Bobbit Worms: Pure Nightmare Fuel

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic8 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone! Check out our new Animalogic Poster, featuring many of Danielle's drawings, here: We hope you like it.

  2. James Taylor

    James Taylor20 days ago

    Damn girl, what does it take to get you to eject some eggs?

  3. Halmit

    HalmitMonth ago

    Dang she's talented!

  4. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    Jurgita BernatavičiūtėMonth ago

    Wow! You are talented girl! Clever, creative and talented - WOW!👏👏👏👍👍👐

  5. U.R. Kidding

    U.R. Kidding3 months ago

    Pseudoscorpions as a topic? Pint-sized poisonous cannibalistic predators?

  6. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell5 months ago

    Have you done any Caribbean bird drawings????

  7. Drawxne

    Drawxne2 hours ago

    So... they're the ocean's equivalent of larval antlions?

  8. John Sweeney

    John Sweeney18 hours ago

    You have a talent some of us could only dream of nice work.

  9. John Sweeney

    John Sweeney18 hours ago

    It’s name comes from the name John Wayne Bobbit. As in there one minute gone the next 😂😂🇦🇺

  10. Theo SR

    Theo SRDay ago

    Imagine if this thing in your pillow when you sleep.

  11. John patrick Idos

    John patrick IdosDay ago

    i have a pet like that i feed him fish worm: *trying to catch me: drops

  12. NOT chilli booboo

    NOT chilli booboo2 days ago

    He said the shit word

  13. CurledSun 6062

    CurledSun 60622 days ago

    "That's some Tremors shit!" My dude out here knows what's up

  14. Casey Correia

    Casey Correia2 days ago

    Hope im reincarnated as a human

  15. Brandon C.

    Brandon C.2 days ago

    Im going to get one of ur Animal drawings tattooed on me. Still trying to figure out which one though. But definitely gonna do it!

  16. SpookyTim16

    SpookyTim162 days ago

    why does this thing look like the real-life equivalent of the reaper leviathan from subnautica?

  17. Nguyen Nguyen

    Nguyen Nguyen3 days ago

    i bet people are disliking this because there are just english captions (auto generate) and its scary for them. *pretty dumb*


    BHL EXPRESS3 days ago

    I am going to barf🤮

  19. Cyber_

    Cyber_3 days ago

    You're so amazing

  20. bigbear0822

    bigbear08223 days ago

    Great?! Thresher Maws exist!

  21. Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer

    Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer4 days ago

    Get that thing wider and we have a graboid

  22. Dave Altamirano Theo

    Dave Altamirano Theo4 days ago

    so this is where the bobbit work is the brother of the Warden .-.

  23. Leonardo Francia

    Leonardo Francia4 days ago

    Those worms are blind and they dont have a brain

  24. Keanu Threeves

    Keanu Threeves4 days ago

    Now make one the size of a human

  25. G 84

    G 844 days ago

    “They’ve been around for ages...” Did a 5 year old write that?

  26. angel andujar

    angel andujar5 days ago

    You should not mention nature as nightmareish.

  27. justelijah

    justelijah5 days ago


  28. Angela Collier

    Angela Collier7 days ago

    Found these in some reef rock I purchased, thankfully I saw it before introducing to my tank! 😬

  29. T N

    T N7 days ago

    If I ever go deep sea diving I'm wearing a metal chastity belt

  30. Paul Rainford

    Paul Rainford7 days ago

    Looks like a giant Centipede

  31. Jehoiakim Eli Doronila

    Jehoiakim Eli Doronila7 days ago

    From 0:56: *"danger noodles"* 😆


    LITTLE WOODSTER7 days ago

    She said danger noodle about something not a snake REEEEEEEEEE

  33. Ridwan Shaleh

    Ridwan Shaleh7 days ago

    This is real life sandworm

  34. Jeffree Epstein

    Jeffree Epstein7 days ago

    Junji ito anyone?

  35. Alex McKnight

    Alex McKnight8 days ago

    1:30 What?

  36. kergeiser

    kergeiser8 days ago

    Looks like ghost Leviathan from subnautica

  37. Jake Heke

    Jake Heke9 days ago

    Nuke it from space

  38. Michael Grainge

    Michael Grainge9 days ago

    Brilliant video thank you ❤️👏

  39. William Tiopira

    William Tiopira9 days ago

    Anyone happen to have watched Deep Rising?

  40. Slade

    Slade9 days ago

    Imagine cutting yourself in the middle and have two of yourself afterwards

  41. Slade

    Slade9 days ago

    Starship Troopers under water

  42. Isaac Cooper

    Isaac Cooper9 days ago

    I remember asking "Why couldn't I be born as a fish? Their lives are so much simpler than humans." I think I'm fine with being a human now.

  43. MsTaly99

    MsTaly999 days ago

    So this is where they got the inspiration for that giant worm scene in King Kong!

  44. Chin Lee

    Chin Lee9 days ago

    What happens when you throw one of these into a blender? You get thousands of bobbitt worms *shudder*

  45. Hexa Decimal

    Hexa Decimal9 days ago

    I believe some Octopuses escape the clutches of the Bobbit worm, getting dragged down into the mud then escaping after a few seconds undamaged, nobody knows how! Strong language?

  46. Augustine Wahlstrom

    Augustine Wahlstrom10 days ago

    that thing looks like a mutant centipede😬😬😬😬😬😬

  47. Soulutions

    Soulutions10 days ago

    And to think, Kevin Bacon killed its grandchildren.

  48. Alpha Chingón

    Alpha Chingón10 days ago

    Guys, please don’t mimic the Bobbit Worms Funky Half. Keep yours in one piece until your last breath ✌🏼

  49. Johnny Dean Davisson

    Johnny Dean Davisson10 days ago

    I want to know what a Komodo Dragon combined with a Honey Badger would look like.

  50. Tom Cass

    Tom Cass10 days ago

    This is the antlion of the sea.

  51. Brodomodo

    Brodomodo10 days ago

    In Mediterranean area they are used as fishbait

  52. Andres Rubalcava

    Andres Rubalcava10 days ago

    It's almost like tremors but for fishes lol.

  53. Lurid Phaesporia

    Lurid Phaesporia10 days ago

    Kings of the ayahuasca trip

  54. Shah Chaudhry

    Shah Chaudhry11 days ago

    Danger noodle

  55. BaconWhale

    BaconWhale11 days ago

    Why does this thing exist?

  56. Redford Naël

    Redford Naël11 days ago


  57. Carl Alterado

    Carl Alterado11 days ago

    Always interested on this channel and ofc Danielle. :) Love from Cebu City, Philippines. :)

  58. ClaptonFan91

    ClaptonFan9111 days ago

    Let's just chance the name to aquatic graboids

  59. phúc trần

    phúc trần11 days ago

    This will be such inspiration for some horror movie out there

  60. Oris Guitars

    Oris Guitars11 days ago


  61. Vampy Chan

    Vampy Chan11 days ago

    Soo... uhh... is it edible?

  62. Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh11 days ago

    So.... A self replicating worm that can survive on rocks and coral alone, strike it's prey in less than a second while injecting paralyzing venom, and can escape death by simply making more of itself? No wonder they've lived for so long

  63. Blythe Warland

    Blythe Warland11 days ago

    Yeah, it’s an amazing survivor

  64. Harshwardhan Singh

    Harshwardhan Singh11 days ago

    It's a fuckin sea centipede! Only more nightmarish.

  65. ebruh

    ebruh11 days ago

    Bruh tremors is real?!??!

  66. J_Bizzle _YoloGang

    J_Bizzle _YoloGang12 days ago

    Nightmare fuel = Don't Starve..... Real gamers Kno.

  67. orbitalsatellite

    orbitalsatellite12 days ago

    "Danger noodles"... LOL.

  68. Saint Reyaryn

    Saint Reyaryn12 days ago

    There is no Light here...

  69. rsuriyop

    rsuriyop12 days ago

    Among all the creatures on this planet that I've ever seen (and I've seen many), the bobbit worm unequivocally ranks at the very top of my list as the most nightmarish creature.

  70. Simple: Transcend Duality

    Simple: Transcend Duality12 days ago


  71. Orange Oompa loompa

    Orange Oompa loompa12 days ago

    This inspired the predator movies

  72. Dr. Decker

    Dr. Decker12 days ago

    fun fact: people were illustrating dinosaurs before the first fossil was ever found,.. funny how they got it right eh? (dumb dumb dumb dumbdumb)

  73. Dr. Decker

    Dr. Decker11 days ago

    @USlikesrs Behaving Badly i know right? research it,.. the sketches of the dinosaurs we of, predate the finding of the first piece of "physical evidence" they existed at all,.. (Dinosaurs are fictitious, they use plaster and Giant Moa bones to make the dinosaurs they thought up) It takes getting passed some cognitive dissonance on this one, kinda like a kid finding out santa isn't real..

  74. Youtubers Behaving Badly

    Youtubers Behaving Badly11 days ago


  75. Hans Verkler

    Hans Verkler12 days ago

    “these danger noodles..”

  76. Emanuel Randolph

    Emanuel Randolph12 days ago

    Thanks Love I Learned something new

  77. lefighter82

    lefighter8212 days ago

    Is it edible ?

  78. A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome13 days ago

    3:06 Awe. He got a smooch.

  79. A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome13 days ago

    And people always give me shit for never going out in open water.

  80. catman 99

    catman 9913 days ago

    Miniature aquatic thresher maws!

  81. Vegetable Television

    Vegetable Television13 days ago

    "Whoa, Sandworms. Ya hate 'em, right? I HATE 'EM MYSELF!"

  82. thecianinator

    thecianinator13 days ago

    I hate to break it to you but Lorena Bobbitt is NOT an urban legend.

  83. catherineearnshawheathcliff

    catherineearnshawheathcliff13 days ago


  84. Misty Manning

    Misty Manning14 days ago

    I like to think they don't eat the things they drag down. They are just showing off their crib and their guests never leave because they like it so much.

  85. D. w

    D. w12 days ago

    It should be called the "Lorena Bobbit worm"! Can you imagine if that thing grabbed you by the balls and started eating!😱

  86. Adam H

    Adam H14 days ago

    I'm normally a lover of creepy crawlers, but this thing is wrong.

  87. Pats Nation

    Pats Nation14 days ago

    I hope they all go extinct

  88. Stephen Kimbell

    Stephen Kimbell14 days ago

    Beautiful? Nope?

  89. DIVYA Sharma

    DIVYA Sharma14 days ago

    Jen Ramgarh was here 😁

  90. Davidmavid

    Davidmavid14 days ago

    Kinda cute thou

  91. Maiq The Liar

    Maiq The Liar15 days ago

    A giant bobbit worm would make a great D&D monster

  92. Zack Petrovic

    Zack Petrovic15 days ago

    Were these in King Kong 2005?

  93. Susi

    Susi15 days ago

    Reaper leviathan from subnautica 🥴

  94. Heywood Jablome

    Heywood Jablome15 days ago

    @3:40. Exactly what one should do when handling one.

  95. Willem Laube

    Willem Laube15 days ago

    Holy Crap, that's some frickin alien stuff

  96. Junell jabrica

    Junell jabrica15 days ago

    Is it edible?

  97. The Blazing Wizard Pope

    The Blazing Wizard Pope15 days ago

    This must be the origin of the Sandworm of Dune.. And I bet will be related to the millipede and stuff.

  98. Brandon Smith

    Brandon Smith16 days ago

    Danger noodle

  99. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    Tech News for Tech Noobs16 days ago

    Heh...."danger noodle". I am stealing that one. :)

  100. ashemgold

    ashemgold16 days ago

    That's horrifying to watch at 1 am. Thanks for the thought fodder.

  101. iitsWill

    iitsWill16 days ago

    Her accent sounds so Canadian that it sounds so wholesome haha

  102. Artstrology

    Artstrology16 days ago

    Anteaters ,.....Do Anteaters.

  103. Anna Baik

    Anna Baik16 days ago

    Behold. The junpscare worm.

  104. Ben Pearson

    Ben Pearson16 days ago

    "Oh, Mighty Shai-Hulud, Keeper of balance. Blessed be Maker and His water Blessed be the coming and the going of Him May his passing cleanse the world." Bobbit Worms are just tiny Sand Worms, prove me wrong!

  105. blin9999

    blin999916 days ago

    "Anything can feel normal if you look at it for long enough" -a person who has not seen a Bobbit worm

  106. Jon Cocks

    Jon Cocks16 days ago

    I think the bobbit worm is just lonely and just wants someone to play 2 player mario cart

  107. Palmer Gerry

    Palmer Gerry17 days ago

    Bobbit worm does what bobbit worm wants

  108. ً

    ً17 days ago

    Are they harmless to humans? There's tons of it on my province