Quoll: The Polka Dotted Predator

At the edge of the world, on the edge of extinction, lives the little creature that could. The Quoll. | If you want to get behind the scenes on our latest trip down under, then check out our Patreon page for some exclusive new episodes. Watch the first here: www.patreon.com/posts/38410024
This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic4 months ago

    If you want to get behind the scenes on our latest trip down under, then head on over to our Patreon page for some exclusive new episodes. Times are tough for everyone, so these episodes will be early access to patrons, and then free to watch for everyone. Watch the first here: www.patreon.com/posts/38410024

  2. Edwin Reveron

    Edwin Reveron3 months ago

    Nice video, but saying quolls have the second strongest bite in proportion to their size among mammals and the Tasmanian devils the first, is not taking in consideration the many weasel family members which have incredibly strong bite forces for their size...

  3. Shash Dodampahala

    Shash Dodampahala4 months ago

    Please do Rusty Spotted Cat

  4. Golden Sinoia

    Golden Sinoia4 months ago

    Thanks... Please do a video on flamingo

  5. Eyob Tadesse

    Eyob Tadesse4 months ago

    Cats Vs. The wild could be a great video

  6. Hank Skorpio

    Hank Skorpio4 months ago

    Why you hold him tail like dat?

  7. Love Otis Hickory

    Love Otis Hickory2 days ago

    "Bring me those quorrs! I pay anything!" - Rich chinese communist running a slave operation sweat shop.

  8. YAMZA 8

    YAMZA 83 days ago

    4:29 *lmfao, i can't get over that noise.*

  9. Victor Franceschini

    Victor Franceschini7 days ago

    great vid as always; loved the gengar t shirt! cheers

  10. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays8 days ago

    Oh, an animal I've never heard of. Found in Australia. It figures!🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  11. Mary Heun

    Mary Heun8 days ago

    Any native animals that are not marsupials in Australia and other close countries? Except for birds...

  12. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity9 days ago

    Northern...Western...Eastern Quolls... >What about Sou... --SPOTTED Quoll ..B-but They all have spots tho

  13. Nocure92

    Nocure9213 days ago

    Why do you squeeze their tails?

  14. Yokomation Studios

    Yokomation Studios15 days ago

    Nat the Quoll: Thanks for the Spotlight mate,

  15. panteradown2

    panteradown218 days ago

    Why hold them by the tail?

  16. deviousxen

    deviousxen24 days ago

    'An endangered, majestic mammal thing.' *thing screams and hisses with satellite dish eyes and looks like Gollum's balls but with teeth* 'We must save them.' "Indeeb.' [I unironically love it lmao]

  17. Alice Mills

    Alice MillsMonth ago

    They’re so cute xxxxxxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Ivan FTW

    Ivan FTWMonth ago

    Teach it flamethrower

  19. Tails Is Concerned for Your Mental Health

    Tails Is Concerned for Your Mental HealthMonth ago

    Music at 4:12 reminds me of dragon quest

  20. N P

    N PMonth ago

    those woosh noises on the map movements kills me lmao i have a mini panic attack every time the noise goes

  21. Samuel Fennell

    Samuel FennellMonth ago

    “It’s like reddit but with feces”. No, it’s exactly like reddit

  22. Axel J

    Axel JMonth ago

    Unfortunately feral cats and cane toads are probably going to prevent population rebounding in mainland Aus. That being no-one really knows yet.

  23. LeJarhead

    LeJarheadMonth ago

    Quolls are also related to the thylacine(Tasmanian tiger).

  24. Greta Simmons

    Greta SimmonsMonth ago

    Sooo cute!

  25. grimlock smash

    grimlock smashMonth ago

    It's a rat... But who said rats can't be cute.


    BHARATHIMonth ago


  27. Dinomation

    DinomationMonth ago

    This is one of my favorite animals. Thanks for covering them!

  28. T. C. Airth

    T. C. AirthMonth ago

    It's like reddit but with poo, so it is reddit

  29. Michael steffens

    Michael steffensMonth ago

    Great content and video.

  30. Naomi

    NaomiMonth ago

    I wonder since they're related to the Tasmanian devil do they have the disease that's been ravaging the Tazs?

  31. Rangga Masli

    Rangga MasliMonth ago

    cute version of the devil one

  32. t0mn8r

    t0mn8rMonth ago

    Another very cute animal video but my most favourite so far was the Tasmanian Devil video. I am still laughing at how aggressive they are...Keep going!!!

  33. Ronald Johnson

    Ronald JohnsonMonth ago

    Quolls, who knew?

  34. Andrew Devine

    Andrew DevineMonth ago

    I am a quoll and I live in a hole.

  35. JeypipAnulaxTv

    JeypipAnulaxTvMonth ago

    Danielle, You're so pretty.

  36. KingCosworth

    KingCosworth2 months ago

    "It's like Reddit, but with faeces" So, like Reddit...

  37. heather edwards

    heather edwards2 months ago

    Your art is awesome

  38. shadwo xii

    shadwo xii2 months ago

    the music name plz which started at 0:43

  39. Truth Stalker

    Truth Stalker2 months ago

    *_"Do you know what a Quoll is, Morty?? They mate for life!!_* 🧐

  40. Sinaya Sharabi

    Sinaya Sharabi2 months ago


  41. Ernesto Chacon

    Ernesto Chacon2 months ago

    Do the Numbat.

  42. J. Thomas Monstrous Magicks

    J. Thomas Monstrous Magicks2 months ago

    So it's Reddit

  43. Kintsuta

    Kintsuta2 months ago

    TIL New Guinea has savannas.

  44. Quackers Co.

    Quackers Co.2 months ago

    Compared to the Tasmanian Devil, the animals are very tranquoll... I'll see myself out...

  45. welcometothekingdra

    welcometothekingdra2 months ago

    Oh I love the travelogue format, very Attenborough. Tenoutaten

  46. MasterZhang

    MasterZhang2 months ago

    /like Reddit, but with feces So, like Reddit, then?

  47. Hari Tanjung

    Hari Tanjung2 months ago

    Quoll Is found In Australia,Indonesia and papua New guinea

  48. Jesse Hill

    Jesse Hill2 months ago

    Why do you hold the base of their tail like that?

  49. Rai The Gemologist

    Rai The Gemologist2 months ago

    i wanna kiss all of its little polka dots ;_;

  50. 2l84t

    2l84t3 months ago

    Similar in some respects to the North American possum. Divergent Evolution aside.

  51. Mark Wantono

    Mark Wantono3 months ago

    Do the saola

  52. phishydpak

    phishydpak3 months ago

    Omg, there's hardly any Quoll videos on youtube. They're my favourite animal so thank you for posting this!


    OCEANBLUE3 months ago

    Facts are Eastern Quolls are thriving and always have been thriving in mainland eastern Australia....just happens that this vid was filmed in Tasmaina....where tourists are told everything is extinct except here.

  54. Daniel Curl

    Daniel Curl3 months ago

    I can't believe it took me until 4 minutes into the video to remember that tigers don't have spots. Lol thanks Danielle

  55. GECKO

    GECKO3 months ago

    "At the edge of the world" Flat earthers: FLAT EARTH CONFIRMED. SHE SAID THERE'S AN EDGE. IT'S CONFIRMED.

  56. DreamWarrior

    DreamWarrior3 months ago

    you're pretty quoll

  57. CN Tom

    CN Tom3 months ago

    "they use their powerful jaws to snap their prey's neck" she said, in a very enthusiastic tone, while cute music plays in the background.

  58. HanLin Alghamdi

    HanLin Alghamdi3 months ago

    if Chinese knew about them, they will be barbecued.

  59. V I I I Λ

    V I I I Λ3 months ago



    ROHIT YADAV3 months ago

    Danielle Dufault marry me

  61. BlindingLight

    BlindingLight3 months ago

    The marsupial that looks like a rodent that eats meat that is nocturnal that has spots. I’m confused.

  62. Enchanter

    Enchanter3 months ago


  63. V I I I Λ

    V I I I Λ3 months ago


  64. dumb cowboi

    dumb cowboi3 months ago

    why does whenever she holds an animal it has to grip his tail so hard?

  65. Jennifer Roach

    Jennifer Roach3 months ago


  66. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago

    Thylacine PLEASE

  67. Wrel Rel

    Wrel Rel3 months ago

    I want one to live in California with me.

  68. ThatGuy777

    ThatGuy7773 months ago

    Q-ute quolls.

  69. Mahadi Antor

    Mahadi Antor3 months ago

    2:07 the way you are holding the tail looks painful

  70. Maxim

    Maxim3 months ago

    I mean... cats are jerks, but damn are they skilled that they are able to outcompete these little marsupial monsters

  71. Alex Weisman22

    Alex Weisman223 months ago

    Your art is incredible,, you put some bit of human intelligence into their eyes and make them so amazingly cute. Illegally cute. ...Wait a minute. Do you have a permit for the amount of cute you're creating?? :p

  72. Bonnie Enright

    Bonnie Enright3 months ago

    Looks soo much like a opossum, it’s amazing.

  73. Juice Wrld fan

    Juice Wrld fan3 months ago

    were you holding a tiger quoll?

  74. SirBriteside

    SirBriteside3 months ago

    If you aren't already contracted, I would sponsor or buy your shows. You are a superstar!!!!

  75. : 3

    : 33 months ago

    Bruh why is it always European settlers that make animals endangered. Like what the heck Europe

  76. Nmethyltransferase

    Nmethyltransferase3 months ago

    *whimsical music plays* Danielle: "Tiger quolls use their strong jaws to break the neck of their prey, pouncing on them and biting the base of their target's skull."

  77. - Xia ON HIATUS -

    - Xia ON HIATUS -3 months ago

    You should talk about Hoatzins, the birds that are like cows.


    ARC REACTOR3 months ago

    Could you do the northern goshawk next

  79. Prem Vidheya

    Prem Vidheya3 months ago

    I love you Danielle ❤️

  80. AlmightyFhonghoulle

    AlmightyFhonghoulle3 months ago

    The absolute size of the knackers on that Tiger Quoll...

  81. Matthew Polewiak

    Matthew Polewiak3 months ago

    Why are you holding them (and tanzanian devils in their episode) by the tail is that so it doesn't escape or to calm them down?

  82. blah kjboub blah

    blah kjboub blah3 months ago

    The way she says quoll is slightly annoying LOL It almost sounds like she's saying a cross between "crawl" and "cool". But it is pronounced more like the start of the world quality (but not exactly). I wish I could put a sound file on here for you LOL.

  83. Banquo 333

    Banquo 3333 months ago

    Do a video on quokkas or wombats. Maybe they will let you cuddle them.

  84. Joseph Baltodano

    Joseph Baltodano3 months ago

    Never knew these cuties existed! Thank you!

  85. Zahira nunez

    Zahira nunez3 months ago

    Do carcole next

  86. IAN 4000

    IAN 40003 months ago

    Cutest killer ever.

  87. Evan Powell

    Evan Powell3 months ago

    Please talk about The Hooded Pithoui. I want to learn about poisonous birds.


    RICK WINNER MASABO3 months ago

    when she was about to say 6 species I thought for a second 6 remaining

  89. Brian Soulard

    Brian Soulard3 months ago

    *watching a videos about Quolls* This video can't get any better *sees amazing ghost type pokemon shirt* I was wrong

  90. suneel reddy

    suneel reddy3 months ago

    Rat s body +Deer Skin Technically

  91. Arlen

    Arlen4 months ago

    “Like Reddit, but with Feces” 😂

  92. GamingWyvern

    GamingWyvern4 months ago

    Why do people always hold the tails

  93. HappyComfort

    HappyComfort4 months ago

    Those are so so cool! 😎👍 How adorable! Thank you for bringing attention to thier plight and sharing thier interesting life!

  94. Ahmed Debbache

    Ahmed Debbache4 months ago

    take a shot everytime she says quoll

  95. ImNaxel 6

    ImNaxel 64 months ago

    This guys are so Quoll

  96. Zidna Kiki

    Zidna Kiki4 months ago

    please add Indonesian subtitles

  97. OAKIE9531

    OAKIE95314 months ago

    i want one

  98. The Man on The Moon

    The Man on The Moon4 months ago

    I love that your doing a series on Australian animals as we really don’t get that much attention despite having some weird yet awesome animals

  99. Samir Jernigan

    Samir Jernigan4 months ago

    Can you make a video on the solenodon,It is an animal that lives in South America and it’s very very rare and humans know little about it

  100. spectral sense

    spectral sense4 months ago

    I would react to seeing Danielle how most would react to seeing Beyoncé 🥰😘

  101. pain

    pain4 months ago

    i'd love to see an animalogic on Sable

  102. Joshua Snyder

    Joshua Snyder4 months ago

    Hey Danielle! Will you please do an episode on dung beetles? I think it could make for a great episode and I love your art, so, it would be interesting to see what you draw. Love the show!!

  103. ِ

    ِ4 months ago

    Can you do an episode on cavies?

  104. Zanskar Theophilus Singh

    Zanskar Theophilus Singh4 months ago

    Why is she grabbing it by the tail? 👎🏽

  105. Jon Pfenghanssl

    Jon Pfenghanssl4 months ago

    Had that tail in a deathgrip!

  106. cotton the bunny

    cotton the bunny4 months ago

    imagine ur just chilling and this cute thing kills u and eats u


    MANGESH BHISE4 months ago

    Duck my sick