Maggots Look Like Mini Walruses

Warning! This episode is quite graphic. If you don't want to see a maggot in a human ear, turn back now. | This is myiasis, the world of botflies, maggots, and the worms living inside of you.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Álvaro Navarro

    Álvaro Navarro3 days ago

    0:55 Of all the decaying animals out there, you had to film my favourite animal?

  2. Sutoroberri buz

    Sutoroberri buz10 days ago

    Burn it. Idc. And why am I watching this.

  3. Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover

    Mcover Says bro too much try not to say bro Mcover12 days ago

    poor girl if she was real

  4. mostlyHarmless

    mostlyHarmless13 days ago

    What`s up with all the cuties? More maggots.

  5. Myรtic・ Øp

    Myรtic・ Øp14 days ago

    I just removed my earphones cause I felt some *MAGGOT* entering my ear.

  6. jay peso

    jay peso18 days ago

    I couldn’t watch it all

  7. maria bautista

    maria bautista20 days ago

    omg the worst asmr in the beginning..*lowers volume*

  8. Mariah Axtell

    Mariah Axtell27 days ago


  9. Mariah Axtell

    Mariah Axtell27 days ago

    My ear feels itchy now :(

  10. Take a Chance

    Take a ChanceMonth ago

    I’m going to go fall off a cliff now. No reason to live if this could happen to me and will happen when I die. I’m gonna get cremated for sure, no maggot is touching me when I die.

  11. Alex Diaz

    Alex DiazMonth ago

    That poor fox just pop by a maggots in his body so sad 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Simply Fork

    Simply ForkMonth ago

    now i can’t unsee walruses as maggots

  13. Damilola Owolabi

    Damilola OwolabiMonth ago

    Am I just the only maggot hitler, or does anyone else wanna wipe out all the maggots in the world. Due to this level of disgust.

  14. Drago Fire

    Drago FireMonth ago

    Okay well I guess drowning is not the worst way to die

  15. Scyer

    ScyerMonth ago

    I thought I was ready...But I wasn't by a long shot.

  16. Denny Poliquit

    Denny PoliquitMonth ago

    i just grabbed my cleansing wipes and alcohol and wipppeeedddd everything

  17. the minecraft show 9000

    the minecraft show 9000Month ago

    0:17 RIP that cockroach

  18. JulDoesStuff

    JulDoesStuff2 months ago

    Buying a flame thrower today 😊

  19. Indigo

    Indigo2 months ago

    I'm laughing so hard OMG

  20. Akeila Handy

    Akeila Handy2 months ago

    the collaboration of the maggots and cute animal videos...dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Melody Gabrielle

    Melody Gabrielle2 months ago

    I'm watching this to get over my fear...and i hate myself for it.

  22. Melody Gabrielle

    Melody Gabrielle2 months ago

    ItsworseIt'sworseIt'sworse, It's so much worse. D:

  23. FinaticGore

    FinaticGore2 months ago

    Imagine a homeless person find maggot eggs and think it’s rice and eats it

  24. wewewetusa

    wewewetusa2 months ago

    I wish miyasis didn't exist

  25. wewewetusa

    wewewetusa2 months ago

    I do not like flies that live in living animals

  26. Micro Waved

    Micro Waved2 months ago

    What’s worse than this Obviously teleported bread

  27. Adrian Freya

    Adrian Freya2 months ago

    Sea puppies at the end 🥺

  28. H*ck

    H*ck2 months ago

    Who wanted this like I just want to talk

  29. Dead Towel

    Dead Towel3 months ago

    Watch this video so you stop being hungry

  30. HaroKing XX

    HaroKing XX3 months ago

    Those cute things pretty annoying i wouldn't of clicked on a video about maggots if i were squirmish just gimme all the information

  31. Marvin Weinmann

    Marvin Weinmann3 months ago

    „Hi im just kidding...“

  32. Joseph Marx Embang

    Joseph Marx Embang3 months ago

    that bibi otters saved mi life :>

  33. Vanilson Braga

    Vanilson Braga3 months ago

    Huge Magots says: I am the eggman!!

  34. Charlie is Random

    Charlie is Random3 months ago


  35. Claireann Diongson

    Claireann Diongson3 months ago

    I'm the 1000 comment in this video

  36. Sailor

    Sailor3 months ago

    F for the fox

  37. YourMumGayming

    YourMumGayming3 months ago

    We need to wipe out flys

  38. tyler hammeren

    tyler hammeren3 months ago

    The joke with the cute animals wasnt funny the second time, why try a third time

  39. Kim Turner

    Kim Turner3 months ago


  40. Henrique Souza

    Henrique Souza3 months ago

    Please tell me Im not the only one who hears HI IM JIST KIDDING

  41. Izzy

    Izzy3 months ago

    All those cute animals will be eaten by maggots one day.

  42. Laura Dipaola

    Laura Dipaola3 months ago

    Ok I’m never going outside again now


    ROHIT YADAV3 months ago

    Jess Keating, Please inform Danielle Dufault that I wanna marry her, please

  44. Josiah Chandler

    Josiah Chandler3 months ago

    That werid

  45. GWS Clash Royale

    GWS Clash Royale3 months ago

    Just kidding 🤣

  46. Emo Trash Garbage

    Emo Trash Garbage4 months ago

    Thanks for the warning I'm eating

  47. Emmanuel Otacan

    Emmanuel Otacan4 months ago

    This video was so cute

  48. Zhaylin Black

    Zhaylin Black4 months ago

    Over the years, I’ve developed an appreciation for maggots. Every few years, outdoor cats would get a bot fly maggot under its skin and I have to fish them out. I was always amazed how pristine the wound was. One year, a cat got a cuterebra up each nostril. One of them was dead. The other was very much alive and a royal pain to get out. Another year showed me a true fly strike though. A abandoned kitten had been found by a neighbor. He brought it to me to tend to. It looked like it had gotten into foam insulation. It took be a while to understand what that foam was. It looked like the kittens skin was boiling. It was heart wrenching sight. The kitten had to be put down.

  49. broskyification

    broskyification4 months ago

    I love nerds until they try to be funny

  50. Adrea Brooks

    Adrea Brooks4 months ago

    I'm curious: how did a sterile strain of screwfly out-compete the virile ones? Were they a seperate, more aggressive species? Were they releasing sterile males in such nombers that they simply overwhelmed the competition? I get thet they were introducing sterile males every generation to mate and fail to propagate, but I can't get my head around how they managed 100% eradication.

  51. Aceskywalker Kingacethegreat

    Aceskywalker Kingacethegreat4 months ago

    Who is this strange woman

  52. TheRetroguitar

    TheRetroguitar4 months ago

    What is the title of the soundtrack used for the cute cavalcade? I heard the komposition in a Simpsons episode "The Homer They Fall"

  53. Aaron

    Aaron4 months ago

    @03:23 😱😱😩😭🤢

  54. Marlanson

    Marlanson4 months ago

    Grosely great video! - Offtopic: you kinda sound like red from OSP

  55. C.C. ORR

    C.C. ORR4 months ago

    Loook I watch horror films for breakfast. But I’m petrified

  56. Biotap

    Biotap4 months ago

    bats, dolphins both use echolocation, would be a neat ep

  57. Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius4 months ago

    Danielle is looking slim today

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    Flamegaming684 months ago


  59. 30 subscribers before November 2020

    30 subscribers before November 20204 months ago

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  60. 30 subscribers before November 2020

    30 subscribers before November 20204 months ago

    May I vomit?! ahhhhh!

  61. Kian Hao

    Kian Hao4 months ago

    I regret watching this :(

  62. shade gg

    shade gg4 months ago

    Why does my ear itch

  63. Steven Louton

    Steven Louton5 months ago

    How about mango worms? They are terrible and are a huge problem for cat and dog owners in Africa.

  64. Swoogles

    Swoogles5 months ago

    Thank I want to die

  65. magic playz 1games

    magic playz 1games5 months ago

    Hi, I've came to ruin your day! A maggot just ate a piece of my skin!

  66. Madam KSP

    Madam KSP5 months ago

    Cuteness vs horror 💙❤️

  67. Uji The leopard

    Uji The leopard5 months ago

    And thats why i put a little tissue in my ears. “JUST IN CASE”

  68. ༺Gea༻

    ༺Gea༻5 months ago

    The reason why i never go outside the house.

  69. Katzenklo

    Katzenklo5 months ago

    Thanks, now I'm afraid of Flies.

  70. Sekas333

    Sekas3335 months ago


  71. Q is legit. Don't trust the media.

    Q is legit. Don't trust the media.5 months ago

    You must think all of your viewers are snowflakes

  72. Geneviève Daoust

    Geneviève Daoust6 months ago

    Omg gotta admit this was one of the best videos you guys made! Just for the lol factor!

  73. Jackie Chao

    Jackie Chao6 months ago

    someone invites me for a party. me:- 8:54

  74. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson6 months ago

    I'd like to see more info on the Delhizi and other Bicher.

  75. The Challenger

    The Challenger6 months ago

    "we should make one about maggots!" "what? No! why would we do that??" "because nobody else will"

  76. The Bucket Queen

    The Bucket Queen6 months ago

    That poor fox

  77. Jomo plays

    Jomo plays6 months ago

    Imma go bathe now i feel hella dirty

  78. Zqnz 13

    Zqnz 136 months ago

    To be honest the cute things kinda annoy me 😂 since I’m way to tolerant to horrifying stuff

  79. zhaw0nl

    zhaw0nl6 months ago

    Hi my name is just kidding ?

  80. 216 305

    216 3056 months ago

    Where's Danielle?

  81. Edward Duarte

    Edward Duarte6 months ago

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    Edward Duarte6 months ago

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  83. Paul Miskimmon

    Paul Miskimmon6 months ago

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    decept3876 months ago

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  86. Intan Puspitarana

    Intan Puspitarana6 months ago

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  87. Auradyme

    Auradyme6 months ago

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  88. Narayan De Jesus Reyes

    Narayan De Jesus Reyes6 months ago

    Those were Sea Lions, also cute.

  89. Narayan De Jesus Reyes

    Narayan De Jesus Reyes6 months ago

    Do an episode on the todies, the Todidae family, of tiny Caribbean birds.

  90. Red Eagle

    Red Eagle6 months ago

    Actually walrusses are giant maggots. Scientists just change their name so people will not disgust them.

  91. FAT MAN

    FAT MAN6 months ago

    Bro I keep hearing her say my name is just kiddding

  92. M.A. Antonin

    M.A. Antonin6 months ago

    Maybe instead of showing the cute animals maggots feed on you could have shown maggots being blowtorched. No one will mind.

  93. István Sipos

    István Sipos6 months ago

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    Bayardo Canizalez6 months ago

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  95. Veronica Lake

    Veronica Lake6 months ago

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  96. Juan Paulo Carbajal-Borges

    Juan Paulo Carbajal-Borges6 months ago

    Please, What's the name of the back music in otter babys part?

  97. GamingWyvern

    GamingWyvern6 months ago

    So ur just gonna play a child crying with the image of decomposing fox?

  98. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie6 months ago


  99. Hero-America

    Hero-America6 months ago

    well this was the stuff of nightmares makes living on mars look positively peachy

  100. Anass Khan

    Anass Khan6 months ago

    Well I should appreciate how you calm down the disgustion level in this episode 👏👏

  101. Kendra Kizzie

    Kendra Kizzie6 months ago

    It's like I want to say kill it with fire, but yeah insert Slipknot and these imagery and walk myself out🚶🏾‍♀️😂