Chimaera: The Deep Sea Phantom

The Chimera, or Ghost Shark, looks like it’s skin has been stitched together.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Kb0montty2

    Kb0montty223 hours ago

    Great channel!

  2. Cyn Perez

    Cyn Perez2 days ago

    The camera one looks so cute just like looks too cute and cute and cute and cute hey Steve you so so so so cute so cute

  3. Rajath D

    Rajath D2 days ago

    Swimming elephant huh

  4. doges epic gaming

    doges epic gaming6 days ago

    the new subnautica looks very diffrent

  5. isqeq

    isqeq8 days ago

    I caught a short nosed chimera a couple of years back while fishing on a school trip (on a boat). It was right outside of Drøbak in Norway and it was far cuter than how it was shown in this video.

  6. Constant Chaos

    Constant Chaos9 days ago

    They are adorable in my book

  7. John McAuliffe

    John McAuliffe11 days ago

    "in greek mythology the chimaera was a terrifying monster" the chimera: yo wa's poppin homies?

  8. Noblebird02

    Noblebird0211 days ago

    I love angler fish and tarantulas

  9. RealExivus

    RealExivus11 days ago

    hey look a ratfish

  10. Uhh Hona

    Uhh Hona11 days ago

    No shit stating the obvious

  11. Jason Wilbert

    Jason Wilbert12 days ago

    I can’t believe they managed to turned Chimera Ants into a real thing

  12. N M L O P Q R S

    N M L O P Q R S14 days ago

    Frankenstine was the doctors name not the monster

  13. Dan Kirk DACULAN

    Dan Kirk DACULAN15 days ago


  14. Juan Pablo Blanco

    Juan Pablo Blanco23 days ago

    She speaks as if evolution was a fact, and there are lots of inconsistencies in this theory. Besides, the meaning of the word "theory" let too much for thinking, isn't it?

  15. Robin Bruce

    Robin Bruce21 day ago

    Would you mind elaborating :)

  16. YouThought _uTHOT

    YouThought _uTHOT24 days ago

    That fish reminds me of the woman in Wonder woman movie.

  17. R.R.P.

    R.R.P.25 days ago

    Just me or this chick look ridiculous?

  18. RedAmalgam

    RedAmalgam25 days ago

    Their eyes are so creepy

  19. Николай Медведев

    Николай Медведев26 days ago

    Never wear tight clothing. Disgusting figure. Small tits. Everything is bad

  20. FoX & FrienDz

    FoX & FrienDz27 days ago

    Our ancestors didn't emerge from the water, they were terraformed!

  21. Crowe

    Crowe27 days ago

    *Flashbacks to Fullmetal Alchemist

  22. Black Hole

    Black Hole29 days ago

    The long nose reminds me of a plague doctor

  23. Luthfi Azhari

    Luthfi AzhariMonth ago

    Reminds me of Ghostfreak from Ben 10

  24. Ebrill Owen

    Ebrill OwenMonth ago

    I think ghost sharks are actually really beautiful. Their colors when light hits them are stunning. I actually think they’re cute

  25. AboveAverageCat44

    AboveAverageCat44Month ago

    I'm not familiar with a chimaera I'm familiar with the bloody floating abominations from terraria

  26. Ya Mum

    Ya MumMonth ago

    Don't know about yous, but she is a bloody cutie.

  27. Keaton P gaming!

    Keaton P gaming!Month ago

    Ghost shark

  28. Butter

    ButterMonth ago

    the frankeinstein cause necrosis...

  29. Carlos Francis

    Carlos FrancisMonth ago

    Uve always been sweet. No matter how far back into the archive I go. Much love

  30. Ender girl

    Ender girlMonth ago

    These creatures are very pretty but also creepy.

  31. TotallyNotJevii

    TotallyNotJeviiMonth ago

    Look at their lil snoots I love them

  32. Lightning Navy

    Lightning NavyMonth ago

    The elphant one is DIO

  33. Lightning Navy

    Lightning NavyMonth ago

    Later : drug dealer: lets make some chiemera drugs

  34. Amida Simth

    Amida SimthMonth ago

    Wtf Danielle. You look amazing in that dress. Love

  35. beerasaurus

    beerasaurusMonth ago

    The common ancestor.

  36. Rho Statton

    Rho StattonMonth ago


  37. Vekuo Veswu

    Vekuo VeswuMonth ago

    Look tasty sardines😊😋

  38. Damien

    DamienMonth ago

    A portal from another world probably opened up and the creature swam casually through the portal to our world.

  39. Kai Kimura

    Kai KimuraMonth ago

    3:30 Wait You did it again wow how hard is it just to leave an animal alone for the 52000th time

  40. Rhea

    RheaMonth ago

    I'm not seeing anything spooky about this fish, it's quite fascinating and I'm spooked by all kinds of critters!

  41. Otto Normalverbraucher

    Otto NormalverbraucherMonth ago

    I find the chimera shark cute

  42. Johny40Se7en

    Johny40Se7enMonth ago

    I love those drawings when you're talking about the various animals and creatures, they're amazing. 5:34 Zero, yeah I see it 😊

  43. Riia Syiem

    Riia SyiemMonth ago

    The long nose Chimera looks like it’s wearing a plague doctor mask

  44. Iam my Forehead

    Iam my ForeheadMonth ago

    They have 4 gill slits wtf

  45. TenorCantusFirmus

    TenorCantusFirmusMonth ago

    So primitive, their body shape reminds me of early gnathostomes (acanthodians and placoderms).

  46. Nivruti Verma

    Nivruti VermaMonth ago

    Salute the camera man

  47. Shannon Wilson

    Shannon WilsonMonth ago

    It looks like it is out of the Beetlejuice universe, it is weird and I love it...

  48. t. faith

    t. faith2 months ago

    Chimeras are my favorite fish!!!! I think they’re friggin’ adorable!!!! They look very similar to the Ghost Shark. Now those things look like the old timey B-52 bombers! Rivets and all!!! 😂😂😂

  49. Maiq The Liar

    Maiq The Liar2 months ago

    what other animals are named after greek monstrosities?

  50. Rock Cut

    Rock Cut2 months ago

    A fisherman here in Newfoundland pulled one of these up in his nest today! Very cool!

  51. Bryan Mckenzie

    Bryan Mckenzie2 months ago

    Who's here from natureismetal or cbc news

  52. Riccardo Granato

    Riccardo Granato2 months ago


  53. graysight

    graysight2 months ago

    deep sea life evolved from a mix of pixels wires and rubber apparently

  54. DY4Y

    DY4Y2 months ago

    /kimera/ not /kaimera/

  55. 3 unskippable ads

    3 unskippable ads2 months ago

    I'm gonna call it Danny

  56. Mr. Chief

    Mr. Chief2 months ago

    Kinda wanna see it irl tho

  57. Hope G

    Hope G2 months ago

    Go to CBC News channel and look at video they uploaded 1 hour ago 🤗

  58. Jacob Ebert

    Jacob Ebert2 months ago

    is anyone thinking that they kinda look like the skeleton fish from super mario bros

  59. Jdm Zibby

    Jdm Zibby2 months ago

    This title sounds like a yugioh card lmfao

  60. Missperfectturtle

    Missperfectturtle2 months ago

    Nty :)

  61. Paweł Springer

    Paweł Springer2 months ago

    My first thought was Zero :))

  62. Muller de Arruda

    Muller de Arruda2 months ago

    Do sharks next

  63. David Brown

    David Brown2 months ago

    They're not spooky! They're adorable!

  64. Ummuhani Noviyanti

    Ummuhani Noviyanti2 months ago

    Chimaeras look more like plecos and cories than sharks.

  65. Le Animator

    Le Animator2 months ago

    Stay 1 chimeara apart if you don’t want to get covid

  66. Daysha Houston

    Daysha Houston2 months ago

    This literally has 666k veiws

  67. slayercraft allyn

    slayercraft allyn2 months ago

    I was the 1k comment

  68. Kaither

    Kaither2 months ago

    FMA and Hunter memes nice

  69. softshell259

    softshell2592 months ago

    Sexy I likey. You go gurl. I meant you and the dress

  70. Little Jimmy

    Little Jimmy2 months ago

    they do be fish.

  71. Mike Milnes

    Mike Milnes2 months ago

    Kudos to Dylan, Danielle, Jim, Cat and everyone else involved on a job well done.

  72. PigfartsAndRedvines

    PigfartsAndRedvines3 months ago

    Nothing is “more primitive” than anything else. Everything is just as evolved as everything else because they are all currently living. “Basal” is the proper terminology.

  73. Antoni Pedro Harjanto

    Antoni Pedro Harjanto3 months ago

    This fish is taller than me

  74. Knecht Yeee

    Knecht Yeee3 months ago

    Gott hat die eine nervige Stimme

  75. Winter Long

    Winter Long3 months ago

    Why does the chimeara look like a mood like sadness or boredom

  76. Bradley Van den Hout

    Bradley Van den Hout3 months ago

    You look like the kinda whamen that's angry because men exist

  77. NV- -47

    NV- -473 months ago

    Episode on slime mold

  78. EmperorFrozenToes

    EmperorFrozenToes3 months ago

    "Insert sperm into the female and it lays long leathery eggs" ew.

  79. Albreigh08

    Albreigh083 months ago

    I love how this is suppose to teach you about a sea creature while some of people in the comment section are making memes

  80. Minami X

    Minami X3 months ago

    I thought I was the only one who thought of nightmare before christmas.

  81. UnbiasedXB1

    UnbiasedXB13 months ago

    i caught three of these from the puget sound i didn’t know they are somewhat rare

  82. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez3 months ago

    Hmmmm. I wonder how well it would go, extracting their venom to use in a poison

  83. vinni mac

    vinni mac3 months ago

    wow she's built like a fridge

  84. BiGBoSS

    BiGBoSS3 months ago

    I summon my Chimaera The King of Mythical Beasts!

  85. Tim Garza

    Tim Garza3 months ago

    "Reaching the Etheologicel dead zone are you sure whatever your doing is worth it?"- PDA

  86. Silhouette Of A Stranger

    Silhouette Of A Stranger3 months ago

    Can yoy fools please stop using meter measurements.... Just stick with feet and inches..... No one has time to research this stuff.... Just say freaking FEET OR INCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! GEEZ........ Thumbs down.....

  87. Azareel Perez Zapata

    Azareel Perez Zapata3 months ago

    An other living fossil with super advance sensors 😎

  88. Jordan Mcallister

    Jordan Mcallister3 months ago

    That dress is a no

  89. Lorinamae Gaming

    Lorinamae Gaming3 months ago

    When she was talking about the chimera I was expecting something like a griffin... like a mix between a few animals but they look like that's how the animal evolved over time... but the chimera looks like three animals thrown into toxic waste

  90. Dylan of Gaia

    Dylan of Gaia3 months ago

    Extract the venom, get high

  91. Dabi on them haters

    Dabi on them haters3 months ago

    So would that render Chimaeraformes as basal within Elasmobranchii?

  92. jingle bells

    jingle bells3 months ago

    man that fish has it's balls out

  93. Ed1tz

    Ed1tz3 months ago

    Cool Mother Nature made a fish based off of terraria

  94. Kajum Naji

    Kajum Naji3 months ago

    She always wears such a fit and perfect outfit

  95. Hika Fuji

    Hika Fuji3 months ago

    .....he’s a phantom!

  96. Ian J Perry

    Ian J Perry4 months ago

    3:14 clapsers

  97. Parm Axolotl

    Parm Axolotl4 months ago

    How did they go through this whole video without bringing up the chimaeras' extinct close relatives, like Helicoprion and Stethacanthus?

  98. randomdoodification

    randomdoodification4 months ago

    Nice Pod :)

  99. Noquemacuh

    Noquemacuh4 months ago

    Meters really... this is AMERICAAA!!!!! use feet please

  100. a Goblin

    a Goblin4 months ago

    I can hear the Fullmetal Alchemist fans crying in the background

  101. Victor Almeida

    Victor Almeida4 months ago

    To anyone who ever played Pokémon, that's Gorebyss.

  102. Derpy Dog77

    Derpy Dog774 months ago

    They look cute!