Okapi: The Forest Giraffe with a Prehensile Tongue

Despite what your gut might be telling you… the okapi is real.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
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Luke Marshall
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Delon Thomas

    Delon Thomas23 hours ago

    Finally something awesome to watch

  2. aristote bombo

    aristote bombo2 days ago


  3. Sunny

    Sunny3 days ago

    Something weird happened between a giraffe and a zebra

  4. Kevin Kölsch

    Kevin Kölsch6 days ago


  5. Kevin Kölsch

    Kevin Kölsch6 days ago

    pls just like this

  6. Sarath Sasidharan

    Sarath Sasidharan8 days ago

    Danielle.. ❤️

  7. Somashankar Bhattacharya

    Somashankar Bhattacharya13 days ago

    Umm, when you say infrasonic, that's got to be below 20 Hz, so I suppose you mean 15 Hz rather than 15 KHz.

  8. a2zmobile dk

    a2zmobile dk21 day ago

    Suggest a full length docu on okapi

  9. Noblebird02

    Noblebird02Month ago

    not only are poachers monstrous scumbags they are stupid: they killed the breeding okapis... which means there won't be okapi for them to hunt and eat if the animal goes extinct.

  10. Sanji! The Cigarette Smoking Simp

    Sanji! The Cigarette Smoking SimpMonth ago

    1:56 wow! Super cool!

  11. Phunker1

    Phunker12 months ago

    Wait, 15khz is not a low frequency. You mean 15hz? That would be pretty low.

  12. J. Megatron

    J. Megatron2 months ago

    She's sooooo fine...the okapi. Sure. The okapi

  13. Justin Flowers

    Justin Flowers2 months ago

    Kinda disappointed to not see a single deerbra comment smh

  14. Leonardo Crocetta

    Leonardo Crocetta2 months ago

    Me: I want a job. Mom: we have job at home. Job at home: counting okapi turds.

  15. Prince

    Prince2 months ago

    Meanwhile the Chinese: Traditional Chinese medicine...?

  16. Gabriel Mensah

    Gabriel Mensah2 months ago

    Who else heard the okapi call?

  17. Alexander Alex

    Alexander Alex2 months ago

    seen this animal for the first time in my life thought i have seen all animals worldwide

  18. Yoda

    Yoda2 months ago

    A lot of mammals eat the placenta after giving birth to regain the nutrients lost during labor.

  19. MTúlio

    MTúlio2 months ago

    0:44 Hey Lamarck

  20. Sina Roughani

    Sina Roughani2 months ago

    My gut: "The Okapi is not real" *The Okapi:*

  21. Taah Waii Sonam

    Taah Waii Sonam2 months ago

    It looks like cross-breed of zebra and giraffe..

  22. Da Meme King

    Da Meme King3 months ago

    What that tongue do

  23. EH - 03KS 858434 Credit Valley PS

    EH - 03KS 858434 Credit Valley PS3 months ago


  24. Nikhil v divakaran

    Nikhil v divakaran3 months ago

    Okapi looks like the after effects of a zebra, giraffe and horse went for a drunken party

  25. Gloria N.

    Gloria N.3 months ago

    Weird thing about me: my favorite animal has been an okapi since I was little, but I have no idea how I even knew what an okapi was XD

  26. Cookie_ Blob

    Cookie_ Blob3 months ago


  27. PumpkinsDontCry

    PumpkinsDontCry3 months ago

    I could've lived my life without hearing bush meat ever

  28. Aniket Nayi

    Aniket Nayi3 months ago

    Are sure it's not an alien?

  29. Raeye

    Raeye3 months ago

    Guess the mother is eating the placenta, which is rich on proteins, upon birth, because she is in need of energy reload.

  30. Lj Delaney

    Lj Delaney3 months ago

    Africa is tho worst continent on earth, and every country inside it is tied for the worst country

  31. Ken

    Ken3 months ago

    I wish to establish my own martial law over as much land as possible and ruthlessly protect and preserve the land

  32. Boleniana

    Boleniana4 months ago

    Horses consume the placenta too; it's not that odd.

  33. Okapiii

    Okapiii4 months ago

    hey look, its me

  34. Laoagan Lester

    Laoagan Lester4 months ago

    Kindly do Cloud Rat that can also be found in the Philippines Thank you

  35. chris cullen

    chris cullen4 months ago

    There is a lot of “you might have guessed”....you think we’re smarter than we are lol

  36. sha boi

    sha boi4 months ago

    4:26 ahhh

  37. Till H.

    Till H.4 months ago

    It triggers me so hard that they seemingly don't know what low and high frequency means

  38. ጉርሻ Gursha Tube

    ጉርሻ Gursha Tube4 months ago

    Tanks sister skillshare is amaz

  39. mathew thomas

    mathew thomas5 months ago

    Okapi looks like the long lost cousin of the quagga

  40. Georgiy Filatov

    Georgiy Filatov5 months ago

    If the population estimates differ by a factor of 5, then how can anyone possibly know that their numbers declined by 50% in the last 25 years??

  41. Gage Glascock

    Gage Glascock5 months ago

    You mean 15 Hz not KHz

  42. Prince Singh

    Prince Singh5 months ago

    Make a video on Australian Platypus

  43. M. Fareez

    M. Fareez5 months ago

    this is my first time seeing this animal thanks for sharing it!

  44. CodyScriblyn

    CodyScriblyn5 months ago

    I came here for the tongues but they didn't mention anything about them.

  45. Muhammad Iqbal

    Muhammad Iqbal5 months ago

    Most of herbivores mothers eat placenta of her new born calf. It reach of minerals.

  46. Haji Mooba

    Haji Mooba5 months ago

    i dont know if you knew this but the okapi calf had already been alive for 15 months. so really you should've said "it can stand 30 minutes after been born"

  47. Fahad Mumtaz

    Fahad Mumtaz5 months ago


  48. Fahad Mumtaz

    Fahad Mumtaz5 months ago

    This cow

  49. Fahad Mumtaz

    Fahad Mumtaz5 months ago


  50. Fahad Mumtaz

    Fahad Mumtaz5 months ago


  51. Fahad Mumtaz

    Fahad Mumtaz5 months ago


  52. Home Kitchen

    Home Kitchen5 months ago

    0:32 The woman is the same size as the man. That's idiotic.

  53. Stephen Brand

    Stephen Brand6 months ago

    Some times it’s best to cull the local human populations. Keeping human population densities low is actually an important strategy for limiting the prevalence of several tropical diseases in sub Saharan Africa.

  54. Pets pets pets Galore

    Pets pets pets Galore6 months ago

    These are and have been my favorite animal for years so happy

  55. Vinod Reddy

    Vinod Reddy6 months ago

    Danielle 😍😍😍,

  56. Russell Hughes

    Russell Hughes6 months ago

    People kill these creatures for their skin and humanity wonders why the coronavirus is here. If i was mother nature i would create a virus to kill you people also.

  57. Jermaine Long

    Jermaine Long6 months ago

    15khz is a VERY high frequency call, not low. Just sayin.

  58. Davi Melo

    Davi Melo6 months ago

    So.. what's a prehensile tongue anyway?

  59. Patrick Richardson

    Patrick Richardson6 months ago

    Weird looking animal

  60. Empr Gibbs

    Empr Gibbs6 months ago

    My ex liked this video

  61. Thuku

    Thuku6 months ago

    That animal can give some major tongue

  62. Gonietube NYC

    Gonietube NYC7 months ago


  63. Apollo Jack

    Apollo Jack7 months ago

    I have a prehensile tongue also

  64. Tanay Deb

    Tanay Deb7 months ago

    🇮🇳 Siliguri,Darjeeling ,west Bengal, India🇮🇳🦓+🦒=okapi

  65. Rosa Wright

    Rosa Wright7 months ago

    press F to show that you wanna save the animals from poachers!

  66. Martín Vasquez

    Martín Vasquez7 months ago

    0:33 hmmm oompa loompas

  67. John Adan

    John Adan7 months ago


  68. Felix Senimanora

    Felix Senimanora7 months ago

    Poor babies

  69. I. Rex

    I. Rex7 months ago

    I kind of lost focus after the story about the poachers killing 6 people and every animal on the reserve. These people need to die. And I dont want to hear its not their fault, they have to feed their family. If you are bold enough and well armed and trained enough to invade armed encampments to KILL people and slaughter animals simply to send a message you are a criminal gang. Not a hungry group of friendly natives just trying to feed your children.

  70. Allison

    Allison7 months ago

    They are gorgeous

  71. Jesse

    Jesse7 months ago

    Do they only live in the DRC because they are strict democratic republicans?

  72. Daisy Mae

    Daisy Mae7 months ago

    One of many animals that the only reason I know they exist is because of zoo tycoon 2.

  73. Mugi is the best keion

    Mugi is the best keion7 months ago

    Why are they twitching their muscles

  74. Julian Valenzuela

    Julian Valenzuela7 months ago

    Can we all agree we should give death sentence to poachers I would personally want them to get tortured before but I don’t think we can make that happen :(

  75. Andrew Yerian

    Andrew Yerian7 months ago

    Thank you so much for showing this animal! The okapi is such an interesting creature!

  76. old skool Gamer

    old skool Gamer7 months ago

    Strange creature never knew they existed.

  77. Kyle Warfield

    Kyle Warfield7 months ago

    You said “infrasonic” then said 15 kilohertz. Humans have an average hearing range of 20 Hertz to 20,000 hertz (20 kilohertz), so infrasonic would be anything below that limit. There was even a super high frequency played.

  78. Obstsalat95

    Obstsalat957 months ago

    I don't mean to hate. but 50kHz is not a low frequency lol :D That's the sample rate of digital music

  79. Jimmy Alfredo

    Jimmy Alfredo7 months ago

    The background music is so obnoxious, I can’t stand it

  80. Esc D

    Esc D7 months ago

    This women has a problem of being a woman like many women in current generation.

  81. Devin M.

    Devin M.7 months ago

    What are the horns for?

  82. CIA

    CIA7 months ago

    Mmmmm tasty

  83. raphael govers

    raphael govers7 months ago

    This channel is so relaxinf and educational 😍

  84. Alexander Jimenez

    Alexander Jimenez7 months ago

    Okapi=adi fishman Giraffe=tal

  85. Kael Myers

    Kael Myers7 months ago

    was I supposed to hear the ringing noise?

  86. The Limestone Wolf

    The Limestone Wolf7 months ago

    Okapi are one of my favorite animals!

  87. David Knox

    David Knox7 months ago

    just ran across your show. truly wonderful. you are a great personality. we need more female scientists.

  88. Anthony Tsatsis

    Anthony Tsatsis7 months ago

    Looks like a lion ate a zebra a giraffe and gazelle and then threw up the pieces and that's what came out

  89. Ash MA

    Ash MA7 months ago

    The Placent and its blood is full of stem cells that are like magic for healing anything! Some hospitals even collect placenta blood for stem cell research. Others offer to dry.. crush and give you back your own placnta in capules :)

  90. jay Spike

    jay Spike7 months ago

    She's looking sexy as hewl

  91. Zhipeng Lu

    Zhipeng Lu7 months ago

    This is a living evidence of evolution.

  92. Wonderouz Jackson

    Wonderouz Jackson7 months ago

    4:29 po Jim

  93. Jones Dr

    Jones Dr8 months ago

    Hybrid 👀

  94. er professore

    er professore8 months ago

    "Okapi also have a fantastic sense of..." - I thought she was going to say humor 😂

  95. Moe badd

    Moe badd8 months ago


  96. Afsalkv Afsalmndy

    Afsalkv Afsalmndy8 months ago

    Its actually an evidence for evolution by natural selection..

  97. The Mindblowing Diamond

    The Mindblowing Diamond8 months ago

    So no ones gonna mention that they look like zebra giraffe hybrids (btw ik they related to giraffes)

  98. lorna alvarado

    lorna alvarado8 months ago

    I am okapi tall


    HÆRD GÆMS8 months ago

    when a deer a zebra and a giraffe had a threesome