Manta Rays are Flat Sharks

Manta Rays are a fantastical animal, and due to their alien-looking appearance, they are a clear inspiration for a lot of science fiction.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau and Andrew Strapp
Written, Directed, Shot and Produced by Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by Danielle Dufault
Edited by Jim Pitts
Research by Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. Rubits

    Rubits2 days ago

    Animal: *exists* Common Chinese medicine: Its free real estate

  2. Chuck Solutions

    Chuck Solutions3 days ago

    Why do humans eat mantas?

  3. Plesta

    Plesta4 days ago

    Jesus, what is it about Asia and killing things for *medicine*

  4. Hellgrinde

    Hellgrinde4 days ago

    Man, how much better off the world would be without “Traditional Chinese medicine”

  5. Maddox Atom

    Maddox Atom4 days ago

    alien looking? They look like sweet little puppies to me

  6. Ninyaho

    Ninyaho6 days ago

    They bird in ocean they can fly underwater

  7. Colonize Me

    Colonize Me6 days ago

    They actually evolved those fins to fly but accidently evolved into gigantism and constantly tries to fly away

  8. Shoshon Caligula

    Shoshon Caligula8 days ago

    She is so beautiful

  9. zombie

    zombie9 days ago

    4:50 soundtrack hell yeah

  10. [Osu]Overlord Official

    [Osu]Overlord Official9 days ago

    You forgot to explain why those little fish swim right beneath them :(.. are they kids? Other Fish? who are they, why are they there :(..

  11. Lucia Murray

    Lucia Murray15 days ago

    flying ravioli

  12. Grendel's mom's boyfriend

    Grendel's mom's boyfriend15 days ago

    Manta rays are strangely beautiful.

  13. sai pavan D

    sai pavan D17 days ago

    Chinese will eat anything that moves

  14. CyiCreations

    CyiCreations18 days ago

    ah yes the fearsome sea pancakes preforming the great flappy flappys 4:55

  15. TheHowling Woofer

    TheHowling Woofer18 days ago

    Man animals nowadays are so booorrrriiinnnngggg




  17. Gangsta 9000

    Gangsta 900021 day ago

    the manta rays are trying to evolve to fly like birds!!!

  18. Marshall Joseph

    Marshall Joseph22 days ago

    wait do they look like alien or do aliens look like them

  19. Shadow Warrior

    Shadow Warrior23 days ago

    Damn these Chinese. They will eat even shit, in name of traditional Chinese medicine.

  20. Charles Trulear

    Charles Trulear29 days ago

    I'm going to break the Mantine tradition and mention the One Piece character Kuroobi.

  21. Lori Farrell

    Lori FarrellMonth ago

    they leap out of the water because they can. wouldn't you ? ...maybe a few million years from now they'll be an alien looking bird.

  22. T.V Boi

    T.V BoiMonth ago

    What if you wanted to exist, but China said: *M E D I C I N E*

  23. N. Gee

    N. GeeMonth ago

    Ah as usual chinese medicine is the cause

  24. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Their flying out is evolutionary link between fish and birds; may be.

  25. Az-Zahra Levi

    Az-Zahra LeviMonth ago

    me an indonesian: aww Susi you're so sweet

  26. Joel Carrillo

    Joel CarrilloMonth ago

    Me after clicking one this video: *You encountered a wild Mantine

  27. Carson B

    Carson BMonth ago

    Steven king eat your heart out

  28. MrNickelbrille

    MrNickelbrilleMonth ago

    Love your videos. They remind me on my ex . She had a dogs paw on her butt too :-)

  29. Haha-Alex

    Haha-AlexMonth ago

    China : *sees an exotic and rare specie* China : *oh ! let's make medecin out of it !*

  30. Anym

    AnymMonth ago

    China's back at it again I see >_>

  31. Metalseadraking

    MetalseadrakingMonth ago

    Exotic Animal: *Exists* "Traditional" Medicine: How can we justify killing it?

  32. Ya Boy M.M

    Ya Boy M.MMonth ago

    kindaaaaa looks like a horizontal mola mola there *Animalogic* , you sure you not pulling my leg?

  33. Anna Rose

    Anna RoseMonth ago

    Jesus you can sell people anything

  34. Little Sweetums

    Little SweetumsMonth ago

    manta ray: i don’t know who i am, or where i’m at. all i know is that i must flap.

  35. Crusader

    CrusaderMonth ago

    lol they made Alien Aircrafts from half life into a real thing.

  36. Shivam Sharma

    Shivam SharmaMonth ago

    Do a human episode.

  37. HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA

    HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLAMonth ago

    China:Food and Medicine! Black Manta:SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH!

  38. dontcare

    dontcareMonth ago

    "living with animals is not only possible, but profitable" the capitalist realism is real

  39. FriskyGamer

    FriskyGamerMonth ago

    Hang on. Why is the 1000 Meters in feet is censored?

  40. Wendigo

    WendigoMonth ago

    Really majestic creature. It's definitely in one of my bucket list of creatures to met while diving.

  41. James Zackary Condeza

    James Zackary CondezaMonth ago

    Possible flying rays in the future?

  42. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua LoweMonth ago

    What do you call a shark that loves to be all by itself? A-LONE Shark/A Loan Shark!!!

  43. Taco Sunbirth

    Taco SunbirthMonth ago

    What song plays at 0:32 ?

  44. Fragola Strawberry

    Fragola StrawberryMonth ago

    Could you theoretically ride them like a horse?

  45. TheVladdracula1

    TheVladdracula1Month ago

    I sweat, China is slowly becoming a Saturday morning cartoon villain.

  46. Travis Barnes

    Travis Barnes2 months ago

    what if, like bats, they not only move in certain patterns to bring plankton into their mouths, but they create vortexes which move the water around them to alter all creatures in the vacinity (of a certain mass) to be a part of, get out of, or become prey through the swirl of? Just a thought. After so many years of their existence, there's possibly/prob more to their habits/movements. Just a stab in the dark, though. Thank you all for the vid! Salud.

  47. LaviniaVeiled

    LaviniaVeiled2 months ago

    Possible and profitable!!! Yessss!!! Go Temple Grandin on their asses! 💜

  48. 『Fizzy pop』 VEVO

    『Fizzy pop』 VEVO2 months ago

    *Pancake shark* 🥞🥞🥞 🥞🥞🥞🥞 🥞👁🦷👁 🥞 🥞🥞🥞👄🥞🥞🥞 🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞 🥞🥞🥞 🥞 🥞 🥞 *Pancake shark*

  49. Mirwell Duo

    Mirwell Duo2 months ago

    Chinese mostly eat anything on earth

  50. Zephyr 127

    Zephyr 1272 months ago

    "Traditional Medicine"

  51. AARON Leonard

    AARON Leonard2 months ago

    I kept hearing " Caught in the Mosh " by Anthrax

  52. David Jan Gilmour

    David Jan Gilmour2 months ago

    Please feature the remora in your next video.

  53. Kang Bae

    Kang Bae2 months ago

    As always, threaten and chinese medicine goes together

  54. Hizkia Huwaë

    Hizkia Huwaë2 months ago

    Kudos to Indonesians.

  55. ArchetypeGotoh

    ArchetypeGotoh2 months ago

    An ocean kite! “Traditional” medicine, to replace the older, yet still modern, manufactured demand for shark fins...

  56. Le Animator

    Le Animator2 months ago

    Giant sea ravioli

  57. Jesh Dreep

    Jesh Dreep2 months ago

    Someone know the music on the final 5 seconds?

  58. Malinzkia

    Malinzkia2 months ago

    A living animal is worth so much more than a dead one!!

  59. Tea-Rex •

    Tea-Rex •2 months ago

    Chinese I'm disappointed

  60. Dat Nguyen

    Dat Nguyen2 months ago

    China is that stupid bully that you have to deal with entire of your life.

  61. needs

    needs2 months ago

    سبحانه الله

  62. Xinxing Li

    Xinxing Li2 months ago

    how do manta rays sleep??????????????????

  63. Mega Crash The Hedgehog

    Mega Crash The Hedgehog2 months ago

    Is it just me, or does China have something against sea creatures?

  64. Lucy Shuttleworth

    Lucy Shuttleworth2 months ago

    Majestic sea flap flap!!

  65. Delayed Grats

    Delayed Grats2 months ago

    Few things make my blood boil more than the term "Traditional Chinese Medicine". It's not the Chinese version of homeopathic/herbal medicine, but is just an excuse to kill some rare exotic animal and eat it or ingest some part of it and throw away the carcass.

  66. Francisco Vargas

    Francisco Vargas2 months ago

    They're so cute!


    ADITYA ROY CHOWDHURY3 months ago

    China will destroy the world.. Boycott chinese goods... Save the world...

  68. Baginda Aricha

    Baginda Aricha3 months ago


  69. nadi lanka

    nadi lanka3 months ago

    Traditional Chinese medicine is a full of garbage. STOP killing Mantas...

  70. Nora Reyes

    Nora Reyes3 months ago

    I wish I could turn into a mermaid and travel the oceans and stop people from killing animals

  71. Shawn Lardy

    Shawn Lardy3 months ago

    I’ll never forgive rays for their war crimes.

  72. Manny Joshua

    Manny Joshua3 months ago

    *Something moves or has fur China: Grab it for a snack! It’s medicine

  73. Zen

    Zen3 months ago

    looks like a bus to me

  74. Jackson Frost

    Jackson Frost3 months ago

    5:30 *I believe I can fly*

  75. Manish kr

    Manish kr3 months ago


  76. Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton3 months ago

    She is so annoying

  77. Evan MacDonald

    Evan MacDonald3 months ago

    What program do you use for sketching and do you use an electronic pencil?

  78. Stephen Pavlov

    Stephen Pavlov3 months ago

    So when you buy an i phone you're supporting the Chinese that are eating endangered manta ray organs that they falsely belive have medicinal benefits

  79. Boomer 9593

    Boomer 95933 months ago

    Very tasty 9/10

  80. Vanilson Braga

    Vanilson Braga3 months ago

    That's why it is a water flying Pokémon

  81. Jacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen

    Jacob Ringgaard Mikkelsen3 months ago

    Why does every animal with an exotic features have to do some voodoo shit in broken countries?? These lies are killing all the beautiful species!

  82. Bassdoc Bundy from the Streets

    Bassdoc Bundy from the Streets3 months ago

    Seeing them in murky waters is scary AF

  83. ZömbieWarZunter

    ZömbieWarZunter3 months ago

    I know this video is supposed to make me less afraid of sharks but I think all it did was make me more afraid of Mantarays

  84. Mario Sanders

    Mario Sanders3 months ago

    I don't know what the manta ray tastes like, but every other ray fish I've had taste spectacular!! Grilled, cooked🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  85. Pops Jr

    Pops Jr3 months ago

    Imagine seeing one of those with a white spider logo on the bottom...

  86. steven gin

    steven gin3 months ago

    I don’t get why we can’t start an under water nation like Atlantis, but we tryna go to space. Imagine having a pet dolphin or pet manta ray that’s free to roam around. We could throw all our waste on the land instead of dirtying what we drink from. And fish farming n under water plants. Ha imagine the country side of an under water nation.

  87. BearMeatTaco

    BearMeatTaco3 months ago

    So basically chinese traditional medicine not only doesnt work but it also makes animals go extinct

  88. Inttroverted Monk

    Inttroverted Monk3 months ago

    So sharks are round manta ray's?

  89. tyrone loki

    tyrone loki3 months ago

    New disease surfaces World: What dafuq have you been eating again china

  90. akshay raghavendra

    akshay raghavendra3 months ago

    China: we eat anything that moves. USA: we shoot anything that moves. Indonesia: we make money out of anything that moves. India: we worship anything that moves and stays idol too...

  91. Sebastiano Barabino

    Sebastiano Barabino3 months ago

    Is it me or china is destroying the world in many ways?

  92. Marc Bvlgari

    Marc Bvlgari3 months ago

    Let’s name the Zones..the Zones..the Zones...

  93. Ichibancho

    Ichibancho3 months ago

    Wtf is up with the 1000 meter to feet censor?

  94. Everett McIntire

    Everett McIntire3 months ago

    that rock montage was gold

  95. Jayden Thornhill

    Jayden Thornhill3 months ago

    4:58 what song is this?

  96. Brad Thomas

    Brad Thomas3 months ago


  97. Rai- Kun

    Rai- Kun3 months ago

    Manta: sea creatures Also Manta: wants to fly like a fish

  98. Ahmad Fadly

    Ahmad Fadly3 months ago

    hurm.. that's weird looking bird...

  99. Rui Jie

    Rui Jie3 months ago

    Underwater: Majestic gliding; graceful, serene and out of this world~ Above water: WHACKY FLAP FLAPS SPLAT

  100. jingle bells

    jingle bells3 months ago

    dear Steve Irwin