Dingo: The King of Australia

Get ready to meet the Apex Predator Down Under, the Dingo. | If you want to get behind the scenes on our latest trip down under, then check out our Patreon page for some exclusive new episodes. Watch the here: www.patreon.com/posts/38757696
This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lockdown.
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Special thanks to Australian Wildlife Conservancy for providing dingo footage.

Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Research, and Camera Operator: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. enjoy

    enjoyHour ago

    If lion marsupial is still there the dingo have be his breakfast

  2. Hazztech

    Hazztech6 hours ago

    More like doggo

  3. Alexandria Johnson

    Alexandria JohnsonDay ago

    AAAAWWWWE what a cutie. they look kind of like shiba doggies

  4. Bob Shy

    Bob ShyDay ago

    I owned the US version for 19 years. A bit of a handful. But a great buddy.

  5. Dckinggambo

    Dckinggambo2 days ago

    how do you make your sketch animations it's so cool!

  6. The Jurassic World Gang

    The Jurassic World Gang2 days ago

    Dingo are like Tasmanian tiger but no stripes

  7. Glenn Nayaka Chandra

    Glenn Nayaka Chandra2 days ago

    Dingo < danger Shiba

  8. Blake Morton

    Blake Morton2 days ago

    Omg the look like Shiba Inus

  9. RED Pyro

    RED Pyro3 days ago

    They have shiba inu faces

  10. Sarc Asm

    Sarc Asm4 days ago

    Idk man it justs looks like a shiba inu but more suspicious

  11. daren drew

    daren drew5 days ago

    perhaps you should check out the dhole on your next video

  12. john d'souza

    john d'souza6 days ago

    please go for dalmations....i just love them please

  13. Angelo Karantonis

    Angelo Karantonis6 days ago

    What do you mean it’s not native Australian animal? And it’s not really a k9 it’s crossed between a feline also.

  14. Oswana Bengi

    Oswana Bengi6 days ago

    I hope he is part crocodile

  15. andrea edelman

    andrea edelman6 days ago

    Great looking animal, Too bad about the name

  16. Yaswanth Vegi

    Yaswanth Vegi6 days ago

    "Australia's Apex predator is a dog basically" Meanwhile some Asian countries : we have these on streets,WAIT WHAT these are apex predators?

  17. Broc Elvington

    Broc Elvington6 days ago

    There literally just wild domesticated dogs

  18. Boo Who?

    Boo Who?7 days ago

    What ? Shiba Inu is evolving! Congratulations! Your Shiba Inu evolved into a Dingo!

  19. Cal Santiago

    Cal Santiago7 days ago

    I know dingos aren’t doggos but they really do look like long, tall shibes.

  20. SkyChristina

    SkyChristina7 days ago

    ..looks exactly like my dog Duke, he's a Shiba inu.

  21. M4RYJU4N4 G4NJ4

    M4RYJU4N4 G4NJ47 days ago


  22. sai nandan

    sai nandan8 days ago

    talk about kangaroos

  23. Kurupt Force

    Kurupt Force8 days ago

    Dingoes do bark they just don't do it obsessively like Dogs and rarly do it.

  24. Mike Petell

    Mike Petell8 days ago

    So eating the kangaroos is doing them a favor but if animals could talk I don't think the kangaroos would say they appreciate that. Lol

  25. CJ Animates

    CJ Animates9 days ago

    don't tell me that dingos look like shiba inus? (aka doge)

  26. ?

    ?9 days ago

    Title: Dingo king of Australia Saltwater crocodile: is this some sort of tertiary consumer joke I’m to apex predator to understand

  27. Lagow

    Lagow9 days ago

    2:55 That confuses me.

  28. Icewind007

    Icewind0079 days ago

    I would 100% confuse a dingo for a dog.

  29. Natas Sliogeris

    Natas Sliogeris10 days ago

    where did the dingo go

  30. Yahudah Israel

    Yahudah Israel10 days ago

    White people oh their not indigenous to Australia but have been here 3,500 years. Shut the hell up.

  31. Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre

    Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre10 days ago


  32. Ser Tereyon of HAUS Ray-Ban

    Ser Tereyon of HAUS Ray-Ban10 days ago

    Do the Fossa next. They're Dingo-esque, and at the same time not quite. Truly fascinating creature.

  33. Samantha Hughes

    Samantha Hughes11 days ago

    Seriously? I like this series but you made a MAJOR mistake in painting Dingos as 'innocent' creatures. Why did you neglect to inform people that they are highly inelegant? Or the fact that they've killed human babies? Seriously please dont misinform people. It's a great way to get yourself killed here in Australia.

  34. 32 Gigabytes

    32 Gigabytes11 days ago


  35. RabidRacoonGaming

    RabidRacoonGaming11 days ago

    Oh they steal more than kisses. (Australians will get it)

  36. Tom Parker

    Tom Parker11 days ago

    That was not a Wedge-Tailed eagle you showed when you said its name, rather some kind of hawk.

  37. ryan be cryin

    ryan be cryin11 days ago

    If i saw a dingo anywhere i wouldve thought it was a lost dog

  38. bronc haris

    bronc haris12 days ago

    Honestly it looks like a shiba

  39. Mariana Johnston

    Mariana Johnston12 days ago


  40. Zack Aquamarine 6XZ

    Zack Aquamarine 6XZ12 days ago

    Dingos are just Shiba Inus in its final defense form

  41. sevenMOons666

    sevenMOons66612 days ago


  42. Holly

    Holly12 days ago

    i hate the fact someone could have a captive dingo, play it off as a dog and even i would think its a dog.

  43. crying cat

    crying cat13 days ago

    They look like Japnese dog Shiba-inu

  44. tjs114

    tjs11413 days ago

    The central African hunting dog, the Basenji, is a barkless dog (NOT the cape hunting dog- those blotchy painted dogs in sub-Saharan Africa). Dingos are simply pariah/primitive spitz dogs and almost all feral dogs will revert to this form after about 10 generations. The New Guinea Singing Dog is also a barkless breed, and the breed from which the Dingo's probably originated (given the mDNA of Dingo's is nearly identical to the NGSD). The Telomian breed from Malaysia is a close relative and also barkless. Barking, as a behavior, doesn't appear in most of the primitive dog breeds since it isn't a survival trait. To survive, a breed that is both predator and prey needs to be quiet.

  45. kitchengun

    kitchengun14 days ago

    a dingo is just a spicy shiba. *change my mind.*

  46. Michelle Billiau

    Michelle Billiau14 days ago

    Some gov still pay for farmers to kill and bring in their pelt... They also drop 1080 poison to kill them... This needs to stop!

  47. Anatolia

    Anatolia14 days ago

    You could own a dingo in suburbia and nobody would be able to tell it wasn't just a dog lol

  48. Fatimara j

    Fatimara j14 days ago

    Australia Oh Australia if you know you know

  49. El Guapo

    El Guapo15 days ago

    King? they are the most hated and misunderstood animal. They are systematically being poisoned and shot on daily basis. It’s the sad truth.

  50. Jay Time

    Jay Time15 days ago

    wow the dingo at 5:20 looks like he is really sick like he ate fermenting pears or something bad

  51. g1heart

    g1heart15 days ago

    Yeh tou kantri kutta hai

  52. Symphuzic

    Symphuzic15 days ago

    Sometimes I forget simple looking dogs could be wild.

  53. crowned kkaepjang

    crowned kkaepjang16 days ago

    Looks like a breed of a wolf and shiba inu

  54. Shadow Fox

    Shadow Fox16 days ago

    King? Conquered Australia? 😂 Bugger off

  55. JR. Exótics

    JR. Exótics16 days ago

    Ah man that sucks i wonder how long you guys were stuck on the mountain for

  56. Selah Wilson

    Selah Wilson16 days ago

    We are doing a project and this is so helpful

  57. Brianna Polanco

    Brianna Polanco17 days ago

    Dingos are basically just spicy shibas

  58. tricky 4x

    tricky 4x17 days ago

    Pretty dope Pokemon shirt. I kinda want one like that.

  59. Prem Vidheya

    Prem Vidheya17 days ago

    I love you Danielle 💘

  60. SwornReaper

    SwornReaper17 days ago

    2:56 OMG what happened to him/her, damn...crazy that it survived what ever happened.

  61. Olivia Brando

    Olivia Brando18 days ago

    Sutch wow

  62. JessieBanana

    JessieBanana18 days ago

    A Dingo as a pet sounds amazing, but having a cat that I feed a raw food diet set me back about $100 every 1.5 months. Totally doable, but she's 7lbs, for an animal the size of a Dingo that would $$$.

  63. KStar

    KStar18 days ago

    Danielle: they are not dogs My brain: what a cute, beautiful, majestic doggo

  64. Babu Bs

    Babu Bs18 days ago

    oh.. i love dufault ..

  65. Bloopybloop

    Bloopybloop19 days ago

    How long until cats are not considered invasive?

  66. Rini S.

    Rini S.19 days ago

    Are you sure these aren't Inu shibas?

  67. cookieman

    cookieman19 days ago

    They really do like dogs i wouldn’t really tell the difference

  68. Blu

    Blu19 days ago

    They are very dangerous animals. I would not want as a pet.

  69. Ross

    Ross13 days ago

    Yet they can be kept as one and even attach like a your average dog would my neighbors own one and it crys out when they leave

  70. Fredrick The Alien

    Fredrick The Alien19 days ago

    They look like shebainu’s with long faces

  71. BuddyPopy

    BuddyPopy19 days ago

    ah yes, the wild shiba

  72. Harambo

    Harambo20 days ago

    In Thailand, every domestic dog looks like this lol

  73. Jonathan Williams

    Jonathan Williams20 days ago

    If they’ve been there for that long at least and can’t be found elsewhere why say they aren’t native?

  74. Chad Carlton

    Chad Carlton20 days ago

    They look like shiba

  75. Felippe DeMello

    Felippe DeMello20 days ago

    Not to mention the possibility of desertification. When you mess up so bad the environment, that it just can't recover itself. The dingos kind of resembles some wolfe-like asian breeds - and, well, wolves.

  76. ? 9

    ? 921 day ago

    Her pokemon shirt is cool

  77. Devin Noel

    Devin Noel21 day ago

    Dogs? They look like doges.

  78. by baess

    by baess21 day ago

    they are the wolf version of shibas

  79. Kaeru

    Kaeru22 days ago

    Honestly, they look like Shiba Inu but longer legs.

  80. Berax

    Berax22 days ago

    could you do the grass hopper

  81. Nhật Gâu Official

    Nhật Gâu Official23 days ago

    They live at Bangladesh too?

  82. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf23 days ago

    I know you guys have done wolves already, but would it be at all possible for you to make a video specifically about the arctic wolf?! They have such AMAZING adaptations!!

  83. andy13

    andy1324 days ago

    *Ngl, the sand looks like doritos.*

  84. Dm Kape

    Dm Kape24 days ago

    I'm the only one who thinks that the dingo looks almost identical to the Japanese akita inu

  85. Dslayer3rd

    Dslayer3rd25 days ago

    The dingo is just an XL version of the Shiba Inu.

  86. MARIA sama

    MARIA sama25 days ago

    They have been in australia about 3800+ years ago, but still not the native. Okaaaayyyy....

  87. 5mnz7fg

    5mnz7fg26 days ago

    Canis lupus dingo: Dingos are dogs are wolves.

  88. The Affliction VHS

    The Affliction VHS28 days ago

    “The conquering king, the apex predator of Australia” Literally every poisonous and venomous animal in Australia: _ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU ?_

  89. Sly CANdí

    Sly CANdí28 days ago

    ahhh yes...the forbidden shibba

  90. Malcom X 1000

    Malcom X 100029 days ago

    Dingoes eat family dogs too

  91. mameまめ

    mameまめMonth ago

    No, it's obviously the undisputed king of Australia, Saxton HAAAAAAAAAAAALE!

  92. Cringey Username

    Cringey UsernameMonth ago

    It’s a shiba

  93. Summer Lewis

    Summer LewisMonth ago

    Shes doing everything I wanna do study animals and draw pictures of them 🥺

  94. Anmol Acharya

    Anmol AcharyaMonth ago

    they are long lost,wild relatives of shibainus

  95. Muffin Cheeks

    Muffin CheeksMonth ago

    Dingos are just chad doges

  96. Mathew Williams

    Mathew WilliamsMonth ago

    This girl has the best job ever I'd do anything for her job

  97. Meela Seejeram

    Meela SeejeramMonth ago

    Animalogic making more education and great video. Dingo are king of land . But not of the entire Australia .Saltwater Crocodile is true king of Australia

  98. syazh1

    syazh1Month ago

    Much like Bornean Pygmy Elephant.. asiatic elephant but isolated on the northen borneo.

  99. Ashy-the-cobragenet16

    Ashy-the-cobragenet16Month ago

    Dingos just look like look like shiba inu’s lol

  100. Seth dracanseth

    Seth dracansethMonth ago

    They look alot like shiba inus

  101. V C 40 Rudraneel Banerjee

    V C 40 Rudraneel BanerjeeMonth ago

    Dingo: I am the king of Australia Emu: Oh really Saltwater crocodile: Hello guys🐊