vice versa - ewoks look like wombats, they were probably created based on the looks on the real animals that actually exist.

  68. Jason Yang

    Jason Yang18 days ago


  69. sue mee

    sue mee18 days ago

    I like wombats

  70. Admiral General Aladeen

    Admiral General Aladeen18 days ago

    MORTAL WOMBAT? Too much of violence! XD

  71. ChiefAlpha

    ChiefAlpha18 days ago

    I think it would be down right evil to not keep such a creature alive at least for another 100 years

  72. Heywood Jablome

    Heywood Jablome18 days ago

    They rook dericious!!!

  73. edy yonathan

    edy yonathan18 days ago

    its called wombat combat if they are in fight

  74. Wyatt Murphy

    Wyatt Murphy19 days ago

    wombat? more like warm boots. off to get me some designers

  75. Yakko Benefiel

    Yakko Benefiel19 days ago

    Looking for wombat fights now

  76. Vanders

    Vanders19 days ago

    No they don't look like Ewoks at all...

  77. Sal StayFresh Jabarti

    Sal StayFresh Jabarti19 days ago

    You look 👀 like Stormfront from the show the Boys

  78. MtNdhlovu

    MtNdhlovu19 days ago

    Are Wombat Koalas that climbed down from trees or are Koalas Wombats that climbed up the trees?

  79. harry ramdhani

    harry ramdhani20 days ago

    Wombat = Pikachu without lightning tail

  80. Caesar

    Caesar20 days ago

    11:15 That is called “biomimicry”

  81. Matt Dieter

    Matt Dieter20 days ago

    Lol mortal wombat!!!!!!🤨👊

  82. Matt Dieter

    Matt Dieter20 days ago

    Brussels griffon dogs look even more like ewoks!!!

  83. john ranque

    john ranque20 days ago

    they're like huge adorable hamsters

  84. Lich King

    Lich King20 days ago

    I am having flashbacks to coding wombat pathfinding in Greenfoot

  85. spiloFTW

    spiloFTW20 days ago

    PSA: Do not try to buy cute wild animals as pets. Please

  86. Daniel Willems

    Daniel Willems20 days ago

    That’s niche at 10:37. DnD reference with wombat poop

  87. Daniel Willems

    Daniel Willems20 days ago

    Sign me up for that lunch break. 3-8h a day. I would look like a relatively hairless wombat in a matter of weeks by then

  88. Livvy Haysler

    Livvy Haysler20 days ago

    Cool video

  89. Dustin Cordell

    Dustin Cordell20 days ago

    i look at this and think of the gofer from caddle shack moive

  90. Midnight Sunrizee

    Midnight Sunrizee20 days ago

    Ima name my wombat tabmow

  91. iG W

    iG W21 day ago

    I wanna see a wombat vs usain bolt at the 100mtr

  92. Dina Brown

    Dina Brown21 day ago

    OMG i had no idea they were so cute!

  93. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson21 day ago

    Dude perfect animal team wombat and beaver beavers break wood for houses and support and wombat builds outside just immagine them being humaniod and working together

  94. Shona Palmer

    Shona Palmer21 day ago

    So you're telling me, that I have been using this noisy monster death trap to mow my lawn when I can have these adorable chonks spread around my lawn just jousting with each other and making my neighbors jealous???? 3:26 THE.CUTEST.APPROACH.EVERRRRRR.

  95. Dracula Wannaboogiedown

    Dracula Wannaboogiedown21 day ago

    Mortal wombat 😭

  96. Dracula Wannaboogiedown

    Dracula Wannaboogiedown21 day ago

    Never change Danielle 💯✅👑

  97. David Lea-Smith

    David Lea-Smith22 days ago

    Fantastic video.

  98. Matea Kalanj

    Matea Kalanj22 days ago

    animal running from wildfire sees wombat burrow: "it's free real estate"

  99. kanna -p

    kanna -p22 days ago

    Hairy nosed wombats are cute >:(

  100. DatFlyinLima

    DatFlyinLima23 days ago

    'Fields and Temperate forests?' Here in Australia, a field is called a Paddock, and a Temperate forest is The Bush, no matter what the temperature etc is like. Also, Koalas are tree Wombats.

  101. Cayne Clampit

    Cayne Clampit23 days ago

    “This island was originally a penitentiary” I thought she was talking about Tasmania haha