Polar Bear: The King in the North

Polar Bears are Arctic apex predators that make home to one of the most inhospitable habitats on the planet. - Watch ‘Wildlife’ and get your first 30 days of CuriosityStream free with the promo code 'Animalogic': curiositystream.com/animalogic/

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. King king

    King king18 hours ago

    They have such a cozy life they just eat sleep and play.

  2. TheVosack

    TheVosack3 days ago

    Global warming... such a serious threat that they have to make up the numbers.

  3. Tony Gasper

    Tony Gasper3 days ago

    Polar Bears live in the Arctic and Antarctica

  4. Tyka Atiq

    Tyka Atiq6 days ago

    Just hate seeing animal starve ☹😞😞😞

  5. Trung Dinh Ngoc

    Trung Dinh Ngoc7 days ago

    Jon Snow : who the King of the North ?

  6. ujjwal bajracharya

    ujjwal bajracharya7 days ago


  7. Anais Jimenez

    Anais Jimenez7 days ago

    Gods creation is amazing🥰

  8. Jetlee Leishangthem

    Jetlee Leishangthem8 days ago

    Jon snow: Really?

  9. Kotal Kahn 003

    Kotal Kahn 00310 days ago

    Dude any animal I hear about is being threatened by human action, I’m convinced that we are a forever growing and evil plague in the world

  10. ᵉˣᵉ.ᴛⁿⁱʳᵖᵗᵒᵒғ_ʟᵃʳⁱᴠ

    ᵉˣᵉ.ᴛⁿⁱʳᵖᵗᵒᵒғ_ʟᵃʳⁱᴠDay ago

    We need to be stopped before we make it too far out into the stars.

  11. Señor Fuego312

    Señor Fuego31210 days ago

    Poor little bear 8:58

  12. Optimist Prime

    Optimist Prime11 days ago

    Why does everything else on the planet live for free but humans have a toll booth installed in front of them wherever they go?

  13. charles hickey

    charles hickey11 days ago

    I'm confused, where's the coke?

  14. Joe Wilkinson

    Joe Wilkinson11 days ago

    That thing about polar bears being able to swim for up to 10 days is 100% true. If you work on fishing boats up north you will one swimming along like it’s nothing and your boat will be hundreds of miles from land.

  15. Anonymous Northsider

    Anonymous Northsider13 days ago

    Iorek Byrnison!

  16. SwifferSweatJet

    SwifferSweatJet14 days ago

    I want to give it a hug

  17. TineFangaming

    TineFangaming14 days ago

    The King losing his the throne

  18. JohnstasBACK

    JohnstasBACK14 days ago

    i thought this was going to be about jon snow :(

  19. The Modern Stoic

    The Modern Stoic15 days ago

    The polar bears will all be killed at a wedding.

  20. Justin Gonzales

    Justin Gonzales15 days ago

    damn she has packed on her winter coat since 2015

  21. Stream Spoart!

    Stream Spoart!16 days ago

    5:07 where's the money lebowski?

  22. 18 hunna

    18 hunna17 days ago

    Nah mn that's bugzy malone

  23. Patrick Fitzgerald

    Patrick Fitzgerald17 days ago

    That thumbnail Jesus Christ and the fact polar bears like to hunt humans

  24. Герс

    Герс17 days ago

    Бесячая ведущая

  25. Sabudin Miya

    Sabudin Miya17 days ago

    but you forgot to mention that polar bears see humans as food...

  26. Code

    Code20 days ago

    "The King in the North" Normal people: Polar Bear me: Gustavus Adolphus

  27. David Lopes

    David Lopes21 day ago

    Enjoy them while you can! We will kill them all...

  28. SwornReaper

    SwornReaper21 day ago

    Screw nature, just domesticate the bear, feed them, make them pet, problem solved.

  29. The Dopest Pope

    The Dopest Pope22 days ago

    "They are the largest land-dwelling carnivore in the world" Elephant Seals: Am I a joke to you?

  30. Kseniya Zarubina

    Kseniya Zarubina23 days ago

    What is the proof to global warming?

  31. ogladacz r.t.

    ogladacz r.t.24 days ago

    Nah man, you forgot killer whales. 600 kilometres in 10 days? Phhhh

  32. George McCartney

    George McCartney24 days ago

    Such a powerful animal yet one of the most suffering in the world

  33. rei koleci

    rei koleci25 days ago

    Polar bear can dead you

  34. শঙ্কু_ পাগলা

    শঙ্কু_ পাগলা28 days ago

    I thought that was a title given to Robb Stark

  35. Mr. ET

    Mr. ETMonth ago

    While they are powerful and awesome. The polar bear certainly doesn’t live the life of a king. They constantly worry about when they can catch their next meal or find their new home.

  36. Gorakhnath

    GorakhnathMonth ago

    Hmm! Interesting.

  37. Datboitre

    DatboitreMonth ago

    They can stand up to 9 feet but let's not ignore that a siberian tiger can be 11 feet tall.

  38. Liberty AboveAllElse

    Liberty AboveAllElseMonth ago

    Oh please with the global warming nonsense. Who is this, Al Gore?

  39. Baby Bruce

    Baby BruceMonth ago

    It’s extremely sad that i may actually see these animals go extinct in my lifetime

  40. 209CALI* *

    209CALI* *Month ago

    I come for the artwork and learn something along the way

  41. Carbon _

    Carbon _Month ago

    that bear was tough enough to pass by a russian

  42. Luca Kennel

    Luca KennelMonth ago

    lol the thumbnail is my prifile pic

  43. Dali Samir Tewfik

    Dali Samir TewfikMonth ago

    Question : Which bear is best?

  44. Burt1038

    Burt1038Month ago

    Yeah, no. It seems like people can't talk about polar bears without the climate change guilt trip, but the fact is there are more polar bears now than 20-30 years ago. The polar bears aren't struggling the way this lady is suggesting. Documentary film makers could've been forgiven for this oversight ten years ago, but for someone producing content in 2019 it is inexcusable to be so sloppy.

  45. Jonas Plett

    Jonas PlettMonth ago

    2/3 of the polar bear population is in Canada? Im Canadian and I didn’t even know that lmao

  46. Phlapp

    PhlappMonth ago

    We still have polar bears in sweden... Thats what the tourists thinks

  47. ICEDoutFOX • 50 years ago

    ICEDoutFOX • 50 years agoMonth ago

    That bear boutta get canceled on Twitter for doing blackface a year ago...

  48. Toby G N

    Toby G NMonth ago

    5:58 that bear drawing be like :3

  49. enenao

    enenaoMonth ago

    Da king in da norf!

  50. david jennings

    david jenningsMonth ago

    Wolverines disagree

  51. Yaya Theobroma

    Yaya TheobromaMonth ago

    I love your channel. Also, I never get tired of the subtitles. Every time I see « hello, I’m Daniel Defoe » on the screen, I know I’m in for a new adventure! 😂

  52. Hilrie kemp

    Hilrie kempMonth ago

    Should be called Polar Bear: A Global warming story I've watched about 12 Polar bear videos today on USlikes don't ask me why it's been a slow day at work lol. But anyway this is by far the most egregious like calm down with messages.

  53. Aritro

    AritroMonth ago

    Talk about house khitty

  54. canadathegreatest

    canadathegreatestMonth ago

    Omg that sad violin music

  55. jeff buchanan

    jeff buchananMonth ago

    More greenhouse gases are created by meat eating humans than all of the cars and factories combined. The animals that people eat create an abundance of the gasses as well as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

  56. Hunnybee

    HunnybeeMonth ago

    i love these coca-cola bears, man 🥺

  57. Rise of the sugars

    Rise of the sugarsMonth ago

    Polar Bears: “King of the North” Walruses: “STFU B-Tier Trash”

  58. uglytodayuglytomorrow

    uglytodayuglytomorrowMonth ago

    humans are SO underpowered jesus christ

  59. Damilola Owolabi

    Damilola OwolabiMonth ago

    This should be an ad against global warming.

  60. Hunnybee

    HunnybeeMonth ago

    this whole channel should be, honestly. global warming and hunting endangered species.

  61. SateliteMike DataPro

    SateliteMike DataPro2 months ago

    "duke it out" awesome

  62. Scotty G swgjr_87

    Scotty G swgjr_872 months ago

    I understand that the ice caps are melting the polar bears need to be Preserve. Not preserve in a weird Jurassic Park Way they need to be preserved because I love polar bears my favorite animal

  63. Sh0ckWaVe

    Sh0ckWaVe2 months ago

    Orca is the KING. Orca can kill polar bear but no polar bear could kill an Orca. Underwater or not, that is the true king

  64. Lord Funk Jr

    Lord Funk Jr2 months ago

    HEY! True FactsDude here. Did you know that according to some americans polar bears exist in Sweden and are killing lions with horns Edit: based on a true story without the lion part

  65. finn

    finn2 months ago

    polar bears look like kids named ollie or josh

  66. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    da bears

  67. Prajal Rai

    Prajal Rai2 months ago

    So if the polar bear lived on bare land filled woth grass, they will appear to be yellow?

  68. No Longer Posting Content For Now

    No Longer Posting Content For Now2 months ago

    Polar bears: one of the most feared predators that managed to survive in one of the harshest places ever. Tierzoo: *B tier*

  69. R. J. Martin

    R. J. Martin2 months ago

    Two million years ago, before mankind or his use of fire, the average Earth temperature was five degrees warmer and dwarfs the recent perturbations caused by the industrial age and yet polar bears thrived. Five million years ago it was 10 degrees warmer and the precursors of polar bears thrived. Global warming hysteria is a scam to solicit money and sponsorship from people who don't care to learn the science.

  70. Wither

    Wither2 months ago

    the least we could do is air drop some food or feed them flat earthers :c

  71. IISlothyy

    IISlothyy2 months ago


  72. Socrates_The_Great

    Socrates_The_Great2 months ago

    I just realized that I love nature & animals more than humanity lol. Nature is beautiful. Humanity is depressing.

  73. Heyyy Jude

    Heyyy Jude2 months ago

    7:36 that dude walked right past a polar bear as if it wasn't a giant... Russia truly deserves its reputation lol

  74. stone skinner

    stone skinner2 months ago

    You thought it was jon snow, but, kono polar bear da.

  75. Kimone

    Kimone2 months ago

    Polar bears are... violent? I thought they were cuddly balls of fluff. 😭

  76. Khan

    Khan2 months ago

    I heard Polar bears are thriving... 🤷‍♂️ AND earth is getting colder. Tasmania just recorded it's coldest temperature ever. 🤷‍♂️

  77. Akash.

    Akash.2 months ago

    Front paws are 30cm wide... I mean whaa!!

  78. Lelouch Yagami

    Lelouch Yagami2 months ago

    We need Global warming to save polar bears.

  79. SquishiDestiny

    SquishiDestiny2 months ago

    If he really is the king of the north I guess an Iceberg would suffice as the cliff and the walruses as the wildebeest. Of course the stampede would be a lot slower.

  80. baba booey420

    baba booey4203 months ago

    I wanna just buy hella meat and travel to upper Canada and give them the food they deserve😰

  81. Pheej L

    Pheej L3 months ago

    Concerning the hairs reflecting their surrounding,,, Then how come polar bears are still white at the zoos?

  82. JPC0101

    JPC01013 months ago

    According to Al Gore, and many others, by 2013 the arctic ice would be totally melted, and thus by now the polar bears would be almost extinct: the fact is that polar bear numbers are at their highest and ice is still there.

  83. Nana Painter

    Nana Painter3 months ago

    0:47 short faced bear: cute puppy

  84. SuperDukes18

    SuperDukes183 months ago

    Poor young fool rambling about global warming. Seriously, enough.

  85. sam sung

    sam sung3 months ago

    The thumbnail looks like the bear got he’s redwings.

  86. Oliver Evans

    Oliver Evans3 months ago

    What about Rob Stark the onetureking?

  87. Mariana Johnston

    Mariana Johnston3 months ago

    So if I put a polar bear in a blue room, I'd have a blue bear? That's awesome

  88. SCE2AUX

    SCE2AUX3 months ago

    “We know No king bUt the King iи the North, whose name is STArK.”

  89. The gaming Ninja

    The gaming Ninja3 months ago

    My cousin was raised in the bergs he lived life

  90. Noora نورة

    Noora نورة3 months ago

    im so glad that you talked about climate change

  91. Under Cover KHARKU

    Under Cover KHARKU3 months ago

    King Is Not Physically Powerful... Go And Search The Meaning And The Role Of King ... That's Why Only Lion Is Called King Because He Think Like Lion , He Bron In Kingdom, He Fight Like King, He Has Courage Like King And Many More Facts ...

  92. Stay Hard!

    Stay Hard!3 months ago

    They actually are the king of land

  93. Red Line

    Red Line3 months ago

    To the true KING OF THE NORTH!! *Jon Snow sad noises*

  94. michael dasilva

    michael dasilva4 months ago

    indeed, the cubs are adorable!

  95. Devin Cing

    Devin Cing4 months ago

    Polar bear was like "chagi north"

  96. brucex203

    brucex2034 months ago

    The King Of The North

  97. nbofdds rtre

    nbofdds rtre4 months ago

    The King in the North!!

  98. Claudia Ngwena

    Claudia Ngwena4 months ago

    Our human life on earth should not come at the expense and demise of another life form’s resources and habitat 😩

  99. Kronos camron

    Kronos camron4 months ago

    2980 : polar bear develops webbed feet. 3050 polar bear develop fins. 3500 polar bears develop gills 4000 polar bear develop a second set of teeth 5000 polar bears legally change their name to sharks

  100. Fear Hooman

    Fear Hooman4 months ago

    John Snow doesn’t agree!

  101. I have face Dog

    I have face Dog4 months ago

    Recycle plant trees stop global warming

  102. играю games244

    играю games2444 months ago

    Lets see a bear evolution that makes them aquatic again.