Up Close With a Sloth - Animalogic Rewind 2019

Thank you for an amazing 2019! It’s our five year anniversary on USlikes, and we thought it was about time you met the crew. So come behind the scenes in this year in review look at 2019.

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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Danielle Dufault
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Associate Producer: Andres Salazar


Examining the nature of the beast.



    MOHD NAM2 months ago

    Danielle Dufault = just adorable

  2. Berserker Rider

    Berserker Rider5 months ago

    Danielle gotta have the best job in the world ^_^

  3. Shawn Lucas

    Shawn Lucas7 months ago

    You people are awesome. Thanks for your work. ;-)

  4. Guillermo ANG2003

    Guillermo ANG20038 months ago

    Avísenle a Dum

  5. M L

    M L8 months ago

    I am deeply grateful for all the work you are guys doing, thank you so much Dylan, Andrew, Danielle, Jess, Jim, Cat and Andres!!!

  6. A.J. Lumsden

    A.J. Lumsden8 months ago

    Thank You Animalogic !

  7. Anon B

    Anon B8 months ago

    I was expecting more sloth.

  8. Telugu Club

    Telugu Club8 months ago

    Hey girl i like you and i want to be your friend my whatsapp is +916305707704

  9. Canopus Wolph

    Canopus Wolph8 months ago

    I love you Danielle

  10. Thenewertruth

    Thenewertruth9 months ago

    Hi Danielle, you are a laugh, ps thank the Goddess for no Mosquitoes in Ireland, they suck my blood no more☝️

  11. Tԋҽ Rҽʋҽɳαɳƚ

    Tԋҽ Rҽʋҽɳαɳƚ9 months ago

    I will go there and I will hug and squeeze daniel


    MUKUL SIROHI9 months ago

    Next Animal "Homosapien"😛

  13. CattoAlex

    CattoAlex9 months ago

    Me when i always watch animalogic : 1. Give a like 2. Sleeps 3. Idk

  14. Radiant Love Divine

    Radiant Love Divine9 months ago

    Where's the sloth?

  15. princet6969

    princet69699 months ago

    Danielle is fine as hell

  16. Reabun 0_0

    Reabun 0_09 months ago

    This is late but plz to a leopard!

  17. Abu Musa

    Abu Musa9 months ago

    How if talk about lyrebird..

  18. Hereland Girls

    Hereland Girls9 months ago

    have you done a video on tigers yet?

  19. Chillax animates

    Chillax animates9 months ago

    pls do beaver!!!

  20. Deep Recce

    Deep Recce9 months ago

    This channel has one of the most professional videography and editing work in USlikes..Great Job guys!!

  21. Andres Salazar

    Andres Salazar9 months ago

    Please do diving beetles and/or water tigers!

  22. Post Sugar

    Post Sugar9 months ago

    yall should do the aquatic beetle

  23. Adib naqiuddin

    Adib naqiuddin9 months ago

    Check out the ocelot

  24. Akhilesh Sarfare

    Akhilesh Sarfare9 months ago

    A video on Kangaroo please! 🦘

  25. ⓗⓘʑⓘ ⓑⓘⓙⓘ

    ⓗⓘʑⓘ ⓑⓘⓙⓘ9 months ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank😇You 👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💐

  26. staceymarchesano

    staceymarchesano9 months ago

    Ahhh...I love animalogic.

  27. Jojo Joestar

    Jojo Joestar9 months ago

    Could you teach is about the Honey Badger?

  28. Dragon Lemur

    Dragon Lemur9 months ago

    Can you do wild boars and warthogs next please?

  29. David Lisle

    David Lisle9 months ago

    Have you done a video on Bison?

  30. Arul Charles

    Arul Charles9 months ago

    Hi Danielle, Could you make a video to show differentiate between turtle and tortoise, Thanks

  31. Moustafa M. Shama

    Moustafa M. Shama9 months ago

    Can u do a snow leopard video

  32. Prayash Gurung

    Prayash Gurung9 months ago

    white sturgeon

  33. roy ahl

    roy ahl9 months ago

    I miss Daniel .shes so beautiful

  34. utama budi

    utama budi9 months ago

    actually I just want to watch you 😍😄

  35. wulfgar

    wulfgar10 months ago

    All the best in 2020 danielle and company!!!

  36. Rahul Deka

    Rahul Deka10 months ago

    Plant logic also

  37. Jubal Canales

    Jubal Canales10 months ago


  38. mace Medz

    mace Medz10 months ago

    Can you do a video on a little sparrowhawk!..............pls

  39. Carlos Salgado

    Carlos Salgado10 months ago

    Congrats you’ve done an amazing job!!! Best wishes, from Mexico👍🏼

  40. achoti0

    achoti010 months ago

    Happy new year :D

  41. PhyreI3ird

    PhyreI3ird10 months ago

    Omg I had no idea Dylan (from Not Exactly Normal) was a part of this channel. For some reason that's just a really cool surprise xD

  42. Matt A

    Matt A10 months ago

    Danielle's adorable, and talented.. totally crushing

  43. theoldhip

    theoldhip10 months ago

    You are welcome. :-)

  44. Juan E. Buret

    Juan E. Buret10 months ago

    Danielle is the Real Life Dora the Explorer. I know you are all answering her back. "Hi Danielle"

  45. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed Ahmed10 months ago

    Make a video on Dung beetles

  46. Miodrag Mijatović

    Miodrag Mijatović10 months ago

    Her: "Hi! I'm Danielle Dufault, and this animalogic" Me: Please stop shapeshifting

  47. Arvie Christian Catiis

    Arvie Christian Catiis10 months ago

    Do you have a docu about oarfish?

  48. H*ck

    H*ck10 months ago

    Danielle Default and Just Kidding

  49. Snake Man

    Snake Man10 months ago

    I thought she was back. Where is Daniel seriously.

  50. gitfiddlio

    gitfiddlio10 months ago

    Danielle and sloths are a singularity of adorable

  51. Just Some Guy With a Mugi Profile

    Just Some Guy With a Mugi Profile10 months ago

    This is 1000 times better than USlikes Rewind

  52. Ashfar Azfar

    Ashfar Azfar10 months ago

    You guys at animal logic are awesome. Just incase you did not know.

  53. Rockin BoBokkin

    Rockin BoBokkin10 months ago

    She reeks of Canadianism, but she brings me joy. And I like her drawings .

  54. Otis Rulling

    Otis Rulling10 months ago

    Happy new year!

  55. aly akkash

    aly akkash10 months ago

    What a fine looking woman! Can i have ur whatsapp? 😋

  56. Dann McKenzie

    Dann McKenzie10 months ago

    You went to a zoo!! Fing hardcore.

  57. Alamalash Cat

    Alamalash Cat10 months ago


  58. PugWodo

    PugWodo10 months ago

    You guys are the best!!

  59. K G

    K G10 months ago

    Love you Danielle! Thank you for a great 2019!

  60. Albus Severus Potter

    Albus Severus Potter10 months ago

    ALL THIS TIME I WAS WRONG😂 Me (what I hear) : "Hi I'm Just Kidding and you're watching animalogic second-nature" it is Jess Keating😢😂

  61. Magdy Maher

    Magdy Maher10 months ago

    You are awesome. I love your videos

  62. Vigneah Roy

    Vigneah Roy10 months ago

    Finally ❤️🤞🏼

  63. Deniz Cem Kaya

    Deniz Cem Kaya10 months ago

    Thank you for awesome content Animalogic team!

  64. D R Bunny

    D R Bunny10 months ago

    Thank you, everyone at Animalogic, but most especially Danielle for her constant adorkable energy being a high point in my week.

  65. Glauco Fernando

    Glauco Fernando10 months ago

    Love you all!!!

  66. XSaebaYRyoZ

    XSaebaYRyoZ10 months ago

    At least she's just kidding.

  67. Ian Matthew dela Peña

    Ian Matthew dela Peña10 months ago

    I thought the other host's name is "Just Kidding" but its "Joss Keating"

  68. Breedoe

    Breedoe10 months ago

    Please do a video about quokka's!

  69. Ahdan Prasetyo

    Ahdan Prasetyo10 months ago

    thank you for all the content in 2019, looking forward to 2020 😁😁

  70. Anthonio Pettit

    Anthonio Pettit10 months ago

    Thank YOU! What an amazing year! 🐾

  71. Đặp Chai Mẳn

    Đặp Chai Mẳn10 months ago


  72. Mina C

    Mina C10 months ago

    Amazing montage

  73. Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez10 months ago

    Awesome rewind

  74. riverbender

    riverbender10 months ago

    What a great group! Thanks!

  75. Tragoudistros.MPH

    Tragoudistros.MPH10 months ago

    0:14 No, "Guillotine" is how it's *actually* pronounced 😜

  76. Tragoudistros.MPH

    Tragoudistros.MPH10 months ago

    We love you all :P

  77. sadito _

    sadito _10 months ago

    What a lovely channel this is. All the positive vibes...ahhh...

  78. Amonra 333

    Amonra 33310 months ago

    Thank you for your videos guys, I enjoy them all.

  79. Nalani

    Nalani10 months ago

    Who is excited for Animal logic and a happy new year of 2020 *PEACE*

  80. Alex Allen

    Alex Allen10 months ago

    Nice rewind 🙂👍🐾⏪

  81. Mojo jojo

    Mojo jojo10 months ago

    Plzz do video on peacock

  82. Dimitriy Mirovsky

    Dimitriy Mirovsky10 months ago

    Should make it longer and put some bloopers

  83. Amith R Adoor

    Amith R Adoor10 months ago

    Please do hammer head shark

  84. cptbirtch99

    cptbirtch9910 months ago

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  85. Mateo Gonzalez

    Mateo Gonzalez10 months ago

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  86. commatoes

    commatoes10 months ago

    Thank you guys for the hard work you have put into every video and the hours of enjoyment that you have given me. Looking forward to Animalogic 2020!!!

  87. Mari Morganez

    Mari Morganez10 months ago

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  88. MrSur512

    MrSur51210 months ago

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    maoristereo10 months ago

    I wanna give Danielle a foot massage while she tells me about her day and sips her tea.

  90. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith10 months ago


  91. ARKJ7 _

    ARKJ7 _10 months ago

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    rahul g10 months ago

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  93. Luke

    Luke10 months ago

    as i recently got them as my neighbours, would you make a video about beavers?

  94. DJ HADEX 92

    DJ HADEX 9210 months ago


  95. I suck at usernames

    I suck at usernames10 months ago

    I want your job.

  96. Aqyr

    Aqyr10 months ago

    absolutely love this channel!! amazing work all year and as always beautiful illustrations by Ms Danielle! Looking forward to 2020!!

  97. humanmonsters

    humanmonsters10 months ago

    What the heck? I clicked on this solely to see the sloth. I am disappointed beyond measure and my day is ruined.

  98. humanmonsters

    humanmonsters10 months ago

    @Joshua Smith Okay that's cool, however the the title and thumbnail of THIS video says "upclose with a sloth".

  99. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith10 months ago

    She did a while video on sloths, it’s not hard to find.

  100. Mohit Rana

    Mohit Rana10 months ago

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  101. Zachary shaw

    Zachary shaw10 months ago

  102. Rara Avis

    Rara Avis10 months ago

    Amazing channel! Have a great 2020 🥳

  103. Pavel Sayekat

    Pavel Sayekat10 months ago

    Danielle Dufault, you are the cutest animal I've ever watched

  104. Pavel Sayekat

    Pavel Sayekat10 months ago

    @Joshua Sudholt You and me, we are all animals, I hope she will understand because she is an animal with a heart and has the highest brain:body ratio and has a thumb and a sweet vocal cord :p

  105. Joshua Sudholt

    Joshua Sudholt10 months ago

    That.. uh.. I'd.. not say that if I were you Yeah compliments are awesome but that's a lil weird

  106. HyLee 98

    HyLee 9810 months ago

    thx to u guys too for the hard work and the knowledge about animals! >