Frogfish Bite Faster Than You Can Blink

Frogfish ambush and swallow their prey in whole, all before they can even think “that’s no moon'. - Watch 'The Health Of Our Oceans' here
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Animalogic

    AnimalogicYear ago

    Hey everyone! I hope you liked this week's episode, we had a great time filming these fishies. They're so cute :) When you're done watching, be sure to watch 'The Health of Oceans' on CuriosityStream. It's a really fascinating doc that I think you'll enjoy. Use our promo code 'Animalogic' to get your first month free.

  2. Eliseo Maldonado

    Eliseo Maldonado7 months ago

    U single muahaha

  3. Antonio Dunbar

    Antonio DunbarYear ago

    I dunno If it's just me but she hot

  4. Hunkamajunka

    HunkamajunkaYear ago

    I dont wish to outshade the support needed for this channel....but for the freelings out there...the said documentary is on youtube and very breathtaking and informative. i hope you will consider CuriosityStream as a way to dive deeper than what our providers at Animalogic do on their own time. much love. loved both.

  5. Jordan Gross

    Jordan GrossYear ago

    for the next animal can we do Koalas that is my favorite animal

  6. Steven Peterson

    Steven PetersonYear ago

    You forgot to say that frog fish can eat a poisonous prey and then use the poison as a defense against other predators.

  7. feijó Jojojo

    feijó JojojoDay ago

    Levemente desconfortável de ver.

  8. Mohamed Reda Naimi

    Mohamed Reda Naimi2 days ago

    I can blink faster than frogfish bite

  9. stylusly turqouise

    stylusly turqouise4 days ago

    I like it that they always draw the animal they're talking about. To the person who always draw the animals,we love you

  10. Prexeno slash me Omega

    Prexeno slash me Omega7 days ago

    Frogfish *sees fish* za Hando gakestu

  11. Ian Yorgason

    Ian Yorgason7 days ago

    Biologists: frogs are amphibians Scientist that named the frog fish: well yes, but actually no

  12. TheBestMusicOnly

    TheBestMusicOnly7 days ago

    What happened? I could've sworn I just set my Happy Meal down for a sec?

  13. zach young

    zach young8 days ago

    Imagine if humans repopulated like that... Just take an elevator up a high building and masterbate off the side and hope your dynasty lives on

  14. THADZ

    THADZ8 days ago

    Fish aren't really the most careful of eaters. My question is: where does all that dust, sand and stone go to after taking a nible on a fish near the sea floor?

  15. THADZ

    THADZ8 days ago

    It's not like all the dust gets out the gills right?

  16. Mr Dude

    Mr Dude8 days ago

    Are we not going to talk about how it looks like they’re crawling when swimming on the sea bed? It’s just adorable

  17. gato ss

    gato ss8 days ago

    Nope nope nope

  18. Pasu suel

    Pasu suel9 days ago

    well, ladida, he can give us a kiss faster.. can he head butt a harpoon? ^^

  19. Mustafa Hasan

    Mustafa Hasan9 days ago

    i like this channel pls more videos for bugs that are beautifull

  20. Ride N Roll

    Ride N Roll9 days ago

    2days tedious follow up for sex , sounds like my sex life 😂

  21. Eli chan

    Eli chan10 days ago

    Aren’t frog fish tadpoles?

  22. DK

    DK13 days ago

    If we blink naturally, is 6x faster then we blink intentionally.

  23. Zachary Davidson

    Zachary Davidson16 days ago

    I can guarantee you everyone started blinking when they saw the video

  24. 246yami

    246yami20 days ago

    Humans are a cancer

  25. Neil Breen

    Neil Breen21 day ago

    6:44 "Why are we still here..?" "Just to suffer..?"

  26. saucy nonchalance

    saucy nonchalance26 days ago

    the human narrating is very very annoying

  27. Ace King

    Ace King28 days ago

    wanna see a magic trick?

  28. Mikey

    MikeyMonth ago

    well presented

  29. SquareKitten

    SquareKittenMonth ago

    I think frogfish are so cute in all their amazing variations.

  30. Nemophilist

    NemophilistMonth ago

    i blinked at the same time when he bites the fish, didn't see anything :D english is not my main language, so i might be wrong-

  31. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    A walking fish. nope.

  32. WhiteFace PS

    WhiteFace PSMonth ago

    This video is created by Dylan Dubeau and presented by Danielle Dufault

  33. Jean P. Kangaroo

    Jean P. KangarooMonth ago

    What is the name of the music in the beginning? Please and thank you.

  34. random pie

    random pieMonth ago

    2:11 Fish: *digs itself into dirt to camouflage* Frogfish: *eats fish* Fish: *_wait that’s illegal_*

  35. Lance S

    Lance SMonth ago

    I remember catching one of these while deep sea fishing

  36. Yahya abdi

    Yahya abdiMonth ago

    I love the frogfish it's snoop cute

  37. Skhi Ozier

    Skhi OzierMonth ago

    Their mouths are pretty much the hand from JJBA.

  38. Marina Lee

    Marina LeeMonth ago

    I thought I recognised the background music in the beginning, then I recalled TwoSet's video on water music so I knew it was Saint-Säens's "Carnival of the Animals: Aquarium". Unrelated but I just had to say it

  39. Preman Dogo

    Preman DogoMonth ago

    Wow this is. Frog fish and ,help me to going up my vedio 😉

  40. Fragola Strawberry

    Fragola StrawberryMonth ago

    1:47 Awwwww hes stroking the seasnail 🥺

  41. little amhaz

    little amhaz2 months ago

    Look like they install nos

  42. Reasey Pinnorak

    Reasey Pinnorak2 months ago

    Does sea snail has eyes?

  43. ShotsFired andMissed

    ShotsFired andMissed2 months ago

    bruh its got freaking hands xD

  44. Visuals

    Visuals2 months ago

    I can't wait to eat them

  45. burro romo

    burro romo2 months ago


  46. code_dredd

    code_dredd2 months ago

    So, nature is actually banning the male for being a spawn camper...

  47. Wassim Ayadi

    Wassim Ayadi2 months ago

    They have trust issues.

  48. Wassim Ayadi

    Wassim Ayadi2 months ago

    Who else spent most of the video struggling to find the frogfish because of how well hidden it is?...

  49. Sha-Mel Bomb.diggity

    Sha-Mel Bomb.diggity2 months ago

    Is this “aggressive camouflage” like the orchid mantis?

  50. pesky ninja

    pesky ninja2 months ago

    If they get their worm bit off... will it grow back? Wondering. If it does thatd be cool

  51. Squid

    Squid2 months ago

    idk if i should read the name as animal ogic or anima logic

  52. Athan R

    Athan R2 months ago

    I love animals. Hence, I love this channel as well. Subscribed.

  53. AmberGoop

    AmberGoop2 months ago

    so you're telling me there's fish that: -can't swim well and walk instead -do same size vore -have built in jet propulsion

  54. Curious

    Curious2 months ago

    "dumb fish infestations" bro damn just called fish dumb bro

  55. Owain d'Ylisse

    Owain d'Ylisse2 months ago

    That Star Wars reference almost went over my head

  56. stever macsoucher

    stever macsoucher2 months ago

    Are we at the point now where every animal is endaged but like farm animals and bog standard animals deers squirrels exc

  57. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •3 months ago

    No my pee is more faster that frogfish")

  58. Schardt Cinematic Productions

    Schardt Cinematic Productions3 months ago

    We need the slowmo guys to film this fish eating.

  59. Starbit Catcher

    Starbit Catcher3 months ago

    Wait this is a real fish omg. Spongbob squarepants movie is based off of real animals

  60. meep 1478

    meep 14783 months ago

    Fish version of SCP173 anyone?

  61. AaronB

    AaronB3 months ago

    you brought up jet propulsion and i almost lost it! cool animal!

  62. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson3 months ago

    Animalogic: Come for the knowledge, stay for the adorable geeky references.

  63. Pixie Sprite

    Pixie Sprite3 months ago

    Reminds me of Kirby from smash! Brrrrrriinnnnggghaaaa!

  64. Noah Ross

    Noah Ross3 months ago

    Guys, what is the music in the intro?

  65. Amerilias C

    Amerilias C3 months ago

    Where is the first song from? I've heard it before and it bothers me I can't remember where

  66. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse3 months ago

    Daniele: They can even change color! Me: Chameleon Fish?

  67. Ethan Loureiro

    Ethan Loureiro3 months ago

    4:55 Spawn campers

  68. Sauce424

    Sauce4243 months ago

    Nothing suspicious of a giant mouth breathing

  69. Ferdinand Pelayo

    Ferdinand Pelayo4 months ago

    Don't blink, you'll miss it again

  70. Anthony Andrade

    Anthony Andrade4 months ago

    Frogfite bish faster than fou can snik It's four AM and this is what I've read the title as.

  71. racedrivergrid01

    racedrivergrid014 months ago

    Don't believe to anyone, that's Nature

  72. Voice Guy

    Voice Guy4 months ago

    wow!! Even at 0.25 speed you still cant see Frogfish bite!!!

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    Subscribe With No Video4 months ago

    Here in the Philippines politician can take your money faster than you think

  74. Japee Ilagan

    Japee Ilagan4 months ago

    I paused the video so i could blink

  75. Faraz Ahmed

    Faraz Ahmed5 months ago

    Puma or Cougar

  76. ChingLish

    ChingLish5 months ago

    not even 1 frame and a fish is already being swallowed

  77. F.B.I.

    F.B.I.5 months ago

    I'm sorry but I can't enjoy a video that uses metric measurements to describe the size of things. Your inferior measurement system means nothing to me.

  78. Irene M Magallanes

    Irene M Magallanes5 months ago

    0:16 me yawning

  79. Helen Chen

    Helen Chen5 months ago

    Oh man...nature always have a low social status for male😂😂😂

  80. xXKidd FlashXx

    xXKidd FlashXx5 months ago

    She sounds she like that one black girl in that puberty shit on netflix

  81. Thiago Gomes

    Thiago Gomes5 months ago

    Damn he woulda be one hell of a weed inhaler

  82. - KOSHIOOO -

    - KOSHIOOO -5 months ago

    He do be looking fresh tho

  83. Dylan O'Connor

    Dylan O'Connor5 months ago

    How she moves her head and hands really bother me

  84. Yo_ImARat

    Yo_ImARat5 months ago

    Go from About to eat a meal to becoming the meal

  85. Simple Simulation

    Simple Simulation5 months ago

    he vibe

  86. bstlybengali

    bstlybengali5 months ago

    the title is definitely not misleading lol

  87. Ted Yeo

    Ted Yeo5 months ago

    Asians: hold my beer

  88. Jacktrack7

    Jacktrack75 months ago

    Well I'm helping marine life conservation I guess cause I can't stand seafood xd

  89. Russel Walker

    Russel Walker5 months ago

    Animalogic: These fish bite faster than you think. Me: Really, wow, how fast? Animalogic: Faster than you can think. Me: Oh ok, but how fast is that. Animalogic: Like... fast.

  90. Muro

    Muro5 months ago

    I do that too in public swimming pools when i feel threatened. *danger incoming, time to engage the jet propulsion

  91. Vin

    Vin5 months ago

    This fish is using king crimson

  92. Riena Larasati

    Riena Larasati5 months ago


  93. _어린것

    _어린것5 months ago

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  94. Sameema 1234

    Sameema 12345 months ago

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  95. IM4 flEX

    IM4 flEX5 months ago

    6:14 pause here. That is heartbreaking.

  96. lonely wolf

    lonely wolf5 months ago

    This fish deserves a much better name than Frog fish

  97. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell5 months ago

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  98. Sahid Islam

    Sahid Islam5 months ago

    All the creation of our almighty Allah, s are wonderful!

  99. 8TK8 guy

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    I saw the woman and decided to change the channel name into Animalesbian 👍

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  101. dyvid riz rocamora

    dyvid riz rocamora5 months ago

    Its not a frogfish but its a rambotan

  102. Cruptic ll

    Cruptic ll5 months ago

    Sssh if you blink you will mis it

  103. Resident Cat

    Resident Cat5 months ago

    Wow. There’s a fish who can’t swim but walk in water 😆

  104. Mr Hoax

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