Eagles: Terror of the Skies

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Eagles are the queens of the sky. They may not be the largest flying birds, but none are more powerful and regal.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Mr. Sidhu

    Mr. SidhuHour ago

    I love you Dylan🇮🇳

  2. PurnceNMe

    PurnceNMe11 hours ago

    Harpy eagles are so scary looking. The Philippine eagle has a crazy looking toupee.

  3. shelby rice

    shelby riceDay ago

    They will take children

  4. DevonMC

    DevonMC2 days ago

    Killing an eagle means 12 years in prison?!?!?!?!!? We need that for orangutans, tigers, and every single animal lower than "Least Concern" on the IUCN Red List

  5. C 12

    C 125 days ago

    "queens of the sky" Yeah because I think of the word "queen" when I think of something dominant and powerful.

  6. Tae Javvuuu

    Tae Javvuuu6 days ago

    What about wedge tail eagle ??

  7. John Doe

    John Doe7 days ago

    E.W.A (Eagles With Attitude) look how their neck move lol

  8. Jerome Marmol

    Jerome Marmol8 days ago

    3:17 funny how they like looking at each other

  9. Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli

    Ahmad Amirulhaziq Zulkifli8 days ago

    Batalar: LOOK AT ME! LOOK! AT! ME!

  10. Niladri Das

    Niladri Das9 days ago

    What r Kites ?

  11. Risen Lord Lulent

    Risen Lord Lulent9 days ago

    The much subliminal messaging of climate change in this place is really getting me to rethink my fav animal channel 😪

  12. mikex1011

    mikex10119 days ago

    The Philippine eagle looks like they're wearing tribal masks lol

  13. Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre

    Tolentino Levi, Jan Dre10 days ago

    so ur telling me that, PHILIPPINE EAGLES EAT MONKEYS?!?!

  14. Nill Gddy

    Nill Gddy12 days ago

    Queens ?

  15. Ronald Mugo

    Ronald Mugo12 days ago

    Afrika having everything. Very unfair

  16. MrSmallBalls

    MrSmallBalls14 days ago

    You sound like my dad.

  17. -Keith- _EA1381_

    -Keith- _EA1381_15 days ago

    We must protect these avian dinosaur birds of prey.

  18. Mc Elrey Ularte

    Mc Elrey Ularte16 days ago

    i feel embarrassed about our country

  19. aluwani moyo

    aluwani moyo16 days ago

    So in your video you say most Eagles live in Africa and Eurasia. But on the video thumbnail it says sloth killer - now are there ANY SLOTHS in Africa and Eurasia?

  20. Benny Hue

    Benny Hue18 days ago

    Did she just say queens of the sky¿? I just unsubbed. They're the Kings of the sky!

  21. i like memes guy

    i like memes guy19 days ago

    *i have eyes of a bat and ears like of an eagle!*

  22. Paula Terra

    Paula Terra19 days ago

    Forgot to mention that claws of Harpy eagle can break bones, powerful than a pitbul bite.

  23. Rex Luther

    Rex Luther19 days ago

    Philippine Eagle Is Like Monarchy Lineage One Royal Family Clan One Philippine Eagle Lineage

  24. Football God

    Football God19 days ago

    Is she making a point to call them queen of the sky or is that what they’re actually called

  25. James sickmore

    James sickmore20 days ago

    "No other animal in the sky more powerful" Sorry but that would make it the King of the sky.

  26. Alexander Angelus

    Alexander Angelus20 days ago

    7:45 “Witness me females and come at me peasants”

  27. Alexander Angelus

    Alexander Angelus20 days ago

    “Eagles are the Queens of the sky”, wait, what?

  28. Giant Killer

    Giant Killer20 days ago

    The Philippino bird is so dang beautious

  29. MortZon

    MortZon21 day ago

    "Queens of the sky" sound a bit silly. Or you know what, they are brutal killers so you can have this one

  30. Paul S

    Paul S22 days ago

    Harpy eagles=👑 My opinion.

  31. Floofy Chill

    Floofy Chill22 days ago

    *imagine an eagle drops a snake on you*

  32. Floofy Chill

    Floofy Chill22 days ago

    I think it's funny how hawk noises are often used for eagles on tv

  33. Bhaskar Yadav

    Bhaskar Yadav22 days ago

    My rod needs some cones

  34. Azariah Lowe

    Azariah Lowe22 days ago

    The way she said “genre” really irked me. It’s pronounced (John- ruh)!!!

  35. Azariah Lowe

    Azariah Lowe14 days ago

    Care 2020 they way you took the time to comment on something you claim annoys you irks me. Ignore and carry on about your day✌🏽

  36. Care 2020

    Care 202015 days ago

    The way you took the time to wrote something irrelevant and negative irked me. LOL.

  37. Patrick Lush

    Patrick Lush23 days ago

    7:25 What I came for.

  38. Rob Erickson

    Rob Erickson23 days ago

    Filipinos need to start caring about wildlife and their environment.

  39. Sara Nigai

    Sara Nigai24 days ago

    My crush 😍

  40. Sara Nigai

    Sara Nigai20 days ago

    @TheOrangeHeadedFella 🙄🙄 not that bird, I am talking about the lady.

  41. TheOrangeHeadedFella

    TheOrangeHeadedFella22 days ago

    ah yes birb is crush ew

  42. Gorakhnath

    Gorakhnath26 days ago

    Hmm! Interesting.

  43. Dangersides PvPMSTR

    Dangersides PvPMSTR28 days ago

    I like animal logic but not as much as wild kratts sorry

  44. Noa Baak

    Noa Baak28 days ago

    Strange. But I love her. - NYC, 9/26/2020

  45. MasonIsMissing 64

    MasonIsMissing 6429 days ago

    Ok but like harpy eagles take this one step further and eat monkeys

  46. adel ramadan

    adel ramadan29 days ago


  47. JoseLopez64

    JoseLopez6429 days ago

    Eagles: **Exists** Me: I like ya cut G

  48. uque ?

    uque ?Month ago

    águia harpia: cabeleira linda, mata até macaco, gigantescamente gigante águia careca: careca, come só peixe, tamanho medíocre, fode estranhamente (If you gonna to try to translate this, I wrote this in Portuguese not Spanish)

  49. Nerissa De Castro

    Nerissa De CastroMonth ago

    I'm a pilipino and it's sad to hear them die in the news

  50. Sad Frog

    Sad FrogMonth ago

    I’m sorry but Danielle is looking like a snack

  51. Warren Feagins

    Warren FeaginsMonth ago

    Queens of the sky???

  52. Juluis Reyes

    Juluis ReyesMonth ago

    Philippine eagle is the tallest and largest wing surface area.

  53. Karl Niewinski

    Karl NiewinskiMonth ago

    2:18 anyone else hear an "oof"?

  54. VinTaVge0592

    VinTaVge0592Month ago

    6:45 stop making a bunch of unecessary children

  55. ITachi UChiha

    ITachi UChihaMonth ago

    I really love these majestic birds

  56. Alexander Golke

    Alexander GolkeMonth ago

    The birds are fine , but what are the moderators hands are for and who controls these arms?

  57. godwin 2020

    godwin 2020Month ago

    Harpy eagle is my favourite eagle.

  58. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Nice Dress

  59. umm_ chaeyoung

    umm_ chaeyoungMonth ago

    Ah yes beautiful freedom gliders

  60. B D

    B DMonth ago

    Largest wingspan for an eagle ever recorded was that of an aquila audax fleayi (endangered Tasmanian Wedge-tailed eagle) at 2.84m.

  61. Wanders Gion

    Wanders GionMonth ago

    8:14 Typical leaf hating on our SYMBOL OF FREEDOM 💥🇺🇸🌿🦅⚔️🇺🇸💥

  62. TheOrangeHeadedFella

    TheOrangeHeadedFella22 days ago

    what do you mean symbol of freedom

  63. Cavman Bash

    Cavman BashMonth ago

    The canadiens make fun of our eagle. US: knock knock, its the united states, and we would like to talk.

  64. TheNukedNacho

    TheNukedNachoMonth ago

    12 years for killing a Haribon isn’t nearly enough.

  65. Mohammad Rifqi

    Mohammad RifqiMonth ago

    why the map aiming to Indonesia? indonesia is not philippines, philippines slightly above Indonesia

  66. Josh Winters

    Josh WintersMonth ago

    4:42 𝒍𝒖𝒄𝒌𝒊𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒇𝒊𝒔𝒉 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓

  67. Felisberto matador de raposa

    Felisberto matador de raposa2 months ago

    Funny how we all are biased towards our contries native eagles lol

  68. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin2 months ago

    The hawks in South America that swoop up small monkeys for breakfast

  69. Rodrigo Silva

    Rodrigo Silva2 months ago

    Eagles: Pimps of the sky

  70. indrajeet

    indrajeet2 months ago

    If eagles are known as queens of the sky, then what are the kings of the sky ?

  71. Blacksáber Predator

    Blacksáber Predator2 months ago

    the pouakai was the largest

  72. Deonna Harlan

    Deonna Harlan2 months ago

    So Eagles are the Queens of the air but are the most powerful then why don’t they get the King title?

  73. Teresa Wilkinson

    Teresa Wilkinson2 months ago

    I love these clips!, they're so entertaining and interesting, one of the few intelligent things on USlikes

  74. Ghost Bandit

    Ghost Bandit2 months ago

    "eagles are the most powerful birds of prey" Laughs in peregrine falcon punch. *Hehhehehehehehehe*. Daniel, you make falcons laugh. 🤣🤣

  75. Frank Limas

    Frank Limas2 months ago

    Dude, Danielle is such a babe😎

  76. Lil Matt Monday’s

    Lil Matt Monday’s2 months ago

    She is wearing her insulin pump that’s why she wore the orange sweater.

  77. Samuel Araújo Medeiros

    Samuel Araújo Medeiros2 months ago


  78. Keenan Myers

    Keenan Myers2 months ago

    Queens of the skies? There are male eagles too. Duhhhhh

  79. Hermie Tanya

    Hermie Tanya2 months ago

    5:44 Handsome

  80. Empaul Belair

    Empaul Belair2 months ago

    The Philippine eagles primarily eating monkeys, squirrels, bats, mouse deers and small pigs lives in Philippine forest and have the "boots like" things on their legs Meanwhile: Zoologists: Their snake eagles!!

  81. Onyekachi Ajawara (108onyajaw)

    Onyekachi Ajawara (108onyajaw)2 months ago

    your saying there are only female eagles now thats messed up dont put king or queen put ruler or something else because there are such thing as male eagles or this is all in your script then I understand if you wrote it you should know that male eagles can also be the master of flight stop acting like a nerd

  82. Rahmon Chapoteau

    Rahmon Chapoteau2 months ago

    8:01 Are you not entertained?

  83. Daemon C

    Daemon C2 months ago

    Meanwhile somewhere over the sea... Albatross: ...k

  84. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    Seagles, feagles, beagles and sneagles.

  85. Pan Darius Kairos

    Pan Darius Kairos2 months ago

    Eagles are shit birds.

  86. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin2 months ago

    Why not king of the sky? Sexist

  87. Sadhitra Biswas

    Sadhitra Biswas2 months ago

    3:19 : There's some tension I can see.

  88. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •2 months ago


  89. RAHUL Raj

    RAHUL Raj2 months ago

    Can you make a. Video on Indian gaur please .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., , , , , , ,., , , , , ,. ,, , ,.,.,.,.,..,,.,.,.,..,.,,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,,.,.,..,.,,.,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,,.,..,.,,..,.,., , , ,...,

  90. KoTArO kUN

    KoTArO kUN2 months ago

    hi im from philipines 😁 thank you so much animalogic for all Knowledge one of the best wild life documentary I've ever watch ❤ philipine eagle😃

  91. Lirpa08 etnariuq

    Lirpa08 etnariuq3 months ago

    Like for PH eagle

  92. Ge_rg__ Mir_____

    Ge_rg__ Mir_____3 months ago

    Привет Вэльма.

  93. YoshiBroccoli

    YoshiBroccoli3 months ago

    Flying raptors are cool

  94. Incorruptus

    Incorruptus3 months ago

    Sounds like you have to be a really lousy and lazy hunter, to call yourself a sloth killer. Hardly worth a medal lol.

  95. S R.

    S R.3 months ago

    u mean kings

  96. Khalid Mansoor

    Khalid Mansoor3 months ago

    Eagles are the kings of the skies!

  97. Edgy -_-

    Edgy -_-3 months ago

    The harpie and the philippine eagle....... *reminds me of kaguya shinomiya and miyuki shirogane* Is this just me?! 😅😅😅

  98. R shreyas

    R shreyas3 months ago

    Question: Can the strongest eagle's carry a entire human in air?

  99. Royal Kingdom Commando

    Royal Kingdom Commando3 months ago

    In other words, they see in 4K High Definition!

  100. FBI

    FBI3 months ago

    Imagine being in jail and they ask you what you in for and you say. *"I killed a bird"*

  101. Joel Sarape

    Joel Sarape3 months ago

    I think I'm the 1millionth 😂viewer.

  102. Expose The Luciferian Agenda

    Expose The Luciferian Agenda3 months ago

    The sloth killer is a native species of my beautiful country Venezuela 🇻🇪

  103. KdzuK KnoxX

    KdzuK KnoxX3 months ago

    hit Like if u see Nicolas Cage . 3:11

  104. Jay Ro

    Jay Ro3 months ago

    They forgot Eagle from streetfighter

  105. Vee! Pee!

    Vee! Pee!3 months ago

    Animalogic: Eagles are queens of the sky also Animalogic: features male eagles hahahha

  106. Politically InCorrect Being

    Politically InCorrect Being20 days ago

    How do you tell tbh?