Tawny Frogmouth: Master of Camouflage

High up in Australia’s tree canopy lives the grumpiest, grouchiest, surliest little assassin in the world. This is the Tawny Frogmouth. | Want to watch the whole drawing? Watch here! uslikes.info/house/Z3V5vZhu04KBZ74/video.html

This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic4 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone! If you didn't know, we post the full timelapses of Danielle's drawing to a second channel, Animalogic By Design. You can watch her full Frogmouth drawing here: uslikes.info/house/Z3V5vZhu04KBZ74/video.html

  2. Christopher Ressler

    Christopher Ressler20 days ago

    @Tyson Gill me to . I am very impressed .

  3. AR K

    AR K3 months ago

    I am yours and you are mine dear beautiful lady

  4. Thirdy Talingting

    Thirdy Talingting3 months ago

    this is just like deeplook

  5. Skunky Jumbag.

    Skunky Jumbag.3 months ago

    Isn’t it called a potoo?

  6. Fresh Gadmusic

    Fresh Gadmusic3 months ago

    Your sexy & pretty

  7. HighEndMe

    HighEndMe2 days ago

    Are they related to the tawny hawk?

  8. Space Cryptid

    Space Cryptid2 days ago

    I love him

  9. Ben Stokes

    Ben Stokes3 days ago

    This year's UPSC question came from Animalogic then... 😂

  10. End Boss Eleven

    End Boss Eleven6 days ago

    Frogmouths *I AM STEALTH*

  11. Dumbestgoatonmars !

    Dumbestgoatonmars !6 days ago

    Why are they called frogmouths

  12. orbitalsatellite

    orbitalsatellite7 days ago

    I love your humour! 😁

  13. Enchanter Educated

    Enchanter Educated8 days ago

    Soo grumpy

  14. casper *

    casper *8 days ago

    that's funny, they do that weird head bobbing motion that owls always do too.

  15. Alexandre S.

    Alexandre S.8 days ago

    this look's like the result of incest from an owl .

  16. Creepy Hair Sniffer

    Creepy Hair Sniffer8 days ago

    really handsome bird.

  17. Mada Mada

    Mada Mada9 days ago


  18. Stream Spoart!

    Stream Spoart!11 days ago

    You: Tawny Frogmouth VS The guy she tells not to worry about: Owl

  19. Dragonemperess

    Dragonemperess11 days ago

    I feel like that bird is talking s**t about me.

  20. •• •

    •• •11 days ago

    I thought, A branch looks like a bird

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  22. i like memes guy

    i like memes guy13 days ago

    0:09 me when i realized that theres tests on saturday and sunday

  23. SuperSizeSenpai

    SuperSizeSenpai14 days ago

    She loves animals and is a Simpsons fan. Every video I fall deeper in love with Danielle. ❤

  24. Beavis Mcbeavis

    Beavis Mcbeavis17 days ago

    This Is not bird it is furby

  25. Bryan Vaughan Duke

    Bryan Vaughan Duke17 days ago

    they remind me of the little monsters in tge films Critters

  26. Snarky Lark

    Snarky Lark19 days ago

    i think the one giving you side eye was reacting to the eyes on your shirt

  27. Dinoco And Fam

    Dinoco And Fam20 days ago

    1:50 I spit soda all over my room with this

  28. Neil Breen

    Neil Breen21 day ago

    2:38 he's like: "Oh really?"

  29. Audie Coleman

    Audie Coleman21 day ago

    Animalistic. Can you do dolphins ???

  30. Judi L

    Judi L22 days ago

    Convergent evolution? I find it so hard to believe that anyone in this age of scientific understanding of how complex even minute organisms are can believe all we see around us is a magical appearance of life and interdependence from nothing.


    VINCENT CATALANO23 days ago

    0:09 This bird looks like its given up on life.

  32. Gasapos, Christine Margarette V.

    Gasapos, Christine Margarette V.23 days ago

    literally the bird version of- 👁️👄👁️

  33. Joshua Yong Kwang Min

    Joshua Yong Kwang Min24 days ago

    0:12 When im sleepy in class and then my teacher calls my name

  34. Moon Goon

    Moon Goon27 days ago

    The simpsons reference 😆

  35. MasonIsMissing 64

    MasonIsMissing 6429 days ago

    Imagine your a lizard and you decide to perch on a tree and boom a fluffy branch owl takes your life in a split second thats how scary yet cute these guys are

  36. Satavisha Nath

    Satavisha NathMonth ago

    4:42 timestamp

  37. Kim Bratton

    Kim BrattonMonth ago

    They're neat!

  38. Mark Karm

    Mark KarmMonth ago

    They should be renamed Derpy Owls. 😂

  39. Sunil Hebbar

    Sunil HebbarMonth ago

    Can you do a video about snow leopards

  40. CommandanteMarco

    CommandanteMarcoMonth ago

    I understand if someone doesn’t care for like and unlike but why unlike a video about some birds? I just want to understand 😂

  41. Nelson Niddrie

    Nelson NiddrieMonth ago

    is that moonlit sanctuary

  42. Lanceminecraftz plazutub

    Lanceminecraftz plazutubMonth ago

    The Tawny Frogmouth’s name sounds like a Pikmin enemy.

  43. Sean Thompson

    Sean ThompsonMonth ago

    "Wtf is that?! Oh it's a tawney. Scared the shit outa me". Aussie proverb.

  44. Amando M. Ausa

    Amando M. AusaMonth ago

    0:15 frog mouth bird: w-why are you looking at me

  45. sam tam

    sam tamMonth ago

    thats very dark souls like skill... i parry that.

  46. Ibrahim G

    Ibrahim GMonth ago

    I never knew it existed

  47. Ali Kazmi

    Ali KazmiMonth ago

    This is one of the coolest channels on youtube and this has to be one of the best episodes on this channel!

  48. B D

    B DMonth ago

    Great vid. Thanks for posting.

  49. fleafrier1

    fleafrier1Month ago

    Wow really interesting to learn about these guys and their place in the world of convergent evolution. Animalogic is such a great channel. Thanks to all of you who work to make these videos happen and thanks Danielle!

  50. SandyRiverBlue

    SandyRiverBlueMonth ago

    OMJ. It's a Jim Henson bird, like something out of The Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal. .

  51. Vooran

    Vooran2 months ago

    They’re the bird form of my grandpa lol

  52. For The Love of Crab Kind

    For The Love of Crab Kind2 months ago

    My favorite part about this is that she doesn’t just get her information form online, she also gets the information in person

  53. Truth Stalker

    Truth Stalker2 months ago

    05:59 - 06:04 *_Ah, yes. 🤔 A Simpsons™️ fan, I see._* 😉👌🏾 *_A FINE quality in a wife!_* ♥️

  54. Marshland Archer

    Marshland Archer2 months ago

    You talk about ostriches

  55. palapeura

    palapeura2 months ago

    Grey wolf pls :3

  56. Gautam Rajesh

    Gautam Rajesh2 months ago

    They look like GARFIELD

  57. Manuel Toney

    Manuel Toney2 months ago

    This bird looks like it give no shit

  58. Elder Lemon

    Elder Lemon2 months ago

    that's a muppet

  59. Wizard cat

    Wizard cat2 months ago

    Its not a branch its a broken branch

  60. Emily Soh

    Emily Soh2 months ago

    0:11 pls stop looking down on me

  61. Licayan Arriba

    Licayan Arriba2 months ago

    What a weird looking branch.

  62. Chang Victoria

    Chang Victoria2 months ago

    Hummingbird please!!

  63. spacekitt3n

    spacekitt3n2 months ago

    that tuba fits them perfectly

  64. Anscer Ram

    Anscer Ram2 months ago

    Age hit Blathers hard...

  65. Dean McMahon

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  66. ÇįłDRėñ ÆbÙēR

    ÇįłDRėñ ÆbÙēR2 months ago

    I’ve seen one of these in a zoo only moved it’s head scary but cool

  67. Masho Kigii

    Masho Kigii2 months ago

    I like it your videos is great hope for another animal and others to watch on your Chanel

  68. Edgardo Geovany

    Edgardo Geovany2 months ago

    Every vid you produce are killer vids...

  69. Robban Dahlgren Jonsson

    Robban Dahlgren Jonsson3 months ago

    For some reasons I've never realized that Australia's got actual forests

  70. Brett Coster

    Brett Coster3 months ago

    We have a frogmouth that appears in our backyard; they have adapted well to suburbia. They make a woo-woo-woo sound at night, too.

  71. Leftfield Larikin

    Leftfield Larikin3 months ago

    There not grumpy there just really unimpressed

  72. Vollie D

    Vollie D3 months ago

    I'll take 12... no 13 lets make it lucky for my fellow deadpan birdy bois

  73. Penis

    Penis3 months ago

    My ex girlfriend is the Master of Camouflage. I later found out that she was really a SNAKE

  74. Ahmed S

    Ahmed S3 months ago

    Australia is a lovely country, and I love how white people love life.

  75. SiREN

    SiREN3 months ago

    2:34 : " awwww!🥺" **as it progresses** " 😳"

  76. Garland Cox

    Garland Cox3 months ago



    OCEANBLUE3 months ago

    Let me guess, the Tasmainan wildlife park you made most of this Australian content from told you they are endangered on the Australian mainland...like every other animal

  78. matg22

    matg223 months ago

    Amazing bird! Would love to see a video on the Common Loon, Gavia immer!

  79. suhel barde

    suhel barde3 months ago

    I just Love Danielle! 😍

  80. EvilNecroid

    EvilNecroid3 months ago

    aww u came to australia and didnt stop to marry me? :p

  81. Reinhardt Wilhelm

    Reinhardt Wilhelm3 months ago

    0:12 When you make a sarcastic statement and the person you're referring it to, doesn't get it.

  82. Laraib Jamal

    Laraib Jamal3 months ago

    It's Asia Pacific Not indo Pacific 😊

  83. Refanov Constantin

    Refanov Constantin3 months ago

    Sometimes it Looks like an Owl, Sometimes it Looks like an Eagle, Sometimes it looks like a Crow, and Sometimes it looks like a Branch

  84. rodolfo wenceslao jr

    rodolfo wenceslao jr3 months ago

    Just look in there eyes i feel sleepy😪😪

  85. G. GeronVill

    G. GeronVill3 months ago

    It's look like Tagkaro in the Philippines

  86. David Fiore

    David Fiore3 months ago

    5:59-6:04 (Screams) "Why? Da- Why? (Grabs a branch to smash the nest) Why must life be so hard!? Why must I fail in every attempt at nest building!?

  87. Del Dol

    Del Dol3 months ago

    Im not watching the owl im watching u😅

  88. jeffrey pacot

    jeffrey pacot3 months ago

    Why i've been seeing these birds in the jungles of the philippines?

  89. rj alcala

    rj alcala3 months ago

    You so beautiful...

  90. adel ramadan

    adel ramadan3 months ago

    04:39 They fly silently like owls

  91. Prasad Rao

    Prasad Rao3 months ago

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  92. Subhrajit Paul

    Subhrajit Paul3 months ago

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  93. Ivan FTW

    Ivan FTW3 months ago

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    lomapet. gamer . com3 months ago

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  95. Tobias Espaldon

    Tobias Espaldon3 months ago

    Let em sleep, he's tired lol 😃😄😄

  96. General Grievous

    General Grievous3 months ago

    I actually have two of these birds living on a tree in front of our house. And yes I’m in Australia.

  97. Alonso Martinez

    Alonso Martinez3 months ago

    Do one on the Potoo! also known as Urutau in Brazil. It looks so derpy =P

  98. u235u235u235

    u235u235u2353 months ago

    fail video. not one video showing feeding in habitat.

  99. em es a hmar

    em es a hmar3 months ago

    We've found a bird like this near our farm while climbing on a tree,it doesnt move nor fly .i think the bird is on its nest.,i almost fall from the tree because of this bird.. it is so amazing seeing in reallity

  100. Mike S

    Mike S3 months ago

    Cute, looks like something Jim Henson would have made. These Frogmouths make me think of FraggleRock.

  101. Aravind Soundararajan

    Aravind Soundararajan3 months ago

    Hi I am Daniel Defoe and you are watching Animalogic 🖤

  102. Thais FL

    Thais FL3 months ago

    Hey, Danielle, have you ever heard of Brazilian Urutaus? They are very similar to Tawny Frogmouth and are known for their hauting cry

  103. Sarah Eubanks

    Sarah Eubanks3 months ago

    Oh Gawd their noise is so freakin adorable

  104. Rizki Ferdian

    Rizki Ferdian3 months ago

    Grumpy eyes indeed.. LOL

  105. Sheela singh

    Sheela singh3 months ago

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