Secretary Birds: Killer Queens

Don’t let this bird’s looks distract you. The secretary bird has some serious kick!
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Special Thanks To:
Cim d'Àligues
Jadwiga Iwaszczuk and Dr. Filip Taterka from the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IMOC PAS).
Taken during the work of the Polish-Egyptian Archaeological and Conservation Mission at the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



    BINOYEET28 minutes ago


  2. A Pizza Dog

    A Pizza Dog10 hours ago

    Killer queen has already touched the dislike button.

  3. muklis alisyahab

    muklis alisyahab15 hours ago

    This bird is probably a stand user.

  4. tonk23

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  5. Lebohang Machaba

    Lebohang Machaba17 hours ago

    Secretary of defence

  6. clara Lee

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  7. AhabRawGaming

    AhabRawGaming23 hours ago

    Damn the comment section is full half retarded kids who just watched two videos of JoJo and Kenshiro and are being retardedly stupid 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. Denise M.

    Denise M.Day ago

    Kira Queen! Daisan no bakudan! *BITES ZA DUSTO!*

  9. Frost Gamer

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  10. mythplatypuspwned

    mythplatypuspwnedDay ago

    Is that a JoJo reference?

  11. Carlos Rosas

    Carlos RosasDay ago

    Of course men called it secretary bird. It should definitely be renamed today to Queen bird, or Sassbird

  12. BadClip Studios

    BadClip StudiosDay ago

    *hayato intenceifies*

  13. Swimming Kitty

    Swimming KittyDay ago

    Killer Queen.Daisan no bakudan bites Za Dusto

  14. Doenawt

    DoenawtDay ago

    Killer Queen has already touched this video...

  15. Edward Deitch

    Edward DeitchDay ago

    You do a great program.

  16. Preslee

    PresleeDay ago

    Everyone: making Jojo references Me: AGGRETSUKO!

  17. InsertName

    InsertNameDay ago

    Killer queen has already touched this comment....

  18. xW01F

    xW01FDay ago

    Foot of the North Star

  19. KingdomofCush

    KingdomofCushDay ago

    Any women on here jealous over the Secretary's beautiful perfect eyelashes?

  20. Akaritomi

    AkaritomiDay ago

    Killa Queenu! Baits Za Dusto!!

  21. -insert funny and original joke here-

    -insert funny and original joke here-Day ago


  22. Joy Talane

    Joy TalaneDay ago

    Can you imagine your bird husband cheating on you while you wait with the kids in the nest

  23. Joy Talane

    Joy TalaneDay ago

    Damn that bird has dance moves

  24. Professional Procrastinator

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  25. Techno Neko

    Techno Neko2 days ago

    Jojo Fans clicks on video: oh cool realizing that killer queen already touched this video: oh shit

  26. Techno Neko

    Techno Neko2 days ago

    me clicking on the video because it says killer queen... KILLA QUEEN THIRD BOMB BITE ZA DUSTO

  27. show bread

    show bread2 days ago

    This bird was designed ! Evolution is a hoax !

  28. unlimited children

    unlimited children2 days ago

    Kenshiro has something to worry about.

  29. Karl W.

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  30. Sagar Thorat

    Sagar Thorat2 days ago

    03:10 someone is holding that snake for the bird..

  31. Yellow

    Yellow2 days ago

    Isn’t this bird Washimi from Aggretsuko?

  32. NO U

    NO U2 days ago

    My name is yoshikage kira, im 33 years old. I live in the east part of Morioh, where all the villas are. I dont smoke, but i occasionaly drink. I go to bed at 11.00 pm after 20 minutes of stretching. I make sure i get at least 8 hours of sleep no matter what. I usually have no problem sleeping trough the night.

  33. rathalos kingoftheskies

    rathalos kingoftheskies2 days ago

    The secretary bird has already touched the like button.

  34. WRB Crew

    WRB Crew3 days ago

    is that kira yoshikage and his stand?

  35. Richter Cabello

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  37. Ildefonso Girón

    Ildefonso Girón3 days ago

    Very interesting. Thanks.

  38. John Ray

    John Ray3 days ago

    is this a jojo refrence

  39. Angry Combat Wombat

    Angry Combat Wombat3 days ago

    They should change the name of it to a Killer Queen that's a cooler name

  40. • Footnado Man •

    • Footnado Man •3 days ago

    Thumbnail: Killer Queen JoJo fans: *Allow is to introduce ourselves*

  41. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda4 days ago

    *Killa Queen has already touched the dislike button* yes i just made a jojo reference you can't stop me

  42. random cat with a mustache

    random cat with a mustache4 days ago

    secretary birds: killer queens *KILLER QUEEN* IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE!?

  43. Mamta Hasam

    Mamta Hasam4 days ago

    sacred hairy bird 😗

  44. Straight Razor Daddy

    Straight Razor Daddy4 days ago

    All you had to say was Sub-Saharan Africa...

  45. Thunder_Bug _

    Thunder_Bug _4 days ago


  46. Belmont79

    Belmont794 days ago

    Beautiful eyes, long legs and deadly. It’s a secretary alright 🙄

  47. OceanBlue Heart

    OceanBlue Heart4 days ago

    This Bird is a Direct Descendant of Velociraptors.

  48. Gopal Srivastava Teaches

    Gopal Srivastava Teaches4 days ago

    Made in abyss reference anyone?

  49. Aliri Enwa

    Aliri Enwa5 days ago

    Snek: exists Sec. bird: S T O M P

  50. umvhu

    umvhu5 days ago

    Science has proved the theory of evolution to be impossible, maybe you need better education.

  51. Jonathan Quinones

    Jonathan Quinones5 days ago

    them lashes tho.

  52. Robert Quinn

    Robert Quinn5 days ago

    Do artic wolfs

  53. Erlyk Dalkien

    Erlyk Dalkien5 days ago

    Ravens and north american badgers need even more attention.

  54. 月

    5 days ago

    Washimi sama

  55. Niccolò Iuliano

    Niccolò Iuliano5 days ago

    Cough cough Jojo reference cough cough

  56. Water

    Water5 days ago

    Eagle at 0:42 : *poo* Secretary bird at 0:45 : *wow*

  57. Conner • 5 years ago

    Conner • 5 years ago5 days ago

    Secretary bird’s adventure: *Beak is unbreakable*

  58. Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘

    Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘6 days ago

    Snake: You will never catch me Secretary bird: killer queen has already touched your tail Snake : JOSSUKEEE *explodes

  59. Sul Wah

    Sul Wah6 days ago

    Dude you forget the to mention that they like to hangout with shiba inus and gorillas after work

  60. Hjh Ghh

    Hjh Ghh6 days ago

    Bits za dsto

  61. Conner • 5 years ago

    Conner • 5 years ago5 days ago


  62. Johnny Jace Gonzalez

    Johnny Jace Gonzalez6 days ago

    They just obtained Bites The Dust!

  63. sher hayat

    sher hayat6 days ago

    secretary bird is the emblem of Sudan

  64. Salim AMV

    Salim AMV6 days ago

    that's not even an arabic word i never heard it and i'm arabian

  65. Barry Co

    Barry Co6 days ago

    Those natural eyelashes tho.

  66. Skystormsong Posts

    Skystormsong Posts6 days ago

    Secretary Bird: Bite Za Dusto

  67. he he boi

    he he boi6 days ago

    Was that a jojo Reference

  68. Willie Green

    Willie Green7 days ago

    lets go back to calling them sagittarius

  69. Foxy Spriter - Menino Akai Senpai

    Foxy Spriter - Menino Akai Senpai7 days ago

    Killer Queen Has Already Touched The Like Button.

  70. Nog0s

    Nog0s7 days ago

    man, i can just FEEL the JoJo fans around the comment section

  71. א

    א7 days ago

    *meet the secretary bird, she's the missus of CEO bird.*

  72. Wirza The Hacker

    Wirza The Hacker7 days ago

    Killer queen daisan no bakudan baitsa dusto

  73. X00X Mationz

    X00X Mationz7 days ago

    Killer Queen... Peck yo Heado.

  74. Yoshi

    Yoshi7 days ago

    🤔 🤔 🤔

  75. Davide Parretti

    Davide Parretti7 days ago

    Is this a jojo reference?

  76. Bill Bryan

    Bill Bryan7 days ago

    Woah why the word "secretary" feels very sexy. Lol

  77. alluplayz

    alluplayz7 days ago

    Im like only whatsing this wideo due to the name killer queen

  78. Cactus Man

    Cactus Man7 days ago

    I bet the comments are piled with Jojo fans

  79. Truthbuckers

    Truthbuckers7 days ago

    killer queen has touched the snake

  80. Hamad Ajja

    Hamad Ajja8 days ago

    Killer Queen has already touched the like button.

  81. Muawiya Khan

    Muawiya Khan8 days ago

    killer queen has touched the snake

  82. Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale

    Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale8 days ago

    Beautiful to see a strong woman

  83. I want to die, so I'm going home

    I want to die, so I'm going home8 days ago

    Video Title: killer Queen Me: Is this JoJo Reference ?

  84. Thanos Thanos

    Thanos Thanos8 days ago

    Wow first time is see this bird!

  85. keith

    keith8 days ago

    why dont you talk about the most deadly animal, and i mean thee most deadly of all; since the beginning? Who's populace has created wars just for the sake of money/power? What animal, except man animal, has the power to kill BILLIONS, in one fail swoop? Not even a plaque can compare to how many the man animal can kill. Where's the true history of man?

  86. AJ T-1000

    AJ T-10008 days ago

    POV: You saw the title and you're now searching for the jojo comments

  87. Peng Fei Dong

    Peng Fei Dong8 days ago


  88. Dylan Hunter Chua

    Dylan Hunter Chua8 days ago

    Has a love hate relation with gorillas.

  89. Esuper1

    Esuper18 days ago

    secretary is a dopey name. These things are like mini velociraptors

  90. Austin White

    Austin White8 days ago

    Awesome video

  91. Yücel Yıldırım Odabaşı

    Yücel Yıldırım Odabaşı8 days ago

    Beautiful woman at peace with herself. Thanks For this informative video.

  92. Floxiewolf122

    Floxiewolf1229 days ago

    Any Aggretsuko fans here?!

  93. Ashlee Tree

    Ashlee Tree9 days ago

    Wtf. Why are it’s eyelashes so damn long.

  94. KarLL’ie MarXX’ie

    KarLL’ie MarXX’ie9 days ago

    Bites the du- oh wait

  95. Pointman Ops

    Pointman Ops9 days ago

    Next Animal, The Chupakabra 😀

  96. nararya nalakanta

    nararya nalakanta9 days ago

    stork and eagle love each other and then...

  97. Can't Take A Joke

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  98. ʕ •o• ʔ

    ʕ •o• ʔ9 days ago

    That’s some nice looking eye shadow

  99. 叶秋JX

    叶秋JX9 days ago

    I can feel the Jojo fans coming.

  100. Bundle O’ Fuck

    Bundle O’ Fuck9 days ago

    These comments have too many references. I’ve got Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Aggretsuko And Queen the band. I think

  101. KarLL’ie MarXX’ie

    KarLL’ie MarXX’ie9 days ago

    And fist of the northstar

  102. Kirby and Quinn

    Kirby and Quinn9 days ago

    Secretary is gangsta til they come im contact with green anaconda