Small Cats Unknown - Trailer

Get ready to meet the most elusive predators in the world. These are no house cats. Watch here:
For more of Danielle's drawings:

Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    We have big news. The first episode of our new series, Small Cats Unknown, is available to stream right now, exclusively on CuriosityStream! Brace yourselves for cuteness. Watch here:

  2. Searay Gaming

    Searay GamingMonth ago

    Hey @animalogic Is this still streaming on curiosity? I made an account but i don't see it anywhere. I even searched it on their site and found nothing

  3. gmtfender

    gmtfender5 months ago

    Got a sub to curiosity stream to watch these but this series isn't up on that website. I don't know if that's a glitch but if it's been taken down that should be made much more clear.

  4. Rebeka B

    Rebeka B5 months ago

    @Roaryer Okay, so it's not just mine that it's not showing up on. I wonder why it's not up. :(

  5. jonathan bishop

    jonathan bishop7 months ago

    @Roaryer I literally just did the same thing. I'm more than a little upset about it.

  6. Roaryer

    Roaryer7 months ago

    Signed up for this alone and it's not on there. Frustrating

  7. Mon trainer ash D

    Mon trainer ash D22 days ago

    It is my new mission to snuggle them all

  8. Super Nintendo

    Super NintendoMonth ago

    I love all your videos. Great job narrating.

  9. Ceryz epop

    Ceryz epop5 months ago

    0:37 What's his name ? He is so fluffy, anyone know the specie ?

  10. Paul Cauchois

    Paul Cauchois6 months ago

    I subscribed to curiosity stream just for this but turns out it isn't even on curiosityStream maybe because I am in india... I am so disappointed in CuriosityStream.. on the subscription offer it says available worldwide so what????

  11. Paul Cauchois

    Paul Cauchois6 months ago

    I subscribed to curiosity stream just for this but turns out it isn't even on curiosityStream maybe because I am in india... I am so disappointed in CuriosityStream.. on the subscription offer it says available worldwide so what????

  12. Lyndon Hachey

    Lyndon Hachey6 months ago

    I would love to know more about Bobcats!

  13. Sean Tomlinson

    Sean Tomlinson7 months ago

    I can't find this on curiosity stream. I'm confused.

  14. Celly Anima

    Celly Anima7 months ago

    I subscribed to Curiosity Stream just for this but it says this documentary is unavailable. :'(

  15. Sergei Koulayev

    Sergei Koulayev7 months ago

    I'm not seeing it on the curiosity

  16. Sergei Koulayev

    Sergei Koulayev7 months ago

    @Tales What a bummer! I wanted to watch their Costa Rica movie again.

  17. Tales

    Tales7 months ago

    Same... I asked support on Curiositystream, and they said their license had expired.

  18. Pranu Pranav

    Pranu Pranav8 months ago

    Thanks for making a video about my Kingdom! Iam felis tigris!

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  20. Risto Pöhö

    Risto Pöhö10 months ago

    I've been thinking on getting the curiosity stream thing. This may be the thing that pushed me over the edge on that. Oh boy i love cats and oh boy the wild weird kittens are so adorable.

  21. Michael Pang

    Michael Pang10 months ago

    whats the name for the one at 0:38

  22. Ruby Newman

    Ruby Newman10 months ago

    Please put some of these on USlikes

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    Who else booped all the snoots 🤗🤗

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    Thank you 👌🏽


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    I like your videos very beautiful videos...

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    *smol cat noises*

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    Oof. My heart 😭

  28. Cat eat china

    Cat eat chinaYear ago

    Wtf is wrong with me. I started crying because I realized these kute kots will never feel the love of a human. Damn it IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN.

  29. Putra Julian

    Putra JulianYear ago

    Hai daniel...have u ever heard a snake with a crest on its neck and its sound like a cock?

  30. Sexysaurus Rex

    Sexysaurus RexYear ago

    This new Minecraft update is really awesome

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    OMG!! so excited for this episodes

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    So excited to check this out, this is the thing to finally get me to sign up for curiositystream lol.

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    malindu dissanayakeYear ago

    please do the rusty spotted cat in sri lanka

  34. Fantasy's Land

    Fantasy's LandYear ago

    Can't wait for the small cats episode..



    Can you make a video about sailfin lizards ❤️ please

  36. Tony Rojas

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    Am sorry when I requested this I asked you to get me one but I still love you

  37. Vanessa Navarrete

    Vanessa NavarreteYear ago

    You should do an episode about the Dholes, wild dog of india. Or do an episode about the Fisher (pekania pennanti)

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    Yes I'm so excited!!

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    Where can I buy one?

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    0:32 Yo that cat looks like the crying cat meme

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    Danielle, I would follow you anywhere, you are so intelligent and tallented! You are my favorite show to watch, withyou not the other women, she is talented but bot you!

  47. E. S. Lavall

    E. S. LavallYear ago

    "Story Editor: CAT Senior"

  48. SKYE

    SKYEYear ago

    all cats are babies and they all have my love

  49. Isahi Castillo

    Isahi CastilloYear ago

    Animal: *exists but slowly stopping to do so* Danielle: unfortunately- we're their worst enemy :'(

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    why you show the cat eating that poor mouse :(

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    That's why may favorite Animal are Felines/Cats🐱... To be more specific my favorite Animal is the Cheetah..😁♥️

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    I like small carts there so cute

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    Please make about Nautillus

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    Wild Cats. Me: Warriors????

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    It's a shame that most of these cats are...well...deadly and they're probably not able to be domesticated because of their wild nature and stuff... That being said, i wish i could hug them all

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    will wait for the completed series before I use my free 7 days trial. can't wait



    Who cares!!!! I wanna cuddle all of them !!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

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    0:20 - Of course I've heard of them; that's why I clicked this link so fast! *I WANT ONE!!!!*

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    I recently got to see sand cats in the Washington D.C. National Zoo! I’ve been wanting to learn more about smaller cats since then, so I’m so excited!

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    Wild small cats are underrated 🙀

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    Animalogic: These cats are small but could still kill you instantly Me: aww whos a wittle fluffy wuffy im gonna pet them aww

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    (late reply) I don't think they can kill you...

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    We have a few Bobcats that wonder around our homestead. The trail cams pick them up least every 1-2 weeks. If we are lucky there are kittens but every once in awhile we can actually see a Cougar wandering about. My wife and I love watching your series!!!

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