Giant Salamanders: The River Dragon

The Giant Salamander may look like a mythical river monster, but they're more bark than bite.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    Thanks to Wisecrack for teaming up with us on this one! Check out their video about What Went Wrong with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom here:

  2. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World2 months ago

    Koolasuchus Ahuizotlus

  3. Ferdinand Pelayo

    Ferdinand Pelayo4 months ago

    The thing about temnospondyls

  4. Aye Look Issa Man

    Aye Look Issa Man8 months ago

    @0:35 what's the difference between CaPILLARIES and CAPillAries? Are they the same?

  5. Erdenee

    ErdeneeYear ago

    yeap came from that video

  6. Wian Grobbelaar

    Wian GrobbelaarYear ago

    Animalogic you guys should do pigmy marmosets!!!

  7. Jf H

    Jf H4 days ago

    Ive always wonder what was those salamanders in Démétan la petite grenouille when i was a kid.

  8. Vinz Samonte

    Vinz Samonte7 days ago

    why is thst I saw a dog in the thimbnail... :/

  9. Sadistic Overlord

    Sadistic Overlord8 days ago

    Hell bender that sounds sick

  10. Francie Crist

    Francie Crist11 days ago

    Hellbenders WILL bite

  11. Jose Tomas Campos Robledano

    Jose Tomas Campos Robledano13 days ago

    DEL LAGO is real!

  12. Jackson Lam

    Jackson Lam16 days ago

    3:11 great We can introduce them into UK rivers then

  13. marcus reynolds

    marcus reynolds17 days ago

    So basically the worlds coming to an end..almost every animal is endangered smh great humans huh?

  14. Omy Beach

    Omy Beach18 days ago

    This one was new to me. Watching from Germany I appreciate very much your great artwork. All the best. Omy

  15. Meijin Kino

    Meijin Kino19 days ago

    Sooo much unnecessary anti-conservatism in this video. I'm done with this channel. Like, its cool to have an opinion but the way you express it is another matter (which was not even slightly considered)

  16. jesus perez

    jesus perez19 days ago

    The chinese eats all they see

  17. Logan X10

    Logan X1023 days ago

    "Well scientifically traditions are an idiot thing." To quote the great Rick Sanchez.

  18. Logan X10

    Logan X1023 days ago

    Basically anything that walks and has eyes and a penis has to cure something riiiiight? How does that makes sense? it's just cruelty.

  19. Thagomizer

    Thagomizer24 days ago

    When newts and salamanders pray, they invoke the name of Andrias.

  20. Sadiqi Ahmad

    Sadiqi Ahmad28 days ago

    weird things don't cure pandemic, eating one started it

  21. Noah Larsey

    Noah Larsey29 days ago

    At this point I'm pretty convinced the dreams I don't remember are used in Chinese medicine

  22. Robbie Kavanagh

    Robbie KavanaghMonth ago

    The chinese giant salamander is just a komodo dragon that threw a tantrum when it was time to go home from the beach and just stayed there

  23. Bentley Baartman

    Bentley BaartmanMonth ago

    5:25 coz the damn Chinese keep on eating funny shit like it's right

  24. ReapersGhost282

    ReapersGhost282Month ago

    Animal: *chillin* Chinese medicine: *MINE?!*

  25. Falcon

    FalconMonth ago

    Why was great biblical flood in "air quotes"

  26. Tyler Hood

    Tyler HoodMonth ago

    It seems to me there is more evidence for a biblical flood than there is for Darwinian macroevolution.

  27. Daniel Herndon

    Daniel HerndonMonth ago

    There is. Most people just disavow it without thinking logically because it has even a slight relation to Christianity. Funny how the Bible says stuff like that would happen too :)

  28. Laid back Headbanger dude

    Laid back Headbanger dudeMonth ago

    The nightmare for those who played Resident Evil 4.

  29. Mr Mosty

    Mr MostyMonth ago

    Del Lago...

  30. brigidtheirish

    brigidtheirishMonth ago

    It's Toothless!

  31. Null Void

    Null VoidMonth ago

    if pokemon were real

  32. Nihat Fettahoglu

    Nihat FettahogluMonth ago


  33. Helena Zerakova

    Helena ZerakovaMonth ago

    Infant fish... now I am disturbed

  34. Helena Zerakova

    Helena ZerakovaMonth ago

    They look like that sort of toy that grows x times when put into water.

  35. Kyotra

    KyotraMonth ago

    Everyone talks about the "traditional medicine", but no one is hitting upon how such a trade is able to thrive - due to the corruption of the authoritarian CCP.

  36. Bruce Kent

    Bruce KentMonth ago

    Wait a minute!! USA Salamander yes Japanese Salamanders acceptable, Chinese Salamanders aren't they extinct by now??...I mean isn't it a part of PCR people's diet?


    AMAR TIWARYMonth ago

    Love you daniel

  38. Potatosaur

    PotatosaurMonth ago

    Took me 2 and a half minutes to notice that the "giant" salamander is smaller than my cat

  39. jai verma

    jai vermaMonth ago

    Giant chinese salamander eats their own kind well chinese for a reason 👏👏

  40. Giovanni Rafael

    Giovanni RafaelMonth ago

    I don't know why so much focus on Chinese traditional medicine when European colonization has clearly endangered the other species. If you want to attack, attack both. Kinda hypocritical of a country that's a literal huge indigenous graveyard.

  41. EvilSnips

    EvilSnipsMonth ago

    Why does Chinese make it creepy tho? Hellbender is way creepier.

  42. ¡ ComfieConut !

    ¡ ComfieConut !Month ago

    To whomever named the """""Hell Bender"""""... 😡, Bruh the """"hell bender"""" looks so cute, squishy, and did I mention cute?

  43. Marco Pohl

    Marco PohlMonth ago

    "females lay eggs every second" HOLD UP! "or third year" *sigh of relief*

  44. LOL

    LOL2 months ago

    How dare they kill the Giant Salamander Sage for tRaDItIonAL mEDiCinE

  45. Jesse Pinto

    Jesse Pinto2 months ago

    Nobody tell Hanzō where to find these

  46. Nittanyburg 20

    Nittanyburg 202 months ago

    Hellbenders are also called snot otters

  47. Rena Denison

    Rena Denison2 months ago

    I love your videos, but why do you always have to put biblically observed terms with silly air quotes. We get it, I truly doubt there was a giant boat, however; don't see why you have to make this a focal point. Just talk about the damn animals. again, love the videos.

  48. pasayiv 23

    pasayiv 232 months ago

    That ancient animal is amazing..

  49. DoubtlessCar0

    DoubtlessCar02 months ago

    Danielle: The Chinese ones are critically endangered Me: oh no! The *Chinese* Giant Salamanders are endangered, but they look so *unique* and *magical* it's not like someone would look at any special traits and think eating it serves as medicine!

  50. Hannibal Ch.

    Hannibal Ch.2 months ago

    Don't even try to sail your boat in a lake with giant salamander inside it.

  51. AARON Leonard

    AARON Leonard2 months ago

    Of course they're food and used for traditional Chinese medicine

  52. Cee Cee Plentiful

    Cee Cee Plentiful2 months ago

    They say anything with its back facing the sky is permitted to be eaten. Makes sense now... but no thank you. 🙏

  53. burro romo

    burro romo2 months ago


  54. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    Omg, I didn't know salamanders could bark!

  55. Bhargav Savaliya

    Bhargav Savaliya2 months ago

    No doubt they are eaten by Chinese for push them to edge of extinction, national wild reserves are joke in China.

  56. Okami

    Okami2 months ago

    let me pet it

  57. Barge In

    Barge In2 months ago

    Not trying to be to PC but, Wow the comments are bustling with sparse amounts of rascism. Not that traditional medicine and the harvesting of endangered species isn’t wrong but some comments are just offensive and I’m American(and Filipino)

  58. KimiGaming

    KimiGaming2 months ago

    Animal: *losing the fight* Hey uh, can you *not* use us a "traditional medicine" and stop killing us because we're already fighting pollution, losing our homes and you jamming the rivers? China: *hah, no*

  59. Comrade Ryan

    Comrade Ryan2 months ago

    Are we gonna ignore the fact something is done to protect them?

  60. Emmanuel ATTI

    Emmanuel ATTI2 months ago

    Animalogic : "the Giant salamander may look like mythical river monster but they're more bark than bike" Also Animalogic : *proceed to show a giant salamander biting a fish*

  61. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World2 months ago


  62. 2 Aspies, 1 World

    2 Aspies, 1 World2 months ago


  63. Fin Mertons

    Fin Mertons2 months ago

    To China everything is a recipe for traditional medicine.

  64. I have a dig bick

    I have a dig bick2 months ago

    This is great

  65. DeadLast

    DeadLast2 months ago

    One day China will use humans for 'Chinese Medicine'.

  66. Chigoville

    Chigoville2 months ago

    *Giant Salamanders exist* China : Mother nature can I borrow one species?

  67. Daxxon Jabiru

    Daxxon Jabiru2 months ago

    Surprised any salamanders survived in China. You know what I mean.

  68. Perry Pelican

    Perry Pelican3 months ago

    Sort of cute. I just love most animals. Too bad they don't all love me in return. But I think they usually feel love.

  69. RANDOMstuff animation

    RANDOMstuff animation3 months ago

    Nuclear weapons aren't the worst thing humanity has ever made, it's ""traditional Chinese medicine""

  70. Naih Geisler Fexica

    Naih Geisler Fexica3 months ago

    Fvck you traditional Chinese medicine

  71. Miles 101

    Miles 1013 months ago

    Why fishes run away when I see them.from top without making a any sound and don't move while his eater is nearby

  72. Sigmund Jimenez

    Sigmund Jimenez3 months ago


  73. Chris_ Gaming666

    Chris_ Gaming6663 months ago

    Chinese: see something that’s not on the endangered list Chinese:TRADITIONAL MEDICINE

  74. Andy Ferguson

    Andy Ferguson3 months ago

    How come almost all animals that are endangered or threatened is because of Chinese medicine? Personally, I’m getting tired of hearing that.

  75. lucifer blake

    lucifer blake3 months ago

    I wanna marry her......... It's a shame mostly likely I won't meet her

  76. Felipe Toro Diz

    Felipe Toro Diz3 months ago

    Those salamanders get eaten??? 🤮🤮

  77. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago

    Thylacine please!

  78. Ashley Hatfield -

    Ashley Hatfield -3 months ago

    They look like a mega brown version of my axoltol😂

  79. Tyler

    Tyler3 months ago

    2:22 wtf did he just throw that plastic bag BACK in the the water?!

  80. T33K3SS3LCH3N

    T33K3SS3LCH3N3 months ago

    Laying eggs every second must be annoying. "...or third year" Oh.

  81. mohamed bin fraih

    mohamed bin fraih3 months ago

    Chinese must stop eating

  82. Austin Duber

    Austin Duber3 months ago

    Cheers, man. Most of that medicine are made of bred salamanders

  83. ShadowOfDeth

    ShadowOfDeth3 months ago

    The Chinese will eat anything.

  84. Bitbit

    Bitbit3 months ago

    They're just giant bbs that need love. 💗💗💗

  85. MrMilk BR

    MrMilk BR3 months ago

    Is this a Quagsire?

  86. •Whispering Shadows•

    •Whispering Shadows•3 months ago

    These are so cute

  87. Meteorite 11

    Meteorite 114 months ago

    water, earth, fire, H E L L

  88. Meteorite 11

    Meteorite 114 months ago

    water, earth, fire, H E L L

  89. Sebastian Landry

    Sebastian Landry4 months ago

    I wonder what the Chinese will do when all those animal species they use for "Traditional Medicine" are all whipped out.

  90. the amazing truckosaurus

    the amazing truckosaurus4 months ago

    *I wanna hold one*

  91. JonnesTT

    JonnesTT4 months ago

    "And their use in traditional chinese medicine" is probably the most hated sentence of anyone documenting anything to do with eurasian animals.

  92. Isopod Salamander

    Isopod Salamander4 months ago

    Salamanders are my favorite animal thank you for this

  93. Nicholas Ricardo

    Nicholas Ricardo4 months ago

    I think it's important to remind people that while the eastern coast of China might give it the appearence of a modern First World nation, the inner heartland of china is almost entirely pre-industrial. This is why their traditional medicine is so outdated

  94. Megalosaurus Studios // Dino production

    Megalosaurus Studios // Dino production4 months ago

    I have a sudden urge to WWE wrestle it

  95. Charles Triplett

    Charles Triplett4 months ago

    Its a swampert.

  96. Iuri Senna

    Iuri Senna4 months ago

    That's a weird dog

  97. ANormalKid

    ANormalKid4 months ago

    *Mini koolasuchus*

  98. Grayson Edward

    Grayson Edward5 months ago

    I wonder what is the remaining one in the 4 lagest amphibian they mention?

  99. Spitfire

    Spitfire4 months ago

    I think they’re talking about the greater siren

  100. Chemist Knight

    Chemist Knight5 months ago

    This chick would be so hot if she had huge tits

  101. TheEnder Gamer31

    TheEnder Gamer313 months ago


  102. Edwin V

    Edwin V5 months ago

    Let's call Traditional Chinese Medicine what it is. It's not medicine, just animal cruelty.

  103. mridul rathod

    mridul rathod5 months ago

    So Chinese salamendar can anything like Chinese people 🤣

  104. Noor Shah

    Noor Shah5 months ago

    Damn you traditional chinese mediciner!!

  105. jackson jackson

    jackson jackson5 months ago

    I knew it when it come to mainland china, everything is critically endangered........ Carefull next thing that become delicacy is you guys

  106. Azzam Aqeela

    Azzam Aqeela5 months ago

    Is cool

  107. ༺ƐÏ3 LULU ƐÏ3༻

    ༺ƐÏ3 LULU ƐÏ3༻5 months ago

    wy pipo mad

  108. FBI

    FBI5 months ago

    What a beautiful traditional medicine!

  109. Random Dude

    Random Dude5 months ago

    exotic endangered species *exist* China: IM GONNA END THIS THING'S WHOLE CAREER