Mantis: The Ultimate Assassin

Mantises look like aliens on earth. - Watch Episode 3 of Small Cats Unknown, The Serval, right here:
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Jim Meskimen
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Karol Gazdik
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Nityananda, Vivek, Et Al
A Novel Form Of Stereo Vision In The Praying Mantis.
Current Biology 28.4 (2018): 588-593
Rajesh Puttaswamaiah
Richard Parker
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer, Writer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.
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  1. Neki Tamo Cika

    Neki Tamo Cika10 months ago

    Everybody gangsta, till the flower starts killing



    Crab spider lurks in the corner

  3. XeroDollars

    XeroDollarsMonth ago

    *evil flowey noises*

  4. Dżdzownica-Zwierzęta!

    Dżdzownica-Zwierzęta!2 months ago

    @Ethanotor Oculus flowey

  5. Surfmorworkless

    Surfmorworkless2 months ago


  6. SirSawtooth

    SirSawtooth2 months ago


  7. bob the long haired boi

    bob the long haired boiDay ago

    Imagine if these hardocre bastards were the size of dogs and cats, I'd own one lol

  8. SOULK3Y

    SOULK3Y6 days ago

    I just can’t stand her shape . Videos are entertaining tho

  9. Leia Brunell

    Leia Brunell6 days ago

    A mantis flew onto my nose once

  10. Karibu 4321

    Karibu 43217 days ago

    OH ma Tiddie ah. My favorite genus

  11. Primal Aspid Chan

    Primal Aspid Chan7 days ago

    Nobody: Praying mantis: In the name of Jehovah, Ill strike thy into oblivion.

  12. Soren P

    Soren P7 days ago

    Lol they do look like Nancy Pelosy

  13. Adam Warlock

    Adam Warlock8 days ago

    How long before we are shamed into calling a female mantis, the womantis?


    AK EXOTICS9 days ago

    um... the mantis is more related to grasshoppers and stick and leaf bugs and are not even in the genus of cockroaches

  15. Good Bye

    Good Bye9 days ago

    3:02 “this is how they know exactly when to strike to catch their prey.” *misses*

  16. Dr. Mago69

    Dr. Mago699 days ago


  17. Doc Doom

    Doc Doom11 days ago

    Lab conditions??? I used to watch the mantises eat each other on my back porch in Westchester, NY when I was a kid .. them fuckers are cannibals

  18. meme mir

    meme mir11 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till the leaf start killing

  19. alldayagain

    alldayagain12 days ago

    6:16 Also known and the Antis By me

  20. Anbu Hyuga

    Anbu Hyuga12 days ago

    2:45 Something you never thought you would see in your lifetime.

  21. Keaton P gaming!

    Keaton P gaming!12 days ago

    3:47 warning this is cursed comment What are you doing step mantis

  22. 2 Point Oh

    2 Point Oh13 days ago

    I bet her poo’s come in a verity of shapes and sizes

  23. Rxse

    Rxse14 days ago

    kung fu panda

  24. Kira Mort Wilson

    Kira Mort Wilson15 days ago

    Me at the start of the video: Man, why the heck does that one mantis have red and blue eyes? He looks like they put 3D glasses on him! *they actually put 3D glasses on him* Me: *spits water all over screen*

  25. WOR

    WOR16 days ago

    I don't understand why they have those weird antenna things near their mouths?

  26. Essential Knowledge

    Essential Knowledge17 days ago

    Can you tell me a bit about your research? Oh yeah i made 3d glasses for a mantis we watched movies together :)

  27. DavisProductions

    DavisProductions18 days ago

    Lol armatittyup

  28. Ultimantis

    Ultimantis19 days ago

    Love these guys, as my username can tell

  29. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan19 days ago

    mantis smells nasty after kill them i killed some as kid on the field when working

  30. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton20 days ago

    I wish I could see in 3d!!!😃

  31. AceInSpace *animation*

    AceInSpace *animation*23 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till they all stand up and start throwing spears

  32. Axle Dornman

    Axle Dornman24 days ago

    That is pretty crazy! that's like seeing a random person snatch up a chicken and go to town 🤣

  33. MrBigT

    MrBigT25 days ago

    mantii??? 🤔 no?? what a waste of English language

  34. Mister Magic

    Mister Magic25 days ago

    I love how they turn their head towards the screen ahah like surprise mtf I see you

  35. Dante Aleksandar

    Dante Aleksandar25 days ago

    The over-the-shoulder look at the start is just hilarious.

  36. Aaron McChesney

    Aaron McChesney26 days ago

    4:54 “Ha, caught yo starring”

  37. Ajmal A

    Ajmal A28 days ago

    I got hit/bit by praying mantis when I was a kid. Wasn't very nice.

  38. jhk0428

    jhk042828 days ago

    Dr. Mantis Toboggan

  39. Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian

    Matthew Luzano • AnimatedRobloxian28 days ago

    how are you making murder sound so innocent?


    DJ MASTERVOLUME29 days ago

    adaptations? from what?

  41. spacecore5679 classified information

    spacecore5679 classified informationMonth ago

    1:14 are we sure that's a mantis?-

  42. Err Man

    Err ManMonth ago

    give a bouquet of Orchid Mantises to someone you hate. If they are afraid of bugs.

  43. 青い森スナ

    青い森スナMonth ago

    uh mah tiddy ah.

  44. Star Wing

    Star WingMonth ago

    4:54 That my a total “NANI?” Moment of a mantis!

  45. JadeRabbit

    JadeRabbitMonth ago

    I found a brand new mantis in front of my door. All polished and shiny and ready for action. Then next day it was there again, however all messed up. Missing limbs and one eye, with dark patches all over. It must have been a rough day behind it.

  46. Chris S.

    Chris S.Month ago

    6:12 Me at 2am in front of the fridge


    NO THIS IS PATRICK !Month ago

    Kha'zix needs to chill with all those chroma skins

  48. James Tompkins

    James TompkinsMonth ago

    Awwweee how cut I love these things

  49. Devont Noreiga

    Devont NoreigaMonth ago

    When they got wing then I'm out

  50. Cat Man

    Cat ManMonth ago

    Everybody gangst till mantisses evolve to camuflage on our keyboards

  51. Aboud Chalak

    Aboud ChalakMonth ago

    In the Middle East , we call them the prophets horse

  52. Paper St. Soap Co.

    Paper St. Soap Co.Month ago

    Hm. Peed on the producer. Is that a plus? Cause in my experience, it typically isn’t...

  53. brigidtheirish

    brigidtheirishMonth ago

    "One of the most alien creatures on the planet." Pretty much every deep sea creature ever: Ahem.

  54. STEAM

    STEAMMonth ago

    0:30 that’s a leaf bug

  55. Darrell Wetzel jr.

    Darrell Wetzel jr.Month ago

    Sounds like “ on my titty ah”

  56. Kael Stefan

    Kael StefanMonth ago

    6:11 Whatcha lookin' at?

  57. NakedTangelo

    NakedTangeloMonth ago

    Imagine being eaten alive, nibble by nibble.

  58. JulDoesStuff

    JulDoesStuffMonth ago

    Oh imagine going to get food but your sliced by two arms out of no were 😔

  59. Andres Guerrero

    Andres GuerreroMonth ago

    Mantis see dog approaching: FINALLY A CHALLENGE

  60. rilluma

    rillumaMonth ago

    3D Glasses For Mantises.. RADICAL!

  61. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad UsmanMonth ago

    Please do a video on Bed Bugs, the ultimate blood sucker.

  62. Masterzoroark666

    Masterzoroark666Month ago

    The mantis throwing hands just need a scream sound effect.

  63. Jose Flamenco

    Jose FlamencoMonth ago

    I called mantis "ninja bug" because we used to have one I called it that because of how it hunted don't judge me I was a little kid

  64. Bryan Chico

    Bryan ChicoMonth ago

    Hi Daniel! Please feature the Philippine eagle..

  65. Maleena Cruz

    Maleena CruzMonth ago

    Mantis Squad Episode 1: "Introductions"

  66. Der Magischen Schaf

    Der Magischen SchafMonth ago

    0:32 "Their main weapon is the element of surprise" Me: *Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!*

  67. Kitsune Aitsuki

    Kitsune AitsukiMonth ago

    Mantids will cannibalize; they eat other kinds of mantis or younger ones if they get the chance. The don't go out of their way to do so, but they are opportunistic and if they see a chance, they will take it.

  68. Athony Nesbitt

    Athony NesbittMonth ago

    Flower Mantis have such a beautiful color

  69. Sam Potts

    Sam PottsMonth ago


  70. Ellis Gill

    Ellis GillMonth ago

    Bugs are scary af, if they were the size of a cat they'd eff up EVERYTHING

  71. Eric Jones

    Eric JonesMonth ago

    Look up the Australian Goliath Spider

  72. Sleepy head

    Sleepy headMonth ago

    1:52 did Pam name that

  73. Llamalama 666

    Llamalama 666Month ago

    Every one who played hollow knight knows this *cries in flashbacks

  74. AG101

    AG101Month ago

    They’re so goofy I love them

  75. Gın生愛

    Gın生愛Month ago


  76. Veteran Bicycle

    Veteran BicycleMonth ago

    OMG OMG OMG I just noticed your Dexcom! We're in the same club!!!

  77. Dr. Guitar

    Dr. GuitarMonth ago

    7:18 If that dog was actually cat..that mantis would be dead by now..

  78. Snow White

    Snow WhiteMonth ago


  79. D- licious

    D- liciousMonth ago

    Plot twist, mantis are a tiny alien race

  80. Shreya Narayan

    Shreya NarayanMonth ago

    6:53 Me doing Yoga 🤣

  81. Teena Courtney

    Teena CourtneyMonth ago

    I love how they dance though... 💖

  82. Damilola Owolabi

    Damilola OwolabiMonth ago

    9:28 It was marking it's territory

  83. Penguiking

    PenguikingMonth ago

    I don't care, I hate mantis'. Creepy, cannibalistic littleshits....

  84. paul mpokwa

    paul mpokwaMonth ago

    Mantis: Starts flying... Me: I'm gonna die today, aren't I?


    SHAKIR SABOORMonth ago

    Them insect souls in afterlife, Bee: yes, i was eaten by a flower, Spider: i was eaten by a twig, Fly: i was eaten by a leaf, Husband mantis: after we finished, She just gone wild and uhm, sorry, She beheaded me...she was so fast. Praying mantis: they won't know what hit em.

  86. Will Reynolds

    Will ReynoldsMonth ago

    Love all your work that program you use for your art work

  87. MAX_BOT bot

    MAX_BOT botMonth ago

    I have a orchid mantis


    ARACHNIDGUY 162 months ago

    Imagine being eaten alive with dagger like arms digging into your flesh let that terrifying image sink in

  89. Ramwej Lirap

    Ramwej Lirap2 months ago

    fly eating ASMR

  90. Michael Hinkle

    Michael Hinkle2 months ago

    Mantis style weak Cricket style best Venom blades kill

  91. Wang Liqin

    Wang Liqin2 months ago

    3:19 I like how the mantis is dancing lol it looks like get stick bugged dance

  92. Sharva Potdar

    Sharva Potdar2 months ago


  93. I’m already Sans Undertale

    I’m already Sans Undertale2 months ago


  94. Brijraj Chauhan

    Brijraj Chauhan2 months ago


  95. Moist Meal

    Moist Meal2 months ago

    Damn, so the Praying mantis’ get to experience 2d before I could...

  96. spinal spiral

    spinal spiral2 months ago

    Imagine being a bee and pulling to a small flower and it shanks you

  97. LoruleanHistorian

    LoruleanHistorian2 months ago

    I don't know if someone else has pointed this out yet, but the so-called bark mantis shown at several intervals throughout the video is actually a stick insect (order Phasmatodea). More specifically, it's a Macleay's Spectre (Extatosoma tiaratum)!

  98. Redskins 4-Ever

    Redskins 4-Ever2 months ago

    Closest realatives of the mantis are: Katidid, Grasshopper & Cicada, Not Cochroache.

  99. Ledya vtwenty

    Ledya vtwenty2 months ago

    The more I learn about nature the more I think those people from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids would have never survived.

  100. YaBigBoii II

    YaBigBoii II2 months ago

    Imagine smelling flowers, but instead you see two eyes staring at you

  101. ICE storm

    ICE storm2 months ago

    Eyes are called Imatiddy-ah!

  102. GarnetIsBestMom

    GarnetIsBestMom2 months ago

    Why do I find it relaxing to watch a Mantis eat up close?

  103. Smuggy Loser

    Smuggy Loser2 months ago

    Dang Lurantis gone mad

  104. Drew Peterson

    Drew Peterson2 months ago

    all my titties yuh lol

  105. Eric Owens

    Eric Owens2 months ago

    Jumping spiders have 3d vision also because they can jump with absolute precision on their prey.

  106. symbolsarenotreality

    symbolsarenotreality2 months ago

    Nice intro song, had me doing the mantis dance