Serval: The Jumping Cat

In a biome largely dominated by packs, one animal stands alone, and tall. This is the Serval.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Voiced by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



  1. Quantum Inc

    Quantum Inc10 hours ago

    Fun fact, a group of servals is called "several servals".

  2. the Christian teen

    the Christian teenDay ago

    4:40 "If you close your eyes they don't exist"

  3. ReCap

    ReCap3 days ago

    It seems the rat was staged though.😝

  4. FARBerserker

    FARBerserker6 days ago

    I mean . . if they eat rats, they should have close to no problem living close to humans seein how where we are, massive ammounts of rats are usually to be found. This is how cats came to become our rulers in old egypt after all. We venerated them because they protected our foodstorages from vermin.

  5. Usuario Google

    Usuario Google7 days ago

    I hate when I'm happy learning about cute animals and then human stupidity appears 💔

  6. Tiger Mamun

    Tiger Mamun7 days ago

    people please don't kill them they are so so so cute 😍😍💖

  7. xThe_Cat_Lordx

    xThe_Cat_Lordx7 days ago


  8. Freya Shepherd

    Freya Shepherd9 days ago

    The dislikes are from the rats who get pounced by servals every day

  9. Retro VZQZ

    Retro VZQZ12 days ago

    *MyaMyaMyaMyaMyaMyaMyaMya!!* *_INTENSIFIES_*

  10. sai nandan

    sai nandan12 days ago

    3:18 the most dirtiest part

  11. TheTaxburden

    TheTaxburden14 days ago

    More animals being killed for medicinal purposes? Give me a break!

  12. TAN ZI YI Moe

    TAN ZI YI Moe14 days ago

    3:43 Waht is dat in its mouth

  13. Widgets

    Widgets15 days ago


  14. stranieb

    stranieb18 days ago

    but but but, how is that cat gonna eat a turtle >.>

  15. Depressed Skittle

    Depressed Skittle19 days ago

    So cute!

  16. Mary W.

    Mary W.25 days ago

    Would it be possible for you to say both the metric units, and the United States customary units, when you are speaking of measurements? I'm afraid that metrics weren't stressed much when I went to school many decades ago. Thank you.

  17. Mon trainer ash D

    Mon trainer ash D27 days ago

    Sooo cuuuttee Also Traditional Medicine my *** Sometimes I think there’s just a band of idiots thinking “Hmm, what’s a cool animal we could kill, oh yeah that one, lets make medicine out of it”

  18. Kim Bratton

    Kim BrattonMonth ago

    One of the best looking cats ever!!

  19. Mark Mạnh Đào

    Mark Mạnh ĐàoMonth ago

    Could do researches on beg bugs?

  20. nab ban

    nab banMonth ago

    Cats can jump?

  21. Varun Kumar

    Varun KumarMonth ago

    When a cheetah bangs a cat

  22. Heitor Souza de Moura

    Heitor Souza de MouraMonth ago

    Caracal: im abaut too end this Man hole carer

  23. Dubious Derr

    Dubious DerrMonth ago


  24. Melthornal

    MelthornalMonth ago

    So you're saying it takes 5500 dead animals a year to feed one cat? dafuq

  25. James Pressley

    James PressleyMonth ago

    does anyone know how I can get my hands on a license for a serval ! I'm prepared to spend 16k on them but I cant seem to find where to get a license in the state of Texas.

  26. The Jurassic World Gang

    The Jurassic World GangMonth ago

    Serval Cats are smart hunters

  27. Fennot Aboya

    Fennot AboyaMonth ago

    can you do flamingo


    LISA RAGANMonth ago

    One day ima get one of those things!!

  29. William Harmon

    William HarmonMonth ago

    That poor turtle, tho

  30. Bhargav Savaliya

    Bhargav SavaliyaMonth ago

    No matter size, cats will be cats

  31. Flap Jack

    Flap JackMonth ago

    *Serval flipping a turtle.* People: Aw, how cute. Turtle: Aaggh! Help meeee!!

  32. Master Ethan

    Master EthanMonth ago

    Pennywise the clown’s pet

  33. M B

    M BMonth ago

    I'm so glad she used the word "Adaptation " instead of "Evolution "

  34. Mn Mahmud

    Mn MahmudMonth ago

    5:25 Cats will be cats.

  35. Soviet Spaghet

    Soviet Spaghet2 months ago

    Of course they're used in traditional medicine, it blows my mind that even this relatively basic animal (at least compared to other animals used for traditional medicine) is hunted

  36. Estevvv Lost

    Estevvv Lost2 months ago

    serval: hey turtle wassup turtle: dude stahp, DON'T TURN ME, STAAAAHP

  37. Jacobo María Trabada Sánchez de Toca

    Jacobo María Trabada Sánchez de Toca2 months ago

    Yo this is the marsupilami but irl

  38. TryfonThe Gamer

    TryfonThe Gamer2 months ago

    If you can please make one about caracals too!

  39. heather edwards

    heather edwards2 months ago

    Poachers need to be poached themselves!!!!! They need to just leave nature alone!!!!

  40. Subscribe to me even though I won’t upload

    Subscribe to me even though I won’t upload2 months ago

    The serval in the thumbnail is Italian

  41. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    tol boi

  42. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    So if a serval and a maned wolf mated, would you get a girafffecatdog?

  43. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    Oh snap, you just got servaled....

  44. Семен777 Горбунков

    Семен777 Горбунков2 months ago

    До безумия красивый кот.

  45. Diamondfoxy 2006

    Diamondfoxy 20062 months ago

    Hey Animal Logic, I think it would be nice to suggest some charities for the animals you cover if that's allowed.

  46. catlover67803

    catlover678032 months ago

    Animal: **just vibin** Traditional medicine: _give me your nutrients_

  47. Cuthbert Edmund V. Escobar

    Cuthbert Edmund V. Escobar2 months ago

    A warm hello Daniel,can I ask topic for black panther

  48. saugat yogi

    saugat yogi2 months ago

    Every video i see about cat . Cat in video: -Always eat rat- Me: Wtf ......

  49. Yoga Andoyo Aji

    Yoga Andoyo Aji2 months ago

    Cheetah : speed cat Leopard : climbing cat Lion : majestic cat Tiger : powerful cat Fishing cat : swimming cat Now we have serval : the jumping cat

  50. Azman Abas

    Azman AbasMonth ago

    Waiting for snow leopard the kung fu cat.

  51. Arai San Nanoda

    Arai San Nanoda2 months ago

    Welcome to Youkoso Japari Park

  52. How Not To

    How Not To2 months ago

    Why do people take this cat out of it's natural exciting environment where it lives in happiness and peace with it's surrounding while catching prey to be taken out and into 4 walls and concrete with a twat that is in his space 24/7. Idiots are those who keep the majestic hunter at home

  53. J 623

    J 6232 months ago

    Serval: Jumps 2 meters in the air. Caracal: Hah! Step aside.

  54. Max Mustermann

    Max Mustermann2 months ago

    traditional medicine makes it sound more legit than it is, just name it childish superstitions

  55. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •2 months ago


  56. Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi

    Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi2 months ago

    The Dr. J of cats.

  57. MAK 910

    MAK 9102 months ago

    I want to boop it's nose :3

  58. Louie Mercado

    Louie Mercado2 months ago

    If you get a Serval and a Domestic Shorthair Cat you get: The elegant and beautiful leopard-like Savannah! It's one of the largest and the most expensive cat breed in the world. Which is also my favorite domestic cat breed.

  59. Huan Le

    Huan Le2 months ago

    SUGOI !

  60. kuldeep singh

    kuldeep singh3 months ago

    But volume hindi

  61. kuldeep singh

    kuldeep singh3 months ago

    My best cat👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  62. Joaquin Phoenix

    Joaquin Phoenix3 months ago

    Canadian Lynx has longer legs?

  63. Michael Simko

    Michael Simko3 months ago

    Almost what you'd call a feline-version of a fox

  64. Joaquin Phoenix

    Joaquin Phoenix3 months ago

    Irrelevant. Serval's canid equivalent is Maned Wolf.

  65. Mr Pisces

    Mr Pisces3 months ago

    Great video as usual. I think all animals should be protected:)

  66. Marc Davis

    Marc Davis3 months ago

    Awful narration

  67. 1tavell

    1tavell3 months ago

    People mate these with domestics cats to sell on black market n legally for high dollars

  68. Luis Biaus

    Luis Biaus3 months ago

    “These cats are purrfectly adapted to their environments” Noice

  69. Aly ismail Ismail

    Aly ismail Ismail3 months ago

    You Don't Have Documentary about Caracal 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  70. Olga Of Kiev

    Olga Of Kiev3 months ago

    It’s disgusting how so many people want to have those in their homes even tho they only thrive in the wild, specially when there are so many domestic cats in desperate need of a home

  71. Ever M

    Ever M3 months ago


  72. Corvid Friend

    Corvid Friend3 months ago

    Cats on stilts!! Lmao!!

  73. SanFranGiants14

    SanFranGiants143 months ago

    Sounds like Minnie Mouse

  74. Buddy

    Buddy3 months ago

    I know I shouldn't but I must boop it

  75. Ramzeltron

    Ramzeltron3 months ago

    Cute kitty.

  76. zi paris

    zi paris3 months ago

    I eat you now.

  77. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago

    Thylacine please next time!

  78. Geminis Lion

    Geminis Lion3 months ago

    please make a video about the CARACAL, is such an amazing cat to!!

  79. Out Brake

    Out Brake3 months ago

    "Cats will be Cats" ..

  80. Vicissitube

    Vicissitube4 months ago

    Climate Change isn't a thing

  81. ff aL

    ff aL4 months ago

    Every cool looking animals : *exists* Humans : *HIPPITY HOPPITY YOUR BODY PARTS ARE NOW A USE FOR OURS*

  82. razack shariff abdul

    razack shariff abdul4 months ago

    Such a beautiful creature . Human pls stay away..

  83. turgunx

    turgunx4 months ago

    Nah it's marsupilami..

  84. aleem latif

    aleem latif4 months ago

    No drawing :'(

  85. Scott B

    Scott B4 months ago

    Climate change with a picture of a grass fire - are you kidding?

  86. Aaron Jai

    Aaron Jai4 months ago

    do one about caracals

  87. Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell

    Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell4 months ago

    Welcome to yokuso jyapariparkhe.

  88. Duck Urie

    Duck Urie4 months ago

    Last time i saw Serval was in a Doujin.

  89. AXD 004

    AXD 0044 months ago

    Such gorgeous animals

  90. Leafbinder

    Leafbinder4 months ago

    What no drawing? im dissappointed.

  91. ian lourenco

    ian lourenco4 months ago

    the jump at 3:08 really shows what they can do

  92. i maybe GOD

    i maybe GOD4 months ago

    Guys u from animal loshit .. ur work is very bad u underrat every creature when you meet him in wild he wont be a cat im sure .. lynx can kill a deer . And the serval is same size

  93. i maybe GOD

    i maybe GOD4 months ago

    We still have him in my counrty unlike countries in the area

  94. lmane Merroun

    lmane Merroun4 months ago


  95. nomelito arquillano

    nomelito arquillano4 months ago

    One of the greatest things in anime and the cutest (Kemono friends)

  96. Weeb Teenager Neo Gabrielle Acevedo

    Weeb Teenager Neo Gabrielle Acevedo4 months ago


  97. Will Volponi

    Will Volponi4 months ago

    No Danielle, no drawing... this episode was a little empty.

  98. Holbytatown

    Holbytatown4 months ago

    These cats are so beautiful and refined, they looked as if they are for another world... A world where you can tame them with a pokeball, for example...

  99. Emma Ly

    Emma Ly5 months ago

    Any wild cat: *exists* Rich people: you are my new accessory!

  100. Blaze The Wolf

    Blaze The Wolf5 months ago

    I literally haven’t heard a single animal on the channel that wasn’t being poached by humans.

  101. tyler krug

    tyler krug5 months ago


  102. I Love Tesla’s

    I Love Tesla’s5 months ago

    I want a Savanah Cat.