Echidna Babies Are Real Weird

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Meet the Echidna. They’re covered in spikes, they have flat eyes, tongues almost as long as their bodies, a sixth sense, and they lay eggs. Everything about the Echidna is weird.
This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Camera Operator: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic4 months ago

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  2. JuanVersion

    JuanVersion2 months ago

    Do you have botfly and chechefly?

  3. NC Landscaping

    NC Landscaping4 months ago

    7:03 LOVE THE SONIC REFRENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  4. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover4 months ago

    So the first two minutes is advertising yeah no this is why I stopped watching

  5. Tony Norman

    Tony Norman4 months ago

    I pay for USlikes red so I won't have to watch commercials. Not cool man...

  6. Nef 215

    Nef 2154 months ago

    Oh no

  7. zutch andrei villamor

    zutch andrei villamorDay ago

    I came for the name for re zero echidna dona but i got interested on the animal

  8. Lexphen

    Lexphen2 days ago

    some main special became subspecials through mutation and adaptation then they became there own specials that layed eggs but weren't like that to begin with same for chickens

  9. anshul tiwari

    anshul tiwari4 days ago

    Everytime I watch her show I feel like I'm watching a real life episode of pokemon.

  10. QuinnThePrince German

    QuinnThePrince German5 days ago

    Lol knuckles is an echidna right? And sonic is a hedgehog right? How do you come up with their designs 🤔lol

  11. Madeline B

    Madeline B6 days ago

    What is this cute little guy at 4:01 ?

  12. KpopKookie

    KpopKookie6 days ago

    New comments are now talking about Echidna from Re:Zero

  13. GirgDoesNothing

    GirgDoesNothing6 days ago

    Isn't sweating extremely rare? Why do people always bring up that animals can't sweat when it's actually stranger if one does?

  14. M y r a z e v a n a

    M y r a z e v a n a6 days ago

    Myself ur not smart,you dont even know that this animals was from ur country and australia ;-;.

  15. Canti Nandaba

    Canti Nandaba7 days ago echidnas don't punch their predators?

  16. White Key

    White Key7 days ago

    Ah yes, looks exactly how a Witch of Greed should look like.

  17. Yoel Fernando

    Yoel Fernando8 days ago

    Waitt this isn't re:zero

  18. Nik luqmanul hakim

    Nik luqmanul hakim8 days ago

    Animelogic: Echidna resurrection 😎

  19. joy bira

    joy bira8 days ago

    8:02 I found a 4 leaf clover

  20. Matthew Giron

    Matthew Giron8 days ago


  21. Emil Baseleres

    Emil Baseleres9 days ago

    I just realize you look like Stormlight :)

  22. Jinzo Fandubs

    Jinzo Fandubs9 days ago

    Subaru: Well, that's weird ._.

  23. Mada Mada

    Mada Mada9 days ago

    Everyone is talking about Knuckles but how come no one mentioned Echidna from re:ZERO?

  24. Joutarou Kuujou ✔

    Joutarou Kuujou ✔9 days ago

    Rem is better

  25. Arief Rahman

    Arief Rahman11 days ago

    echigna endemik in australia ,new guinea and Indonesia !!

  26. Potato Newbies

    Potato Newbies11 days ago

    Re:Zero brought me here

  27. casper *

    casper *11 days ago

    something about the way they walk is so ASMR inducing.

  28. RedJet 607

    RedJet 60712 days ago

    Knuckles approves this video

  29. kruth 666

    kruth 66612 days ago

    Try google image "Echidna figure"

  30. Matthew McRee

    Matthew McRee13 days ago

    Echidnas are the weirdest cutest mammals ever. I just love the way they waddle from place (filled with ants) to place (also filled with ants). Let's make sure to keep these wonderful creatures alive so they can eat ants and lay eggs for millions more years to come! ❤️

  31. Mr Brown

    Mr Brown13 days ago

    The egg

  32. Avocado Toast

    Avocado Toast14 days ago

    The next marvel hero: THE ECHINDNA

  33. Zuu

    Zuu15 days ago


  34. Alice Pow

    Alice Pow18 days ago

    I'd love to see yall do a collab with ZooTier

  35. TheMorbidHobbiest

    TheMorbidHobbiest19 days ago

    Why is True Facts the only video to mention their backwards facing back feet?

  36. Cal Sheridan

    Cal Sheridan19 days ago

    .... but... ... But Knuckles doesn't... he doesn't CHASE Chaos Emeralds, he... ... protects them...


    SIMP4 SENPAI21 day ago

    I see the witch of greed

  38. Darrion Murrow

    Darrion Murrow21 day ago

    Me: expecto patronum. My friend: is your patronus and akinda

  39. Dino Dipsy

    Dino Dipsy23 days ago

    Fact Fun: This is what Knuckles is

  40. Choccy Milk

    Choccy Milk24 days ago

    The egg because is there a bird that is born live? No there isnt plus eggs were the first thing to come after cell spliting

  41. Shauna Rundle

    Shauna Rundle25 days ago

    Hey knuckles is it true your species has a weird reproduction system? Can I see? - Sonic the Hedgy

  42. wesley fg

    wesley fg25 days ago

    7:57 Spotted: Larmarckism argument

  43. Salem Andrada

    Salem Andrada25 days ago

    So this is the infamous witch of greed.

  44. spenny

    spenny25 days ago

    Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that she actually used the word "train" to describe echidna mating practices?

  45. DontMindTheTrash

    DontMindTheTrash26 days ago

    Read that as echidna babies r wild

  46. Adrian Ng

    Adrian Ng27 days ago

    They look like they will offer u tea made out of their body fluids, if u get what I mean

  47. Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher

    Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher27 days ago

    If they find the special item in the mine level, they can breathe underwater indefinitely. You really don't know about echidnas, do you? Knuckles got tricked into fathering the chaos emeralds by Robotnik. Knuckles got a soft story reboot in the adventure games, landing him the job of protector of the master emerald. Knuckles' biological age is 16 years old, but he's been protecting the master emerald for an extremely long time. Maybe the emerald's power has slowed his aging process dramatically?

  48. Mie Ekathrina

    Mie Ekathrina29 days ago

    This animal looks really cute..

  49. Nathan Haaren

    Nathan HaarenMonth ago

    3:18 New Zeeland doesnt exist

  50. Lord grim

    Lord grimMonth ago

    So this means kanggaroo,ant eaters,porkupine have the same ancestor with echidna

  51. Octobers Lazy Own

    Octobers Lazy OwnMonth ago

    If humans laid eggs? Nop

  52. scraperindustry

    scraperindustryMonth ago

    Look at that widdle jellybean

  53. Kalindsey Ramos

    Kalindsey RamosMonth ago

    magellan was killed here in the philippines

  54. Illumisepoolist

    IllumisepoolistMonth ago

    They call me Knuckles!

  55. Nikki Cedrone

    Nikki CedroneMonth ago

    Sonic is not an echidna.

  56. Matthew Tenorio Dueñas

    Matthew Tenorio DueñasMonth ago

    Nikki Cedrone no one said that. Knuckles though is.

  57. scp1471 「」

    scp1471 「」Month ago

    *"How the F is Knuckles an Echidna?"*

  58. Sub to apple

    Sub to appleMonth ago

    Echidna? What has Subaru done to you?

  59. Ben Baxter

    Ben BaxterMonth ago

    Let it get to me? I'm just gonna creep Down in Pumpkin Hill I gots' to find my lost piece I know that it's here, I sense it in my feet The great Emerald's power allows me to feel

  60. Lankey Bastard

    Lankey BastardMonth ago

    Do you know da wae?

  61. Dazz-Typhon-Yu

    Dazz-Typhon-YuMonth ago

    I thought Echidna's superpower is asking you if you kno da wae

  62. nkizzle

    nkizzleMonth ago

    damn she really said they regularly run trains... these animals are some freaks

  63. Normaltyper

    NormaltyperMonth ago

    "What could an echidna be dreaming about?" HERE I COME ROUGHER THAN THE REST OF THEM!

  64. b e r n a t

    b e r n a tMonth ago

    Animalogic & Knuckles

  65. Vaishnav Negi

    Vaishnav NegiMonth ago

    Daniel looks and sounds like as if Dora the explorer grew up.😂😂😂

  66. Kerby Vilan

    Kerby VilanMonth ago

    Knuckles got first

  67. Jo B.

    Jo B.Month ago

    & knuckles.

  68. Masterzoroark666

    Masterzoroark666Month ago

    The fact they have feet backwarda is the least weird shit about echidnas. Also, yes, entire Sonic fanbase has been weirdes out how Knuckles looks irl

  69. Ryo Manga

    Ryo MangaMonth ago

    She said that Echidnas chase chaos emeralds loool, i'm subscribing!

  70. Pit Mezzari

    Pit MezzariMonth ago

    Find da wae my brudas!

  71. Orang Tua Nchem

    Orang Tua NchemMonth ago

    No one is mentioning about Echidna in re zero

  72. lukeshdoesntknow

    lukeshdoesntknowMonth ago

    11:33 Maybe it's just me but "a train" doesn't sound like the correct scientific terminology

  73. ZenMaster

    ZenMasterMonth ago

    Turns out that echidnas are some kinky freaks.

  74. Xplizt

    XpliztMonth ago

    Echidna best girl

  75. Jose Egana

    Jose EganaMonth ago

    Tree kangaroo!

  76. Dorina Orban

    Dorina OrbanMonth ago

    I was really happy when the sonic reference was made

  77. Sev Gabriel

    Sev GabrielMonth ago


  78. Thanaws

    ThanawsMonth ago


  79. MrMcYeet

    MrMcYeetMonth ago

    that intro was better than a lot of things im too lazy to think about


    CAT_SAYS_NOMonth ago

    "Echidna have possibly the flattest eyes among mammals" No Asians do.

  81. James Anderson

    James AndersonMonth ago

    I don’t like your thumbnail as it’s obvious what came first this isn’t going to change since we or they were fish the egg came first it was that way before we they moved on land and they evolved but not to the point to loose the egg and become placental mammals pretty obvious it’s the same with chickens and platypus so I hope I don’t see another thumbnail with a questioned posed as dumb as this

  82. Brogle

    Brogle2 months ago


  83. Aro Gragon

    Aro Gragon2 months ago

    Theme music is like avengers superheroes movie 🤣

  84. jack sparrow

    jack sparrow2 months ago

    I think the male echidna came first 😂

  85. Yaboi jmoore

    Yaboi jmoore2 months ago

    Lil thing doesn't look like Knuckles at all...

  86. It’s smells like up Up dawg in here

    It’s smells like up Up dawg in here2 months ago

    3:38 my girl coming back to annoy me after we had an argument

  87. Doctor Doom

    Doctor Doom2 months ago

    This makes Knuckles fanfiction even scarier than it already way

  88. neddy laddy

    neddy laddy2 months ago

    omg this has ads. more than 2 1/2 minutes of nonsense !

  89. 7ito The Gaymer

    7ito The Gaymer2 months ago

    That waddle 😂 I love them so much

  90. TheInkyAbyss

    TheInkyAbyss2 months ago

    THEY COME FROM EGGS?!?!??!?!?

  91. Holsapple Studios

    Holsapple Studios2 months ago

    Knuckles, is that you!?

  92. whydoesnothingwork

    whydoesnothingwork2 months ago

    Cocktail shrimp

  93. Perryon Brown

    Perryon Brown2 months ago

    Do u draw the animal your self

  94. Oreji オレジ

    Oreji オレジ2 months ago

    Can we drink their body fluids?

  95. V4nilla 1ce_

    V4nilla 1ce_2 months ago

    Anyone else drinking tea?

  96. S.H. Games

    S.H. Games2 months ago

    Echidnas are so chute

  97. DV_Opsec

    DV_Opsec2 months ago

    One thing I noticed about us humans is that it’s gotta be one thing or another...why couldn’t an organism develop both or multiple features at the same time?

  98. Brad Derks

    Brad Derks2 months ago

    But does it know...the Whey??

  99. Mohammad Muzaffar

    Mohammad Muzaffar2 months ago

    Animalogic : everything weird 😂

  100. The Artsy Kid

    The Artsy Kid2 months ago

    Finally a cool animal that isn’t endangered

  101. This Skrub

    This Skrub2 months ago

    And knuckle

  102. Penguiking

    Penguiking2 months ago

    Game grumps? Anyone? 4 penis heads?

  103. A V. Hernández

    A V. Hernández2 months ago

    you should do an episode on axolotl

  104. JuanVersion

    JuanVersion2 months ago

    Some mammal were born in a shell.. some in a soft shell they called bag of water..

  105. Takemo

    Takemo2 months ago

    Do u kno da wæ

  106. Mycel

    Mycel2 months ago

    isn't it weird that the mammal with the lowest body temperature is a smart one?