The Dark Side of Evolution

Get the Animalogic Art Book Here: Melanism is an adaptation that makes an animal dark, and it serves two purposes: it increases an animal’s chance of survival and it makes it look awesome.
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Created by Dylan Dubeau
Directed, Shot and Produced by: Dylan Dubeau
Hosted by: Jess Keating
Edited by: Jim Pitts
Story Editor: Cat Senior
Writer, Associate Producer: Andres Salazar
Examining the nature of the beast.


  1. amani daniels

    amani danielsDay ago

    5:57 that “out” in outside was pronounced so hard

  2. Khalid Holmes

    Khalid Holmes2 days ago

    These comments are a lil weird

  3. Raven16

    Raven162 days ago

    In indonesia ayam cemani or "cemani chicken" serves multipurpose as an animal. And their price is go on the roof. It is quite hard to find such chicken and if we did we will sold them to certain people who will used them for ritual or sacrifice the chicken for certain need.

  4. Titus Smith

    Titus Smith3 days ago

    “Melanin makes survival easier” being black in America 👁👄👁

  5. Clay Soggyfries

    Clay SoggyfriesDay ago

    Yeah I wish

  6. Arya subham

    Arya subham4 days ago

    Hey i am "just kidding" 😂

  7. DAME

    DAME5 days ago

    How can you say there's no case of melanism in human beings when the most melinated thing in existence outside of the Sun is the Black man and Black woman. Pure concentrated carbon. Supreme matter. I guess you have to have some to understand.

  8. Piggyharris

    Piggyharris3 days ago

    Melanism is where the skin is so pigmented it is literally pitch black, along with other parts of the body suck as the inside of the mouth and more being black as night. So not quite

  9. Victoria Eads

    Victoria Eads8 days ago

    It would be really neat to contrast this not ONLY with Albinism, but also with other melanistic variants, such as white peafowl. Why, also, are male calico domestic cats almost always sterile? Melanism is really fascinating stuff!!

  10. Michael Artiga

    Michael Artiga8 days ago

    Where is dilemma diffo

  11. Knosat

    Knosat10 days ago

    The Edgy Side of Evolution.

  12. Amy Poupart

    Amy Poupart11 days ago

    I have seen multiple black squirrels I live in Wisconsin

  13. Zoe Dreeszen

    Zoe Dreeszen12 days ago

    I LOVE having a black cat ❤️ It’s like having a ninja in my home. My eye will miss him even during the day. It’s pretty amazing

  14. Gaurav Kaushik

    Gaurav Kaushik15 days ago

    Is it just me or her name sounds like just kidding

  15. Christopher B. G.

    Christopher B. G.17 days ago

    i like my animals how i like my coffee, black and sweet

  16. MortZon

    MortZon21 day ago

    No melanistic humans? Dont we have about 2 billion of them in the world? They are called black people?

  17. ScottaHemi

    ScottaHemi22 days ago

    we had a black squirrel outside our house many years ago. it ate so much birdfood

  18. Bruno César Eustáquio

    Bruno César Eustáquio22 days ago

    im curious, a black person is not melanism ? why ?

  19. Andres Gallego

    Andres Gallego25 days ago

    Black is great on everything except your skin.

  20. diogo andrade

    diogo andrade26 days ago

    It's just me or every time she says her name I hear "just kidding"?!

  21. HumanZero HumanZero

    HumanZero HumanZeroMonth ago

    Hold on I thought the melanistic jaguar allele was dominant and the melanistic leopard allele was recessive.

  22. Harris N369

    Harris N369Month ago

    6:56 No melanistic humans? They are called black people there peckawood.

  23. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson28 days ago

    Melanistic is a gene, not a race.

  24. ronald alano

    ronald alanoMonth ago

    This chicken is racist!

  25. Jack Lazzaro

    Jack LazzaroMonth ago

    "There are no cases of melanistic humans." Woah woah woah... maybe they're not recorded.

  26. Pajeet Singh

    Pajeet SinghMonth ago

    Just Kidding.

  27. Legendary Fire

    Legendary FireMonth ago

    Hello!! I am enjoyed and liked and shared your videos with friends. It would be nice to see a video on the Creepies of the Artic Deep. Thank for your wonderful content.

  28. Alvin Biggs Jr

    Alvin Biggs JrMonth ago

    Wait, did she say there's no known melanistic people? ...u mean I'm imaginary? ... maybe I'm confused, I always thought black people were melanated.

  29. DIYDougie

    DIYDougieMonth ago

    Once you go black

  30. Oktay Evci

    Oktay EvciMonth ago

    5:55 relatable

  31. kilroy marshall

    kilroy marshallMonth ago

    Rest In Peace, Black Panther ✊🏿

  32. DinoMight Studios

    DinoMight StudiosMonth ago

    "There are no cases of melanistic humans" ... Excuse me and my Blackness!

  33. DinoMight Studios

    DinoMight StudiosMonth ago

    I know that humans are a case of albinism and were originally all Black by default. :))))

  34. MrMustacrackish

    MrMustacrackishMonth ago

    I got an ad for a black dating service. Close Google algorithm, close

  35. Wyrm Wolf

    Wyrm WolfMonth ago

    Wow! So even animals and insects got soul! Lmao!

  36. Jason Licos

    Jason LicosMonth ago

    That all black chicken is 😮

  37. Joe M

    Joe M2 months ago

    I wonder what some black chicken meat looks and tastes like

  38. Tommi idk

    Tommi idk2 months ago

    I wonder how dark animals see, maybe they see like normal animals or maybe they see dark version of our world.

  39. little art

    little art2 months ago

    wait does that mean black people are ......... no offence ok

  40. Leon Singh

    Leon Singh2 months ago

    the peppered moth story was completely false

  41. The Real

    The Real2 months ago

    is this woman's name "Just kidding" ?

  42. Shahin Portohfeh

    Shahin Portohfeh2 months ago

    Hey I’m just kidding and now you watching animallogic 😂😂😂😂👌🏻

  43. Mhico Rivera

    Mhico Rivera2 months ago

    look a black roosters

  44. Diovo

    Diovo2 months ago

    wtf this chat disappointed me, 0 jokes about that bbc

  45. Truth Stalker

    Truth Stalker2 months ago

    *_Why isn't "Second Nature" in the title, then??_* 🤨

  46. Alina W.

    Alina W.2 months ago

    Question: From a evolutionary standpoint. When melanism is so great for the survival of an animal, why aren't all animals on the planet black? The black ones should be able to reproduce longer and better. And melanism is surely not a new thing. It is probably as old as mammals. So why aren't all mammals at least black at this point? I am sure melanism comes with a cost. Otherwise I can't explain that.

  47. Asian Jesus

    Asian Jesus2 months ago

    1:31 kinda cute


    QWERTY LOL2 months ago

    *Hey, I'm Just Kidding!*

  49. Ink Soldier

    Ink Soldier2 months ago

    Huh, maybe light-skinned humans began like to tan because they found out that darker colours are a survival tactic for animals 😆

  50. Derrick Boomer

    Derrick Boomer2 months ago

    Her: No melanistic humans *Me a black guy casually rolls up sleeves*

  51. Flu Hello

    Flu Hello2 months ago

    This would pop up now

  52. Think for yourself.

    Think for yourself.2 months ago

    She lied when saying that the pigment made them better hunters and camouflage. Not for the black foxes. Resist.

  53. Simping For Toga

    Simping For Toga2 months ago

    Revelry in the dark

  54. gojitmal1978

    gojitmal19782 months ago

    Hmm, there are 2 black squirrels near my house...I must be lucky.

  55. Michael Escobar

    Michael Escobar2 months ago

    I thought the peppered moth hypothesis was a lie from one specific scientists

  56. shirabarzvi

    shirabarzvi2 months ago

    Enough with the hands puppet show, it's impossible to watch.

  57. Ronaldo Brito Roque

    Ronaldo Brito Roque2 months ago

    May I suggest a theme for a video: how scorpions make sex?

  58. ZaWarudo

    ZaWarudo2 months ago

    Why do I see so many rare rodents. Albinos and melanism smh

  59. John Little

    John Little2 months ago

    hey, this isnt the "black cock" i searched for wtf

  60. SupaMario el BlaXicano

    SupaMario el BlaXicano2 months ago

    6:22 el gallo negro que viva los vatos locos

  61. BARCH 1520

    BARCH 15202 months ago

    6:01 what about it's poops colour

  62. Anusree S Nair

    Anusree S Nair2 months ago

    Why did I hear " hey, I'm just kidding" 😂

  63. Poopybutt Or Maybe.

    Poopybutt Or Maybe.2 months ago


  64. Incorruptus

    Incorruptus2 months ago

    Can we please stop calling black leopards or black jaguars, black panthers. And forget about black panthers at all, just ignore it,...? Thanks!

  65. Nutcracker Sam

    Nutcracker Sam2 months ago

    Melanism: Increases an animals chances of survival Albinism: Decreases an animals chances of survival - Melanism: Gives an animal more pigment than usual Albinism: Gives an animal less pigment than usual Guys i think i found the nature equivalent to yin-yang

  66. Question MK-Question

    Question MK-Question3 months ago

    When melanin is presented in its honest and positive light, they make sure to tell you that there are no cases of melanistic humans 🤦‍♂️😜🤦‍♂️😜... The manipulation and the show continues.....Mutakoma !!!

  67. Tamaki Amagiki

    Tamaki Amagiki3 months ago

    Melanistic humans we have those

  68. Hai hai "KAAZUMAADESU"

    Hai hai "KAAZUMAADESU"3 months ago

    Lalatina Ford Dustiness!

  69. Magatism

    Magatism3 months ago

    Yet everyone wants a fair bride, there must be something to that ancient instinct.

  70. Ivan FTW

    Ivan FTW3 months ago

    Hah! Take that white people

  71. Osman Hayes

    Osman Hayes3 months ago

    Evolution is a hoax

  72. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson2 months ago

    @Osman Hayes - You're right, and no one claims we do. What point are you trying to make?

  73. Tommy FromYT

    Tommy FromYT3 months ago

    @Osman Hayes yh we know lol we evolved from apes lol

  74. Osman Hayes

    Osman Hayes3 months ago

    Freedom Anderson, humans didn’t evolve from monkeys 🙃

  75. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson3 months ago

    How can something observable be a hoax, and do you have another explanation?

  76. Grannvale Flame Emperor

    Grannvale Flame Emperor3 months ago

    albinism would be a nice counterpart to this.

  77. Devarain S

    Devarain S3 months ago

    (Cemani Chiken) Ayam Cemani

  78. JustMildly_

    JustMildly_3 months ago

    Yo whos this chick??

  79. Cesar Santiago

    Cesar Santiago3 months ago

    Can u please talk about the flying fox, I seen some of them all black as well

  80. Saurav Roy

    Saurav Roy3 months ago

    Thought she introduced herself as ’Just Kidding’ 😂

  81. P4n0r4m1x

    P4n0r4m1x3 months ago

    Is there a mistake at 3:07 ? In the first sentence, she says it is caused by a recessive gene. In the second, she says both parent have to be black. If it is a recessive gene, not-black individuals can carry it. Therefore it is either not a recessive gene or both parent do not have to be black.

  82. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson3 months ago

    Melanism is a recessive gene. She most likely meant both parents need to carry the gene in order for it to be passed on to all offspring.

  83. Marko Savić

    Marko Savić3 months ago

    There are no melanistic humans???


    KYOUSHA3 months ago

    Watame in the intro

  85. a girl named bobert

    a girl named bobert3 months ago

    See nature is not racist

  86. Joseph Flores

    Joseph Flores3 months ago

    6:50 black people

  87. ObsidianEndermen

    ObsidianEndermen3 months ago


  88. Skye

    Skye3 months ago

    I live in Toronto and see black squirrels all the time, so I didn't know they are actually rare. Fascinating!

  89. CostlyChris

    CostlyChris3 months ago

    No melanintistic humans exist several African and Indian tribes have jet black skin and take pride in it. I’m not talking being dark skinned brown but Black

  90. Jiheem Vohor

    Jiheem Vohor3 months ago

    Melanism happened to me, I was white yesterday 😉

  91. Third Antichrist

    Third Antichrist3 months ago

    6:49 Black people:"Am I a joke to you??"

  92. Pyrosong

    Pyrosong3 months ago

    One thing I would have loved to see mentioned is that those chicken breeds with black insides are actually not just melanistic but fibromelanistic!

  93. Z Ozzy

    Z Ozzy3 months ago

    Animalogic: 0:15 NZ soccer fans: Wooo

  94. Eric Taylor

    Eric Taylor3 months ago

    0:08 Why would anyone want to pet a luma?

  95. Grand Master

    Grand Master3 months ago

    But islam says evolution is fake.

  96. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom Anderson3 months ago

    Many religions do, but that is incorrect.

  97. Nemesis X 325

    Nemesis X 3253 months ago

    @6:30 for the black chickens, it's not just the color that makes them sought after. South-East Asians eat black chickens for medicinal value. Its supposed to be healthier, and I believe it, as those chickens taste like shit!

  98. Jack Herbic

    Jack Herbic3 months ago

    That would be cool if there were a person who had a black tongue and eyes. Kind of freaky though.

  99. Oletitptip Sm

    Oletitptip Sm3 months ago

    I'd have a hard time eating that chicken for the 1st few bites !

  100. Danny Mao

    Danny Mao3 months ago

    Did she just say hey im just kidding and ur watching animal logic

  101. Fiona Tanzer

    Fiona Tanzer3 months ago

    In inbred populations of deer (in London) and buck (eg farmed impala in South Africa), you find both melanic and white variants. Any ideas on this?

  102. Everfree TheLeafIceWing

    Everfree TheLeafIceWing3 months ago

    Hol' up, you mean if I get lucky I can get myself a black hooty boi?

  103. Meeva Moto

    Meeva Moto3 months ago

    I see a black squirrel with a brown tail around me house all the time.

  104. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅3 months ago

    I wanted to hear the story of Snookums the Squirrel

  105. Dnael Raven

    Dnael Raven3 months ago

    Black fox: my color can increase my chances of survival Hunters: about that....

  106. Rose Sinister

    Rose Sinister3 months ago

    They love everything black BUT people

  107. NEMISES

    NEMISES3 months ago

    AHHHHHH... unless you are in Toronto Canada.. ALL the squirrels are ALL BLACK. lol Toronto Rep.

  108. Jonuel Alvarado

    Jonuel Alvarado3 months ago

    Your videos are boring!!!! All of them!!!

  109. Thomas Croutch

    Thomas Croutch3 months ago

    Theirs two people?

  110. Hailey Hill

    Hailey Hill3 months ago

    Watched the video about the sand cat and have been binge watching this channel since

  111. Sherod Brown

    Sherod Brown3 months ago

    Black power ✊🏾 J/k im not like that. That black chicken does look badass tho. And somewhat tasty.....