You Don't Want To Touch a Tenrec

Stylish hair may not be the best survival strategy, but weaponized hair? That’s another story.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Research, Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic2 months ago

    Thanks for watching everyone! If you'd like to learn more about the world, go to The first 200 Animalogic viewers will get 20% off of their Brilliant Premium subscription.

  2. Randy Thompson

    Randy Thompson20 hours ago

    This woman's about too much ads to make money I want to learn more about animals in ants

  3. Luna 36

    Luna 368 days ago

    Those horny toads are all across the Southwest not just Texas.

  4. Rob Max

    Rob Max9 days ago

    Whats on your right tricep Danielle?

  5. Monokuma

    MonokumaMonth ago

    Porcupines are rodents, hedgehogs are insectivores.

  6. Nemo Krada

    Nemo Krada2 months ago

    @Osel Somar

  7. durereee

    durereee14 hours ago

    Wait wait wait...fungi with spikes? Please elaborate.

  8. The John

    The JohnDay ago

    Sharks are being trained to kill them? How do you train a shark?

  9. Aurora Jones

    Aurora Jones2 days ago

    9:04 Excellent! Ill be sure to use that for my next assassination. LOL

  10. max V.M

    max V.M2 days ago

    You ever think I could beat every one of these animals with a baseball bat

  11. Bhunivelze

    Bhunivelze2 days ago

    Sharks are being trained to kill lionfish???

  12. Meliss Meliss

    Meliss Meliss3 days ago

    That hairy bug is literally my nightmare

  13. Noah Larsey

    Noah Larsey4 days ago

    The fox pees on them? Just because they didn't teach them da wae?

  14. Jon 2017

    Jon 20175 days ago

    She's hot

  15. Danish

    Danish6 days ago

    Is it spines or spikes?

  16. Blue Diamond

    Blue Diamond6 days ago

    Barracudas also eat lion fish

  17. mishal Adara

    mishal Adara6 days ago

    Danielle Defoe you're beautiful

  18. Ian Dave Lim

    Ian Dave Lim6 days ago

    How about those tigers tongue haha

  19. Avery Johnston

    Avery Johnston7 days ago

    Moment of silence for our fallen Porcupine from the tree

  20. Paul Dana

    Paul Dana7 days ago

    I have heard many animals die after an encounter with a porcupine as the quills will continue working their way in deeper until they puncture vital organs.

  21. N Marrs

    N Marrs8 days ago


  22. roberthelm87

    roberthelm878 days ago

    I aint never seen an Echidna wit a Pimp Swag.... Life will find a way pimpin

  23. S Venter

    S Venter9 days ago

    Dogs be dumb. Can’t leave porcupines alone.

  24. markyboi79

    markyboi799 days ago

    My body plan is also a sack of organs protected by spiny articulate protrusions of sorts!

  25. Zach Dietrich

    Zach Dietrich9 days ago

    i guess the fwip fwip sound of corduroy slacks don't count as strigulation...

  26. Indu S

    Indu S9 days ago

    ''Has enough venom to kill 20 adult men and there is no known antidote" - Cheerful music

  27. UnwrittenSpade

    UnwrittenSpade9 days ago

    Im the opposite of a porcupine, hard on the way in and easy on the way out...

  28. Edyn Rebryna

    Edyn Rebryna10 days ago

    People who have tenrecs as a pet( they manage to make it work LOL): 👀

  29. k'inich janaab' pacal

    k'inich janaab' pacal10 days ago

    tarantula hairs are also very unpleasant.

  30. Nathan Fancy

    Nathan Fancy10 days ago

    Forgot to remove the tag off that shirt huh?

  31. F A

    F A11 days ago

    Cyndaquil?! Is that you ??

  32. Masterzoroark666

    Masterzoroark66611 days ago


  33. Laura Luxor

    Laura Luxor11 days ago

    Disappointed you still haven’t done a show about chinchillas. I have been asking on behalf of my children, for about a year. :-(

  34. Clerevan Wanderlust

    Clerevan Wanderlust11 days ago

    Tenrec is a real life pokemon!!!

  35. VisualOrchestra

    VisualOrchestra12 days ago

    Thank you for the awesome videos! Also that is a super cute top!

  36. Jason

    Jason12 days ago

    Danielle is super attractive...

  37. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers12 days ago

    why did that kid put the lizard into the ant nest wth is going on here.

  38. Raye Hart

    Raye Hart13 days ago

    "birds don't mind at all" I always knew birds were sociopaths

  39. kassymw

    kassymw13 days ago

    Wait whats a fossa??

  40. Simon Foex

    Simon Foex14 days ago

    I got stickbugged lol


    OMN1CR0N GAMING14 days ago



    OMN1CR0N GAMING14 days ago

    *L A W N* *U R C H I N S*

  43. chipmunktubetop

    chipmunktubetop14 days ago


  44. Rechordian

    Rechordian15 days ago

    Ain't it weird that thorny Devils and Horned Lizards are both small, ant eating lizards covered in spines that use those spines to gather rainwater to their mouths, and both shoot blood from their eyes as a defence. However, they are only distantly related, and while Thorny Devils are native to inland Australia, Horned Lizards are native to Texas.

  45. Saint Akins

    Saint Akins15 days ago

    So Knuckles species of animals can't glide like him in the Sonic games for the Sega Genesis?