Saigas are Straight Out of Star Wars

The Saiga is an antelope that looks like it’s straight out of Star Wars.
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Thanks to Karina Karenina and Andrey Giljov at the Stepnoi Sanctuary, Astrakhan Oblast
Pavel Petrovskiy
Tim Flach

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 years ago

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  2. Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    Neo Blackjack thee enraged14 days ago

    Daniel is a wonderful woman and she's my and my wifes kind of woman 🌹💗🌹.

  3. Elizabeth Tyson

    Elizabeth Tyson17 days ago

    Okapis are wat are next

  4. Jay Mikk

    Jay Mikk2 months ago

    Most animals originated in america but school isnt going to teach u that.we even had lions in america n elepants.

  5. Mollika মল্লিকা

    Mollika মল্লিকা3 months ago

    Your presentation and your gestures are very beautiful🇧🇩❤️

  6. Wolf Greyhound

    Wolf Greyhound6 months ago

    @Adil Anwar SIMP

  7. Lucas Osuagwu

    Lucas OsuagwuHour ago

    Danielle: “Females tend to choose a male with the squishiest, sloppiest and blubberiest....” Me: “DDIII--“ Danielle: “Nose” Me: “Nose.”

  8. Alan Li

    Alan Li6 hours ago

    Anyone else hearing an extreme amount of sibilance on this stream?! Couldn't even sit through the whole video because the SSss was drilling into my ears.

  9. SDFF

    SDFFDay ago

    I hope traditional Chinese medicine goes extinct

  10. Clay Smith

    Clay SmithDay ago

    Bro when did this DLC drop?

  11. lloyd mfalme

    lloyd mfalmeDay ago

    Its like a sheep and a buck had sex

  12. Ilham Budi Abdillah

    Ilham Budi AbdillahDay ago

    I just heard about this animal today. Never heard at all before. Very unique nose.

  13. TV dryoverhaul

    TV dryoverhaul3 days ago


  14. OD

    OD3 days ago

    That's ridiculous. "Environmentalists" said "don't poach rhinos, poach saigas instead"? How short-sighted is that.

  15. whysl TheFruitDude

    whysl TheFruitDude3 days ago

    Its funny how you rage about „chinas medicine“ even though most of the medicine we have contains parts of animals aswell besides in africa and america are also many traditional medicine methods, which need animal parts, so there‘s really no reason to hate on chinese people just cause u believe in stereotypes. Esspecially funny is that they even say that most of these animals die because of the rising temperature so the global warming, which the US President, not the chinese, denies lol

  16. Mało Kreatywne

    Mało Kreatywne4 days ago

    5:24 that scene just broke my heart.

  17. Sytze Dantuma

    Sytze Dantuma5 days ago

    hUmAnS ReAlLy ArE tHe ReAsOn We CaNt HaVe NiCe ThInGs

  18. a a

    a a5 days ago

    the minecraft villager horse

  19. Will Hawkins

    Will Hawkins5 days ago

    So in the end it is Chinese superstition that is causing a species to go extinct.

  20. Gabe Garvin

    Gabe Garvin6 days ago

    What endangered species hasn’t been used for TCM? Seriously China you have better technology and better information now. Stop this BS before you cause one of them to go extinct. Then again like they’d listen to literally anyone but themselves.

  21. RGA

    RGA6 days ago

    Chinese medicine is the source of so many evils

  22. KPL CITY

    KPL CITY6 days ago

    Western media hates Asian animal's

  23. shaheek SB

    shaheek SB6 days ago

    Ofcourse.... traditional chinese medicine, why does china even exist?!

  24. DevonMC

    DevonMC6 days ago

    Knowing the fact that half the animals are used in Chinese medicines, it makes me hate China horribly incredibly. They are one of the top countries in many ways, but people are starting to hate them. From dumbass false suspensions, to this, I now hate the near entirety of China. Can't take Mandarin classes nor listen to the recent Hololive CN news without hate

  25. Shayan Charalaghi

    Shayan Charalaghi7 days ago

    "Humans really are the reason why we can't have nice things" When are we going to start noticing this and realize we need to start working together. This planet is smaller than we have thought for centuries but we are at a time in history where we must once again adapt and preserve our planet. Or invest in space exploration lol.

  26. Mk Ultra dropout

    Mk Ultra dropout7 days ago

    This girl is clinically akward

  27. Kobin Kuzmiak

    Kobin Kuzmiak7 days ago


  28. DHtechHD

    DHtechHD7 days ago

    Ah, Chinese medicine. Always the Chinese

  29. Kalyan Karumudi

    Kalyan Karumudi7 days ago

    Now humans have the same scenario of corona virus

  30. OhMyGulay

    OhMyGulay8 days ago


  31. Shrek Cheeze

    Shrek Cheeze9 days ago

    *don't touch my villiager deer*

  32. Soleil Carn

    Soleil Carn9 days ago

    It's always the chinese, isn't it

  33. Михаил Фролов

    Михаил Фролов10 days ago

    Жирная, смотркть противно. Фу.

  34. shut your bitch ass dumb ass lookin ass the fuck up

    shut your bitch ass dumb ass lookin ass the fuck up10 days ago

    China needs to stop their bullshit “medicinel

  35. Zackery Saulness

    Zackery Saulness11 days ago

    These guys have been around during the woolly mammoths

  36. Negan

    Negan11 days ago

    Only thing I dislike about your videos is you focus to much on you talking rather than showing the animals. I don't watch animal videos to watch you. no offense!

  37. muhammed zain

    muhammed zain11 days ago

    Star Wars is straight out of saigas

  38. Winter Forest z

    Winter Forest z11 days ago

    There so funny looking no one would wanna kill am

  39. Etheron

    Etheron11 days ago

    Moral of the story: - Soviets helping saigas, and based a weapon about it - Chinese Medicine is most of the reason some species is endangered ;and - More reason that I hate China, apart their diverse culture, mythology and their inventions

  40. tekniskhjelp

    tekniskhjelp11 days ago

    Very annoying presentation

  41. Ciao Prando

    Ciao Prando11 days ago

    Why don't we reintroduce saigas to North America? They wont be invasive and they will enjoy better protection

  42. Intestines83

    Intestines8311 days ago

    Um thats not a shotgun

  43. Ronn Ramirez

    Ronn Ramirez11 days ago


  44. SolarizeYourLife

    SolarizeYourLife12 days ago

    Screw china and their stupid medicine...

  45. Cacti Boss

    Cacti Boss12 days ago

    What I didn't even know these creatures existed...

  46. Asmir Murselovic

    Asmir Murselovic12 days ago

    Let the saga begin

  47. Red Leader

    Red Leader13 days ago

    гьрямьше бьряйеснпдть бьр сятле. табалмогон

  48. Red Leader

    Red Leader13 days ago


  49. Red Leader

    Red Leader13 days ago

    ми саме грбим наш кшч

  50. Magic Medo

    Magic Medo13 days ago

    Dimensional shift? Lol

  51. Canal do Marcio

    Canal do Marcio13 days ago

    Never heard about "Saiga". Nice!

  52. Canal do Marcio

    Canal do Marcio13 days ago

    Very annoying transition!

  53. Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    Neo Blackjack thee enraged14 days ago

    Daniel is a wonderful woman, shes my and my wifes kind of woman 🌹💗🌹.

  54. Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Deon Van der Westhuizen14 days ago

    Humans are the reason we can not have nice things? Chinese is the reason nice things get eaten?

  55. whoistert

    whoistert14 days ago


  56. HIRAN

    HIRAN14 days ago

    I got one great full name syga 😂

  57. Muhamad faris irfan Bin mohammad izwan

    Muhamad faris irfan Bin mohammad izwan14 days ago

    Chinese medicine is edibles animal species archive

  58. Red Leader

    Red Leader13 days ago

    You're right . For the existence of many modern animal species, two factors are dangerous: 1) the so-called Chinese medicine 2) Fun of rich Arab sheikhs. Due to the activities of Arab sheikhs, many species of desert antelopes, saker falcons, cheetahs, and other animals are under the threat of extinction.

  59. Degel Kerfuffle

    Degel Kerfuffle15 days ago

    to impress the hoes, do the helicopter nose!

  60. Logan K

    Logan K15 days ago

    Traditional Chinese medicine is the bane of all animals

  61. Richard Dean

    Richard Dean15 days ago

    Chinese " medicine " = nothing more than using parts of rare animals for aphrodisiacs . Just use Viagra and stop causing species to go extinct please .

  62. The Gorn

    The Gorn15 days ago

    These dick-nose quadrapeds need protection

  63. MattMatters

    MattMatters16 days ago

    They always push "evolution" on these channels. Pseudo intellectuals pushing Godlessness. Sad these animals are dying out, ...must be warming! - hoax.

  64. Peter Smythe

    Peter Smythe16 days ago

    "over half of them died from a bacterial infection in three weeks, twice" So, what are the odds some brilliant individual will experiment with eating this bacteria or injecting it until it spreads in humans

  65. The goon Sqaud

    The goon Sqaud16 days ago

    It doesn’t suggest rising temperatures across the globe caused this but just a warmer than usual summer in Russia lmao

  66. bambino100011

    bambino10001117 days ago

    They look like a cross between part camel, antelope, and a cow :)

  67. johnnie cameron

    johnnie cameron17 days ago

    Chinese medicines wont make your PEE PEE GROW

  68. W M

    W M17 days ago

    More than a shotgun Looks like Alf

  69. Muthoni Wanjohi

    Muthoni Wanjohi17 days ago

    Wait what...?! Environmentalists encouraged poachers to hunt saigas instead of rhinos?? How dumb is that...? One day alien species will come do to us what we do to nature or even mother nature will fight us so bad to teach us a lesson. Not that I hate humanity but we are so out of control

  70. hulk kazz

    hulk kazz18 days ago

    Global warming is a fuxxing lie. Stop feeding people lies.

  71. Superbug 3003

    Superbug 300318 days ago

    So... if something goes instinct its either climate change or traditional Chinese medicine?

  72. Mr EVOKER

    Mr EVOKER19 days ago

    They looks like the ancestors of mine craft villagers

  73. Michael Teel

    Michael Teel20 days ago

    They have a nose like a Tapir.

  74. Matthew Bowers

    Matthew Bowers20 days ago

    Evolutionarily those that helicoptered had the most success.

  75. Lizardbyte

    Lizardbyte20 days ago

    these boys got that minecraft villager nose

  76. Kari Erotikk

    Kari Erotikk20 days ago

    are one allowed to critice the "jewlery" here on USlikes?

  77. Peter Khew

    Peter Khew20 days ago

    Looks like Alf.

  78. MrChrist741

    MrChrist74121 day ago

    I'm surprised they are not in any way related to a tapir

  79. i like memes guy

    i like memes guy21 day ago

    Animals with horns: **exists** Traditional Chinese Medicine: *POACHERS! AWAKEN MY MASTERS!*

  80. Crni Covek

    Crni Covek21 day ago

    Should have only said gelatinous once. Nice video tho.

  81. German Research Project

    German Research Project21 day ago

    That's it, morph everything into a climate change commercial. Those noses are for filtering out Loess, a German word meaning glacial dust. Glaciers pass over rock and grid it to dust which eventually makes its was to the air and water. Vast clouds of Loess were a constant weather feature during glaciations. The Chinese Yellow River is pigmented with Loess, even today. Each of the four major glaciations over the last two million years produced layers and layers of Loess. Yet Saigas survived each interglacial, some of which were warmer than it is today. The downward facing, hooded nose also appeared in humans during these years to filter out dust. Northern peoples today and desert peoples have this long, slender, downward facing nose. Take your climate change and shove it. Only people so ignorant of geologic time and geology would ever say such stupid things.

  82. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor21 day ago

    He's a JarJar Binks

  83. Deliorman Türk'ü

    Deliorman Türk'ü23 days ago


  84. No Heroes Publishing

    No Heroes Publishing23 days ago

    The Saiga Soviet was strong, but, with the reintroduction of counter-revolutionary capitalist reactionary poaching and climate change their security is now in doubt.

  85. GOOD Sir.

    GOOD Sir.23 days ago

    ERROR: Star Wars straight out of Saigas...

  86. First Last

    First Last23 days ago

    There biggest threat to humans and animals alike is china. China will kill anything and drive them to extinction and do the same to humans.

  87. Ivan Matveyev

    Ivan Matveyev24 days ago

    China must be stoped!

  88. Titantr0n

    Titantr0n24 days ago

    Ah, I love tradition. Doing something exclusively because it was done before, can't go wrong.

  89. LambSauce 53

    LambSauce 5325 days ago

    Imagine a saiga with a saiga 12

  90. SomeoneCommenting

    SomeoneCommenting26 days ago

    Saigas "out of Star Wars"? mmm... More like "Star Wars design team ran out of ideas for aliens. Let's rip-off nature and say that 'we are very imaginative' "

  91. JrMynt

    JrMynt26 days ago

    I love them

  92. Samuhel Tompkins

    Samuhel Tompkins27 days ago

    Yup...find some way to spin the blame on climate change. Climate change has been a problem for thousands of years.

  93. Hunter Hotch

    Hunter Hotch27 days ago

    I can’t stand humans. Why do we do what we do?

  94. Iconoclast

    Iconoclast28 days ago

    A talking dog with a camel toe

  95. Sidney Clark

    Sidney Clark28 days ago

    They might be in danger, but they make one heck of a rifle-

  96. The Carnotaurus King

    The Carnotaurus King29 days ago

    Image in the future see those things

  97. Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith29 days ago

    The saigas are my favorite species of gazel. It's just so sad that they're so endangered. I would do anything for them; just like I would do anything for my favorite animal, the bat.

  98. Noble gamer

    Noble gamer29 days ago

    To me it sounds as if mother nature doesn't want them alive anymore

  99. BaronOfRed 117

    BaronOfRed 11729 days ago

    I just realised it shares a name with an automatic shotgun

  100. BreezyTown7

    BreezyTown7Month ago

    ive been saying it for years and ill say it again, unload all the world’s nuclear weapons on china!!!!!

  101. jithin roy

    jithin royMonth ago

    Everywhere chine they use every single animal's to make medicine

  102. Goldie

    GoldieMonth ago

    one of those would look real nice on my wall

  103. CrabSalad

    CrabSaladMonth ago

    double barrel shnoz gun

  104. hana ori

    hana oriMonth ago

    it is the Aliens of Star Wars that look like them not the other way around!

  105. Timothy Baker

    Timothy BakerMonth ago

    This is the animal that Fed the mongol tribes which took control of most of the known world.

  106. Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws

    Crescentpaws5000WolfpawsMonth ago

    Wait that’s not from star wars

  107. Jaydeep kalita

    Jaydeep kalitaMonth ago

    Again china....hmmm