Tardigrades: The Most Resilient Animals in the Universe

Tardigrades are the most resilient animals in the universe, and there’s probably one within a stone’s throw from you right now.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Mr Avenger

    Mr AvengerDay ago

    family guy ? anyone?

  2. Anime_ Weeb

    Anime_ WeebDay ago

    Did you know I have a few thousand in my house hmph that’s right dattebayo

  3. Colleen Pedder

    Colleen PedderDay ago

    Amazing the critters we live with.

  4. Grayson DuBose

    Grayson DuBose6 days ago

    don’t snails kill them

  5. johnnypk1963

    johnnypk19637 days ago

    Seems we have much to learn from these very tiny survivors

  6. Albert Ochoa

    Albert Ochoa7 days ago

    Love'm. I'm going to custom my numberplate to Tardigrad3

  7. Marionette

    Marionette9 days ago

    They’re kinda cute

  8. Jane Rosa

    Jane Rosa14 days ago

    Ok, they actually look cute

  9. Dhameri Mer.

    Dhameri Mer.17 days ago


  10. EJSFilms2K

    EJSFilms2K18 days ago


  11. Kill Me

    Kill Me19 days ago

    She looks overjoyed...

  12. AbduCola

    AbduCola21 day ago

    You so tardigrada Me so tarigrada We all so tardigrada!

  13. CreepBG

    CreepBG22 days ago

    Tardigrade: The most resilient animal on the planet Slipper: Me: Nevermind

  14. Ede Sands

    Ede Sands24 days ago

    No clue what that was🤷

  15. Slow-Mo Moon Buggy

    Slow-Mo Moon Buggy25 days ago

    They only exsist on a computer screen. Fake AF.

  16. Pix Al

    Pix Al20 days ago


  17. Yuri Delgado

    Yuri Delgado26 days ago

    Tier zoo:so you chosen death

  18. Ryanell Diero

    Ryanell DieroMonth ago

    A radioactive tardigrade has bitten someone, and that would be a villain that can take care of spiderman lol!

  19. Anoniem Anoniem

    Anoniem AnoniemMonth ago

    wat een engerds

  20. Jason Barkey

    Jason BarkeyMonth ago

    Pretty sure Tardigrades were a joke build that the Devs included in the game to sucker newbies. Like, Snail and Slug players totally body Tardigrades all the time, their K/D ratio in the Gastropod/Tardigrade matchup is just ridonkulous!

  21. Jen O'Hogan

    Jen O'HoganMonth ago

    *Looks in cup of water* So what you're saying is, I'm probably drinking tardigrades. Tradigrade juice anyone? lol jk

  22. H.D.

    H.D.Month ago

    The look kinda cute...

  23. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius KairosMonth ago

    When a tardigrade has offspring, are they retardigrades?

  24. tactical highland

    tactical highlandMonth ago

    shes cute and super smart

  25. JhoN HonaY

    JhoN HonaYMonth ago

    പെരിയ പൂച്ചി 🙄🙄

  26. mayank raj

    mayank rajMonth ago

    Yeah the animal logic is sort of messed up on this one. This thing is basically waiting for the doomsday scenario.

  27. Edgar Primero

    Edgar PrimeroMonth ago

    Useless pices of shit

  28. jackson eaton

    jackson eatonMonth ago

    resilient to everything except the things that will kil them like someone breathing or a snail or a crab honestly why do the expect to happen and even tho they can hibernate they still only live a year

  29. Aha hello

    Aha helloMonth ago

    Ultimately tardigrades exist so snails don't need freezers xD

  30. Beckett H

    Beckett HMonth ago

    The next one? What do y’all know that we don’t?

  31. Thomas Hayes

    Thomas HayesMonth ago

    My spirit animal.

  32. Malivoo

    MalivooMonth ago

    Lol why does it randomly show that woman for 2 seconds while she says like 3 words.

  33. Johny40Se7en

    Johny40Se7enMonth ago

    So Eutardigrades eat through their bums, or shit through their mouths... kind of reminds me of a lot Humans, especially politicians and news anchors 😆😂🤣

  34. The Mod With No Heard Voice

    The Mod With No Heard VoiceMonth ago

    Forbidin gummy bear

  35. Anna Rose

    Anna RoseMonth ago

    the terrestrial tardis said am walnut

  36. Joe Exotic

    Joe ExoticMonth ago

    Octopus, tardigrades are aliens

  37. Shobhit Mishra

    Shobhit MishraMonth ago

    Maybe it can survive coronavirus too🤣

  38. Luis Fontán

    Luis FontánMonth ago

    I wonder if they can survive in the vacuum of space

  39. Royzak Tan

    Royzak TanMonth ago

    Anyone watches teirzoo and is like...um.... sure

  40. 23Dreamer444 Magic

    23Dreamer444 MagicMonth ago

    Most resilient animals in the universe, so far.

  41. John sarab

    John sarab2 months ago

    These little guys may have seeded the Earth with life!

  42. Claudia OwO

    Claudia OwO2 months ago

    I'm disgusted knowing these things could be crawling on me but I'm interested

  43. kashu

    kashu2 months ago

    Location: exists Tardigrades: *hIPPITY HOPPITY*

  44. Liang Jingzhe

    Liang Jingzhe2 months ago

    tardigrates are kinda cute

  45. Ashton Henriksen

    Ashton Henriksen2 months ago

    These things are not from this planet, I guarantee it.

  46. edyram22

    edyram222 months ago

    Looks like your mother-in-law.

  47. Charles Triplett

    Charles Triplett2 months ago

    If they can live anywhere that could mean there’s a 85% chance you have a friend in your butt hole. Have fun thinking.

  48. raf san

    raf san2 months ago

    Think what would happen if human developed from tardigrets, not apes.

  49. Daniel Kitur

    Daniel Kitur2 months ago

    We should study this species and their biology mechanisms in order to get one or two inventions

  50. Daniel Kitur

    Daniel KiturMonth ago


  51. Kristen Lum

    Kristen LumMonth ago

    I’m just saying they are only visible with a microscope so it would be hard to analyze them

  52. Kristen Lum

    Kristen LumMonth ago

    Daniel Kitur I’m just saying it is only visible with a microscope so we can’t really watch them

  53. Daniel Kitur

    Daniel KiturMonth ago

    @Kristen Lum I don't know I have not specializes in studying of animals

  54. Kristen Lum

    Kristen LumMonth ago

    Daniel Kitur how though?

  55. Luna Suenaert

    Luna Suenaert2 months ago

    In Dutch they're called 'pantoffel diertjes' what literally translates to 'sliper animals'😅

  56. AaronGamer X360Wood

    AaronGamer X360Wood2 months ago

    "the most resilient organism in the universe" you mean the world? Because there could be (and probably are) organisms more resilient than the tardigrade.

  57. AaronGamer X360Wood

    AaronGamer X360Wood2 months ago

    Out in the universe ofc

  58. Isola7edWolf

    Isola7edWolf2 months ago

    Water bears extremely resilient and gets body by every other organism

  59. Paul Jefferies

    Paul Jefferies2 months ago

    A little ignorant to say they are the most resilient in the universe. How do you know that exactly?

  60. Raptin 159

    Raptin 1592 months ago

    Fact: water bears are massive fans of the NFL

  61. Eroe

    Eroe2 months ago

    feed coronavirus to tardigrades, they will come up with a defensive mechanism , then we extrat it from them to cure ourselves. im genius i knew i was meant to save the world some day i know

  62. Alemeth Visorro

    Alemeth Visorro3 months ago

    Daniel's = animalogic

  63. Blazing Productions

    Blazing Productions3 months ago

    they are very resilient if their opponent has a godzilla atomic laser breath

  64. Noen Telesforo

    Noen Telesforo3 months ago

    Actually the tardigrade build is a very low tier build, they get bodied by most other builds so I wouldn't be playing a tardigrade build anytime soon

  65. symfora

    symfora3 months ago

    Just wait until they evolve it's gonna be the end of human era

  66. MysteryMachine 444

    MysteryMachine 4443 months ago

    📡 Navigate using your inner eye, move slowly, drink only liquids, fasting, adaptability, gotcha.

  67. Na T

    Na T3 months ago

    But can it survive 2020?

  68. Alexandre Vong

    Alexandre Vong3 months ago

    6:08 Waterbears can survive mass extintions. But can't survive being eaten.

  69. Charles Trulear

    Charles Trulear3 months ago

    I think the main test of tardigrades' survivability is to lock them in an enclosed space for a year and show them The Room on a constant loop.

  70. nicky

    nicky3 months ago

    apparently, in pictures, scientists found a tardigrade on the sun??? or rather, a tardigrade looking speck. hello???

  71. e z

    e z3 months ago

    the scp 096 of the animals

  72. Jay Time

    Jay Time3 months ago

    in future when we can transmit video from one animal to screen it must be so wild seeing threw there eyes

  73. Dany Tri Kusuma

    Dany Tri Kusuma3 months ago

    Come here after watching Bright Side. This animal can life without food until 30 years. Woooww

  74. Andhika

    Andhika3 months ago

    KILL IT WITH... Umm,Whats Their Weakness Again?

  75. Oscar D. Lisboa

    Oscar D. Lisboa3 months ago

    Surviving isnt thriving Tardigrades arent extremophiles

  76. Vortex

    Vortex3 months ago

    They taste like pizza.

  77. Jason Spades

    Jason Spades3 months ago

    Im such a huge fan of this girl. She doesn't know she loves me, but she does.

  78. CjL

    CjL3 months ago

    According to Neil Degrasse Tyson's Cosmos these things even snuggle with one another, for no (known) reason other than to show affection.

  79. Lacky McFarland

    Lacky McFarland3 months ago

    Maybe we return to the tardigrade world when we die waiting for another body? Yes I’m high.

  80. Butacup Pucatub

    Butacup Pucatub3 months ago

    I’ve never heard of them until now. They can go 30 years without food?! Can I ask what is their maximum age? I’m thinking 100 years would be near accurate. Okay, 130!!

  81. Vibes Sans

    Vibes Sans3 months ago

    He sleep for a year until HE SLEEP UNTIL 1 YEARRRRRRR

  82. Lil Frizzy

    Lil Frizzy3 months ago

    Who Came From Tik Tok💀

  83. Skezy

    Skezy3 months ago

    Uhh 100 degree fahrenheit can kill a water bear in a day

  84. Here's Hot Rod

    Here's Hot Rod4 months ago

    Cockroaches: We are the toughest creatures alive Water bears: Hold our 🍻

  85. Madame Defarge

    Madame Defarge4 months ago

    Looks like my ex-husband

  86. Shane Garlet

    Shane Garlet4 months ago

    Will they survive against virus?

  87. Turnip The Beet

    Turnip The BeetMonth ago


  88. Gigi Mecer

    Gigi Mecer4 months ago

    The aliens are already on earth......hahaha

  89. Ty I

    Ty I4 months ago

    Mesotardigrada? No, Eurardigrada!

  90. chris berg

    chris berg4 months ago

    Okay, but how

  91. yash kachhwah

    yash kachhwah4 months ago

    Now I cant drink my water help huys

  92. VipapkStudiosOfficial

    VipapkStudiosOfficial4 months ago

    Star Trek: Discovery

  93. Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots4 months ago

    They probably spend their evolution points mainly on defense. They will outlive us all!

  94. Misses Hippy

    Misses Hippy4 months ago

    They look like a penis, or a manatee, or manatee penis.

  95. R S

    R S4 months ago

    ah, to be but a tardigrade, living in fresh water, not having to pay taxes or rent

  96. Ezra aloyevielara

    Ezra aloyevielara4 months ago

    they maybe the key for a new life in other rocky planets

  97. Mickeyislowd

    Mickeyislowd4 months ago

    So they give birth through their assoles.

  98. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper4 months ago

    Joe Rogan brought me here.


    MASTER GAMER4 months ago

    the narrators cute af thoooo

  100. Billy Sm00th

    Billy Sm00th4 months ago

    She is attractive...

  101. Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson4 months ago


  102. Passing Traveler

    Passing Traveler4 months ago

    سبحان الله العظيم سبحان الله وبحمده لا إله إلا هو ما خلق هذا باطلا و الحمد لله رب العالمين 💚🌹

  103. Passing Traveler

    Passing Traveler4 months ago

    Subhana ALLAH the most great the most high the most merciful

  104. 조재형ジェイムズ

    조재형ジェイムズ4 months ago

    why do these exist? what function do they serve in the ecosystem? i cant think of any!

  105. Jasmine Gallagher

    Jasmine Gallagher4 months ago

    Where's Tierzoo?

  106. Papa Noms

    Papa Noms4 months ago

    This is fascinating! How could anyone vote this video down?

  107. Hockey R6

    Hockey R65 months ago

    Who is here from the comparison video and this was the most hours slept

  108. Jotaro Kujo With A Mustache

    Jotaro Kujo With A Mustache4 months ago


  109. golden cobra1

    golden cobra14 months ago

    I am

  110. Jessica Recoco

    Jessica Recoco5 months ago

    Family Guy brought me here.