The Great Curassow is Straight out of the 80s

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Torgall

    Torgall5 days ago

    I've seen so many animals already, but I'm In awe what nature still has in it's sleeve. Those Resplendent Quetzal's are truly breathtaking.

  2. CodeKirby

    CodeKirby26 days ago

    Hey! The 80's called. *They said they're proud of you.*

  3. Democritus

    DemocritusMonth ago

    Rename the video: "birds of costa rica", salutes from Costa Rica :D

  4. suvarna hybrid seed

    suvarna hybrid seed2 months ago

    Do you have a video of peacock

  5. Hulk Timberlake

    Hulk Timberlake2 months ago

    What they don't show you is how the Toucan and Blue Heron are vicious bird killers. They have no chill for other birds

  6. Selah7

    Selah72 months ago

    Toucans. The most evil birds on earth.

  7. Suchismita Moitra

    Suchismita Moitra3 months ago

    About porcupines

  8. Mike Tat

    Mike Tat4 months ago

    It’s a “conspiracy theory” but I’n reality the 80’s were inspired almost completely by this bird. The mainstream media blocks my post every time I show evidence of it. But that just tells you it must be true

  9. Mikel Bentley

    Mikel Bentley4 months ago

    Shes pretty

  10. Arman M

    Arman M4 months ago

    Well done girl! Costa Rica is an amazing place, can't wait to go back again.

  11. willis denzel

    willis denzel5 months ago

    I'm loving this 💓💓💓💓💓💓

  12. Gee Lahrie

    Gee Lahrie6 months ago

    Costa Rica is my dream country!

  13. Jorge

    Jorge6 months ago

    Quetzals are my national bird 🇬🇹! Never knew their habitat also extended all the way to Costa Rica! That's pretty cool

  14. Recca Val Gaspan

    Recca Val Gaspan6 months ago

    Cockatiels please!... Nymphicus hollandicus

  15. reem reem

    reem reem6 months ago

    Wtbh u barely informed me about that bird that the video is supposed to be about

  16. Stefan The Cannon

    Stefan The Cannon6 months ago

    Corrusow 🤔jungle turkey 🦃

  17. Fox Knapp

    Fox Knapp6 months ago

    All the bird jokes in metal gear peace walker makes sense now

  18. aziz aziz

    aziz aziz7 months ago

    Karawan I think it is a nocturnal bird we hear it singing but never see

  19. aziz aziz

    aziz aziz7 months ago

    And even they did a movie called the pray of karawan

  20. aziz aziz

    aziz aziz7 months ago

    I Wish to know about a mysterious bird in Egypt called karawan and even

  21. Homer Perez

    Homer Perez7 months ago


  22. lord jek

    lord jek7 months ago

    Daniel and the bird are now married

  23. sToNeD PeOn

    sToNeD PeOn7 months ago

    Hummingbirds, the tweekers of nature? 🙀

  24. sToNeD PeOn

    sToNeD PeOn7 months ago

    You are beautiful, I am sad to hear some other commentator will be taking over, OG or not. I love your content and illustrations. Best wishes

  25. Adam G

    Adam G7 months ago

    im 41, if you reference the 80s ill listen.

  26. emmanuelgraphic22

    emmanuelgraphic227 months ago

    They(the humming birds) look like sunbirds. Also feeds on nectar, can hover and fly backwards.

  27. Kneaded

    Kneaded7 months ago

    Had to look up the word... iridescent

  28. Kneaded

    Kneaded7 months ago

    Watching these birds make me hungry

  29. What videos to watch today?

    What videos to watch today?7 months ago


  30. Nam Plaa Angry Joer

    Nam Plaa Angry Joer7 months ago

    It is my Dimorphodon.

  31. ColonelMetus

    ColonelMetus7 months ago

    I would shoot it with my pellet gun

  32. Solar Flare

    Solar Flare7 months ago

    Those Hummingbirds are flying with only premium jet fuel.

  33. John Walters

    John Walters7 months ago

    Hummingbirds get their calories from all that nectar, but they get their necessary protein by eating the tiny insects they also encounter in those flowers or pick out of the air. A hummingbird that is apparently darting around in midair is often feeding on a swarm of gnats too tiny for us to see ( unless the light is right).

  34. LadyNightFox28

    LadyNightFox287 months ago

    Why does Danielle look nervous on camera all the time?

  35. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper7 months ago

    Hummingbirds do eat a lot of nectar, but stomach content analyses show that small insects are also an important part of their diet. That’s where they get their protein.

  36. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper7 months ago

    The Curassow’s relative, the Plain Chachalaca, lives in my back yard in south Texas. A Chachalaca is a noise machine.

  37. Tom Caffrey

    Tom Caffrey7 months ago

    Parrot eggs taste like Fruit Loops 🦜

  38. j p

    j p7 months ago

    This video, funny enough, is not for the birds

  39. DJ HADEX 92

    DJ HADEX 927 months ago


  40. Yeetur McBeetur

    Yeetur McBeetur7 months ago

    Hey, have you guys heard the word?

  41. Wobbles and Bean

    Wobbles and Bean7 months ago

    I love birds so bacondamn much 💜 I hate that these beautiful curassows are being hunted into oblivion, it's just not right.

  42. Levi Fuentes

    Levi Fuentes7 months ago

    I'm surprised you didn't cover the Scarlet and Great green (Buffon's) macaws. Scarlets are famous in the Osa Peninsula and are just as iconic to Costa Rica as the resplendent quetzal and the toucans and araçaris.

  43. Tim Sullivan

    Tim Sullivan7 months ago

    "Toucans are known to be bullies" In general, such unneccessary bits of anthropomorphism foster in viewers an unhelpful bias towards an animal. Regardless of whether positive or negative, this impedes the vitally important growth of our collective perception of the natural world as an intricate weaving of all its componants, EACH having a value regardless of whether it reminds us of ourselves.

  44. Peter Wallace

    Peter Wallace7 months ago

    Not only an Artiste, but a foot slogger as well. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊🇦🇺

  45. Vijay Iyer

    Vijay Iyer7 months ago

    Do pigeons next plz

  46. Alvin Massy

    Alvin Massy7 months ago

    Where are some of these locations visited on the video?

  47. Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton

    Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton7 months ago

    Just a small correction, that was a female amazon kingfisher not a male. Males have red chests. Still awesome video hope to visit costa rica one day.

  48. J Barnard

    J Barnard7 months ago

    Plz talk about llamas or corals

  49. barbara cotie

    barbara cotie7 months ago

    Wow your illustrations are totally fantastic!

  50. sandy duldulao

    sandy duldulao7 months ago

    I'm glad seeing you in the wild Miss Daniela. :)

  51. Trump’s Toupee

    Trump’s Toupee8 months ago

    Danielle is kinda hawt.

  52. Caine the Demon

    Caine the Demon8 months ago


  53. Paul McMullan

    Paul McMullan8 months ago

    That kingfisher has the same underside tail feathers as a Kookaburra.

  54. Zixen Vernon

    Zixen Vernon8 months ago

    This should be titled "Birds of Costa Rica

  55. Sonic Chan

    Sonic Chan8 months ago

    you’re a punk

  56. Rex Rad

    Rex Rad8 months ago

    Toucan, or not toucan. That is the question.

  57. Ephrain Arguello

    Ephrain Arguello8 months ago


  58. Fabio Rodriguez

    Fabio Rodriguez8 months ago

    Can you do this video Parrots: The actual birdbrains


    GET LEAF BUGGED LOL8 months ago

    Curassow? Really? There is already a place called Curacao and a bird called a Cassowary. Way to make it confusing. :)

  60. Ally Mosha

    Ally Mosha8 months ago

    That bird touching danielle lips is the most beautiful thing for the day

  61. Sy Noor

    Sy Noor8 months ago

    Wix wow

  62. Sy Noor

    Sy Noor8 months ago

    😂😂 that dam kiss OMG Actually I did it giving food to a bird that pagan

  63. Ronald Hodgson

    Ronald Hodgson8 months ago

    Wow, 200 times a second, what did their wings do to deserve that?!

  64. c u t e p o t a t o

    c u t e p o t a t o8 months ago

    i wanna have a job like hers

  65. B. B.

    B. B.8 months ago

    5:54 Poor little guy goes through all that work to attract a female. She's so vain that she probably thinks this video is about her!

  66. Katherine156

    Katherine1569 months ago

    It looks like a avacodo

  67. Mellowlink

    Mellowlink9 months ago

    So she is taken, I can't compete with that bird.

  68. TheSupaLuna

    TheSupaLuna9 months ago

    What a blessing to go to Costa Rica.

  69. A E

    A E9 months ago

    So thoughtful to show the IUCN status on the description. Love your videos

  70. Flor Perla

    Flor Perla10 months ago

    Can you do the national bird of El Salvador

  71. Scar Face

    Scar Face10 months ago

    You guys are doing an amazing work, and becoming like proper documentarist, as i finish my studies in biology i'll try to set up a show like this on my own, or mabye join you! (Very unlikely)

  72. Paul Miner

    Paul Miner10 months ago

    1000 bpm heartbeat. That's nuts.

  73. Hawk eye

    Hawk eye10 months ago

    "if a hummingbird went without food for few hours, they would die" I think I found my spirit animal...

  74. Kry Kry Stott

    Kry Kry Stott9 days ago

    I read it as soon as she said it 😂😂😂 lmfao

  75. Paolo Pasaol

    Paolo Pasaol10 months ago

    The Chaos Theory Bird

  76. Jack Epic

    Jack Epic10 months ago

    I call it a flying bully

  77. Rok Hamler

    Rok Hamler10 months ago

    they don't use their beaks just to intimidate other birds ... they use them to kill other birds.

  78. SaJal KuMaR

    SaJal KuMaR10 months ago

    You are Awesome :-)

  79. Kold Fizzion

    Kold Fizzion10 months ago

    you're cool... I like your delivery. Thanks for the great videos

  80. Vivian Tristesse

    Vivian Tristesse10 months ago

    Which bird?

  81. Wow Davey

    Wow Davey10 months ago

    Great vid Danielle and team!

  82. Limited Infinity

    Limited Infinity11 months ago

    Birds are epic little animals. You guys should play Hatoful Boyfriend lol

  83. Walter OP

    Walter OP11 months ago

    I’m confused did you say crocodiles in Costa Rica

  84. Lord kazekhalid the 5th

    Lord kazekhalid the 5th11 months ago

    Quetzalz? Ark vibes

  85. Eric Donalson

    Eric DonalsonYear ago

    Thanks Yo your show is the best film doc out!!🥰

  86. Pedro Matamoros

    Pedro MatamorosYear ago

    No wonder quetzelcoatl is thought to be based off the quetzel bird its almost godly... 💚 one of the most gorgeous creatures on the planet

  87. Ruby Newman

    Ruby NewmanYear ago

    once i saw a king fisher downing a duckling

  88. The Perfect Mix

    The Perfect MixYear ago

    I was sent by Sabrina

  89. 47un

    47unYear ago

    0:11 Cutest thing I've ever seen..He caught that tiny feather with such grace

  90. Boshikage Bira

    Boshikage BiraYear ago

    Toucans look very awkward

  91. Vishnu Soman

    Vishnu SomanYear ago

    Love your Chanel 💕

  92. Awakening To Vacuity

    Awakening To VacuityYear ago

    Sabrina Cruz recommended your channel in her Fish Fraud video.

  93. Don Fields

    Don FieldsYear ago

    @Ethanotor Oculus is right their Totally prehistoric dude! Pterodactylito's 🐝 beeeee yourself. Buzzzzz off. 😉😵😎

  94. Jode G

    Jode GYear ago

    Danielle you are so perfect. Another splendid video

  95. Natalie Curry

    Natalie CurryYear ago

    Best episode ever! I love that you went on location to Costa Rica. Many blessings as you hopefully continue your journey through the animal kingdom. ♥️🦚🐝

  96. Syafiq Azizan

    Syafiq AzizanYear ago

    danielle always be my crush

  97. Nathália Isabella

    Nathália IsabellaYear ago

    what's the difference between araçari and toucans?

  98. HexterXD

    HexterXDYear ago

    2:33 “Down on the jungle floor struts the most stylish bird of Costa Rica!” *(Shows Danielle)*

  99. Isabelle Fleszar

    Isabelle FleszarYear ago

    When I think of toucans, all I can think of is Toupac.

  100. Michelle Mercedita

    Michelle MerceditaYear ago

    No wonder Toby loved Costa Rica so much!

  101. Kevon Thomas

    Kevon ThomasYear ago

    I enjoyed watching this..great job.👍