Spitters and Defensive Vomiters: Nature is Gross

For the ultimate survival strategy, these animals had to look within… to their vomit. - Check out Brilliant (and get 20% off): brilliant.org/animalogic/
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. mikex1011

    mikex10116 days ago

    Wear your safety glasses kids.

  2. David Moreno

    David Moreno10 days ago

    Idk if being able to watch this while eating says anything about me.😹

  3. Dankmemeboi420

    Dankmemeboi42019 days ago

    What is the Americans knew this?

  4. Donte Bland

    Donte Bland24 days ago

    I only pick up on her Canadian accent when she says "ouwt" loll

  5. slugbaby

    slugbaby29 days ago

    *sees video title * me, who has extreme emetophobia: _woah, rad_

  6. Pablo

    PabloMonth ago

    Papa possibly

  7. Date Masamune

    Date MasamuneMonth ago

    But why

  8. raitoiro

    raitoiroMonth ago

    Would it be possible to have the source for the unhatched fulmar vomiting oil? I looked online to try and find more about that but I couldn't find anything. Thank you

  9. Shahin Portohfeh

    Shahin PortohfehMonth ago

    Hey everyone I’m just kidding and thanks for watching 🤷🏻‍♂️ how can I take her serous 🤔🤨😂😂😂

  10. Weghweh Hwewehwhe

    Weghweh HwewehwheMonth ago

    I used this to great effect back in highschool!

  11. fahad alenezi

    fahad alenezi2 months ago

    Cutie but your arms ehhh

  12. The Odd Dood

    The Odd Dood2 months ago

    russia: no bird, OUR oil.

  13. Maclean Marsh

    Maclean Marsh2 months ago

    Army boutta invade this birds territory once the news of their existence reaches them

  14. Adam Ghoostx

    Adam Ghoostx2 months ago

    Look like a pokemon defending itself

  15. Jer Miller

    Jer Miller2 months ago

    Thanks Radio TTS

  16. Jose Roman Ruiz

    Jose Roman Ruiz2 months ago

    Me lol

  17. jordan stans loona

    jordan stans loona2 months ago

    Who’s here after Reddit?

  18. Drew G

    Drew G2 months ago

    Damn birds...

  19. Lauren Mccrea

    Lauren Mccrea2 months ago

    (As I find myself watching this at 3:25am)

  20. Dawn of the Ashen One

    Dawn of the Ashen One2 months ago

    Mozambique cobra

  21. knight daemon

    knight daemon3 months ago

    America: "spits oil?! Freedom is on its way!!!" I see I'm not the first. America's getting served.

  22. Spartan 187

    Spartan 1873 months ago

    Birds spittin oil....America:let's deliver some freedom to those opressed birds😇🤑🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇲U. S. A, U. S. A....

  23. Jean Pool Karim Cope Ordinola

    Jean Pool Karim Cope Ordinola3 months ago

    Did she say that she was just kidding? :V

  24. Josh Mr. Fire

    Josh Mr. Fire3 months ago

    Jess Keating sounds like just kidding

  25. Nabeel nazer

    Nabeel nazer3 months ago

    i came from reddit and i'm happy.

  26. liam gorman

    liam gorman3 months ago

    A dinosaur that spits oil so jurassic park was right after all?

  27. ShogunZ

    ShogunZ4 months ago

    99% of this video views is from America

  28. Aimee lé cat

    Aimee lé cat4 months ago


  29. Supreme Etnel

    Supreme Etnel4 months ago

    Spitters are quitters anyway.

  30. Supreme Etnel

    Supreme Etnel4 months ago

    That’s why my girlfriend spits out ........it makes sense now. Thanks animalogic

  31. Mohammad Saif Ullah Gauhar

    Mohammad Saif Ullah Gauhar4 months ago

    Hey there guys I'm just kidding

  32. MO

    MO4 months ago

    How can we take seriously a girl named « just kidding »

  33. Jasmine Gallagher

    Jasmine Gallagher4 months ago

    "by far the most badass spitters OOT there" Ah yes. The accent of my northern brethren. Here in michigan we do that too sometimes.

  34. edgar boostedST

    edgar boostedST5 months ago

    2021 new national bird comeing up.

  35. Big boss stewie

    Big boss stewie5 months ago

    Bro that’s me when I drank to much hot sauce

  36. Ricardo Monge

    Ricardo Monge5 months ago

    *America has join the chat*

  37. BISK KJ

    BISK KJ5 months ago

    Bird:Spit Oil America: I'm about to start these birds spitting careers

  38. APSAEL

    APSAEL5 months ago

    I love her name lol

  39. Shea Meyerson

    Shea Meyerson5 months ago

    Human: * vomits when threatened * Other humans: Haha what a wimp! Animal: * vomits when threatened * other animals: Oh shit! I feel intimidated by that! Imma back tf up!

  40. Stock Name

    Stock Name2 months ago

    If I could projectile vomit at will I would do it at least once a year.

  41. pain pain

    pain pain5 months ago

    America wants to know Ur location.

  42. Donuts

    Donuts5 months ago

    Is the oil flammable? In which case the bird has the evolutionary potential to become a dragon, possibly a wyvern as it might have 2 wings and 2 legs, but that's just speculation about the future

  43. Danish Ameen

    Danish Ameen5 months ago

    This woman looks like Cherie deville....

  44. Hardweep Das

    Hardweep Das5 months ago

    I have spitting capabilities...from below my tongue there is....

  45. Classic Tails The Fox

    Classic Tails The Fox5 months ago

    When are you going to talk about us humans??? I've been saying humans two times now.

  46. Brown Candy

    Brown Candy6 months ago

    I liked this video...😊😊

  47. lc comics

    lc comics6 months ago

    Thumbnail: this bird spits oil! Me, an american: Huh

  48. Far A.R.

    Far A.R.6 months ago

    Why not vomit rainbow though?

  49. Muhamed Adli Afiq Bin Mohd Arif Tan

    Muhamed Adli Afiq Bin Mohd Arif Tan6 months ago

    Archer fish are very fun pets. Just dangle a dried anchovy over its tank, it'll spit directly at the anchovy even at 1m distance. Drop the anchovy as reward after

  50. Deeptanu Ghosh

    Deeptanu Ghosh6 months ago

    Where is Daniel

  51. Thuku

    Thuku7 months ago

    I like your hands lady.

  52. Christopher Lindstrom

    Christopher Lindstrom7 months ago

    I couldn't find any information about Northern Fulmar eggs spitting oil. Most sources I found state that chicks can spit as young as 2 weeks, which is when the parents will begin leaving it alone to hunt for food. Still super cool :D

  53. Røbby

    Røbby7 months ago

    Spitters are quitters

  54. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name7 months ago

    USA "OIL!!!"

  55. Deepti Rabha

    Deepti Rabha7 months ago

    WOW, NATURE!!! Never stops amazing us!!! Bless Our Creator!

  56. Thats Meat Man

    Thats Meat Man7 months ago

    I fw the 80s Miami theme

  57. Sana All

    Sana All7 months ago

    I always hear her name as "just kidding"

  58. wolf dragon playz

    wolf dragon playz7 months ago

    America will kidnap all of those birds

  59. Flaming_Gauntlet

    Flaming_Gauntlet7 months ago

    It’s cute when it doesn’t vomit.

  60. Demoman

    Demoman7 months ago

    *bird pukes oil* me: I think I lost my appetite

  61. Sid J

    Sid J7 months ago

    So many amerca-oil jokes....smh

  62. MADE LAW

    MADE LAW8 months ago

    Can some explain what he meant by firmament at 2:34?

  63. Sarc Asm

    Sarc Asm8 months ago

    Probably shouldn’t be eating while watching this video...

  64. Diego TuX

    Diego TuX8 months ago

    Hi Just Kidding! 😀

  65. Quinn The Fennic Fox

    Quinn The Fennic Fox8 months ago


  66. Adrian Santos

    Adrian Santos8 months ago

    6:36 That is the "Hydro Pump" a water pokemon move

  67. Andres Torres

    Andres Torres8 months ago

    Where is Danielle?

  68. Going Blargh

    Going Blargh8 months ago

    In a spitting match, no one spits like Gaston!

  69. Rahul Kumar

    Rahul Kumar8 months ago

    The stereotypical cobra music in the background is just stupid and annoying. Producers need to get over these things now, honestly.

  70. swivel keyring

    swivel keyring8 months ago

    GERD but make it an offensive weaponry

  71. Tsuna Takahiro

    Tsuna Takahiro8 months ago

    Is it just me or Does every old timey scientist in black and white videos sound the same?

  72. AnonyMousse7042

    AnonyMousse70428 months ago

    That northern fulmar bird also lives in Iceland. I was told to beware it, for it pukes on anyone within 4 ft, and luckily I did...

  73. Jonathan Terrado

    Jonathan Terrado8 months ago

    Bird: replaces american eagle as national bird

  74. Gio Vale

    Gio Vale8 months ago

    Mozambique here

  75. I cry Too much

    I cry Too much8 months ago

    I was eating... I *WAS*

  76. Xavier Reid

    Xavier Reid8 months ago

    And I would be the New York to their Pumpkin...

  77. XxXZz

    XxXZz8 months ago

    Hello Katiedid

  78. Kamil525

    Kamil5259 months ago

    This bird vomits oil! Messages (1) : *TheUSA wants to know your location

  79. Sidheshwar Tiwari

    Sidheshwar Tiwari9 months ago


  80. DrealLmasterCkillerk

    DrealLmasterCkillerk9 months ago

    tbh i kinda don't like this lady

  81. Gunnykido7

    Gunnykido79 months ago

    Hide the birds from america

  82. Dill Pickle

    Dill Pickle9 months ago

    *America intensifies *

  83. Gavesh Nimsara

    Gavesh Nimsara10 months ago

    why did she introduce herself as JUST-KIDDING ?

  84. Mehki Matthews

    Mehki Matthews10 months ago

    That poor panda


    YICHEN GAO10 months ago

    How about the velvet worm. They also spit to hunt

  86. Romantic Outlaw

    Romantic Outlaw10 months ago

    it's so wild to me that a living thing can produce cytotoxins inside their bodies.. that seems like a very risky adaptation

  87. That One Radical Dude Cool Dude

    That One Radical Dude Cool Dude10 months ago

    Bird: *Vomits oil.* America: I'm going to do what's called a pro gamer move.

  88. LouLou Beanss

    LouLou Beanss10 months ago

    I hate animalogic...lol I'm Jess Keating, I love this show 😜😁

  89. Bet& Nom

    Bet& Nom10 months ago

    Is her name I'm just kidding

  90. Infiltraitor

    Infiltraitor10 months ago

    @5:52 Nice shot, Llama 1 - Man 0

  91. IDrovePastYourHouse -

    IDrovePastYourHouse -10 months ago

    Breaking news: bird hunted to extinction in America

  92. random thing doer

    random thing doer10 months ago

    Hey at least the panda is safe :D

  93. good night Mario Cho! e

    good night Mario Cho! e10 months ago


  94. Greninjai

    Greninjai10 months ago

    Bird:vomits oil America:may I have that please Me:bruh it’s SICKNESS

  95. ryan

    ryan10 months ago

    These defenses are kind of unique, we don’t use our vomit to Make these defenses!

  96. Royle Hun

    Royle Hun10 months ago

    Stop harassing her

  97. IXBlackPearlXI

    IXBlackPearlXI10 months ago

    I don't think camels do spit that's a misunderstanding and many people think that they are similar to lamas. I lived many years and I see camels each year no single spit happened unless those camels were so polite that's something else 😂 They actually can't spit since there lips are dropping down so hard 🤔 but I'm sure they bite, kick and they could kill you if they hate you but spitting I think that's just misunderstanding.

  98. tea wrecks

    tea wrecks10 months ago

    imagine if 10 million years later the bird evolves the ability to ignite the oil and breathe fire

  99. Mysterious Ways

    Mysterious Ways10 months ago

    america will hunt that bird


    FLAMGO ALTREZ10 months ago

    I learned about this in school in the book "when lunch fights back "

  101. Jacob Kare

    Jacob Kare10 months ago

    i wish i has this ability

  102. OriginalTerr

    OriginalTerr11 months ago

    ...all I can think is "Look at all these Poison type pokemom"

  103. Kelawar

    Kelawar11 months ago

    Wow, they actually vomit? I thought she was.... Jess Keating