Fairy Penguins are Thicc

Treat your furry friends like they deserve it. Go to www.pettreater.com/animalogic/ and use the coupon code Animalogic to get 50% off the first month of your subscription. | These are the waddling wonders, the commuters in the world’s cutest rush hour, the tiny penguins that burrow, the Little Penguins.
This episode was shot earlier this year before the mandatory lock down.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Research, and Camera Operator: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    Animalogic3 months ago

    Thanks for watching! Treat your furry friends like they deserve it. Go to www.pettreater.com/animalogic/ and use the coupon code Animalogic to get 50% off the first month of your subscription.

  2. handsome vampire

    handsome vampire11 days ago

    its piplup!

  3. MJ Southerland

    MJ Southerland15 days ago

    Found my spirit animal

  4. heather renae strigens

    heather renae strigensMonth ago

    Will you make clothes with your art on it?!?

  5. VORTOX DasTox

    VORTOX DasTox2 months ago

    She kinda bad tho Who is that is that frost..

  6. Ekram Ibrahim

    Ekram Ibrahim2 months ago

    Nurhusseen Ibrahim do a video about antechinuses

  7. s4098429

    s4098429Day ago

    When I visited the ‘fairy’ penguins I was told they are no longer called ‘fairy’ because it’s not ‘politically correct’. Apparently ‘fairy’ is a derogatory term the LBTQI2 community finds offensive. 🤨 So they have been renamed ‘little’ penguins. That’s until the society of small statued people complains, I guess.

  8. CrossoverCaesar

    CrossoverCaesar2 days ago

    I could see these little guys holding a walking stick whilst they walk while they have a monocle and tophat.

  9. Consuelo Amortegui

    Consuelo Amortegui3 days ago


  10. PixiePlays

    PixiePlays4 days ago

    name these Pixie Penguins.

  11. DinoMan64

    DinoMan645 days ago

    Real life King Dedede

  12. George Mathew

    George Mathew6 days ago

    Unfortunately I saw a dead blue penguin in the shore of NZ today

  13. Æ X E O K

    Æ X E O K7 days ago

    This should be a meme

  14. jg pliskin

    jg pliskin8 days ago

    What an awful title

  15. Royal Ibis

    Royal Ibis8 days ago

    I go to Philip Island every Christmas and stay there for a week. I have seen so many little penguin chicks there.

  16. Fernando Castillo

    Fernando Castillo8 days ago

    These are the cutest little 🐧 🐧 🐧 I’ve ever seen

  17. Bilal Zafar

    Bilal Zafar9 days ago

    are they nocternel lads? PEMGIN? - craigrussellhorne

  18. Akune_ Neko

    Akune_ Neko9 days ago

    Kyaaaa!!! They're soo cuteee!!!!

  19. Alex Harris

    Alex Harris10 days ago

    I hope all these amazing islands previously untouched by humans become sanctuaries, it's awful when people go over with farm animals and cats dogs that end up feral, it ruins everything that's been going on their for millions of years and drives the local population to extinction.

  20. Nat Eaves

    Nat Eaves10 days ago

    How did you get to do this like what qualifications do you need how did you get to this point in your life to travel and see so many animals

  21. Blue

    Blue10 days ago

    This channel is pretty much "Hello fellow kids" but with animals

  22. Yappe

    Yappe11 days ago

    I love this channel. I hate it when everyone use size of american footballs and football field as a unit if measurement.

  23. Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

    Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams11 days ago

    Little do we know, they're actually starting their manifesto to take over the Earth...

  24. Ashley Lok

    Ashley Lok12 days ago

    Haha pengi's cuteness go brrrrr

  25. Jessica C

    Jessica C12 days ago

    I never knew these cuties even existed!!

  26. Atomic — Studios

    Atomic — Studios12 days ago

    These guys have been seen in my home city Wellington on the coast but I’ve never seen any personally but I’m hoping to soon

  27. Neal Starkey

    Neal Starkey12 days ago

    The title caught my eye xD

  28. BenjeeThePenguin

    BenjeeThePenguin13 days ago

    *a* *call the pengulance* *im dying of cuteness*

  29. 『 Sky Bean 』

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  30. Universel Us

    Universel Us13 days ago

    how did I get here from corpus husband songs

  31. VanDiemensLander

    VanDiemensLander14 days ago

    They're cute till they come out of the water at 1am screaming and wake you up. There is a colony a few hundred metres from my parents house and the buggers are so loud.

  32. Liam Naughton

    Liam Naughton14 days ago

    Smol water floof

  33. MJ Southerland

    MJ Southerland15 days ago

    Found my spirit animal

  34. Mon trainer ash D

    Mon trainer ash D15 days ago

    Awwwwwwwwwwww :3

  35. Emma Drew

    Emma Drew16 days ago

    I was watching a reddit reading vid thing of r/fellowkids and this video was on there, but it didn’t say what channel. I immediately knew it seemed familiar. Love you guys. ❤️

  36. Frame Perfect

    Frame Perfect16 days ago

    I clicked of the title

  37. Team Best Ghoul

    Team Best Ghoul17 days ago

    thanks for the chungus kind stranger

  38. Cheuk Seto

    Cheuk Seto17 days ago

    I was smiling throughout this video. Thanks!

  39. Yara Maria

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  40. i like memes guy

    i like memes guy18 days ago

    Emergency ration

  41. Ella Dash

    Ella Dash20 days ago

    fairy penguins are one of the few things that keep me going in life

  42. Chisto Squisto

    Chisto Squisto21 day ago

    What a thumbnail lmao

  43. Saki The Keeper

    Saki The Keeper21 day ago

    The title that describes these beautiful creatures is repulsive.

  44. Baruna Riotama

    Baruna Riotama21 day ago

    Imagine swimming in the middle of the night with great whites lurking below...nope. not my kind of life 😬

  45. Paul McMullan

    Paul McMullan23 days ago

    You should check out Penguin Island in Western Australia . A little further north is Seal Island. A little further north is Carnac Island were Tiger Snakes predate on sea gull chicks and most are blind. Further north is Rottnest Island where Quokkas rule. In the middle of all these islands is Garden Island which is a Navel Base and the Tamar is the biggest marsupial living there.

  46. Ashwin h

    Ashwin h23 days ago

    What's Stormfront doing here

  47. Mandar Pund

    Mandar Pund25 days ago

    Stop eating sushi. And stop telling people that you eat them.

  48. Émile

    Émile25 days ago

    this happens when you cross animal documentaries and internet culture and i'm definitely here for it

  49. BluBoots

    BluBoots26 days ago

    By far one of the cutest yall have covered.

  50. Nickel Hamilton

    Nickel Hamilton28 days ago

    Don't let China know about them.

  51. Pierson White

    Pierson White28 days ago


  52. Orca Whales

    Orca WhalesMonth ago

    These are like the most unlucky birds still alive. It almost surprises me their status in the wild is least concern.

  53. Gail Howes

    Gail HowesMonth ago

    They look so cute!

  54. Bee urundul

    Bee urundulMonth ago

    omg I love your furry cat friend and I love the pet treats! awesome vids thank you! :D

  55. Ray Ruckus

    Ray RuckusMonth ago

    It's weird seeing this many penguins and you not hearing Morgan Freeman.

  56. Akiku Hana

    Akiku HanaMonth ago

    Goodness look how they walk ☺☺☺☺

  57. DangerDark81

    DangerDark81Month ago

    Is nobody going to question the title if the video...?

  58. Ayessa Rodado

    Ayessa RodadoMonth ago

    This is my favorite channel ❤ i learned alot of animals.. and their unique features.

  59. Kim Bratton

    Kim BrattonMonth ago

    So cute!!

  60. Mr. Cool Indian

    Mr. Cool IndianMonth ago

    Just smile and wave boys, smile and waiiiveee

  61. Tera Baap

    Tera BaapMonth ago

    Looks like they are gonna follow you to the end of the world.

  62. Luis Hernandez

    Luis HernandezMonth ago

    It looks like a dinosaur 🦖 @ :55

  63. Chada Thach

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  64. Casual Sleeping Dragon

    Casual Sleeping DragonMonth ago

    "This is me going home after an all you can eat bofet." Well they coming back from one too

  65. Chris Mcneill

    Chris McneillMonth ago

    Your intro makes me tear up every time. The music, the idea that the animals are what's most important, and Danielle in her adorable being self.

  66. Wizard's First Rule

    Wizard's First RuleMonth ago

    Sho cuteeee c:

  67. Bruh Bean

    Bruh BeanMonth ago

    Oh a walking foot ball nice I bet I can drop kick it.

  68. Quagigitymire

    QuagigitymireMonth ago

    Videos like this, exposing the very real fact that predators are constantly hovering over prey making death an ever-constant threat at the whim of a superior killer, always make me curious how humanity would deal with the same type of situation. Yea, death is always possible but does it actively and constantly hunt us: no. How would society have developed had we been relocated to a prey animal for a superior animal? I put my money on us having turned out like a blend between domestic hogs and wild boar. Most having submitted to certain death in exchange for food while some choosing to struggle to live wild with rare instances of killing their predators while they breed like wildfire until they start being viewed as pests...

  69. Quagigitymire

    QuagigitymireMonth ago

    Welcome to ankle breaker island ...

  70. ColorPad PaintPaw

    ColorPad PaintPawMonth ago

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  71. lots of uwu energy

    lots of uwu energyMonth ago

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  72. Zennofobic

    ZennofobicMonth ago

    Breeding season is over. Male Fairy Penguin: Going out for cigarettes don't wait up...

  73. Thedark pineapple

    Thedark pineappleMonth ago

    SET HUT *small penguin screaming sounds*

  74. Penguin Hunter

    Penguin HunterMonth ago

    as a penguin I'm happy about this... Did I hear Jar Jar Bing coastline?

  75. Aniket Mishra

    Aniket MishraMonth ago

    Lord forgive me for what I'm about to do.

  76. Ritchie T.

    Ritchie T.Month ago

    Do they have any predator's on the island other than the seals and birds of prey?

  77. magapiff1

    magapiff1Month ago

    now we need tropical, prairie, and mountain penguins.

  78. heather renae strigens

    heather renae strigensMonth ago

    Aaawwwwhhh they look delicious 🍗

  79. Deep 99

    Deep 99Month ago


  80. Matt Erbst

    Matt ErbstMonth ago

    I'm hoping for a domesticated cross-breed between fairy penguins & pink fairy armadillos.

  81. Kez C

    Kez CMonth ago

    Ive been there and watched them come in. Such an amazing experience!!!!! Would do it again in a heartbeat 💗💞💗🐧🐧🐧🐧

  82. Kiruramitsu

    KiruramitsuMonth ago

    That penguin lying on the ground well just look at that...

  83. TheZestfall 1st

    TheZestfall 1stMonth ago

    Adorable little bastards

  84. T Hamilton

    T HamiltonMonth ago

    Thank you for the lockdown highlight. Could you tell me how to get a print of the penguin sketch? My partner loves blue penguins.

  85. *MisS* *TriNiDaD*

    *MisS* *TriNiDaD*Month ago

    You're an amazing artist 🎨🖌

  86. grassh0pper

    grassh0pperMonth ago

    I want one

  87. Tokusatsu Freak

    Tokusatsu FreakMonth ago

    "He makes it back to his friends!!!!!" * sees penguin in the background getting knocked over by the water *

  88. slh950

    slh950Month ago

    I live near there ... why are you calling them "Little penguins"? Fairy Penguins

  89. slh950

    slh950Month ago

    ah okay didn't know that they had other names lol

  90. Noa Mühlig

    Noa MühligMonth ago

    am i the only one who saw the takahe at 2:27

  91. Jade Tamplin

    Jade TamplinMonth ago

    Aww, these little dudes nest at my local beach, they have their own little nesting boxes to protect them against dogs, and we sometimes see them. Adorable

  92. woodi

    woodiMonth ago

    I thought this was a meme

  93. supermanishhaze

    supermanishhazeMonth ago

    I’ve been there, i love you Australia, best country in the world

  94. Lyndsey MacPherson

    Lyndsey MacPhersonMonth ago

    So, they get to about 12 inches tall. Using centimetres in a sentence involving american football: ridiculous.

  95. Nikola Uzelac

    Nikola UzelacMonth ago

    My favourite animal is a penguin and i aleays wanted one when i was little and watching this again reminds me of how much i love penguins

  96. Nathaniel Antonio

    Nathaniel AntonioMonth ago

    Me:I have a Heart not made of rock but of Iron!! Fairy Penguins: *Exist* Me: Awww

  97. RoSE Blue

    RoSE BlueMonth ago

    It's a Pokemon lol

  98. Deep 99

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  99. Melanie W

    Melanie WMonth ago

    fruit bats or small snakes :)

  100. GoogleTristinTheFox N Gamer

    GoogleTristinTheFox N GamerMonth ago

    Hey I just realized, that Pingu's little sister or brother is blue (I think)

  101. Chan0

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  102. Aby Nguyen

    Aby NguyenMonth ago

    “The little Penguins” more like the penguins that are drowning

  103. Elli Rpona

    Elli RponaMonth ago

    Me : awww ! They’re so cute 🤧 Them : Bejj ! I’ve got babies 😑

  104. Damilola Owolabi

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  106. rugby3230

    rugby32302 months ago

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  107. Cee Cee Plentiful

    Cee Cee Plentiful2 months ago

    _Bandicoots_ are a real thing??? Wow... I thought Crash Bandicoot was just a clever mythical video game creature

  108. hotdog water bath

    hotdog water bath2 months ago

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  109. Joaquin Rsala

    Joaquin Rsala2 months ago

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