Ticks: The Actual Worst

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that feast on your body for up to a week. They're the stuff of nightmares. Watch 'DeBugged' here: curiositystream.com/animalogic/
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

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  2. Priscilla Chapkylo

    Priscilla Chapkylo2 days ago

    This why Is don't going outside period or always always cut your grass so that way you don't get these vampires I if I was allergic to red meat that would've make me put that's death sentences. Since eat lots have. Red meat don't stared leeches too.

  3. Herb Derbler

    Herb Derbler3 days ago

    @MIro Hülsmann best way to remove a tick is to smear vaseline or something over it so it can't breathe. It will back out on its own. Anything that squeezes or inflicts pain on the tick is more likely to make it regurgitate into the bloodstream, which increases the chances of infections.

  4. Super .H.L

    Super .H.L8 days ago

    Wait, ALEX JONES?

  5. Kaytlin Justis

    Kaytlin Justis4 months ago

    Please talk about Jumping Spiders! What great little friends... Better than wasps and ticks, any day! ^^

  6. MIro Hülsmann

    MIro Hülsmann5 months ago

    Why did you include a scene where a tick is removed wrong at 6:54 If you want to remove a tick completly you have to hold it and twist it until it lets go Edit: and another one at 7;20 You have to remove the head it can fully regrow its body

  7. Mata the One-X

    Mata the One-X5 hours ago

    Did she say that ticks can be poisonous?

  8. Lilly

    Lilly11 hours ago

    Okayyyy, so yes Australia has the most bloody scary animals on earth. I’m Aussie and very aware of this fact. But- horses kill the most people in Australia. Followed by bovines. Yknow, cattle THEN the most terrifying animals. With a fair drop in death percentages. So fear my horse not Henry the huntsman eating the fruitflies in my riom

  9. Purple Blast

    Purple Blast13 hours ago

    You know what? I didn't want to sleep anyways...

  10. The Endless Daydream

    The Endless Daydream19 hours ago


  11. Shadow King Hasnat

    Shadow King Hasnat20 hours ago

    Do you have tics?

  12. Christian Deininger

    Christian Deininger23 hours ago

    Natures worst invention

  13. Inge Steiner

    Inge SteinerDay ago

    There is an animal called an australian paralasys tick. Terrifying, but expected nontheless.

  14. Corgi Pixel

    Corgi PixelDay ago

    Welcome to a new episode of "What am i watching in Quarantine"

  15. Samuel Magowan

    Samuel MagowanDay ago

    I got a little itch on my neck while watching this I may have just ripped my spine through my neck

  16. JosephTheNoseph

    JosephTheNosephDay ago

    “Wasps eat ticks” *opens door* “Come in, come in!” The ticks: “oh, thanks! This house is nice” My wasp boyfriend: *so you have chosen, death?* For information: I am male, not female

  17. Jimmy Sox

    Jimmy SoxDay ago

    These motherfuckers gave my dad Lyme Disease and he hasn't been able to walk for the past 2 years

  18. Spruce Benton

    Spruce Benton2 days ago

    9:06 wait what, with *the* Alex Jones?

  19. James Freedman

    James Freedman2 days ago

    just blow up the planet at this point

  20. Francis Montealto

    Francis Montealto2 days ago

    U look annoying.

  21. Something you Expected

    Something you Expected2 days ago

    I’m glad I found that one tick on my hip hah Ha... Why am I watching this again? Oh right youtube recommendations.

  22. HandofPringels

    HandofPringels3 days ago

    this made me very uncomfortable

  23. Dain

    Dain3 days ago

    I’ve been inside all day, yet I feel like they’re on me now

  24. Dark Mice

    Dark Mice3 days ago

    Antifa hairstyle.

  25. Kirto FN

    Kirto FN3 days ago

    I think I have a tick bite what to do help mee

  26. Zenna Novak

    Zenna Novak3 days ago

    This is eww but interesting

  27. Ze Jh

    Ze Jh3 days ago

    here a bit of info from the field of agriculture: we rely a lot on wasps for more than just removing ticks and i wish people would value them as they value honeybees.

  28. Scotty Balboa

    Scotty Balboa3 days ago

    Ill give you a di.....?, wait,... What?

  29. galapin kayana

    galapin kayana4 days ago

    Okay from now on i will sleep with full body cover 😵

  30. cat

    cat4 days ago

    why do these things exsit *why*

  31. Hello I’m a human

    Hello I’m a human4 days ago

    Nutella tick

  32. _MySky

    _MySky4 days ago

    Honestly if bugs that bite just didn’t carry diseases it’d be much easier to live-

  33. _MySky

    _MySky4 days ago

    Bienging incecet videos all night again- What is life?

  34. Yee YEE

    Yee YEE4 days ago

    “Imagine being able to smell with you hands” Me wiping my rn: 👁👄👁

  35. Natalie Mccullah

    Natalie Mccullah4 days ago

    Ahh yes sometimes the more you watch videos the more you wish you could use the uno revers card

  36. So Done

    So Done4 days ago

    The hit it and quit it line was definitely the dumbest thing you said though

  37. So Done

    So Done4 days ago

    So basically the ticks purpose for living is to help keep populations from over populating.

  38. Eehgg

    Eehgg4 days ago

    is it on me? i feel like its one me.. -quote joey

  39. So Done

    So Done4 days ago

    Tick caviar

  40. Resident Flamingo

    Resident Flamingo4 days ago

    Parasitic little buggers

  41. Aramis Lazo

    Aramis Lazo4 days ago

    That give you hicis

  42. YoureSoCreezy

    YoureSoCreezy4 days ago

    Ok and how do we destroy every single tick on this planet? Asking for a friend

  43. Izzatul Aisya

    Izzatul Aisya5 days ago

    burn it

  44. Preston

    Preston5 days ago

    So what I have gathered from this video is that ticks are just the tax evadors of nature? Everything they do is selfish and the only impact they have on the echosystem is an accident due to how simple their existance is

  45. Kylee Kroh

    Kylee Kroh5 days ago

    she says all this with a smile likeeeeeeee i fricken hate these things (:

  46. O That Sparks

    O That Sparks5 days ago

    Gib sub

  47. Valentin Schönweiß

    Valentin Schönweiß5 days ago

    Ticks are the only animals I would love to see go instinct

  48. piggie mcwankfist

    piggie mcwankfist5 days ago

    😰Kill em whith fire🤢

  49. Pulpezmano

    Pulpezmano5 days ago

    Ticks are so annoying they named the most annoying character in brawl stars tick

  50. Juancarlos Lopez

    Juancarlos Lopez5 days ago


  51. Juancarlos Lopez

    Juancarlos Lopez5 days ago


  52. Herumi Mreko

    Herumi Mreko6 days ago

    I've never been more interested in a documentary than my classes lol

  53. animal family

    animal family6 days ago

    I'm never sleeping again

  54. Darn Spahs

    Darn Spahs6 days ago

    Imma just give the ticks aids

  55. L i v e r l i e o n

    L i v e r l i e o n6 days ago

    jesus why do even gods create them

  56. Kanjanarin McBride

    Kanjanarin McBride6 days ago

    That’s actually a male compared to a female

  57. Xavier Bradley

    Xavier Bradley6 days ago

    The body movements at 8:52 are what I imagine a person who is “transitioning “ from a man to woman and hasn’t found the right way to carry themselves yet🤣. Very always and interesting

  58. Daniel Lozeau

    Daniel Lozeau6 days ago

    To get rid of deer ticks you pour vodka or whiskey on them, it makes them detach and then you burn them with a lighter

  59. shadow trooper 28

    shadow trooper 286 days ago

    im just glad their rare in vegas

  60. sKiNny PApi

    sKiNny PApi6 days ago

    4:42 Caviar

  61. sKiNny PApi

    sKiNny PApi6 days ago


  62. ITz_Aqua

    ITz_Aqua6 days ago

    Nobody: Me:checking my head for ticks while watching the video

  63. Analfons

    Analfons6 days ago

    Anyone else here who wants to flamethrow their screen? besides all fkin ticks?

  64. george floyd

    george floyd6 days ago

    Its not impossible to kill the whole tick population Just use a command block on repeat with /kill @e [tick] on

  65. Equine Jacey

    Equine Jacey6 days ago

    One was crawling on me today 😂

  66. Rev. Matt Ripper

    Rev. Matt Ripper6 days ago

    I live near the 1st Welland canal & a bad tick season is no joke, for every 1 I'd find on the dogs, I'd find 3 on myself. One dog has a double coat so you can only find them on her when they're the size of a small grape, that's when i like to inject hydrogen peroxide into them & watch them foam, or put them in a microwave until it pops. That'll teach them!

  67. Sailor Darty

    Sailor Darty6 days ago

    I don't mind you showing me the eardrum clip. *I DO MIND YOU SHOWING IT SIX TIMES!*

  68. The scarf of sexual preference

    The scarf of sexual preference6 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind ticks and mosquitoes if they didn’t use the itch juice, I hate the itch juice

  69. Beast Crozby

    Beast Crozby6 days ago

    3:54 why does this remind me of the "you like krabby patties dont ya squidward" scene? Careful, blood goes right the the thighs!

  70. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach7 days ago

    am I the only one who couldn't continue watching this at some point? :|

  71. post-halo 5 chief

    post-halo 5 chief7 days ago

    They're like gushers just like alive

  72. Simon Berggren

    Simon Berggren7 days ago

    I had one on my balls... thought first it was cancer or something. Untill it fell outta my pants and on the floor. And you can imagine my horror when I picked it up and saw it start moving those tiny legs!!!

  73. Lord4thMinato

    Lord4thMinato7 days ago

    why did I watch this

  74. bby

    bby7 days ago

    I want to see it pop pls

  75. MrWhatcanido

    MrWhatcanido7 days ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

  76. PasscodeAdvance

    PasscodeAdvance7 days ago

    2 words: Tunga penetrans It's a flea but one of the most evil ones

  77. SparklyFartGirl1

    SparklyFartGirl17 days ago

    i feel so itchy

  78. TheFiresloth

    TheFiresloth7 days ago

    Advice : when removing ticks, makesure to rip off the head, not the bulbous abdomen that they can give up if threaten. The best way to do is with a small crowbar-like ustensil. When you got the tick, burn it.

  79. Taylor Crooks

    Taylor Crooks7 days ago

    "Tick removal from eardrum" I wish I couldn't read.

  80. It’s Gamester Time

    It’s Gamester Time7 days ago

    Welcome to fallout 76 boiis

  81. Erick julian

    Erick julian7 days ago

    I hate those insects Yet I find them really interesting

  82. doyoukno diwae

    doyoukno diwae7 days ago

    Insert vegans in the chat

  83. T-RopE

    T-RopE7 days ago

    ive only ever had a tick on me once, n it was while in the teton mountains. i sat on a toilet, n there it was, right above my member!!!, i was only 10, freaked me the F out, n i flicked it as hard as i could, as fast as i could, n it went flyin! prob wasnt the best way to get it off, but i was scared as hell!!! one the reasons i live in wyoming is cause i hate bugs, an comparatively therea are hardly any bugs here, sept for damn ticks, ya just cant get away from em, just like mosquitos1

  84. T-RopE

    T-RopE7 days ago

    0:18 , where the heck is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Rafa Castro

    Rafa Castro7 days ago

    Thanks youtube for recommending me this video while i am eating :)

  86. child

    child7 days ago

    I would like to blow this planet up

  87. Slayer Tido

    Slayer Tido7 days ago

    After she said they're the coolest invertebrates, I gone mad because I lost 2 of my beloved dogs because of ticks so cool, they killed my beloved dogs yeah cool, cool killers

  88. Vonni Beats

    Vonni Beats8 days ago

    Oh USlikes... why you recommending this to me bruh

  89. Vanilla :D

    Vanilla :D8 days ago

    Ticks are THE worst

  90. SliP

    SliP8 days ago

    That tick was stuck to someone's EAR DRUM?!?!?!?

  91. Thompson airsoft

    Thompson airsoft8 days ago

    they ONLY grow 10 times not 600 Doesnt help

  92. Elise !

    Elise !8 days ago

    I am terrified.

  93. Unintelligible Wheeze

    Unintelligible Wheeze8 days ago

    *I don’t want to be here, I don’t know why I’m here, what am I doing*

  94. DJ Noise

    DJ Noise8 days ago

    Anybody else feels itchy watching this,?

  95. Dragon Master

    Dragon Master8 days ago

    Wasp gang!!! Awooooh!!!

  96. Caidon Vasquez

    Caidon Vasquez8 days ago

    Who else was like EXTREMELY itchy while watching this video lol

  97. Dillan Timpany

    Dillan Timpany8 days ago

    Why would you make me watch somebody's ear drum being torn apart?

  98. Hanys

    Hanys8 days ago

    I have never been so disgusted and so interrested at the same time.

  99. Bitter Charmer

    Bitter Charmer8 days ago

    Possums eat ticks y'all so if ya don't have any small pets, they're pretty nice to have around

  100. Johnny Metonymic

    Johnny Metonymic8 days ago

    That tick ate some wedding cake.

  101. Jf H

    Jf H9 days ago

    Worst animal ever.

  102. legendarygames plays

    legendarygames plays9 days ago

    How bout popping them with needle Dont make animals hurt remove and pop it

  103. LillStar BubbleBean

    LillStar BubbleBean9 days ago

    I got Lymes Disease right before VK. The doctor wanted me to take this medicine and one of the side effects of the medicine was a sensitivity to sunlight... aanndddd I was going to a hot sunny place. Fast forward a few days, I had very very bad sunburns on my hands.. I couldn’t pick anything up, I couldn’t sit down for more then ten minutes without running to the bathroom for cold water to rush over them. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. Then my skin started to peak off.

  104. __ Christopher

    __ Christopher6 days ago

    I'm sorry and I love you

  105. MoonLight Vivian

    MoonLight Vivian9 days ago

    Im gonna get a bee hive until those ticks are gone i reallu dont care if i get stinged :'

  106. Eric Rahm

    Eric Rahm9 days ago

    Mayonnaise ticks make you allergic to mustard... go figure

  107. Eric Rahm

    Eric Rahm9 days ago

    Diarrhea ticks cause diarrhea