Mating Rituals: Dance or Die

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic6 months ago

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  2. DHScherocha

    DHScherocha19 days ago

    @Tfin Doesn't work like that. They pay you for one spot and give you a script. For creators this size it's usually about $5k. She's taken by my count, four sponsorship spots promoting that insidious crap. So $5k was all it took for a reputable channel that's got a huge number of children watching to promote an exploitative Freemium game owned by the second largest slot manufacturer on the planet and a game models that studies are showing in alarming findings actually contributes massively to the development of impulse control disorders and compulsive gambling habits in children in their formative years. Credibility comes cheap these days it seems.

  3. dodosaur 2004

    dodosaur 20045 months ago

    This is sad

  4. gdwolf7

    gdwolf75 months ago

    Did you do Tibetan sand fox yet? The Fox with the square head?

  5. gdwolf7

    gdwolf75 months ago

    Oooo! Do a sea horse one Mrs. Danielle Dufault!

  6. Kiwi with internet access

    Kiwi with internet access6 months ago


  7. Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘

    Just ur local alleyway boi. ‘Day ago

    Dance or die? More like... Dance THEN die

  8. PuffyGames

    PuffyGames4 days ago

    Oh gosh the title is terryfing XD

  9. soraninja

    soraninja8 days ago

    Talk about sexuality in the animal world :)

  10. H*ck

    H*ck13 days ago

    See thumbnail Zefrankness intensifies

  11. Sarwat Ihsan

    Sarwat Ihsan27 days ago

    Can we talk about human mating rituals next; I don't know how to dance but I don't wanna die.

  12. Misha Purser

    Misha PurserMonth ago

    Footmouse sounds like something The Onion would come up with.

  13. Marco Gómez

    Marco Gómez2 months ago

    I really wanna know where the old clip at 9:00 is from. It’s got sweet music.

  14. Shawn Lardy

    Shawn Lardy3 months ago

    I’ve been wondering why it sounds like you’re slurring your words and going super slow. Then I realized my playback speed is on .75.... I have no clue how long it’s been this way

  15. Stefan The Cannon

    Stefan The Cannon3 months ago

    Foot 🦶🏿 mouse 🐭

  16. The Starks

    The Starks4 months ago

    I'd Flap my wings and dance for Danielle 🙈

  17. Fluorescent Adolescent

    Fluorescent Adolescent4 months ago

    1:14 So that's why he's so bad at League

  18. Charles Triplett

    Charles Triplett4 months ago

    So this makes us the odd balls. We don’t even use our phoromones.

  19. nisha.d nath

    nisha.d nath4 months ago

    I have always wondered where the birds go at night ? They build nest only during the nesting time, so Where do they sleep?

  20. ASWG 29

    ASWG 295 months ago

    Playing hardcore minecraft with foot mouse.

  21. blue BLUE

    blue BLUE5 months ago

    Too much aggrevating music

  22. Eddie Van Munster

    Eddie Van Munster5 months ago

    I love watching youre segment....p.s I think you are gorgeous...☺️🥰

  23. Mrs.dodo

    Mrs.dodo5 months ago

    What Is That Sponsor That is fake I bet you- Yes it's fake

  24. Adam Tapper

    Adam Tapper5 months ago

    Do the leopard gecko

  25. Mäx

    Mäx5 months ago

    RAID SHADOW LEGENDS the game I've never plaid and never will. PAY TO WIN NOW!!! The best cash grab app you've ever seen.


    SIBIRIAK5 months ago

    I always thought, how the hell they decide wich side of the tail!

  27. Cherisse Morgan

    Cherisse Morgan5 months ago

    Nature’s amazing rumba

  28. hecklefruit

    hecklefruit5 months ago

    6:08 "and i call this one the sprinkler"

  29. Cody Steffick

    Cody Steffick5 months ago

    Pretty sure Danielle Dufault is Ai Angel.

  30. Jay K

    Jay K5 months ago

    Better talking without her in the picture and just images of animals if not dress more appropriately for these types of videos

  31. RotApp

    RotApp5 months ago

    Liked your old format better.

  32. S Venter

    S Venter5 months ago

    Oh so nice to have you back, Danielle!

  33. sTone ForesT

    sTone ForesT5 months ago


  34. Stella Panico

    Stella Panico5 months ago


  35. Art blender

    Art blender5 months ago

    Lol, i was thinking- dang the animal kingdom has this whole sex thing down pat, what with all the guys competing for females and them getting to pick the sexiest burb.. then i remembered what a ducks penis looks like aswell as the last episode on the Tasmanian devil and i re evaluated my decision.

  36. Deathscythe767

    Deathscythe7675 months ago

    I absolutely love Danielle Dufault and her 4chan style, but I am missing Jess Keating for Animalogic Second Nature. Does anyone know what happened in the past few episodes?

  37. Sahdev Raghuwanshi

    Sahdev Raghuwanshi5 months ago

    always pleasing those damn girls.

  38. Q is legit. Don't trust the media.

    Q is legit. Don't trust the media.5 months ago

    The taz devil shirt was a hint for your recent episode!

  39. Funky Monkey

    Funky Monkey5 months ago

    You want som fuc?

  40. Q is legit. Don't trust the media.

    Q is legit. Don't trust the media.5 months ago

    I do! Where meat?

  41. rishi maddineni

    rishi maddineni5 months ago

    I don't know if I really like those vintage movie shots in between.

  42. ding dong bong bong dong ding

    ding dong bong bong dong ding5 months ago

    I know the other one looked like a Jawa but the red thing looked like Darth jar jar

  43. Mohammed Mushtaq Hussain

    Mohammed Mushtaq Hussain5 months ago


  44. Jake F

    Jake F6 months ago

    alt title: The Art of Dancing In The Wild

  45. Since The Fawn of Time

    Since The Fawn of Time6 months ago

    Haha frog song go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  46. Calivuitre

    Calivuitre6 months ago

    Danielle always has the cutest prints and outfits (^_^)

  47. alex oakford

    alex oakford6 months ago

    Star wars reference hell yeah

  48. Macaroni Lube

    Macaroni Lube6 months ago

    Omg it’s a Jesus bird

  49. furrylord podcaster

    furrylord podcaster6 months ago

    where do i order

  50. Seven Choi

    Seven Choi6 months ago

    I love the effort of putting those references lol Are you trying to mate with me by doing this? becarefull, you might attract thumb predators as well lolololol

  51. Nmethyltransferase

    Nmethyltransferase6 months ago

    *squint* Danielle's wearing a CGM... Are you diabetic?


    SHEDINJA6 months ago

    Dammit raid shadow legend now animalogic who's next

  53. Lunar the Gryphon

    Lunar the Gryphon6 months ago

    Peter Griffin is a sage grouse? O.o

  54. D BX

    D BX6 months ago

    The act of mating of the Bower Bird takes less than 5 seconds? I never realized we had so much in common!

  55. Jude Luckett

    Jude Luckett6 months ago

    I'm surprised I haven't yet seen a joke about the Sage Grouse and its... "Strange" looking chest display.

  56. Lewis Denson

    Lewis Denson6 months ago

    You guys should talk about colugos. They’re sooo cool

  57. mxsteriie

    mxsteriie6 months ago

    *jesus bird*

  58. Sam Mathai

    Sam Mathai6 months ago

    What’s on Danielle’s right hand? Is that like a nicotine patch?

  59. Michael Stewart

    Michael Stewart6 months ago

    Could you do tapirs or the pygmy hippo

  60. Calvaran: King of the West

    Calvaran: King of the West6 months ago

    You should talk about elephants next.

  61. Sicivi Shoelace

    Sicivi Shoelace6 months ago

    You should do a video on the common kingfisher. I know it's not exptic like most of the animals you talk about but i think it's beautiful colours are already a cool enough thing to talk about.

  62. Theishinghui R. Shimray

    Theishinghui R. Shimray6 months ago

    A video on slow loris please

  63. Evgeniy Shmukler

    Evgeniy Shmukler6 months ago

    Trichoplax adhaerens.

  64. Stantinos Kon

    Stantinos Kon6 months ago

    how about Shrike bird ???

  65. Shin Chan

    Shin Chan6 months ago

    Wtf? Bunnyfufuu😂

  66. Muhammad Shaakir

    Muhammad Shaakir6 months ago

    Make one on Snow leopard..

  67. Moderately SeriousRacoon

    Moderately SeriousRacoon6 months ago

    You should showcase the deer like animal called a dik-dik

  68. Владимир Нечаев

    Владимир Нечаев6 months ago

    The video title must reflect the essence of the content! And do not mislead! I started watching this video about birds with my children, and it's all about sex! WTF? >8-(

  69. Marcos Maldonado

    Marcos Maldonado6 months ago

    Can you plz do the Lowland Streaked Tenrec

  70. wholesome shit

    wholesome shit6 months ago

    do Mimic Octopus please ,i need reference for presentation.

  71. mira macgure

    mira macgure6 months ago

    1: black bear 2: maned wolf 3: zebra 4: flamingo 5: cobra 6: mustang 7: dire wolf 8: wolf dog 9: white tail deer 10: lion

  72. cihan akdeniz

    cihan akdeniz6 months ago

    Please make a video on "giraffe gazelle"

  73. Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson6 months ago

    If you ain't done it already, the masasauga, might find info on those who are trying to preserve this species, mothah fcukah.

  74. ItsMarsx

    ItsMarsx6 months ago

    Hedgehog 🥺

  75. Saber Sight

    Saber Sight6 months ago

    our actual sponsor for this week RAI...... everyone: SKIP !!!!

  76. Link McAverdelle

    Link McAverdelle6 months ago

    Can you please do a episode on the oarfish

  77. Kiril Georgiev

    Kiril Georgiev6 months ago

    8:36 20steps/s .. guys fix your BS... i give you dislike for fake info..

  78. Kawasaki Auto

    Kawasaki Auto6 months ago

    Do ball python

  79. Shane nathann

    Shane nathann6 months ago

    Please do the green racket-tail parrot

  80. Sanjar Khan

    Sanjar Khan6 months ago

    Y’all should do some paleo content

  81. Rodion Raskolnikov

    Rodion Raskolnikov6 months ago

    I’m waiting for animalogic T-shirts I can show off plasasa

  82. Narayan De Jesus Reyes

    Narayan De Jesus Reyes6 months ago

    Tell us abour the todies, the Todidae family, of tiny Caribbean birds.

  83. KMB

    KMB6 months ago

    I'm really sorry but i HAVE to downvote this. I know you gotta pay the bills, but i can't handle that sponsor. FK that game.

  84. Bri10

    Bri106 months ago

    Do tool use next

  85. Marcel du Crocq

    Marcel du Crocq6 months ago


  86. jamarley deane

    jamarley deane6 months ago

    I love how this channel moved from realistic things about animals to a fantasy game 😂

  87. waheed attia

    waheed attia6 months ago

    Can you make one about a dhole

  88. Gogo Ono

    Gogo Ono6 months ago

    9:30 Social....ÐΛЛÇĪÑG

  89. Donovan Allen

    Donovan Allen6 months ago

    I don’t care what anybody says, Danielle is so fine.

  90. BIG DOGE

    BIG DOGE6 months ago

    Why not do a video on Grasshopper mice. I think they are very interesting and quite extraordinary

  91. Zhelwan karkuky

    Zhelwan karkuky6 months ago

    5:56 HEE HEE

  92. juan reyes

    juan reyes6 months ago

    This female is fineee


    CHEN HOU EN6 months ago

    can you talk about dung beetles next?

  94. Iczalak Times

    Iczalak Times6 months ago

    Please make a Coelacanth video! They are my favorite Alive Prehistoric fish!

  95. Tidalwave The AllWing

    Tidalwave The AllWing6 months ago

    Do ball pythons next!

  96. Rajat Thakur

    Rajat Thakur6 months ago

    Hey Danielle, you are really beautiful, and an amazing artist 😊

  97. Romeo Franz

    Romeo Franz6 months ago

    I think you should make a video about betta fish

  98. Suladay Joshua

    Suladay Joshua6 months ago

    Can you please study about "URUTAU" Bird thank you!

  99. peter piets

    peter piets6 months ago

    Over and over turning into commercial slaves 👎

  100. M5.Pa-Br

    M5.Pa-Br6 months ago

    Foot mouse??! ... ok

  101. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee6 months ago

    my multiple day animalogic binge is almost over :c

  102. William McGrath

    William McGrath6 months ago

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  103. Inara Alimova

    Inara Alimova6 months ago

    you should make a video about freaky animals like the blobfish

  104. Saul Adam

    Saul Adam6 months ago

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  105. Eric candra

    Eric candra6 months ago

    This is not video bout bird walking on water? the thumbnail said so

  106. clapping cheeks

    clapping cheeks6 months ago