Mosquito: The Ultimate Killer

Mosquitos kill more people than all other animals combined.
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Choumet V, Attout T, Chartier L, Khun H, Sautereau J, Robbe-Vincent A, et al. (2012) Visualizing Non Infectious and Infectious Anopheles gambiae Blood Feedings in Naive and Saliva-Immunized Mice. PLoS ONE 7(12): e50464.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


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  3. Emmanouil J

    Emmanouil J25 days ago

    How do you find all these cool images?

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    aarifa m4 months ago

    Mam but nowadays coronavirus is popular

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    Animalogic I want you Danielle

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    The Cool Axolotl LoganYear ago

    We have EEE now

  7. mohammed akmal

    mohammed akmalDay ago

    I hate them😬😬😬😬😬

  8. I like music

    I like musicDay ago

    I'm getting itchy just watching this..

  9. Hendri Nel

    Hendri NelDay ago

    I can't stand the noise.

  10. Goos

    Goos2 days ago

    I wish someone would invent a mosquito magnet that would attract every single mosquito in the world into a giant ball and then I'd use a flamethrowers to burn those fuckers to hell

  11. dmob3131

    dmob31314 days ago

    1 trillion goes to who ever can extint this insect

  12. dmob3131

    dmob31314 days ago

    Crazy how nothing evolves but us

  13. brielabarb

    brielabarb5 days ago

    eu sou o mosquito da dengueee! vou picar, pode?

  14. spoopytime

    spoopytime5 days ago

    This video fills me with immense and unexplainable rage towards mosquitoes, they not only suck blood, they make the bite itch and mmmmmm IN MY EARS RIGHT IN THE MOMENT I WAS ABOUT TO FALL ASLEEP

  15. Sirhandsome

    Sirhandsome6 days ago

    Stings. Mosquitoes STING

  16. Alex Track

    Alex Track7 days ago

    Culex pp? :^)

  17. Mayank Raj

    Mayank Raj8 days ago

    Why Do they even exist...🙄🙄🙄

  18. Micheal Scott

    Micheal Scott10 days ago

    Bingo. Dino DNA

  19. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris10 days ago

    watching this make it highly satisfying cleaning thousands of dead mosquitos from the filter my outdoor fan vent/aircon unit

  20. el Osman

    el Osman10 days ago

    Yo who in the right mind would let a Miskito bite them and let someone film it

  21. OIBOI

    OIBOI12 days ago

    *You land on my lap, you get the slap*

  22. sptheban

    sptheban12 days ago

    When you are fond. By a mosquito you need to 🏃🏻‍♂️

  23. Abdullah Baroon

    Abdullah Baroon12 days ago

    how did the fuckers annoy the fish theye are underwater

  24. Reinforced Thr3ads

    Reinforced Thr3ads12 days ago

    one MOSQUITO biting a guy with malaria is all it takes to give birth to hundreds of infected mosquitos, thus infecting everyone else. mosquitos cant transmit sexual diseases of anykind to my knowledge, and only certain ones can pick up the deadly viruses

  25. Naddly

    Naddly13 days ago

    8:20 "I am the dengue mosquito, will i sting you? Can I? No?"

  26. Nellit McKerin

    Nellit McKerin14 days ago

    It takes 1.2 million of these fellas to suck out all of your blod

  27. StealthAssasin 1Day

    StealthAssasin 1Day16 days ago

    There is no real study that states if mosquitoes were to be eradicated from this planet that it would greatly affect the eco system as there are plenty of other bugs that full fill the same roles roles. I say we humans continue a path of eradicating all possible mosquitoes. Death To Mosquitoes!

  28. x spider

    x spider16 days ago

    thanks i hate it

  29. Juanpablo Nartea

    Juanpablo Nartea16 days ago

    It scares me that she praises them 🤣

  30. Phantøm _Aries

    Phantøm _Aries17 days ago

    8:20 Me being an Brazilian

  31. Firzan Wolfred

    Firzan Wolfred19 days ago

    aight any Asians around here whos used to these fuckers?

  32. Samuel Woolwine IV

    Samuel Woolwine IV22 days ago

    Save the pandas, save the polar bears, save the tigers, save the rhinos. But mosquitos? That's one critter I'm HAPPY to lose!

  33. Lingyi Kong

    Lingyi Kong22 days ago

    5:18 May lord Prometheus grant me thy powers!

  34. Julian Lin

    Julian Lin23 days ago

    mosquitoes are the only animal with zero purpose on this planet other than to piss off every other living creature

  35. Vincent dimatteo

    Vincent dimatteo23 days ago

    I'm literally watching this as research on more effective ways to avoid, catch and kill them.

  36. MechWarrior894

    MechWarrior89424 days ago

    We know how to stop them, there's just so many and we really dont want to poison the environment

  37. LilReaper 41

    LilReaper 4126 days ago

    At least I was someone first time

  38. Daphne Rodriguez

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  39. Benny Liang

    Benny Liang27 days ago

    2:18 wtfffff

  40. Keaton P gaming!

    Keaton P gaming!27 days ago

    1:49 why is the fever yellow and not any other color That was a terrible joke I’m sorry

  41. Aki_ OwO

    Aki_ OwO29 days ago

    5:59 i didnt want this random fact but sure.......? *If they breathe through their buts how do they fart?*

  42. aomimezura11

    aomimezura11Month ago

    I caught some of the larvae in a plastic container because I wanted to find out what they were. Then I forgot about them. When I came back, there were dozens of dead mosquitos floating in the water. Can't say I feel bad.

  43. cRoOnCh

    cRoOnChMonth ago

    I made the mistake of eating while watching this ;-;

  44. Vire

    VireMonth ago

    This thing serve no purpose other than fish food

  45. K

    KMonth ago

    "In my childhood I trapped some mosquitoes and took an eraser and smashed them. I cut their needle , squished their abdomen . Sometimes I caught mosquitoes only to feed them to my fish . I recorded them surfer and then fapped to it. Ah~ The sweet memories of my childhood"

  46. Afz Syz

    Afz SyzMonth ago

    i watched so many of this video.. but that girl is so awkward in every of the video.. idk why

  47. Robbin Dijst

    Robbin DijstMonth ago

    They can lay 300 eggs?.. Why?!

  48. gamini kokawalage

    gamini kokawalageMonth ago

    I had the dengue fever. It was the worst 😞😥

  49. Blake Terry

    Blake TerryMonth ago

    It's odd how we consider the mosquito the most deadly, when it really doesn't kill us, the pathogens it carries do.



    Maybe we shouldn't be asking why the mosquitoes transmit the disease but why are they immune to disease in the 1st place and how can we be Immune to The same pathogens as well

  51. Uzair Ahmed

    Uzair AhmedMonth ago

    Does mosquito can actually repelled by sounds... do they really hain hearing organs

  52. fatloser

    fatloserMonth ago

    Was not prepared for the bare-ankle guy. Jesus shit that’s disgusting.

  53. Choowa Nashi

    Choowa NashiMonth ago

    How are they useful for the ecosystem (compared to bees) ?!

  54. PyroJinn

    PyroJinnMonth ago

    I don’t think I need to know how these damn insects’ way of annoying me, but at least I’m more informed now

  55. Paddy Mack

    Paddy MackMonth ago

    Blame Canada!

  56. John Jackson

    John JacksonMonth ago

    And the best way too control them is stick a goldfish in the water with their larvae. The fish love the wriggle factor.

  57. Robert Baumann

    Robert BaumannMonth ago

    Bro THAT'S how a mosquito bite works? Horrifying.

  58. Retro

    RetroMonth ago

    guys just suck their blood back it's the easiest solution smh

  59. MrNickelbrille

    MrNickelbrilleMonth ago

    We don't know how to stop them? When I move to a new flat,the first thing I do is:Flyscreen! Every Window gets it.When I'm done I empty a bottle of Paral spray into the little gaps and any hidden place. Only 24 hours later I open the windows and start moving in. That's the way to do it :-) Nobody's gonna drink my lifejuice. Except microscopic little drunkards. Short life 4to 6 weeks? Much too long!

  60. Gato

    GatoMonth ago

    This was more disturbing than any horror movie I've ever seen

  61. Aayonce

    AayonceMonth ago

    Ugh this shit is making me itch

  62. toxicccream

    toxicccreamMonth ago

    The sound of a flying mosquito at the beginning makes me incredibly uncomfortable

  63. Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-Costa

    Guilherme Ribeiro-Tardin-CostaMonth ago

    Is that the reason we are going to colonize Mars?

  64. 雪人Snowman

    雪人SnowmanMonth ago

    they could also just nicely ask

  65. davids dum dum stuff

    davids dum dum stuffMonth ago

    I want them extinct.

  66. YeetingChildren4Fun :D

    YeetingChildren4Fun :DMonth ago

    Yeah don't understand why these fuckers are alive

  67. Brendan Chapman

    Brendan ChapmanMonth ago

    Oldest preserved Mosquito preserved in Amber was alive 80,000,000 years ago. *Looks at image* It looks exactly like Mosquitos today. Me 1, Evolution 0.

  68. jayjay duque

    jayjay duqueMonth ago

    a short silence for the creatures with no hands to slap these things.

  69. MrMan

    MrManMonth ago

    Hey thats pretty co-🤮🤮🤮

  70. WayyyBackk54

    WayyyBackk54Month ago

    Just why tho? That’s my only question why? I don’t understand there purpose

  71. Aquascape Dreaming

    Aquascape DreamingMonth ago

    '.... and we don't know how to stop them.' Yes we do. They have already engineered female mosquitoes to produce harmless, male-only offspring. They just haven't decided if it's the ethical thing to release them. I know I've already decided it's very ethical.

  72. gurt

    gurtMonth ago

    My legs started itching when they showed a video of someone’s ankles filled with mosquitoes

  73. Taylor Johnson

    Taylor JohnsonMonth ago

    Ok who let's hundreds of mosquitoes bite your ankles.

  74. Maiq The Liar

    Maiq The LiarMonth ago

    If you thought Ted Bundy and Joker are insane behold these biology grad students willingly recording a mosquito known to spread malaria biting them

  75. Uhuk Man

    Uhuk ManMonth ago

    Inject every single human and animal 😂 with something that only kill these blood sucker or just released gas but that is not efficient tho

  76. Geoff Stoner

    Geoff StonerMonth ago

    I get 3 wishes 1. every time I snap my fingers all used single-use plastic disappears 2. a 100-meter radius that kills all mosquitoes around me 3. all endangered and critically endangered animals are now not

  77. Oliver Quintero-Rooseess

    Oliver Quintero-RooseessMonth ago

    Those microscope video scenes are going to give me nightmares tonight!

  78. Chris M

    Chris MMonth ago

    I absolutely love animals, and I know that mosquitoes have a place on the food chain, but the HELL with mosquitoes! After seeing this I actually hate them more!

  79. Guilherme Dias

    Guilherme DiasMonth ago

    e a mulher falando 'sou mosquito da dengue'

  80. Mike_v02

    Mike_v02Month ago

    The only thing that doesn't matter if they don't even exist. Mosquito.

  81. Drew Peacock

    Drew PeacockMonth ago

    2:20 He just smudged them on his ankles yikes 😬

  82. Delronan gamer

    Delronan gamerMonth ago

    Hey yeah umm. Could u not compliment them.

  83. tinegab remulla

    tinegab remulla2 months ago

    I have the urge to scratch my body while watching this vid

  84. CHICO

    CHICO2 months ago

    covid transferring through mosquitoes

  85. BulletN3ctar

    BulletN3ctar2 months ago

    Who are these crazy people volunteering to get bit for a video shot?

  86. Hulk Timberlake

    Hulk Timberlake2 months ago

    Who else cringed at 2:18?

  87. _Shaey_

    _Shaey_2 months ago

    But..... whats the reason for them? What do they do for the world?

  88. jdk

    jdk2 months ago

    they need to create umbrellas with mosquito nets attached.

  89. jdk

    jdk2 months ago

    4:55 lmao the music they be playing like it's doing a medical procedure 🤣

  90. Eu Kh

    Eu Kh2 months ago

    I don't care about the nature's balance, mosquitos should just die.

  91. i’mgonnafindyourfamily

    i’mgonnafindyourfamily2 months ago

    The only species i want to be extinct

  92. Mo

    Mo3 days ago

    @Reth Hard Probably because it’s not possible to destroy what 70% of the earth is made up of.

  93. Reth Hard

    Reth Hard6 days ago

    Why aren't we simply destroy their natural habitats?

  94. EWOODJ

    EWOODJ7 days ago

    Don’t forget bed bugs

  95. A fat cat from sweden

    A fat cat from sweden10 days ago

    Worst Username In the World roaches aren’t that bad

  96. A fat cat from sweden

    A fat cat from sweden10 days ago

    Rather ticks

  97. xvc00

    xvc002 months ago

    they look like tiny robots.

  98. Kieth Gillera

    Kieth Gillera2 months ago

    Im going to catch mosquitoes and cutoff their needle suckers and gonna free them afterwards

  99. RottenBanana -

    RottenBanana -2 months ago

    How dare they let those mosquito children live another day. You are teaming with the enemy, when they eat ur children you will learn >:(

  100. Strider

    Strider2 months ago

    Last 2 week I was discharged from the hospital because of Dengue... I hate mosquitos. MOSQUITOS SUCKS..

  101. keltar2007

    keltar20072 months ago

    ? Mosquitoes are miserable bastards with no positive effect on the ecosystem.

  102. Emperor Kiva

    Emperor Kiva2 months ago

    1:35 ok that makes me really uncomfortable

  103. Dave Dave

    Dave Dave2 months ago

    The only time I'm not gentle with the females.

  104. Doking Official Channel

    Doking Official Channel2 months ago

    Very useful videos, make it more of this please

  105. Herm Ask

    Herm Ask2 months ago

    So there's something worse than being a mouth breather, being a butt breather.

  106. Elisabeth S.

    Elisabeth S.2 months ago

    How did you make me hate mosquitoes even more than I already did?

  107. Dollgate

    Dollgate2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure most of us got itchy from watching this video.

  108. scott roche

    scott roche2 months ago

    Looks like it has the nerve to shit on you when it's full

  109. Ratigan2

    Ratigan22 months ago

    4:07 "It might take a couple of tries, and a bit of probing until the mosquito finds the blood vessel... this reminds me of most of my visits to the doctor." *_spits of drink_* WHAT?

  110. Thái Sơn Nguyễn Năng

    Thái Sơn Nguyễn Năng2 months ago

    Mosquito are the most disgusting