Ocelot: The Mini Jaguar

From the mountains in the Sonoran desert, to the foothills of the Argentinian Andes lives a predator perfectly adapted to this wide range of habitats; the Ocelot.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Quantum Inc

    Quantum Inc9 hours ago

    All of the comments are references to "Minecraft" and "Phineas & Ferb" but to be honest...that is also why I am here.

  2. Crimson-Inferno.45

    Crimson-Inferno.45Day ago

    Archer: "I've never seen an ocelot."

  3. Allan Kang

    Allan Kang3 days ago

    Not true. The puma is the largest "small cat" in Central and South America.

  4. Bala Gangadhar Thilak Penupothu

    Bala Gangadhar Thilak Penupothu3 days ago

    Do a video on Indian Gaur

  5. LeMe

    LeMe4 days ago

    "They have all terrain paws" Damn Jaguar car advertisements are getting smarter

  6. Kitty Witty

    Kitty Witty5 days ago

    You should always mention the greatest risks to their lives is habitat loss. Legal protection is not set in stone.

  7. Robert Tucker Jr

    Robert Tucker Jr5 days ago


  8. Don Hillsman II

    Don Hillsman II6 days ago


  9. xavier lopez

    xavier lopez7 days ago

    Kind of reminds me of a bobcat of the rainforest

  10. Alex Arguedas

    Alex Arguedas7 days ago

    I live in Costa Rica and I've woken up to one of this lil fellas eating my cat's food

  11. Levistro

    Levistro7 days ago

    I saw a wild ocelot here in argentina

  12. Mercenary Gundam

    Mercenary Gundam7 days ago

    3:18 and 3:53 Metal Gear.... It can't be

  13. Aristocles

    Aristocles8 days ago

    Anyone who thinks the only majestic animals the US has are bison, moose, and bears should look here. We've got ocelots in California and Arizona, at least.

  14. chaosfox72

    chaosfox728 days ago

    Jaguarundi video next?

  15. elephant colour

    elephant colour9 days ago

    Kittyyyy 😍😍

  16. Snowy cat

    Snowy cat9 days ago

    "Special operations FOXHOUND, Revolver Ocelot" -Revolver Ocelot

  17. mutano paiva

    mutano paiva10 days ago

    ocelet um animal lindo da amazonia brasileira

  18. Kenneth Cook

    Kenneth Cook10 days ago

    Not even 1 minute in, and you're WRONG. The Mountain Lion (or Puma, or Cougar) is the largest member of the small cat family, and it is found well into central America.

  19. Tuan Hieu Tran

    Tuan Hieu Tran10 days ago

    Only Mundus is the prince of darkness.

  20. aprendo espanol

    aprendo espanol11 days ago

    all 3 species in genus lynx, please

  21. caracal82

    caracal8211 days ago

    I smirked when the commentator said "she drops from the tree and onto her target"....and there was closup on cat's scrotum xD. Nevertheless I love those videos and admire the work put into them.

  22. abysmalatrocious

    abysmalatrocious11 days ago

    I LOVE cats!! These are pretty cats!!

  23. Peter Bowman

    Peter Bowman11 days ago

    Holy haunches!

  24. KittySnicker

    KittySnicker12 days ago

    What a cutie!!

  25. Noodle

    Noodle12 days ago

    I'm so glad you're Canadian and using the metric system. Finally I can understand something.

  26. Evan b

    Evan b13 days ago

    The fact that people used to make coats out of ocelot makes me kind of sick to my stomach.

  27. Josh Mastiff

    Josh Mastiff13 days ago

    I love Ocelots and animals in general but can you please take back the title? I mean it's kind of a disrespect to the Godfather of metal, the true Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osborne

  28. Aww

    Aww13 days ago

    Do those worms that light up

  29. Romantic Outlaw

    Romantic Outlaw13 days ago

    but how's its relationship with snakes

  30. REDGT10

    REDGT1013 days ago

    *"Ocelots are proud creatures"*

  31. Blockcrafter MC

    Blockcrafter MC12 days ago

    Everyones saying that WHATS THE POINT EVERY KILLER IS PROUD *in some way*

  32. Jf H

    Jf H13 days ago

    I so want one.



    I love watching this stuff when im as high as giraffe titties😎🌚

  34. Chris Ayala

    Chris Ayala14 days ago

    They call them small cats but ocelots are huge. They are basically jungle bobcats

  35. Adam Osborne

    Adam Osborne14 days ago


  36. notfiveo

    notfiveo14 days ago

    Here kitty kitty.

  37. satriyowicak

    satriyowicak15 days ago

    I wanna pet them

  38. chaning dodson

    chaning dodson15 days ago

    We have them in texas too

  39. Backpacking America. Crypto Guy

    Backpacking America. Crypto Guy15 days ago

    Thanks I love it

  40. Branden Wright

    Branden Wright15 days ago

    you came here cause of minecraft no? well i sure did.

  41. Alfine Happy

    Alfine Happy16 days ago

    1:17 is all you wanna see

  42. Cosmo Ray

    Cosmo Ray17 days ago

    Talk about Alligator sinensis. I could be wrong but I think they are the smallest gator in the world.

  43. Michael McCarty

    Michael McCarty18 days ago

    What's the difference between an Ocelot and a Margay?

  44. Bri P

    Bri P18 days ago

    Please look up "Lancelot the Ocelot." the children's book by Beverly Bechtel. I've had this book ever since I was a child.

  45. Heather Sinclair

    Heather Sinclair19 days ago

    that was awesome i love it.

  46. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays19 days ago

    My fifth grade teacher had a pet ocelot. Unfortunately, it attacked her new born son. That incident made it to a local news channel.

  47. suryadi taufan

    suryadi taufan20 days ago

    awww so cute

  48. Maurice

    Maurice20 days ago

    you mixed up some video clips of margays and oncillas into the ocelots

  49. Philip Valenzuela

    Philip Valenzuela21 day ago

    Where is his red beret and.... ... revolver?

  50. xisobelx373

    xisobelx37321 day ago

    I wish they were all over


    EROSGIO SALMONI21 day ago

    Lovely Ocelots...🐯

  52. We Do Learning

    We Do Learning22 days ago

    Saguaro - love 'em. Nice cat, too.

  53. I found a liquor store and I drank it

    I found a liquor store and I drank it22 days ago

    male ocelots pee like men i know

  54. M. Furey

    M. Furey22 days ago

    Basically, they're cute cute cute! :)

  55. Teabag McPick

    Teabag McPick23 days ago

    Well spotted........

  56. Mwelwa Nguni

    Mwelwa Nguni25 days ago

    Is that Babou?!

  57. Evan White

    Evan White25 days ago


  58. BuildingCenter

    BuildingCenter25 days ago

    This is the first time Animalogic added two extra words to a video title.

  59. Michael Hammer

    Michael Hammer25 days ago

    Talk about Bengals

  60. Agni Muller

    Agni Muller25 days ago

    In Brazil we call it Jaguaritica.

  61. Lauro Lavanda

    Lauro Lavanda25 days ago


  62. Wim Widdershins

    Wim Widdershins26 days ago

    Micro leopard.


    USEFUL RANDOMNESS26 days ago

    Whose here because Kingdom

  64. Penguin Hunter

    Penguin Hunter26 days ago

    They are called - wild cat in my country. I used to spot one in a temple, surprisingly friendly. I think monk constantly feed them so they domesticated themselves there.

  65. dimman77

    dimman7726 days ago

    I thought the Cougar was the largest of the 'small' cats.

  66. Dan Teller

    Dan Teller27 days ago

    I think I've probably learned a few things from watching the show Archer, but my favorite is that ocelots are crepuscular... and also what the word "crepuscular" means.

  67. Glenn Laroche

    Glenn Laroche27 days ago

    Danielle: provides intelligent, sensitive information about ocelots Me: imma boop dat snoot

  68. Heart Attack

    Heart Attack27 days ago

    Awww they're so cute! Their like a house cat, but not a house cat

  69. namethatisnottakenyo

    namethatisnottakenyo27 days ago

    "Ocelots are proud creatures and they prefer to hunt alone"... Now where have I heard that before. ;)

  70. cavhoki

    cavhoki28 days ago

    jaguar jr

  71. Spectral Ocelot Clawz

    Spectral Ocelot Clawz28 days ago

    What a handsome fellow

  72. quilt queen

    quilt queenMonth ago

    What a beautiful animal

  73. Vex, a raposa vermelha

    Vex, a raposa vermelhaMonth ago

    is the South American cat with the least amount of predators! it is only hunted by the jaguar, puma and occasionally by the maned wolf

  74. Jake Giuliano

    Jake GiulianoMonth ago


  75. Sheldon Harvey

    Sheldon HarveyMonth ago

    Thank you for the video. Please give us a break down on the margay.

  76. Landricities

    LandricitiesMonth ago

    D....did you casually sprinkle Young Ocelot's dialogue throughout your script or.....

  77. Kerdayle Stewart

    Kerdayle StewartMonth ago

    I have a few around my house to protect me from creepers

  78. Mo Jo

    Mo JoMonth ago

    Oh so let me get this straight: his paws are "BUILT" and his coat is "DESIGNED", which according to my HUMAN-logic, demands both a builder AND designer. But instead, your ANIMAL-logic says unthinking EVOLUTION did these things, all by CHANCE. NONSENSE! Change your name to ANIMAL-ILLOGIC, please and stop offending those of us who have a brain given to us by the Creator.

  79. pikachu _dead

    pikachu _deadMonth ago

    Oh this the one that raised Doofinmirtz

  80. massive peacock

    massive peacockMonth ago

    Ah the dark Prince Vegeta has achieved a newer form

  81. adel ramadan

    adel ramadanMonth ago


  82. Abdul Gaffar

    Abdul GaffarMonth ago

    By the way, ocelots can fail in a hunt sometimes, which is commom for all cats

  83. Serenity now

    Serenity nowMonth ago

    Just noticed they have that white spot behind their ears like tigers

  84. Gasapos, Christine Margarette V.

    Gasapos, Christine Margarette V.Month ago

    ocelot 1: DIE BROTHA ocelot 2: NO, YOU DIE SISTER meanwhile Danielle : look at how adorable they are~

  85. ArcaneArgonaut

    ArcaneArgonautMonth ago

    $30,000 USD back then, of $30K today's money?

  86. Johan Rodrigues

    Johan RodriguesMonth ago

    You did not mention that the ones found in Trinidad have black noses .

  87. Crylec

    CrylecMonth ago

    Finally an animal that isn't being killed or used for Chinese medicine

  88. Dani Robbyansyah

    Dani RobbyansyahMonth ago

    How about Javan Hawk Eagle?

  89. Jherome Chann

    Jherome ChannMonth ago

    Creeper : I fear no man but that thing it scares me. The thing:

  90. Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia

    Lord Habitaxe of PrydoniaMonth ago

    Engraving gives no tactical advantage whatsoever

  91. Vichu log

    Vichu logMonth ago

    Need king cobra episode

  92. Nickolas Lawson

    Nickolas LawsonMonth ago

    You should do a video on the endangered Indri Indri Lemur

  93. Shubham Rana RQQMbSKwAC

    Shubham Rana RQQMbSKwACMonth ago

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    help me plsMonth ago

    I fed it with fish and it turned into a kitty

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    Wendell França RochaMonth ago

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    Zinnia DaisyMonth ago

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  97. Tyrone Taylor

    Tyrone TaylorMonth ago

    Man is the worst. Ocelot pelts.. 😡😠

  98. Death Sugab

    Death SugabMonth ago

    Oh no no no... u must have permission from Ozzy

  99. Daphne Rodriguez

    Daphne RodriguezMonth ago


  100. Sarah A A

    Sarah A AMonth ago

    What a beautiful cat!

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    rohit KrugerMonth ago

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