Margay: The Cat That Thinks It's a Monkey

Go to PetTreater and treat your furry companion to a box of toys and healthy snacks. Get 50% off the first month of your subscription by going to and using the code: animalogic | This the most arboreal cat in the world, the trickster of the trees, the tamarin’s bane, the Margay.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic13 days ago

    Go to PetTreater and treat your furry companion to a box of toys and healthy snacks. Get 50% off the first month of your subscription by going to and using the code: animalogic

  2. edite1234

    edite12347 days ago

    Just asking, can you do a Magnapinna squid video?

  3. Sheogorath the Daedric Prince of Madness

    Sheogorath the Daedric Prince of Madness7 days ago

    @jjhggdcqz I don't think I've ever heard of those. Time to do some research. Edit: that didn't take long. Butcher birds little Vlad the impalers

  4. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson7 days ago

    @kalico too!

  5. Donald Johnson

    Donald Johnson7 days ago

    @el extraño....Yeah, cats prefer birds also!

  6. jjhggdcqz

    jjhggdcqz8 days ago

    Can you do a video about shrikes?

  7. Therodankid

    Therodankid5 hours ago

    You should do the basilisk lizard/the Jesus lizard

  8. solid snack

    solid snack19 hours ago

    That was the most cheerful 'and crushed it's windpipe' I've ever heard

  9. Mark Anthony Arienza

    Mark Anthony Arienza22 hours ago

    Clouded Leopard first second is margay in terms of most aerborial cat.

  10. Tina

    Tina23 hours ago

    eulagisca gigantea

  11. Sam’schannel531

    Sam’schannel531Day ago

    Do Margays ever interbreed with Ocelots?

  12. Retro Mech

    Retro MechDay ago

    Please do bobcat!

  13. Kiyoone

    KiyooneDay ago

    Hi! Thanks for the very nice videos. I am from Brazil and that is true. Unfortunately, people now (since Bolsonaro got elected) are invading once protected areas such as, forests aside the rivers an water bodies and lakes (already small rain forests too) and using it for farming and housing... This year, we the PANTANAL (It mean SWAMP in portuguese) was so dry, that got on fire and burned hectares of protected land... It is a clear water mismanagement that led to this. The wild life here is getting scarce. Even in the zoo's.

  14. DIO 😈😈

    DIO 😈😈Day ago

    Very fascinating and beautiful animal: *exists* Humans: now this looks like a job for me

  15. BEMO Andrianalison Lybert

    BEMO Andrianalison LybertDay ago

    the rat: I'm a badass like honey badger

  16. Dragon Lemur

    Dragon LemurDay ago

    I can’t wait for more!!!! Can you do tapirs or boars next? Or camels if you haven’t yet

  17. Danny Mosticchio

    Danny Mosticchio2 days ago

    I love that it mimics the creative

  18. Kate Clark

    Kate Clark2 days ago

    Omg thank you for posting about the margay I'm actually doing an essay about endangered spices and I chose the margay since its fairly unknown, but I haven't been able to find out much about it and this has helped a lot thx!

  19. hadiyyah

    hadiyyah2 days ago

    You would've thought that was a city rat the way it was fighting back and cursing the cat

  20. BahstX

    BahstX2 days ago

    Hey, Danielle, is Nebula a Bengal? She is GORG!

  21. Bradley Khan

    Bradley Khan2 days ago

    Please do a vid on CLwon fish

  22. matthew mann

    matthew mann2 days ago

    Well Cats And Monkeys are both some of the best tree climbers

  23. Alter Ego

    Alter Ego3 days ago

    Daniele's intonation is off...

  24. tiefensucht

    tiefensucht3 days ago

    OMG this is real life Marsupilami!

  25. Michael Henshaw

    Michael Henshaw3 days ago

    I love the channel. I'm recommending it to my students at the grad school of vet med at Hokkaido University. I made YT playlists with each animal you've profiled, based on biogeographic realm. It's really well distributed! Here's what I got: Playlist name # of videos Globally Distributed Animals 21 Holarctic Animals 7 Nearctic Animals 11 Palearctic Animals 8 Indo-Malayan Animals 15 Australasian Animals 19 Afrotropical Animals 18 Neotropical Animals 16

  26. Bala Gangadhar Thilak Penupothu

    Bala Gangadhar Thilak Penupothu3 days ago

    Do a video on Indian Gaur

  27. Stephanie Wright

    Stephanie Wright4 days ago


  28. Elani Aniyvwia

    Elani Aniyvwia4 days ago

    We think it thinks it’s a cat.....this whole thing where WE say this animal thinks it’s that animal is so stupid!!! Just cause it may act like some other animal cause it’s using such skill to survive does not mean it thinks it’s the other animal!!

  29. K Y

    K Y4 days ago

    I found it surprising that they are not closely related to the Clouded Leopard.

  30. Leina D

    Leina D4 days ago

    Black footed Cat: the "Ultimate Assassin". Sand Cat: the "killer in the desert". Fishing Cat: the "Ambush Diver". Serval Cat: the "Long legs hunter". Margay Cat: that thinks his a monkey but no your a Cat.! Salt Cat: the "Ghost of South America". Ocelot Cat: the "Mini Jaguar".

  31. dank pepe

    dank pepe2 days ago

    Just imagine if there is a family reunion of Felidae family. Lmao.

  32. 406 OUTDOOR

    406 OUTDOOR4 days ago

    They look like a spotted Fossa

  33. Hesham Khaled

    Hesham Khaled4 days ago

    kestrel falcons

  34. V komodoensis.

    V komodoensis.4 days ago

    But you tube bans mousetrap victims. HAHAHAHA

  35. Sean Mohamad

    Sean Mohamad4 days ago

    she so cute 🥰 I hate the poachers! and the feshion designers! they are demon just let them live in peace

  36. CrisURace

    CrisURace5 days ago

    Why are they shivering so much?

  37. Adrian Lobito

    Adrian Lobito5 days ago

    Can we get an Iriomote yama neko video. Rare small cat on the Japanese island of Iriomote

  38. Kyle Angelo Opinion

    Kyle Angelo Opinion5 days ago

    I'm so interested to the mentioned oncilla

  39. 07 Gabriel Hansel

    07 Gabriel Hansel6 days ago

    Monki cat

  40. Jkou Files

    Jkou Files6 days ago

    We need to make these as pets

  41. Perla Medrano

    Perla Medrano6 days ago


  42. सनातन रक्षा दल

    सनातन रक्षा दल6 days ago

    Ishlam is a think that makes humans a moonster

  43. Noah Keithan

    Noah Keithan6 days ago


  44. Animal Lover

    Animal Lover6 days ago

    Next up - The European WildCat, please?

  45. Caio Caetano

    Caio Caetano6 days ago

    This and TierZoo are the best biology channels in youtube.

  46. david psalm bendula

    david psalm bendula6 days ago

    hoping we can have that cat in the cities...

  47. Love Otis Hickory

    Love Otis Hickory6 days ago

    The chinese just can't get enough margay meat and hides. The macabre communists prefer to starve then torture margays to death before they skin them alive.

  48. Yu Tub

    Yu Tub6 days ago

    just throw rotten eggs at aholes wearing fur coats

  49. Amira Lozse

    Amira Lozse6 days ago

    "puss-in-boots-eyes" LOL!!

  50. Don Hillsman II

    Don Hillsman II6 days ago


  51. thatbitch

    thatbitch6 days ago

    i hope every poacher gets killed by the animals they try to kill

  52. Misha

    Misha6 days ago

    Meanwhile some idiot house cat falls off the top of a door, consoles itself by sleeping on a couch, then meows for food for two hours.

  53. P Heresy

    P Heresy7 days ago

    They do NOT think they are monkeys.... They KNOW they are master tree-top navigators.

  54. Huxton Smith

    Huxton Smith7 days ago

    A video on deep sea sharks, including the frilled shark would be very interesting

  55. mega meme

    mega meme7 days ago

    So basicly, a cat that's gone bananas XD When I tell me jokes, I don't monkey around. XD

  56. Itruelydontknow YT

    Itruelydontknow YT7 days ago

    Hammerhead shark

  57. inalegwu abah

    inalegwu abah7 days ago

    1 million years from now, we got cat girls

  58. adashvids

    adashvids7 days ago

    Do the Diabolical ironclad beetle - the most incredible shell strength ever!! :)

  59. Bob Adkins

    Bob Adkins7 days ago

    The clouded leopard of Asia is quite arboreal also, but more ocelot size. It can climb down a tree trunk headfirst. It's not a leopard at all, but a relative of extinct sabretooth cats. All are beautiful and must be saved.

  60. IrocChucKTayLors215

    IrocChucKTayLors2157 days ago

    That rat was like "NOT TODAY". 🤣 the rat tried tho.

  61. Wither

    Wither7 days ago

    unfortunate name choices aside its a very neat animal.

  62. Nedi Sawego Yogya

    Nedi Sawego Yogya7 days ago

    The next civilization begins here

  63. Lyndsay Brown

    Lyndsay Brown7 days ago

    What prey wouldn't come to these cuties?

  64. otterodderdude

    otterodderdude7 days ago

    I clicked on this thinking it said Chonkey cat

  65. OddTomato

    OddTomato7 days ago

    If the cat thinks it's a monkey, does it also think it's a cannibal?

  66. Ghoul

    Ghoul7 days ago

    I’m just curious but why do we no longer see Danielle’s drawings? They were the best bit.

  67. rinheart1995

    rinheart19957 days ago

    Don't know if you did already. But maybe do the gopher tortoise?

  68. adashvids

    adashvids7 days ago

    Do the Rusty Spotted Cat - the smallest feline in the world :)

  69. Tony Tong

    Tony Tong7 days ago

    What to talk about next? Have you heard about ATRETOCHOANA? The weird looking amphibian? How did evolution get that shape of it???

  70. Alex Kohlbrenner

    Alex Kohlbrenner7 days ago


  71. dino sauro

    dino sauro8 days ago

    Monke kat

  72. Mantis

    Mantis8 days ago

    Awww those paaws

  73. Hagiograffitist

    Hagiograffitist8 days ago

    „She“ ? 4:17.

  74. Oranjmuse Meyer

    Oranjmuse Meyer8 days ago

    Can you do a video on the giant rats being trained to sniff for bombs, and the mink farms euthanizing thousands of animals because they all have covid, please.

  75. Mark J

    Mark J8 days ago

    u are

  76. Anna H.

    Anna H.8 days ago

    Oof the voiceing is very annoying in this clip

  77. skattergraph

    skattergraph8 days ago

    we need to start hunting the people who kill animals and the people who buy the pelts and kill them i'm so sick of man being a cancer and bringer of pain to all other life on this planet for profit.

  78. Vaas Montenegro

    Vaas Montenegro8 days ago

    Can’t we pet them?

  79. wagwan6248

    wagwan62488 days ago

    Rusty spotted cat < margay < ocelot < leopard

  80. wagwan6248

    wagwan62488 days ago

    Watching this with my Bengal on my lap 🐯

  81. Kim

    Kim8 days ago

    It would be great if, at the end of your videos, you could recommend a wildlife protection organisation that is working to protect the relevant animal that you have just reported on. In that way interested viewers could go directly to that website to contribute to the support of the animal; in this immediate case, margays in the wild. Thank you in advance for considering this suggestion. 🙏

  82. Julia C.

    Julia C.8 days ago

    Have you guys done a video on the Dhole dogs of India? Would love to see one!

  83. Noukz

    Noukz8 days ago

    Meanwhile, rich chinese people with VPN are now ordering some margays online...

  84. Reach Out Reptiles

    Reach Out Reptiles9 days ago

    Have you ever heard of a “Super Dwarf” Reticulated Python? I’d love to see an episode on these islander miniature giant snakes!!

  85. Kyle Sheldon

    Kyle Sheldon9 days ago

    Please do Gibbons.

  86. Benr.y

    Benr.y9 days ago

    These are so cute and cuddly 🥺

  87. Night Lion

    Night Lion9 days ago

    I been knew a monkey was a cat 🤷🏿‍♂️


    PRINCESORH9 days ago

    Dylan Dubeau... Danielle Dufault... Justin Trudeau?!!

  89. TheOwl

    TheOwl9 days ago

    Clouded Leopards are seriously arboreal cats too.

  90. SaiOkami777

    SaiOkami7779 days ago

    Huh... i thought Monkey Cats only existed in Hey Arnold

  91. Silvia 75

    Silvia 759 days ago

    Wild animals are no pets.

  92. Caio Tenório

    Caio Tenório9 days ago

    I live in Ilha do Governador(Governador Island) in the middle of the Guanabara Bay(Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) and i always hear about how many of this cats lived here and how my island turned into an poucher's zone. Unfortunately they were wiped out of here a long time ago... It's a shame...

  93. Jeffrey Quigley

    Jeffrey Quigley9 days ago


  94. ToucanO

    ToucanO9 days ago

    DO TOUCAN PLS (like this comment if u agree)

  95. SunnysFilms

    SunnysFilms9 days ago

    Okay, who else read the thumbnail like Stinky from Hey Arnold?

  96. Alpharius Omegon

    Alpharius Omegon9 days ago

    Not going to lie, when I heard ocelot I had Metal Gear flashbacks

  97. CJ.M

    CJ.M9 days ago


  98. CJ.M

    CJ.M9 days ago

    Plss talk about QUAILS plsss I want to know about them

  99. Fish God

    Fish God9 days ago

    Can you do a video on the Coati

  100. Germano Magnone

    Germano Magnone9 days ago

    it would be nice an episode dedicated to the Capybara

  101. WarriorWolfeh

    WarriorWolfeh9 days ago

    Can we like...just back the camera up a's cute but I feel like we're just a little too close. Kinda uncomfortable lol

  102. Takashi Shirogane

    Takashi Shirogane9 days ago

    What happened to the penis facts? That was always my favorite part!

  103. Nosysprat

    Nosysprat9 days ago

    Ah yes, the Margay from the family of Marqueers, related to the Marlesbian and the Martrans 😂🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧

  104. Katrina Rapoza

    Katrina Rapoza9 days ago

    Idk if you did it or not yet...but a Chameleon? That'd be cool to see...and learn about 🥰✌

  105. blubastud

    blubastud9 days ago

    That rat had hands...paws I mean.

  106. Jessie Mendez Cruz

    Jessie Mendez Cruz9 days ago

    Can you guys please do a video on Feather Stars? I think they’re really cool!