Sea Wolves: When Mammals Go to Sea

Sometimes ecosystems change, and currently, several species of terrestrial mammals are turning to a life in the water.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Dan Teller

    Dan TellerYear ago

    I'm usually terrified of change, but I really like this new format. I hope we keep getting both.

  2. peace leader

    peace leaderMonth ago

    @JeruuiG I can't keep up with your complication chats and your deranged mind set my beautiful wife..hmm I am going to bed..😡

  3. JeruuiG

    JeruuiGMonth ago

    peace leader when I meant amphibious humans I meant like, otters and wolves are still the same but have adapted living in their water without gills and other amphibian body structure. Though that is very interesting, I'll keep that in mind.

  4. peace leader

    peace leaderMonth ago

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  5. JeruuiG

    JeruuiGMonth ago

    Other people expecting future people to become space humans, me expecting them to become amphibious humans.

  6. surekha b

    surekha b2 months ago


  7. Kevipurie Lhoungu

    Kevipurie LhounguDay ago

    See wolves that's a very cool name

  8. Mark O'Brien

    Mark O'BrienDay ago

    Evolution has zero evidence

  9. South Art Company

    South Art Company5 days ago

    Adorable little life jacket

  10. South Art Company

    South Art Company5 days ago

    Song at 4:45 killed me

  11. Space Cryptid

    Space Cryptid6 days ago

    I do want one those water kittys frfr.

  12. Christabel Wanaswa

    Christabel Wanaswa7 days ago

    Monkey washes cat😂!

  13. Trae Ocho

    Trae Ocho8 days ago

    Wheres the other chick. I love her

  14. myke thyson

    myke thyson8 days ago

    Where the hell is Danielle??? 😂

  15. Gianni Giampolo

    Gianni Giampolo8 days ago

    when leopard attacks crocodile that is the same size and walks off with it in his jaws.

  16. Good Bye

    Good Bye9 days ago

    3:35 to 3:43 “Polar bears on the other hand are much more aquatic.” Wtf does that series of clips have to do with anything you just said lol.

  17. Katie D'Ambrozio

    Katie D'Ambrozio11 days ago

    Who's the cowboy in black

  18. WiseToLies

    WiseToLies11 days ago

    Hopefully their are still some ppl feeding the pigs after covid

  19. Rex Fury

    Rex Fury12 days ago

    water doggo

  20. Adam Adking

    Adam Adking13 days ago

    "HI , Im just kidding"

  21. Peng Fei Dong

    Peng Fei Dong14 days ago

    Water Shrew Google: did you mean, Rat Jesus

  22. Donald Keating

    Donald Keating14 days ago

    I'm Don Keating

  23. Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre

    Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre14 days ago

    Jess keating?

  24. I-mn Yutie

    I-mn Yutie15 days ago

    The swimming pigs made me go aww

  25. renz

    renz19 days ago

    The world is getting warmer and the humans still burn or can't breath underwater. Oh what a poor species, I hear they may go extinct.

  26. Albert Albert

    Albert Albert19 days ago

    Nice video, except the silly non related movie clips.

  27. Michael Hudson

    Michael Hudson20 days ago

    Who is she? Where’s Danielle? *Nope I refuse this video*

  28. Death TheKidd

    Death TheKidd22 days ago

    So jesus had harry feet

  29. Mandar Pund

    Mandar Pund23 days ago

    Why are you always kidding?

  30. nadia machina

    nadia machina25 days ago

    I love nature videos! Thank you!

  31. AD FO

    AD FO25 days ago

    Excuse me who is this imposter

  32. Ethan H

    Ethan H26 days ago

    "Hi, I'm just kidding"

  33. Paul Sellari

    Paul Sellari27 days ago

    Did she say her name is justkidding?

  34. David Moreno

    David Moreno27 days ago

    If global warming keeps getting worse mammals are gonna have to start adapting fast 🏝

  35. Rad Rot

    Rad Rot27 days ago

    Sea wolves? Basically reinventing the seal.

  36. Chris M

    Chris M28 days ago

    The swimming pigs of the Bahamas.

  37. Loko8

    Loko828 days ago

    Wouldn't it be hydrodynamic?

  38. Larry Klaas

    Larry Klaas28 days ago

    Logging opens up the forest fostering grass and brush which is feed for deer and elk. If you’ve been to a mature west cost Forest there is little under brush as the trees get most of the sunlight.

  39. Sara Nigai

    Sara Nigai29 days ago

    Oh ni no where is my crush 😢

  40. Rolf Vales

    Rolf Vales29 days ago

    I'm worried about the swimming pigs, because of this pandemic there aren't that much tourist anymore, I hope they're okay.

  41. Yi Zao

    Yi Zao29 days ago

    You know before seeing this I forgot that tigers existed

  42. Paul S

    Paul SMonth ago

    Coolest wolf subspecies change my mind

  43. Toz Aerga

    Toz AergaMonth ago

    Evolution's happening before our very eyes and boy is it fun to watch!

  44. R͆A͆B͆B͆I͆T͆ * P͆A͆W͆ •Studios•

    R͆A͆B͆B͆I͆T͆ * P͆A͆W͆ •Studios•Month ago

    I’m just kidding and your watching animalogic!

  45. Kevin Miguel Ramos

    Kevin Miguel RamosMonth ago

    Thought she said “hi! I’m just kidding”. Lol

  46. Justin Rauch

    Justin RauchMonth ago

    Cool footage.....not really about sea dogs.....dont like the new setup

  47. Justin Rauch

    Justin RauchMonth ago

    She doesn't do it for me....its just not the same without Danielle ....i just zone out......

  48. Joshua Rivera

    Joshua RiveraMonth ago

    Also not to sound like a negative Ned but can we bring back the drawings? The drawings added to the charm of the videos

  49. Joshua Rivera

    Joshua RiveraMonth ago

    I usually am not down for watching animal logic without Danielle because Dufault delivers like David Attenborough but not gonna lie, I like the new line up. Obviously my homie Danielle is busy and can’t do every video so I respect the passing of the torch. More content please!!!

  50. Chia-Li Sung

    Chia-Li SungMonth ago

    bottom line, humans need to be driven out of Earth....

  51. texmex223

    texmex223Month ago

    For once I like the fights in the comment section, like yall are still assholes but slightly more eductated assholes

  52. Jerome Simons

    Jerome SimonsMonth ago

    Wild clydesdales! That would be fun.

  53. donkeyshspittle

    donkeyshspittleMonth ago

    not to get too depressing but all those pigs probably aren't doing too hot currently

  54. Glitter Fallout City

    Glitter Fallout CityMonth ago

    I wonder if the piggies survived during Corona and no tourists 😢

  55. JoseLopez64

    JoseLopez64Month ago

    Dolphins: *Pathetic*

  56. Antique R0se

    Antique R0seMonth ago

    Me and my family would call orcas the wolves today the sea so when I I heard of them I was so surprised I didn’t know there was a actual wolf like this

  57. Emil Trydegård

    Emil TrydegårdMonth ago

    overedited, takes away from the educational experience cus i can't concentrate.

  58. Brandon Lee

    Brandon LeeMonth ago

    actual sea doggo actual sea doggo

  59. Maryan Magat

    Maryan MagatMonth ago

    At the start i thought he said hi im just kiddin here

  60. Alex Ross

    Alex RossMonth ago

    "With the world changing as rapidly as it is, it's anyone's guess." Please don't forget to add that the reason the world is changing so rapidly is because humans are systematically destroying it. This is not just a given, or the way things are; it's a choice we make on a daily basis. And that choice is not whether or not to live sustainably as individuals -- it's too late for that to make a real difference -- the real choice is whether or not to demand solutions from our politicians before it's too late. The adaptations shown here are an encouraging reminder of the resilience and adaptability of wildlife, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of species from the 4 kingdoms (protists, animals, plants, and fungi) will NOT be able to adapt fast enough to survive humanity's rampant march toward destruction. Most successful adaptations play out over millennia, not decades.

  61. Coyotie Wolfe

    Coyotie WolfeMonth ago

    Hi!....I'm just kidding

  62. krazedspade

    krazedspadeMonth ago

    And if we in 100000 years we can have Merpig bacon, that would be kinda awesome lol

  63. krazedspade

    krazedspadeMonth ago

    Wow! Animals are really amazing and beautiful

  64. Mill Dugel

    Mill DugelMonth ago

    Her name is JUST KIDDING

  65. Clayton Smithson

    Clayton SmithsonMonth ago

    My college mascot was the Sea Wolf and until today I didn't know it was a real thing.

  66. Eren Baris Karagoz

    Eren Baris KaragozMonth ago

    wolves are pack hunters and they lose all that advantage when they go fish hunting

  67. Mikal Lyngbø

    Mikal LyngbøMonth ago

    Hi i'm just kidding

  68. vblEgh1!

    vblEgh1!Month ago

    I wonder what the song in the background is around 8mins

  69. Soggy Diaper

    Soggy DiaperMonth ago

    you need to include david blaine

  70. -[ Orcinus_YT ]-

    -[ Orcinus_YT ]-Month ago

    orcas who are literally nicknamed seawolves: am i a joke to you

  71. GilroyIronheart

    GilroyIronheartMonth ago

    Those pigs entirely reliant on tourists are probably in enormous trouble right now...

  72. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Here we go again. Just kidding.

  73. Motivation Liberty

    Motivation LibertyMonth ago

    At first I heard " Hi,I am just kidding"


    FUTURE DOCTORMonth ago

    New species 😂😂 You are so funny

  75. The Offical Chairman Revolution

    The Offical Chairman RevolutionMonth ago

    In the future: "Sky Wolves: When mammals go to the air"

  76. jeto escoba

    jeto escoba9 days ago

    we already got bats

  77. SP Tony

    SP TonyMonth ago

    Imagine a world with sea pigs, water jaguars and shore wolves.

  78. Sondadir

    SondadirMonth ago

    Amphibious Mammals ? Yes, the Meta is still evolving !

  79. Voltaic Fire

    Voltaic FireMonth ago

    There is some great irony in a cat sneaking through the water to ambush a crocodile on the shore.

  80. darlene lee

    darlene leeMonth ago

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  81. BeRu

    BeRuMonth ago

    Holy shit! That jaguar swimming look so majestic! Better swimmer/diver than me!

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    Zman95 FreejuceeMonth ago

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    Alvincent Arellano2 months ago

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  86. Vicenzo Stella

    Vicenzo Stella2 months ago

    Right around 6 months.

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    This Skrub2 months ago

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    Giganotosaurus 432 months ago

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    Aaron Abarca2 months ago

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    austenluego2 months ago

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  94. The Odd Dood

    The Odd Dood2 months ago

    i love how they use past and present footage. one of a kind channel.

  95. Cherry Picker

    Cherry Picker2 months ago

    the jaguar might as well have fins at this point

  96. // Chen

    // Chen2 months ago

    I'll wait for sea bear/sea rhino :3

  97. Al Meharg

    Al Meharg2 months ago

    Wow, those pigs will starve if people don't feed them. Great foraging strategy.

  98. werewolf orgy

    werewolf orgy2 months ago

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  99. HptmSkelzor

    HptmSkelzor2 months ago

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    Corrie Fenner2 months ago

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    Iain Kilcar2 months ago

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  102. A K

    A K2 months ago

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  103. Somebody You Don’t Know

    Somebody You Don’t Know2 months ago

    You know that there’s something wrong when Jaguars became alligators and alligators became jaguars

  104. YEET

    YEET2 months ago

    Other animals: specific habitats and specific diets Humans: *ALL*

  105. Malligrub 1

    Malligrub 12 months ago

    Can't believe I hadn't come across this channel for so many years, damn algorithm. Always has really up to date, evidence based information which is really unusual for youtube. THat being said, I hate when people say a feature is 'designed for...' - gives the flat earth/creationism susceptible types the wrong idea

  106. Mr nice guy *

    Mr nice guy *2 months ago

    It will be domesticated if it can’t adapt. That’s what will happen to the water cat.

  107. Caio Henrique

    Caio Henrique2 months ago

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