Gharials: Don’t Boop The Snoot

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Gharials look like a crocodile mixed with a narwhal.
Special Thanks to the Gharial Ecology Project they really helped us out with this episode. Please check out their links below for more information
Thanks to:
Phoebe Griffith
Professor Jeffrey W. Lang
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic8 months ago

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  2. Omfg 2 Pro

    Omfg 2 Pro20 days ago

    😍😍😍 i love you

  3. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger2 months ago

    SHE drew this? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW Edit: I’m shocked my the art

  4. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin2 months ago

    Why aren't they named sarchosuchus because gharials look like sarcosuchus.

  5. Computer Lawyer

    Computer Lawyer3 months ago

    So dinosaurs evolved and died over 400 million years and Gharials don't change 144 million years after the cretaceous period, why arent they shopping at Walmart and driving cars?

  6. Point Perfect

    Point Perfect3 months ago

    19 feet is like nothing compared to a saltwater crocodile saltwater crocodile will forever be the strongest crocodile and the most well-known crocodile in the world

  7. Daniel Marinho

    Daniel MarinhoHour ago

    Lil crocodile

  8. Vegas !

    Vegas !7 hours ago

    The babies just look like :V

  9. Prashant Ahuja

    Prashant Ahuja21 hour ago

    To the english speakers, Gharial is not pronounced as Ghar ee al but as ghadiyaal

  10. Landino

    Landino23 hours ago

    she looks like the kind of person to call her favorite animals "kings"

  11. mersad

    mersadDay ago

    yo theyr f***ing dinosaurs

  12. Vikhnesh AR

    Vikhnesh ARDay ago

    mosquitos are the one thing that is not going extinct anytime soon & I am not happy about it

  13. LeoPlayzMC

    LeoPlayzMC2 days ago

    Are Danielle Defoe and William Dafoe related somehow?

  14. Cindercoms Toaster

    Cindercoms Toaster2 days ago

    4:35 who else thought it was something else..

  15. Jonathan Dough

    Jonathan Dough2 days ago

    Grammar police here.... There are no degrees to "unique." Unique means ONE OF A KIND. So a thing is either unique or not unique, one of a kind or not one of a kind. So it sounds weird to say, "It's most unique feature is..." You mean it's most unusual feature. Nothing is very unique, a little unique or a lot unique. But great videos! Thanks!

  16. Killval

    Killval3 days ago

    Just wanted to compliment your artwork Danielle, it's seriously freakin incredible.

  17. Mk Ultra dropout

    Mk Ultra dropout3 days ago

    This nerd ruins the video fr

  18. Thế Luân Vương

    Thế Luân Vương3 days ago

    Gharials are so cool with the babies, unlike those crocs.

  19. Andrea Rupe

    Andrea Rupe3 days ago

    **tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock**

  20. Tanveer Khan

    Tanveer Khan4 days ago

    I saw a gharial when i was in vacations, and He attacked a monkey called à perboskis monkey

  21. Mandark

    Mandark5 days ago

    Don't boop the snoot or else you get the chomp chomp

  22. Ellisha Carriere

    Ellisha Carriere6 days ago

    man sis: oh shut up girl, the earth isn’t EVEN 100 thousand MILL YEARS OLD. Me: that’s true and it’s annoying when ppl say it’s over 100 thousand MILL or 1mill years old :/ it’s only 6000 some years don’t be STUPID PPL!

  23. Maxwell Maglinte

    Maxwell Maglinte6 days ago

    They made the gators from Snake Eater a real thing !

  24. Slon Donz

    Slon Donz6 days ago


  25. donald .j trump

    donald .j trump6 days ago


  26. The Pale King

    The Pale King6 days ago

    I came here to chew gum and boop snoots and I’m all out of gum

  27. Sarah Riedel

    Sarah Riedel7 days ago

    Wide-snooted 😂

  28. Joel Hayden

    Joel Hayden7 days ago

    I booped it...

  29. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez7 days ago

    Cute reptiles

  30. Lokeir

    Lokeir8 days ago

    6:56 litteral cyborg reptile wtf

  31. TTYTuB3 BigFella

    TTYTuB3 BigFella8 days ago

    I’m still gonna Boop it

  32. SebSk

    SebSk8 days ago

    But does the snoot droop?

  33. GachaPopTartQueen

    GachaPopTartQueen9 days ago

    *boops snoot*

  34. Endelecio

    Endelecio9 days ago

    First to see this animal tf 😂

  35. Moonior

    Moonior9 days ago

    oml it looks so silly

  36. Mr. Unavailable

    Mr. Unavailable10 days ago

    Male Gharials when one can't get to their babies *I gotchu homie*

  37. noname here

    noname here10 days ago

    2:14 - I'm not sure that this is the kind of facial and vocal expression I'd use when talking about dead bodies...

  38. M A

    M A11 days ago

    I wanna step on the snout. Its looks like a satisfying snap... But I would never do that to an animal, pls dont kill me

  39. Genki G

    Genki G11 days ago

    5:42 nope nope nope

  40. Renren Argote

    Renren Argote11 days ago

    i've been bitten by a turtle one's cause she was my pet cause i was feeding her

  41. ezboro boi

    ezboro boi11 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till gharials call their momma sarcosuchus

  42. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda11 days ago

    "they can't sprint on land like other crocodilians" that one gharial 3 minutes later: *I am speed*

  43. Ogam Peyang

    Ogam Peyang11 days ago

    Title: don't boop the snot Top comment: I wanna boop the snot "I'm so proud of this community"

  44. DatMegaladon !

    DatMegaladon !11 days ago

    Crocodylforms are all nice and cool but Who came here for *TTS MEMES*

  45. Augusta Verbian

    Augusta Verbian11 days ago

    "They does not attack human" CROCODILE IS CROCODILE!

  46. Sumit Roshan

    Sumit Roshan11 days ago

    In india, according to Hindu culture we put body's ash into holy Ganga river not dead body lol.And also dolphins live in holy ganga river.

  47. Lance YT

    Lance YT12 days ago

    Devolved baryonyx.

  48. Lawlzilla

    Lawlzilla12 days ago

    these things look like what i imagine life to be 65m years ago

  49. Lynx is a qt

    Lynx is a qt12 days ago

    *Boops the Snoot* :3

  50. Lvla

    Lvla12 days ago

    I have actually seen one before when I was 3 🥺💖✨

  51. AdventurousAsh

    AdventurousAsh12 days ago

    Those tiny babies are ADORABLE. We need to protect these beautiful crocs

  52. Jimmy & His Reptile!

    Jimmy & His Reptile!12 days ago

    Boopy snoopy boopy snooty

  53. Micky Mouse

    Micky Mouse12 days ago

    If Mr. Burns was a Crocodile

  54. Hazebro

    Hazebro12 days ago

    3:55 breathing thru the eye new meta

  55. inferno 601

    inferno 60112 days ago

    wth crocks can sprint?? scary man

  56. Lawlzilla

    Lawlzilla12 days ago

    for a short distance, humans can still out run them

  57. sharad Mudgal

    sharad Mudgal12 days ago

    Gharial conservation zone is Chambal River and i live near around this river. Gharial don't attack on human. But they love to eat fishes.

  58. THADZ

    THADZ12 days ago

    "The Most Rarest Crocodilian in the world!!" *Shows footage of 50+ Gharials* So are they like localy endangered?

  59. Glamis Vue

    Glamis Vue11 days ago

    Even if there were 50+ Gharials they could take multiple pics from the Gharial.

  60. The Dragon Of Canada

    The Dragon Of Canada13 days ago

    "need a quick bite for their quick little prey"

  61. JosefsstationRC

    JosefsstationRC13 days ago

    It’s that the the mighty Dud Bolt?

  62. Star Requiem

    Star Requiem13 days ago

    Everytime always have to include sex in basically every animal biology

  63. CoyBoat 275

    CoyBoat 27513 days ago

    As Vulkan would say, “I want to boop the snoot!”

  64. Blade

    Blade13 days ago

    I want to snoop the boop.

  65. Ethan Moreno

    Ethan Moreno13 days ago

    I wanna take her out on a date

  66. Bloberboi

    Bloberboi13 days ago

    2 million people: haha snout long!

  67. SavingCptRiley

    SavingCptRiley14 days ago

    But... boop...

  68. Devin Crum

    Devin Crum14 days ago

    omg the little critters hanging out on mama's head is so cute

  69. Liam Eaton

    Liam Eaton14 days ago

    I love these animals there amazing and I wanna book the snoot

  70. KT555

    KT55514 days ago

    Yeah, I’m still gonna boop that dang snoot

  71. MrJFrayFilms

    MrJFrayFilms14 days ago

    Now that you’ve told me not to, I’m going to defy you in every way possible.

  72. RAKFAV

    RAKFAV14 days ago

    Soo... How is it on the crocodilian meta

  73. Dunk Master Darius

    Dunk Master Darius14 days ago

    Ok let me just say this. I love your series but THIS IS AMERICA. STOP USING Km and Meters. Use Feet and inches.

  74. Animalogic

    Animalogic14 days ago

    This isn’t America.

  75. Erik Wolfmayr

    Erik Wolfmayr14 days ago

    Dont boop the snoot = dont do the cat

  76. NiteRida

    NiteRida14 days ago

    So a crocodile mated with a mosquito.

  77. Dan

    Dan14 days ago

    If you boop the snoot it toots a hoot Woop

  78. fourtyonebois

    fourtyonebois14 days ago

    but does the snoot droop? like a concorde?

  79. tiphotisted

    tiphotisted14 days ago

    That snoot will boop you. Don't even need soviet russia.

  80. Leutnant

    Leutnant14 days ago

    jah, hogy gaviál...

  81. raxif romli

    raxif romli14 days ago

    Gharial: What, am i a go pro to you?

  82. KJ ON3R

    KJ ON3R14 days ago

    Gator machete works the same on all spooky reptiles

  83. Slade Tygart

    Slade Tygart14 days ago

    If I boop the snoot can I get some free merch?

  84. S. T

    S. T14 days ago

    Throw a grenade in their mouth. edit: oh this isn't MGS 3, my bad

  85. Nate Allman

    Nate Allman14 days ago

    The thumbnail sold me. Dont boop the snoot.

  86. chelsea BJD

    chelsea BJD14 days ago

    Why are there bubbles coming out of his eye in that clip? I love crocs but for some reason thats the most disconcerting part of the video for me.

  87. idk why but im not alright

    idk why but im not alright14 days ago

    6:30 wdym they can't sprint on land?

  88. Phlapp

    Phlapp14 days ago

    Those look like dinosaurs

  89. Faheem Mir

    Faheem Mir14 days ago

    Other younger take care of someone else's babies.....SIMPS

  90. Biswajit M

    Biswajit M14 days ago

    1:04 "My tears ricochet"

  91. Casper Van Grunderbeek

    Casper Van Grunderbeek14 days ago

    Risky fleshlight.

  92. Vizual Warrior

    Vizual Warrior14 days ago

    Nile Crocodile: who are you? Gharials: I’m you, but a mermaid

  93. Kolby Claxton

    Kolby Claxton14 days ago

    Still gonna boop it

  94. DIVYA Sharma

    DIVYA Sharma14 days ago

    Jen Ramgarh was here 😁

  95. Floofy Chill

    Floofy Chill15 days ago

    Misson: don't boop the ghar Mission failed I booped the ghar

  96. Naufal

    Naufal15 days ago

    Nerfed spino

  97. Aron Whited

    Aron Whited15 days ago

    Soooo.... the needle nose alligator.

  98. MotoMatt

    MotoMatt15 days ago

    You mispelled 'demon'

  99. FurTrash Art

    FurTrash Art15 days ago

    -boops snoot-

  100. Nova Klapz

    Nova Klapz15 days ago

    Exactly why I hate humans why do we just kill everything we were killing crocs just for bags like leave them alone no wonder why some crocs kill humans

  101. Galactic Pig

    Galactic Pig15 days ago

    Looks like the chiwawas of the crocodile world

  102. Rios Bwa

    Rios Bwa15 days ago

    You would think this would be a disadvantage

  103. Pizza Dog

    Pizza Dog15 days ago

    I wanna boop

  104. Leyeh Cyber

    Leyeh Cyber15 days ago

    this man can't fight crocodiles

  105. LUKACOOLTV's_ YT_

    LUKACOOLTV's_ YT_15 days ago

    im gonna boop the snoot

  106. Brickyy

    Brickyy15 days ago


  107. LeoVids

    LeoVids15 days ago

    "Scientists believe this is the cutest thing in the world" . That was funny.

  108. Water

    Water15 days ago

    Wtf is that femenazi "woman" thing she looks like she hates straight white males