Fishing Cat: The Cat That Hunts Underwater

Life in the mangroves of South Asia is difficult, but there's one creature in this swamp that's defying the odds, and our expectations at the same time. This is the Fishing Cat.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Invisible Fiddle

    Invisible Fiddle11 hours ago

    The video is better without the awkward narration.

  2. Kaizonium NH

    Kaizonium NH12 hours ago

    Im from sri lanka, ive seen one in my own backyard. Very shy and aggressive and sounds like duck.

  3. PlaidPan

    PlaidPan15 hours ago

    I'm so confused who's disliking these videos, like seriously 2k dislikes? It's an informative video

  4. Dog Faced Pony Soldier

    Dog Faced Pony Soldier15 hours ago

    i do like to go thru a documentary without hearing the word climate change. please ?

  5. Kiulani Kipduif

    Kiulani Kipduif17 hours ago

    Why did you guys try to make daylight footage look like the night footage..? That duck scene clearly was shot during daylight. smh

  6. Recardoricardo5 Recardoricardo5

    Recardoricardo5 Recardoricardo521 hour ago

    Honey! Feed the fishing cats please

  7. amador vega Medina jr

    amador vega Medina jr22 hours ago

    fishing cat were are now am here at fish port way .because am working

  8. Iron Cross Training, Ltd

    Iron Cross Training, Ltd23 hours ago

    I have had cats my whole life Never knew about this breed Save the FISHING CAT ❤🙏

  9. Faisal Reza

    Faisal RezaDay ago


  10. qtquick

    qtquickDay ago

    Love Danielle Default! Thanks Animalogic.

  11. beaner beano

    beaner beanoDay ago

    Michael phelps: my swimming obsession is only rivaled by one thing.... my cat

  12. The Eragonian

    The EragonianDay ago

    Me: browsing through the comment section and forgetting why I clicked on the video Me 2m later: ok time to learn about semi aquatic cats

  13. Shadow Banned

    Shadow BannedDay ago

    Have to admit this is a new one for me I thought cats generally hated water.

  14. upper cut

    upper cutDay ago

    Could you expand on 'Climate change'!? Apart from it being Al Gores Carbon Tax scam & the fact that the climate will always change. What empirical evidence, that means excluding pictures, statements from so called Scientists who work for the system & Mathemagics in the form of Statistics. You have nothing to substantiate your claims. Heres a simple test for everyone to do. Place an Ice cube into an empty tumbler, fill to the top & wait for the ice to melt!! Does it spill over the rim??? Wake up guys.

  15. King of Wrestling

    King of WrestlingDay ago

    Two thumbs up.

  16. Toasty Water

    Toasty WaterDay ago

    0:45 bruh look at this dood

  17. roman szefler

    roman szefler2 days ago

    Its funny when we are bombarded by CLIMATE CHENGE hysteria at the next sentence we've being told how cats can adopt to new environment. Climate is and always been in constant chenge earth is adopting to all of it All chenges we should made is our approach to nature not in panic ways

  18. psychotown69

    psychotown692 days ago

    Yup humans are the worse.

  19. bacon hair man

    bacon hair man2 days ago


  20. dirtylilfrog _

    dirtylilfrog _2 days ago

    Raccoon otter

  21. Malidictus

    Malidictus2 days ago

    Wow... Those day-for-night shots... Wow...

  22. Patricia Arsenault

    Patricia Arsenault2 days ago


  23. Itsss Kayyy

    Itsss Kayyy2 days ago

    "Under water no one can hear you meow "

  24. WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet

    WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet2 days ago

    The cats: being serious quiet and fast Me: omg adorable

  25. WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet

    WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet2 days ago

    So Cute

  26. Djoko Prasetyo

    Djoko Prasetyo3 days ago

    It is a regular cat with patch update

  27. LEXG00 !

    LEXG00 !3 days ago


  28. Erica Walsh

    Erica Walsh3 days ago

    Fun fact: cats feet are water proof for a few seconds

  29. Aaron Thiele

    Aaron Thiele3 days ago

    Most of the fish are dead slow it down

  30. TheFishfinderman

    TheFishfinderman3 days ago

    250 million yeara ago this creature used to swim in water called catfish.

  31. Ion Force

    Ion Force3 days ago

    I felt like the camera crew was totally blowing the cats cover when it was hunting the duck.

  32. Jay Williams

    Jay Williams3 days ago

    Can I buy one I wanna know

  33. Dipiz 14

    Dipiz 143 days ago


  34. -BlackPinkBoy -

    -BlackPinkBoy -3 days ago

    why does the chick talking sound like she's pinching her nose and being held at gunpoint.

  35. Kevin Maher

    Kevin Maher2 days ago

    She's Canadian.

  36. Елена Пермякова

    Елена Пермякова3 days ago

    Морда длинная острая.

  37. Wolfy48

    Wolfy483 days ago

    Fish be like : The swamp is under attack!!!

  38. PlaydoughMaster

    PlaydoughMaster3 days ago

    “Underwater no one can hear you meow” That statement is technically wrong since noise can travel faster underwater than above it

  39. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.3 days ago

    All cats are excellent swimmer; even your pet 'fluffy.' This cat just takes advantage of that fact. 🐈

  40. Aaron Ox

    Aaron Ox3 days ago

    Climate change is a hoax

  41. Some Weird Alien Girl

    Some Weird Alien Girl3 days ago

    Wait. That's illegal

  42. *Triggered Doge*

    *Triggered Doge*3 days ago

    Shrek: are you challenging me?

  43. Bismarck The great

    Bismarck The great3 days ago

    Looks like riverclan is in the mangroves

  44. Leon A

    Leon A3 days ago

    Yes sir!

  45. Shaillesh Tannu

    Shaillesh Tannu3 days ago

    Cats are cats ... They rule the world

  46. 수하긴

    수하긴4 days ago

    낚시하는 고양이라니 이건 참 귀하네요

  47. Timothy Thompson

    Timothy Thompson4 days ago

    Great! Thanks! Now do the dogs hunting seafood in saltwater. The dogs became dolphins, after all.

  48. Kurai Tsuki

    Kurai Tsuki4 days ago

    When you again realize that everything is always evolving and that everything is going to change without you realizing it.

  49. vevo

    vevo4 days ago

    Stop throwing your trash in the ocean, these cats are disappearing

  50. Uncle Iroh

    Uncle Iroh4 days ago

    This will be in your recommendations *Years Later*

  51. Derrick Jones

    Derrick Jones4 days ago

    They better not be around water with crocs

  52. toolieman

    toolieman4 days ago

    Issa catfish

  53. Satrick Ptar

    Satrick Ptar4 days ago

    Fish: Thank evolution cats are scared of water Fishing cat: Hi

  54. GermanSpaceman

    GermanSpaceman4 days ago

    u boot cat

  55. Bootsandcats

    Bootsandcats4 days ago

    Bootzen katzen

  56. Cody Fuentes

    Cody Fuentes4 days ago

    Cats don't mind getting wet they just don't like getting involuntarily wet just like anybody else

  57. Alejandra Candelaria

    Alejandra Candelaria4 days ago

    Why are there so many dislikes? You came to see a cat fishing and you got a cat fishing

  58. Mausumi Acharyya

    Mausumi Acharyya4 days ago

    Wow ❤️

  59. Otto Taylor

    Otto Taylor4 days ago

    I wonder if this the beginning of a similar evolution to seals and otters.

  60. Codie Fitz

    Codie Fitz4 days ago


  61. Tawheed Ahmed

    Tawheed Ahmed4 days ago

    That scary kill-mode transformation tho 2:55

  62. Dan47702

    Dan477024 days ago

    My cat freaks out if I even walk her towards the bathtub lol

  63. Zen713

    Zen7134 days ago

    I only have one word for this Riverclan

  64. Brittany Lehman

    Brittany Lehman4 days ago

    Someone's a Warriors fan, don't worry, I am too. X3

  65. kuramaismine

    kuramaismine4 days ago

    Reminds me a little of a bob cat

  66. chivalry

    chivalry4 days ago

    Water Cat.

  67. Yoshi

    Yoshi5 days ago

    Thought it was a leopard cat

  68. Joe Hastings

    Joe Hastings5 days ago

    I like fishing cats but had to give this video a thumbs down due to the BS.

  69. Gali The bean

    Gali The bean5 days ago

    Man the title sounds like horror film titles

  70. Cube 492

    Cube 4925 days ago

    *insert warriors reference here*

  71. Dusty Miller

    Dusty Miller5 days ago

    Send the Fishing Cats to cross train with the Sand Cats in the desert. It would help prepare them for those hard times ahead when the Mangroves dry up.

  72. Peter Deutsch

    Peter Deutsch5 days ago

    every time a learn something new about nature i also learn its about to disappear

  73. paus van de Lilith Kerk

    paus van de Lilith Kerk5 days ago

    Thank you for introducing me to these pearls

  74. kalico kat

    kalico kat5 days ago

    1:05 aw!!

  75. aman John

    aman John5 days ago

    one of the cats who is not afraid of water

  76. aryans

    aryans5 days ago

    0:45 how long do I have to pose for your stupid camera bro?....

  77. Kaki

    Kaki5 days ago

    This is an amazing video, because they not only have great clips but they get down to the facts and don’t make any silly remarks.

  78. Dr. Emil Schaffhausen

    Dr. Emil Schaffhausen5 days ago

    You tell me that there’s a fishing cart OK, I believe. I’m sure that your next video will be something like a cat that has traveled through time

  79. Dee Nora

    Dee Nora5 days ago

    They look like otters from its side! Hehe

  80. sidn3y ofc

    sidn3y ofc5 days ago

    I want to know what these animals evolve to in a million years

  81. Jaja Capo

    Jaja Capo5 days ago

    Know the rub

  82. mr Wambigles

    mr Wambigles5 days ago

    Behind the scenes they just use a domestic house cat name nermal for the land shots

  83. Neo Hercules

    Neo Hercules6 days ago

    Thats very cool, but I’d like to say don’t use climate change. Please use human destruction. Climate change is a hoax. Only reason things are changing is because humans are destroying it. When you say Climate change it could appears as natural. In this case tho garbage and destruction of mangroves are done by humans

  84. DIVYA Sharma

    DIVYA Sharma6 days ago

    Jen Ramgarh was here 😁

  85. Arek Krolak

    Arek Krolak6 days ago

    Anone can hear you underwater. Sound propagetes better than in the air

  86. Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns

    Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns6 days ago

    Do fishing cats fish for catfish?

  87. cryptidrose

    cryptidrose6 days ago

    That's just riverclan

  88. Alessandro Arhiri

    Alessandro Arhiri6 days ago

    I hate the way she talks

  89. Mag

    Mag6 days ago

    The only car that ain’t afraid of water.

  90. Valentina Amor

    Valentina Amor5 days ago


  91. gamer

    gamer5 days ago


  92. Chase Kimball

    Chase Kimball6 days ago

    No, wetlands aren’t being cleared to make way for agriculture. They’re being cleared to make way for ANIMAL agriculture. Call it like it is. Broccoli isn’t causing habitat destruction; meat, dairy, and eggs are causing habitat destruction. Go vegan 🌱

  93. Audiowave Songs

    Audiowave Songs6 days ago

    the hidden message is humans overpopulated earth and they're acting as a pest

  94. Blank Trigger

    Blank Trigger5 days ago

    Humans haven't come even remotely close to overpopulating the earth. The only nations we know of that have overpopulation problems are certain asian nations.

  95. Lizards_and_things

    Lizards_and_things6 days ago


  96. Eru Eru

    Eru Eru6 days ago

    99% of all nature documentaries: look at this amazing wonder of nature, and btw its disapearing because of humans...

  97. Random Stuff I Like.

    Random Stuff I Like.Day ago

    It’s true though...

  98. Wandering Soul

    Wandering Soul3 days ago

    I mean, you gotta admit that it's true

  99. QuanSnipez Gaming

    QuanSnipez Gaming6 days ago

    3:15 underwater no one can hear you meow My kitten outside: meow meow

  100. hem

    hem6 days ago

    Is no climate change just your brain dead mind thinking

  101. james harm

    james harm6 days ago

    I remember seeing one of these in Cambodia, around the Tonle Sap Lake near Siem Reap.

  102. Connie Shen

    Connie Shen6 days ago

    We found RiverClan bois

  103. Friedrich Beachy

    Friedrich Beachy6 days ago

    I like the "nobody can hear you meow" reference lol.

  104. Historic

    Historic6 days ago

    Imagine if it evolves into some sort of furry cat fish too bad we'll be long gone by then

  105. Abdul Mupit

    Abdul Mupit6 days ago

    In Indonesia, especially in west java call it 'meong congkok', and nowaday it's rare.

  106. Rhea B.

    Rhea B.6 days ago

    Wouldn't there be crocs there?

  107. GH FPV

    GH FPV6 days ago

    Cool !!!

  108. Tete! Delapone!!

    Tete! Delapone!!6 days ago

    What a catfish

  109. Ghettobible

    Ghettobible6 days ago

    These cats will eventually vanish. You're not going to stop progress in the 3rd world. Best solution is to set up a sanctuary for them somewhere.