The Evolution of the Ouch Mouth

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From scales to mouth daggers, the evolution of teeth is weird.

Special Thanks to
Steve Townson

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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.



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    Skunky Jumbag.3 months ago

    You have your fair share of simps I’ve noticed. Lol. I can see why though. You’re very pretty in a strange sort of way.

  6. Vikram Ree

    Vikram Ree3 months ago

    if you could move teeth independently with the same amount of teeth we wouldnt have a problem cleaning them and wouldnt need bracers

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    Why would you attach a lamprey to your palm Why would you attach a lamprey to your palm W h y w o u l d y o u a t t a c h a l a m p r e y t o y o u r p a l m

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  10. Rik Fontaine

    Rik Fontaine2 days ago

    They got tired of being hunted and eaten so they grew wolf fangs to fight back !!!!! Right on Deer 🦌!!!!!


    P_M LIFESTYLE2 days ago

    dat bad

  12. Hedi Benayed

    Hedi Benayed2 days ago

    Why isn't smilodon on this list it literally has knives for teeth

  13. Lord of Nothing

    Lord of Nothing3 days ago

    but doesnt recent research suggest, the t-rex wasnt a hunter at all? and he had his huge jaw to crack bones because he was primarily a carrion eater praying on the prey of other hunters?

  14. Maimuna Rahman

    Maimuna Rahman3 days ago

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    prabath Hemachandra4 days ago

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  19. Haruto Riku

    Haruto Riku6 days ago

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  20. Michael Morrison

    Michael Morrison7 days ago

    The narwhal's tusk was actually hunted in the early years and sold/given as gifts to royalty. It wasn't given as a "tusk" though, it was said to have been a "unicorn horn!" It was the ultimate fad for some time, and was thought to have given its owner tremendous luck.

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    Everything was undone at the end.

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    cheapshotninja10 days ago

    0:57 that's so cute. I love that the 'old world' did cute things like that. Also 7:33 'of course' Elephants would use their tusks for non-combative purposes. So sweet, I love it.

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  35. Jadenn Shockley

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    I like how she says badassery

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    07:00 Vampire Deer but the video has a lot of interesting facts about other animals.

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    Why does she look like she's about to walk of the frame everytime.

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    The Monstertrio18 days ago

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    1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni22 days ago

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  94. Watah Bastard

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