These Beetles Scuba Dive

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic9 months ago

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  2. J. H.

    J. H.4 months ago

    Just skip 2:20

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    ThisIsDK8 months ago

    Excuse me, who's the artist?

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    3liteBeastmode69 months ago

    Sorry but this isnt working it keeps saying i need to pay :(

  5. Sweet Peep

    Sweet Peep9 months ago

    Animalogic do the blue footed booby next

  6. Anthony Grino

    Anthony Grino9 months ago

    Love this channel! Will there be an episode for the dugong and manatee? I think that will be interesting since mermaids are popular these days and these animals were once mistaken for them.

  7. Senpai Marsi

    Senpai Marsi12 hours ago

    what if we talk about Pesut in borneo..

  8. A normal Person

    A normal Person22 days ago

    Giornos beetles

  9. Kernel And mangoThe chicks and friends 1

    Kernel And mangoThe chicks and friends 129 days ago


  10. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi UchihaMonth ago

    We had a small pool in our garden a few years ago and every year there. I would always kill bees for them to eat. Im feeling so guilty TWT

  11. CS GO Coach

    CS GO CoachMonth ago

    10 minute sponsor video, just makes my day. not!

  12. Kadence McCaa

    Kadence McCaa3 months ago

    Omg We saw that beetle in our pool😱😰

  13. who dat boy?

    who dat boy?3 months ago

    Bugs scuba diva now... ight imma head out to the moon or something.

  14. Master Exploder

    Master Exploder3 months ago


  15. Muhammad Iqbal

    Muhammad Iqbal4 months ago

    Water tigers gotta keep an eye out for Selener

  16. DoggerX

    DoggerX5 months ago

    I saw one of these guys when I was 6 or so at a lake trip. It FREAKED me out. I thought it was a frog from the way it swam. I'm 19 today and finally found out about them. Damn.

  17. Kwestyung

    Kwestyung6 months ago

    I came here after catching one in Animal Crossing lol

  18. jigstone morata

    jigstone morata6 months ago

    SIGBIN only in the Phil.

  19. Waterlemon ,

    Waterlemon ,6 months ago

    I grew up seeing these, I never knew what they were. Thank you!

  20. Andy Dany

    Andy Dany6 months ago

    Do piranha

  21. Charles Bolling

    Charles Bolling7 months ago

    Flamingos 🦩 please

  22. Evan Orizam

    Evan Orizam7 months ago

    1:27 Someone created that thing with spore

  23. Toy Insanity

    Toy Insanity7 months ago

    Giant Water Bug next please

  24. i dont know

    i dont know7 months ago

    Then let's make a bubble from our mouth and dive

  25. Lucky Cenn Ilagan

    Lucky Cenn Ilagan7 months ago

    So they can swim, fly and walk. They're ducks!

  26. MiTmite9

    MiTmite97 months ago

    Skip the prolonged commercial and start here: 2:19

  27. Dallows65

    Dallows658 months ago

    You've done Diving beetles. How about Waterbugs/Beetles. The ones that behave like assassin bugs.

  28. Maridel Untal

    Maridel Untal8 months ago

    Sciance:The diving bettle alleays dive most of the time. Diving bettle:We dive not all of the time the air smells like fart cuz it is...... Sciance is wrong this time....

  29. Sleep Deprived Potato

    Sleep Deprived Potato8 months ago

    I just got home from my province, and while leaving a bucket of water outside, One of these actually dove in. I had a hard time trying to catch it but when I did, I was really fascinated. Now I know that they are beetles. Really cool

  30. Y e s Boi

    Y e s Boi8 months ago

    Guess who I am :3 I live outside and inside water :3 I lay eggs in water I can lose my tail and regrow it :3 And if somebody eats me they get poisoned :3 Who am I!?! >:3

  31. Whenpigsfly

    Whenpigsfly8 months ago

    “Their association goes back over a hundred million years”.......once again using that unproven hypothesis and presenting it as fact.....we really like these shows but please stop with the untrue statements. There is no proof of your statement so present is as such. You could say “ it us believed” or “ it is possible “ but stop misleading people.

  32. Public Service Announcements PSA's

    Public Service Announcements PSA's8 months ago

    Catching diving beetles was one of the most fun things to do as s child.

  33. Alejandro Padilla

    Alejandro Padilla8 months ago

    Next animal video do Himalayan monal pheasant

  34. Abby Short

    Abby Short8 months ago

    OOOOH those are the things I am feeding to my turtle (She likes live prey weird for a captive bred)

  35. Tom Clay

    Tom Clay8 months ago

    I find them cool but I don't like them in my pool

  36. Eh

    Eh8 months ago

    Imagine it’s bubble pops while underwater

  37. R.A.K

    R.A.K8 months ago

    We studied those in Science class. Thanks for the video it's really interesting.

  38. holocatz

    holocatz8 months ago

    A larva of one of these bit me once when I was five. It hurt :(

  39. Axolina

    Axolina8 months ago


  40. ᏗᎮᎮᏝᏋᏕ

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  41. Raul Martinez

    Raul Martinez8 months ago

    So it’s technically a insect duck

  42. Kaizenitou Z

    Kaizenitou Z8 months ago

    Me: i can blow a bubble with my mouth Beetle: i can blow a bubble with my butt..


    NOSRN AMARA8 months ago

    1:25 PLEASE do an episode on this funky guy. I need to learn about it.

  44. Yed

    Yed8 months ago

    Why don't you make a video on Mazalaai, the dessert bear?


    KUREAMY8 months ago

    I really want this to be a pokemon....

  46. Pinch Man

    Pinch Man8 months ago

    I always love spotting the stargazer in the intro drawing. It's just like this beautiful menagerie of wild life until you spot it.

  47. rasgo123

    rasgo1238 months ago

    This is my scape from city stress

  48. Sheik Mathaar

    Sheik Mathaar8 months ago

    King Cobra


    PRINCE KRAZIE8 months ago

    Those things are eaten in the South of China, just like most animals.

  50. Aaron Olson

    Aaron Olson9 months ago

    MY bois

  51. PrimeNumber19

    PrimeNumber199 months ago

    The commercials are getting out of hand when they constitute 30 percent of your length.

  52. Derpy Woodoo

    Derpy Woodoo9 months ago

    When I was a kid, I once found a little group of these in my local pool. I'd try to catch them in my hands, buy they had a bit of a bite to them so I'd drop them!

  53. Shanine Jackman1998

    Shanine Jackman19989 months ago

    Ik this comment is weeks late 😅, but I've seen these in Jersey before

  54. patrick grajam

    patrick grajam9 months ago

    Why does she sound like she has a bread in her mouth while talking?🤣

  55. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki9 months ago

    They are clingy

  56. Loli No Kami

    Loli No Kami9 months ago

    is magellantv have traduction in french ?

  57. Siddharth Jha

    Siddharth Jha9 months ago

    Danielle and this channel are treasures!

  58. Mike Gevara

    Mike Gevara9 months ago

    Topic about Philippine Eagle

  59. Raz Oudmayer

    Raz Oudmayer9 months ago

    you should do an episode on the bombardier beetle (unless u have already done one)

  60. Dorijan Dorek

    Dorijan Dorek9 months ago

    You should do Ball pythons

  61. theeternalgardener

    theeternalgardener9 months ago

    Thanks for this beautiful and exciting video! Again I loved the drawing very much! Please make a video about swarm intelligence! Especially after the video about Weaver Ants I asked myself how ants got their clever and elaborate behaviour patterns. How do they come up with ideas in general with their swarm intelligence? How did new behaviors establish themselves, such as weaving leaves together? Who was the inventor ant if there is/was such a being? How does the collective work in developing new habits or ways of tackling missions? I would really like you to make another video on the subject of collective intelligence and collective action.

  62. Zornvolt

    Zornvolt9 months ago

    love this channel! please talk about mousebirs, sea spiders, sea feathers, salp, quetzals, bilbies, tenrecs, mole crickets, ladybugs, jumping spiders, leaf insects, caecileans, surgeon fish, beaked whales, civets, lovebirds, bagworms, mayflies, camel spiders, scaphopods, braquiopods, damselfish, flying fish, tuna, stag beetles, longhorn beetles, springhares, tubeworms, tapeworms, cicadas, sea angels, fan mussels, tripod fish, vellela, oysters, bobbit worms, kagus, flukes, lacewings, capybaras, martens, sand dollars, barnacles, pipefish and bee-eaters sometime

  63. Choosey

    Choosey9 months ago

    I also stick to females for more convenient access

  64. neuralwarp

    neuralwarp9 months ago

    First 2m24s was spam. Stop it.

  65. Zuhayr Foendoe

    Zuhayr Foendoe9 months ago

    Can you do peafowl next their Mr favorite birds

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    Justathereptile9 months ago

    how about king cobra.

  67. Vinny Jhawer

    Vinny Jhawer9 months ago

    Do a video on silverfish please

  68. Faisal Rehman

    Faisal Rehman9 months ago

    Are there other scuba diving animals that hunt pearls?

  69. DrGzhero

    DrGzhero9 months ago

    This is cool! Now I want an episode on Ironclad beetles and Bombardier beetles :P

  70. Bivek Ban

    Bivek Ban9 months ago

    next video about wall climbing goats

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    Von Barr9 months ago

    King Cobra please!

  72. Jan-Deo Duarte

    Jan-Deo Duarte9 months ago

    Portia spider

  73. Samantha Carpenter

    Samantha Carpenter9 months ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a piece on false killer whales. Please? I love that you feature lesser known amazing animals as well as the "popular ones". I think false killer whales would blow your subscibers minds!

  74. Mountain Biker

    Mountain Biker9 months ago

    What do the mites feed on?

  75. mundane_potion

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  76. Walter Alfonso Cobar-Paz

    Walter Alfonso Cobar-Paz9 months ago

    Woman in the video: And now back to the breathtaking diving beatle... Diving beatle: No, you're breathtaking!

  77. Malik Ajarmeh

    Malik Ajarmeh9 months ago

    The longest sponsorship ad! Almost forgot what was this video about.

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  80. Andreaus Robinson

    Andreaus Robinson9 months ago

    This beetle's kit is too diverse... might need to nerf its abilities

  81. Greg Diefenbach

    Greg Diefenbach9 months ago

    Love this MagellanTV. Thank you for the including the link!

  82. K Gowtham Siva

    K Gowtham Siva9 months ago

    Web spinner insect

  83. Bugbears and Wormwood

    Bugbears and Wormwood9 months ago

    Pinworms for nightmare fuel and to encourage hygiene

  84. Brandon Breit

    Brandon Breit9 months ago

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    John Ray Ng9 months ago

    make one next on Penguins, like an episode that explains the diff penguins

  90. Tait Madsen

    Tait Madsen9 months ago

    Small Cats Unknown no longer appears for me on Curiosity Stream, and it is no longer in my watch history. Was it removed? I am in the US, in case it was only removed in some regions.


    JONASYALL9 months ago

    Can these species be seen in scandinavia


    JIWAN KANWAR9 months ago

    Me in childhood..hey look that Insect,this is water purifier..😁😁😁

  93. Nathaniel Miller

    Nathaniel Miller9 months ago

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  94. naylus56

    naylus569 months ago

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    Laiya Ijekiel9 months ago

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  96. sammy man9000

    sammy man90009 months ago

    Tiny swimming computer mouse

  97. cristiann68

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  98. cristiann68

    cristiann689 months ago

    Insects are boring =(

  99. Blue_Fox

    Blue_Fox9 months ago

    these beetles are too powerful with those eyes

  100. 狐夢美

    狐夢美9 months ago

    Yeeeessss we need more of these to eat more mosquitoes. Make them extinct!

  101. KimonoDragon

    KimonoDragon9 months ago

    Let's hear about the saiga antelope

  102. Xsgalipliip Hill

    Xsgalipliip Hill9 months ago

    Talk about the portia fimbriata spider! It is proof THEY'RE LEARNING

  103. Marcello No Name

    Marcello No Name9 months ago

    I wonder if I can keep one as a pet? Or many.

  104. Hamdan Firdauzi

    Hamdan Firdauzi9 months ago

    Looks like giorno's ladybug

  105. Ivans Edde

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