Snapping Turtles Have One Hell of a Bite

The face of a snapping turtle is the last thing a lot of fish see before they die. It’s not pretty. We got to release a snapping turtle into the wild for this episode. Stick around to the end to watch!
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    We got to release a snapping turtle back into the wild for this episode. Stick around to the end to watch! For a behind-the-scenes look at this week's episode, check out our Patreon: Happy Friday! - Dylan, Danielle and Crew

  2. Yagua Z

    Yagua Z3 months ago

    Gamera was the most fiercest turtle to every have existed.

  3. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati4 months ago


  4. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati4 months ago


  5. B-Rad's Chan

    B-Rad's Chan5 months ago

    Love these videos, have you done the camel spider?

  6. Gill Gill

    Gill Gill5 months ago

    Do a video on domestic cows

  7. ToucanO

    ToucanO14 hours ago

    DO TOUCAN PLS (like this comment if u agree)

  8. Nick Hanley

    Nick HanleyDay ago

    Wait wait wait.... Did you just say "twonie sized"? Does that mean Animalogic is Canadian? That would make me happy and proud. 😉

  9. Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    Anthony demons Siller runb4MEDay ago

    Interesting I found a snapping turtle miles away from the water last year basking in the sun It had 2 leeches on its neck so i helped remove them and moved it closer to the water

  10. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris2 days ago

    I have some common snapping turtles in the small pond in my neighborhood, I see em around fairly often

  11. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan4 days ago

    this animal is dangerous

  12. Rex Luther

    Rex Luther6 days ago

    Snapping Turtle:Wanna see A Magic Trick?(Open His mouth) Fish:I Dont See Any Magic Snapping Turtle:Take a Closer Look. Fish:Now You See! I told you there's No magi-. Snapping Turtle:Tada!!!!!! You See You're Gone.

  13. balefiregolemsworld

    balefiregolemsworld9 days ago

    There is no max size for an alligator snapping turtle, for instance Look up Raphael the snapping turtle, he lives in a pond under a restaurant with alligators who are 5-6 feet long and he is longer than that, he is thought to have been born during the American civil war and is still alive today

  14. Michael Dingo

    Michael Dingo9 days ago

    Is that really true. I think I have heard it from multiple reliable sources that it's bite strength ranks highly in the animal kingdom?

  15. A.M. The Shiny Johto Hunter

    A.M. The Shiny Johto Hunter9 days ago

    And we now see the Water/Grass equivalent of Torterra. 😉

  16. johnsobj

    johnsobj10 days ago

    Per my daughter: please talk about the dwarf lantern shark. Thx

  17. Edmond Taverdyan

    Edmond Taverdyan12 days ago

    I love a full figured woman......... SO much better...... If you only knew......smh. I would do some things to this girl.

  18. Lapiscake12

    Lapiscake1212 days ago

    the fact that snapping turtle's bits are as strong as a human really show just how much restraint a human have, if we didn't have a sense of fear or moral there is nothing that can stop us from biting fingers off like a carrot

  19. yueshijoorya

    yueshijoorya13 days ago

    Why is this lady always so nervous?

  20. Ian Bradford

    Ian Bradford15 days ago

    At 2:20, the fishes eye was nearly popped of.

  21. Mew owo

    Mew owo16 days ago

    1:33 Nose boop. :3

  22. Royal Olive

    Royal Olive19 days ago

    I am 8 years old I can do snaping

  23. TheCleverJoker

    TheCleverJoker19 days ago

    It's a clutch that they lay, not a litter. Litter is a live birth of more than 1 animal, clutch is more than 1 egg

  24. Robbie Kavanagh

    Robbie Kavanagh25 days ago

    The snapping turtle is Gamera The marine iguana is Godzilla

  25. Guadalupe Dolphinfeather

    Guadalupe Dolphinfeather28 days ago

    Common snapping turtles really do seem to be angry chunks They've killed a couple of our pet ducks and chewed on another, and I once saw one trying to pull down a canadian goose The goose managed to pull itself free after a lot of struggling, but it crash landed in plants on the edge of the pond and I didn't see it move after that. Was probably in shock One of my most vivid memories of them was when I saw one of our pet ducks just chilling in the water . . . but I couldn't see her head. I thought she might be nibbling some plants or bugs underwater but I never did see her lift her head or anything she was still moving which confused me at first, but then I realized that turtles were underneath her eating her from below at one point a turtle half-climbed on top of the duck trying to completely submerge it it was quite disturbing, and I don't appreciate their presence near our pets at all

  26. Hector Montes

    Hector Montes28 days ago


  27. Krazeguy Productions

    Krazeguy Productions28 days ago

    Smile boi

  28. Full Time Gamer!

    Full Time Gamer!Month ago

    Rainbow fish

  29. Dylan Ambrose

    Dylan AmbroseMonth ago

    0:00 hmmmmmm

  30. RadRich

    RadRichMonth ago

    We have those in California, too. NorCal.

  31. Brad Johnson

    Brad JohnsonMonth ago

    She don't like fish.

  32. LostRequiem 7817

    LostRequiem 7817Month ago

    I actually have a picture of a snapping turtle my grandpa caught a few days ago while we were fishing

  33. Ricardo Ortega

    Ricardo OrtegaMonth ago

    your videos rock so much and your draws too!

  34. Dion Bradley

    Dion BradleyMonth ago

    What about the TMNT species of turtle 🐢??

  35. Roberto Taveras

    Roberto TaverasMonth ago

    Do fish not have blood?

  36. trashy10

    trashy10Month ago


  37. SunnysFilms

    SunnysFilmsMonth ago

    We just had a snapping turtle wander all the way to our yard. I don't know why it went all that way, but it then wandered into the road and I was able to grab it before it got hit by an oncoming car. I put it at the water's edge and found out that about fifteen hatched on our neighbor's property. It was nice to see since we don't see turtles here often. Back when my mom was a kid, she and her sister came across an enormous snapping turtle that actually bit a hole in their oar. Common snappers are tough.

  38. Corina Farrow

    Corina FarrowMonth ago

    Torment swimmers? I grew up swimming in lakes and waterways. Please don't spread misinformation like this. Last time I was out, a family almost bashed a snapper with a huge rock because they assumed they would attack them...

  39. dungoist

    dungoistMonth ago

    1:27 I'm not amazed at the turtle snapping, I'm impressed with the guy holding him up that long.

  40. Robert Morgan

    Robert MorganMonth ago

    I have to preface this story. I grew in a very isolated area for people and wildlife. Alligator snapping turtles to my uncle and other local people's fingers when they went noodling for catfish. One of the few was to get a meal.

  41. SoDan

    SoDanMonth ago

    Otters kill that

  42. An Sochannmony 10F

    An Sochannmony 10FMonth ago

    basically all animal so far nearly extinct is all cause by us.

  43. Ml ????

    Ml ????Month ago

    My neighbor kill one of them 😓

  44. geronimo8159

    geronimo8159Month ago

    These fish are not dumb, they have a *learning disorder* !

  45. Ryan Van Doren

    Ryan Van Doren2 months ago

    They looks like water sloths

  46. Shawn Thomas

    Shawn Thomas2 months ago

    Getting Gamera vibes.

  47. Duneydan

    Duneydan2 months ago

    4:15 Rolecredi... Oh wait! Sorry, wrong show.

  48. The Jurassic World Gang

    The Jurassic World Gang2 months ago

    Alligator Snapping Turtle is an Ambush Predator

  49. Norm Hiscock

    Norm Hiscock2 months ago

    Can you imagine a snake with a snapping turtle head.

  50. Jays Journey

    Jays Journey2 months ago

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  51. SpeedLife301

    SpeedLife3012 months ago

    Alligator snappers have a much stronger bitting force than a human it’s been measure plenty of times

  52. burro romo

    burro romo2 months ago


  53. Mason Ostrom

    Mason Ostrom2 months ago

    Turtle soup is pretty much the worst thing ever made.

  54. Xehemoth

    Xehemoth2 months ago

    The snapping turrtle is why you dont play in the creek in Alabama. I know a guy who got 3 toes bit off as well as a portion of his foot.

  55. mekkel lowder

    mekkel lowder2 months ago

    I just wanted to point out that snapping turtles occasionally do munch on veggies when given the chance ... When wild grapes are dropping off the vines into creeks, rivers, and lakes for example

  56. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    When I think of snapping turtles, I imagine a trio of turtles sitting around snapping their fingers singing a duwop.

  57. Rickie Oakes

    Rickie Oakes2 months ago

    A nest of eggs from a turtle is called a clutch not a litter other than that I really enjoyed the episode

  58. Ronaldo Brito Roque

    Ronaldo Brito Roque2 months ago

    Talk about tucanos.

  59. yes 12

    yes 122 months ago

    Snap, Snap, Snap he got a snack!

  60. Sham Mizen

    Sham Mizen2 months ago

    Kata semua keburukan tingkah laku ku pada dunia ini jgn Ada pernah Ada yg baik lagi jika itu nama aku didunia ciptaan kamu semua rampas semua yg aku ada dan katakan yg aku hisap dadah perempuan tak muat kota samarahan ini bagi aku sekali kamu semua hakimi aku kebencian nabi tidak aku mahu utk bersama dgn kamu semua disini sepjg hidup aku ingat ttg penghinaan ini jgn kamu fikir kamu semua saja yg punyai hati dan perassan aku ini tiada itu kejam nama nya jika sekali aku dihina gini mustahil aku ingin utk dgr kamu semua lagi katalh utk apa saja aku terima kerana aku sudah tiada apa utk dipertaruhkan lagi didunia ini aku .........buat semua berpura2 berckp dusta dan semua yg yg buruk itu lempar kemari aku terima seiklasa2nya asalkan tidak ikut kamu semua itu saja ingat ttg tuduhan kamu tadi kebencian nabi s.a.w.....apa rasa kalian dibentah gitu demi kepentingan oohhh tidak mustahil utk aku

  61. Avinash Francis

    Avinash Francis2 months ago

    Are you related to Willem Dafoe by any chance?

  62. Dodo Rex

    Dodo Rex2 months ago

    Nobody: Snapping turtles:boop me I dare you

  63. traplandmuzik

    traplandmuzik2 months ago

    Orchas If u haven't done so already

  64. Hungry Animal

    Hungry Animal2 months ago

    Go get them, otters!

  65. Juriusu the random

    Juriusu the random2 months ago

    I like the gamera referance at the end of the drawing if it is (Probably not)

  66. rochrich

    rochrich2 months ago

    The turtles are also masters at tracking down carrion. I've heard of them getting tracking devices attached then being released into a body of water to find murder victims.

  67. Ray Jones

    Ray Jones2 months ago

    I like her show but her facts be off at times a human doesn't have a bite force close to a snapping turtle.

  68. Samuel Bousfield

    Samuel Bousfield2 months ago

    That fish got fucked

  69. Alejandro G

    Alejandro G2 months ago

    This girl has the weirdest body movements while she talks, almost like a 4 year old reciting poetry in front of her class, weird...

  70. travis dunn

    travis dunn2 months ago

    IMO common snapping turtles are S tier. I used to fish for them as a kid, and I'd catch them when they migrated over land during spring. Just for sport, I never harmed them, even tho they ate my ducks.

  71. SH AN

    SH AN2 months ago

    This lady looks like a little bit puffed up version of Selma Blair

  72. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith2 months ago

    The kiwi! (The bird)

  73. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden3 months ago

    I used to see snapping turtles all the time growing up next to a 5 acre pond in Indiana

  74. bean machine

    bean machine3 months ago

    Is it just me or do snapping turtles look like they just told a reallly bad joke and are waiting for you to laugh. 2:15

  75. Nick Alonso

    Nick Alonso29 days ago


  76. Mohamed Salem

    Mohamed Salem3 months ago

    Signs of our great creator Allah the only one to be worshipped

  77. Kvon Curry

    Kvon Curry3 months ago

    You’re beautiful lady

  78. Airplane Collectibles

    Airplane Collectibles3 months ago

    I can’t snap my fingers either.

  79. Khi Straley

    Khi Straley3 months ago

    I really, Really like how the saying in the thumbnail abruptly ends 🤣

  80. Matt S

    Matt S3 months ago

    Im native American and in ontario canada we use common snappers as rattles, which look amazing

  81. Redmi note3

    Redmi note33 months ago

    You are beautiful Danielle😊

  82. Kalo Arepo

    Kalo Arepo3 months ago

    There is a video which shows an otter literally making minced meat of a snapping turtle as you see the otter tearing at its soft underparts and even tearing off layers of its shell -they have more than met their match there as the turtle is not agile and supple enough to defend its vulnerable parts.

  83. agro mantis

    agro mantis3 months ago

    jeez I was at a pond one day and walked by a snapping turtle (accidentally wasn’t trying to upset it or anything) and it *growled* at me

  84. BaNaNa khaoz

    BaNaNa khaoz3 months ago

    I'm dissapointed at how noone is talking abot the draawing at the last second

  85. Mariana Johnston

    Mariana Johnston3 months ago

    "Hey guys! A worm" "Damn it Jerry we've been over this that might not be a worm" "I'm gonna go check it out" "Jerry remember what happened to your Uncle Ben" "Jesus it's going to be fine it's just a worm" "Fine but don't get mad when I say I told you so" *Snap* "Told you so"

  86. andy13

    andy1328 days ago

    Mariana Johnston rip Jerry 😂

  87. Critters Abroad

    Critters Abroad3 months ago


  88. Jackson Gregg

    Jackson Gregg3 months ago

    I see alligator snapping turtles in my neighborhood every day

  89. tanked warthog

    tanked warthog3 months ago

    I've been bit by an alligator snapping turtle before it hurt but fortunately I didn't lose any fingers

  90. Buddy

    Buddy3 months ago

    the common snapping turtle looks like a water sloth

  91. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye3 months ago


  92. Michael Hughes

    Michael Hughes3 months ago

    Marmots, and pikas.

  93. DrSchleck

    DrSchleck3 months ago

    Considering fish as "dumb" is not adequate for animalogic to describe a fish.

  94. snipereliteforce

    snipereliteforce3 months ago

    Giant turtles eating little turtles: Glad that wasn't me when I was a kid

  95. -_ TrisFen_2006 _-

    -_ TrisFen_2006 _-3 months ago

    Wait so we have a bite strong enough to technically bite a finger off?

  96. Sam Haine

    Sam Haine4 months ago

    My mans bit off dudes eye 0_0

  97. Beroka _

    Beroka _4 months ago


  98. Saleem Frazer

    Saleem Frazer4 months ago

    2:45 DAMN!!!!!! THAT'S BRUTAL!!!

  99. Elias Choto

    Elias Choto4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the bite of alligator snapping turtle is stronger then a human's bite

  100. Tobi or not Tobi

    Tobi or not Tobi4 months ago

    3:33 it looks like a sloth lol

  101. Jummi Ruti

    Jummi Ruti4 months ago

    Its found in North east india too

  102. arfa mak

    arfa mak4 months ago


  103. arfa mak

    arfa mak4 months ago


  104. LiverGiver

    LiverGiver4 months ago

    They are kinda cute ngl

  105. Yeosoph Jared Rondon

    Yeosoph Jared Rondon4 months ago

    coyote peterson brought me here

  106. Meme Dealer

    Meme Dealer4 months ago

    brave wilderness has joined the chat.

  107. jim jones

    jim jones4 months ago

    Yessssd Danny you betta. Crop top Danny on yall BITChs

  108. しろいOmega

    しろいOmega4 months ago

    If I was a fish...I wouldve died in a milisecond...