Geese: Peace Was Never an Option

This is the most feared animal by city slickers; the Goose. Rake in the lake.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.

#Season5 #Premiere


  1. Cheese The Goose

    Cheese The Goose21 hour ago

    My brothers and sisters are dangerous, we won't show mercy

  2. StarFuryDuck

    StarFuryDuckDay ago

    kill all the geese, the ducks need to rule

  3. Marcell double M

    Marcell double MDay ago

    Geese Howard be like:Predicteable !

  4. Andrew Brown

    Andrew BrownDay ago

    My malamute pup had a goose mask. The geese would chase me away from her to protect her. Was pretty funny.

  5. CholsreaMMOS

    CholsreaMMOS2 days ago

    I pet 2 canadian geese and a swan(all if which where in a group together) on a bike ride with my mom.(she new better but watched and only warned me if anything looked bad)(i was 12). So peace was an option ... Just almost never chosen

  6. TP 2 0

    TP 2 02 days ago

    Anything exists geese peace was never a option

  7. Noe Angel

    Noe Angel2 days ago

    Is that teeth on his tongue omfg

  8. MacenPlaysGames

    MacenPlaysGames2 days ago

    I'm stupid with animals. A Canada goose started running after me and I ran at it all angry like. Thankfully it turned around and didn't call my bluff. Surely my frail mortal body would have been crushed by such a terrifying creature.

  9. Orang Games

    Orang Games3 days ago

    lol if it came at me i'd punt that shit

  10. Daiveon Mallery

    Daiveon Mallery3 days ago

    Imagine having teeth on your tongue

  11. Barrett Boucher

    Barrett Boucher3 days ago

    I made a clay goose and now I’m gonna put it at a door with a note saying “peace was never an option”

  12. Antonio Stanley

    Antonio Stanley3 days ago

    I would never be chased away by a goose I would simply grab his neck

  13. Magne Moe

    Magne Moe3 days ago

    Geese is only an problem because wearing swords has gotten out of fashion :) And yes the untitled goose game is brilliant.

  14. Georgia

    Georgia4 days ago

    they haven’t forgotten what being a dinosaur was like

  15. Corn Bone

    Corn Bone4 days ago

    "It's a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible goose."

  16. GreenInTheSun

    GreenInTheSun4 days ago


  17. TurboCMinusMinus

    TurboCMinusMinus4 days ago

    Just grab its neck and squeeze

  18. James 225

    James 2254 days ago

    Ive always found swans more aggy than geese

  19. J B

    J B4 days ago

    It's Canada gooses! Figure it out!

  20. Enagic ID# 8721462

    Enagic ID# 87214624 days ago

    Animals are Animals why compare yourself to a animal? We are Humans! Same sex! Really! That is Devolving.

  21. Joseph Orelien

    Joseph Orelien4 days ago

    Wait they have predators?!?!?!

  22. Jacob Brewer

    Jacob Brewer5 days ago

    This can be remedied pretty quickly with one special edition of betty crocker.

  23. kucanusa

    kucanusa5 days ago

    Every time a Canadian says sorry a Canadian goose doubles it's aggression. Ten separate sorry's and it turns red and unlocks berserker mode.

  24. Roy Edwards

    Roy Edwards5 days ago

    Ever wonder why aliens don't show themselves? It's because the geese are actively hunting them down.

  25. Kevin Perry

    Kevin Perry5 days ago

    "Peace was never an option?" Too bad we have unlimited season on your butts come February. Who knows how many boxes of shells we'll go through

  26. Rhonda Ryder

    Rhonda Ryder3 days ago

    Which is it with your people do you love animals or do you hunt them

  27. Peter Papadogiannakis

    Peter Papadogiannakis5 days ago

    insane how animals have learnt to use aerodynamics to their advantage

  28. man kidal

    man kidal5 days ago

    At 1st I thought its greece

  29. KilijShark

    KilijShark5 days ago

    Goose season!

  30. Canadian Fury

    Canadian Fury5 days ago

    "They have no fear of people" "Racks shotgun"

  31. mrmudzahedini

    mrmudzahedini4 days ago

    And butcher hooks

  32. Won't respond

    Won't respond6 days ago

    Well, if you knew how to hanlde them it would be easy. But not many grow up in a envirement which allows that knowledge to have, at least not in cities

  33. mark One

    mark One6 days ago

    How do they taste

  34. Jackson Signarowski

    Jackson Signarowski6 days ago

    They suck in Canada

  35. Diber Shai

    Diber Shai6 days ago

    These are dinosaurs in their truest form.

  36. slitor

    slitor6 days ago

    HEHE....Gaggle of geese.

  37. Riko J. Amado

    Riko J. Amado6 days ago

    “ We do not negotiate with avian terrorists”.

  38. Zone

    Zone6 days ago

    Feathered shit bags.

  39. Rev. Matt Ripper

    Rev. Matt Ripper6 days ago

    Thank you for disabusing me of the idea that our geese mate for life, i truly thought they did. Cheers from Niagara!

  40. David Ho

    David Ho6 days ago

    Not all Canadians are friendly, especially Canadian Geese @@

  41. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna6 days ago

    Goose - mess with the honk, you get the bonk.

  42. Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un6 days ago

    You didn’t have a proper childhood unless you were chased by a goose and now harbor a deep fear/hatred/admiration for these fierce beasts

  43. Pog Phrog

    Pog Phrog7 days ago

    I really don’t get why people are scared of geese like defend your self bruh

  44. Samarpita Sengupta

    Samarpita Sengupta7 days ago

    0:07 ok...

  45. NDupsChannel

    NDupsChannel7 days ago

    Few things. 1. They still migrate every winter, not sure why you claim they don't, and if so clarify BC that's not the normal. 2. Claiming they crap so much from eating garbage is proposterous. If your 7 million was correct, you're trying to tell us all 7 million eat garbage!?

  46. some random person with internet access

    some random person with internet access7 days ago

    Take out the Flak.

  47. Lucifer

    Lucifer7 days ago

    Looks like an excellant meat source.

  48. Rubits

    Rubits7 days ago

    I love how overconfident they are, like if you slap them across the beak they will leave you alone. Its funny watching people not put up with their shit

  49. Nate007

    Nate0077 days ago

    “Canada Geese” WRONG, more like Canada Gooses. Change my mind

  50. TheDoomsdayzoner

    TheDoomsdayzoner7 days ago

    I am impressed that there is not "Canadian Geese" hunting seasons in America. Considering, how much Americans love guns and hate intruders.

  51. Joey Rowland

    Joey Rowland7 days ago

    Geese have killed people. They are no joke.

  52. Jason Adams

    Jason Adams7 days ago

    A lot of them get run over by cars around here.

  53. kalico kat

    kalico kat7 days ago

    The titles and thumbnails of these videos are priceless, "peace was never an option" ! 😂 "don't boop the snoot" ! 😂😂😂

  54. Keen R

    Keen R7 days ago

    I raise turkeys, geese, and chickens. One morning, at 3AM, I was up and getting coffee going, when I heard the birds going crazy out back. I checked the cameras, and somebody was trying to break into one of my tool sheds. Too bad for him there were 3 geese, and 2 very angry 50LB Tom Turkeys who happened to be camped out next to the shed. I was laughing so hard watching the mayhem unfold, I screwed up and pressed the wrong button on the DvR, and didn't get a recording. Nothing better than watching someone vault the pasture fencing with a bunch of angry Dinos trying to eat his kidneys.

  55. Muhammad Ahmed

    Muhammad Ahmed7 days ago

    does it hurt when they bite ? or maybe they can scratch you from their feet?

  56. Jonny Boy

    Jonny Boy7 days ago

    I just wanna say. That outfit really compliments your figure girl.

  57. Josh Rhymer

    Josh Rhymer7 days ago

    If you got a problem with Canada Gooses you got a problem with me so I SUGGEST YOU LET ONE MARINATE!

  58. Steven Sims

    Steven Sims7 days ago

    They beautiful they cute they even hold leg back but most importantly they will attac

  59. SC Krolik

    SC Krolik7 days ago

    Hunters : its free real estate

  60. Noah Tabor

    Noah Tabor7 days ago

    I found out tactical ways to intimidate geese, there were fields I went too and they just chilled there.

  61. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.7 days ago

    I generally stay out of their way.

  62. Jared Price

    Jared Price7 days ago

    That neck was made for throttling.

  63. Education Earth

    Education Earth7 days ago

    Did she just call Canada the Arctic lmao

  64. William Wilson

    William Wilson8 days ago

    Subtle racism from the commentator

  65. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.7 days ago

    @William WilsonI read about the word 'black' having a negative spin, but why Muhammad Ali?

  66. William Wilson

    William Wilson7 days ago

    @Werewolf O. London, Esq. not one to cry wolf and it was kind of a reach. But I know every human has prejudice to an extent whether consciously or unconsciously. Look up Muhammad Ali or the word black being negative

  67. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.7 days ago

    @William Wilson Oh, okay.

  68. William Wilson

    William Wilson7 days ago

    @Werewolf O. London, Esq. almost everything that’s black is seen in a negative light from dictionary’s written centuries ago. She only said the white one was beautiful, when they all are even tho I do hate geese

  69. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.7 days ago

    In what way?

  70. Kirk Stiles

    Kirk Stiles8 days ago

    I hate canada geese, they are way too defensive. If they are standing in the walk way to your door for work, you might as well find a new way in. Lol

  71. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.7 days ago

    @Kirk Stiles I bet if you wave a skillet, they'd move! 🤣

  72. Kirk Stiles

    Kirk Stiles7 days ago

    @Werewolf O. London, Esq. never works lol

  73. Werewolf O. London, Esq.

    Werewolf O. London, Esq.7 days ago

    Don't look straight at them, and try to appear non-threatening, like going around them instead of straight through.

  74. Youtubehatesthetruth

    Youtubehatesthetruth8 days ago

    Is she wearing a bath robe?

  75. chance lawler

    chance lawler8 days ago

    I snappa muthafuckin goosen

  76. Pacer Shark

    Pacer Shark8 days ago

    They wont be " Feared by city slickers" for long if we permanently put their asses on Thanksgiving\Christmas menu.

  77. kazehana877

    kazehana8778 days ago

    The Hawaiian Nene acts nothing like the other geese they chill and friendly, that’s why in Hawaii wild ones and captive ones need to be seperated.

  78. Goos

    Goos8 days ago


  79. J O

    J O8 days ago

    Does she have a only fans... I love to support..

  80. SOULK3Y

    SOULK3Y8 days ago

    Should’ve just had upper body shots..

  81. Blame USA

    Blame USA8 days ago

    wow the first 20secs i thought you where talking about people.

  82. Samuel Fakiyesi

    Samuel Fakiyesi8 days ago

    I kicked a goose once when it tried to chase me

  83. Javie Bryan Mediana

    Javie Bryan Mediana8 days ago

    Kung diri pa na sa pilipinas gikaon na namo na

  84. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin8 days ago

    I love that geese are really weak and entirely focus on bluffing just trying to scare people

  85. John Daman

    John Daman8 days ago

    Just grab the long necked duck by the neck and throw if being chased.

  86. Douglass dougothy

    Douglass dougothy8 days ago


  87. Douglass dougothy

    Douglass dougothy8 days ago

    Its a beautiful day, and you are a horrible goose.

  88. Adam Warlock

    Adam Warlock8 days ago

    I see people being scared off by Canadian geese all the time, it is so f*cking amusing. They are like any typical bully... If you are being hissed at and approached by a goose just stand your ground and stare them down, they will lower their neck and back off. If you act like a little b*tch they will smell the fear and you will become their b*tch for life.

  89. John

    John8 days ago

    Feared animal? Kick the shit out of them

  90. Prince Gaming

    Prince Gaming8 days ago

    who else wants to kill one of these geese pluck it cut it up and eat it with potatoes and macaroni and cheese

  91. Them

    Them8 days ago


  92. Katia Lastovkina

    Katia Lastovkina8 days ago

    I don't care what you all say. They're wonderful. Y'all can't handle a little sass.

  93. Clueless

    Clueless8 days ago

    Just ate one of these guys in sausage form and it was delicious. Bite me again, dare you.

  94. Tales From The Trip

    Tales From The Trip8 days ago

    7 million Canadian Geese in North America? Bro there's like 7 million in my backyard.

  95. Evan b

    Evan b8 days ago

    Serrated tongue. That says it all.

  96. Mind Your Own Fucking Business

    Mind Your Own Fucking Business8 days ago

    Just shoot 💀

  97. AFLAC Duck

    AFLAC Duck8 days ago

    Can someone tell me why you can’t just stomp on its neck/head or break its wing off because I’ve never had a goose encounter

  98. Rev. Matt Ripper

    Rev. Matt Ripper6 days ago

    Mother geese with babies come at you like a massive hissing phalanx, wing tip to wing tip they surround you. But they're a protected bird with specified hunting season & if you hurt them you'll get charged.

  99. Nick Cage

    Nick Cage8 days ago

    perkelee paskiaiset pasko takapihan nurmikon

  100. sad boi

    sad boi8 days ago

    It's not just North America. They are extremely common here in England too.

  101. Bacon bob

    Bacon bob8 days ago

    I once saw a man part a flock of about 30 angry hissing Canadian geese like Mose parting the Red Sea, just by staring them down. Where can I learn the power?

  102. AFLAC Duck

    AFLAC Duck8 days ago

    “The dark side of the force is a pathway to abilities some consider unnatural.”

  103. Bui DucHai

    Bui DucHai8 days ago

    the only reason i watched this is cause of her, she’s gorgeous

  104. Rev. Matt Ripper

    Rev. Matt Ripper6 days ago

    Yeah she is!

  105. AFLAC Duck

    AFLAC Duck8 days ago

    Which goose was gorgeous

  106. Jack Risemberg

    Jack Risemberg8 days ago

    I was regularly attacked by geese as a child. They would untie my shoes and trip me. Sneaky bastards.

  107. Kevin Perry

    Kevin Perry5 days ago

    Why do you think I started hunting them back?

  108. Super Sentai Pepsi

    Super Sentai Pepsi9 days ago

    Today I learned Geese have serrated tounges

  109. Help Me

    Help Me9 days ago

    canadian people: *polite* canadian geese: *peace was never an option*

  110. that one account

    that one account9 days ago

    Geese are the only non-polite Canadians

  111. practical intuition

    practical intuition9 days ago

    geese are always friendly towards me. One time, a white goose even followed me back to my car trying to get adopted. Am I the goose king?

  112. Rev. Matt Ripper

    Rev. Matt Ripper6 days ago

    No, you're the Goose Whisperer, it's more important.

  113. unkown Gay

    unkown Gay9 days ago

    Is that teeth on their tounge🤔hmmm

  114. Clustered Peanuts

    Clustered Peanuts9 days ago

    I feel like I'm the only guy that would kick them for no reason And immediately get rekt by a geese

  115. Distorted

    Distorted9 days ago

    Hawaiian nae nae

  116. Nathan Bell

    Nathan Bell9 days ago

    I like that Untitled Goose Game reference